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[PICS] Necrons vs Chaos Space Marines - 2000 - Sept 22nd
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Default [PICS] Necrons vs Chaos Space Marines - 2000 - Sept 22nd

First let me point out that the local players at my GW store are currently running a campaign game called Diplomacy with about 20+ players representing the various factions of 40k.

This is the starting map:

Blue - Imperium
Red - Chaos
Grey - Necrons
Sky Blue - Eldar
Yellow - Tau
Green - Orks
Purple - Tyranids

We are currently playing the second half of Day 1 battles with the current map looking like this:

So from now until the campaign ends my battle reports will be based on my battles in this campaign they will include the mission rules and my army list build for that specific battle and if possible my opponent's army list as well.

Chaos (Traitor Guards, Daemons, CSMs) vs Necron
2000 for Chaos Mobile force (Heavy Support Slots cost extra, see main campaign rules)
2000 for Necron Land force (Fast Attack Slots cost extra, see main campaign rules)
Limit on list: Max 1 Special Character
Mission: Seize Ground, per standard mission.
Condition: Normal
Deployment: roll random
1 Dusk of War (same as Dawn of War, except Turn 1 is day, night fight starts Turn 2)
2-3 Pitched Battle
4-5 Spearhead
6 Dawn of War (only Turn 1 is night fight as day break)

Result: Winner repels opponent's back and out of their initial sector. Loser must first retreat back to their initial sector, then out to an adjacent sector. The Victor will be able to claim the sector as their own as the loser clears out. In a Tie, both forces retreat back to their initial sector.

My Army List

DEPLOYMENT: Pitched Battle


My necrons advance my strategy is to move the monoliths to sit on the corner objectives and have the rest of my forces attack the 2 middle objectives. I kept a unit inside a bunker to avoid phase out relying on the monolith's portal to teleport them to a critical spot if needed. The monoliths strike down many chaos space marines with the power matrix.The forces of chaos take down a few necrons with the defiler's battle cannon however the res orb impedes their demise. The vindicator attempts to destroy the monolith and fails


Necrons take little to no damage and inflict heavy casualties upon the forces of chaos as the monoliths continue to have their way with the chaos troops. The deceiver runs the middle backed by 2 massive units of warriors with a lord. Possessed marines suffer great damage to rapid fire leaving only 1 survivor. The deceiver squashes the Chaos Lord of Slaaneesh.


The deceiver wrecks the Vindicator, the monolith teleports a unit of warriors to confront the approaching defiler who ends up shot to hell and back getting immobilised and armament destroyed. More forces of chaos get wiped out save the terminators who are being completely ignored in favor of everything with a 3+ save. The terminators do not carry any power fists and as such pose no threat to the monoliths with their reaper autocannons.


Things are heavily in the necron's favor and the strategy shifts to annihilation as warriors get teleported to the left flank to counter the terminators only to get their butts handed to them but not before wiping out the nearby chaos space marine unit. The lord takes on the terminators in close combat and kills one before goign down himself. The deceiver wrecks the defiler. Forces of Chaos proceed to destroy the nearby warriors with the terminator's power weapons.


With no troops left and only a few remaining terminators on the field Necrons continue to pursue the fleeing terminators who have now begun to use the monolith as a shield. While the 2nd squad of terminators heads towards the 3rd unit of Warriors who have been teleported from the bunker to the middle of the board to cut the terminator advance. The deceiver slowly makes his way across hoping that the game continues so as to kill off some terminators in time. However the game ends at the bottom of turn 5 and the forces of chaos survive to see another day.

Back to 40k.
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