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1000 points Tau vs Tyranids :: September 24th 2009
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Default 1000 points Tau vs Tyranids :: September 24th 2009

Well as I wrote in this thread, I haven’t played 40k in years, literally. I found out a gaming group existed near where I currently live, and I was happy to discover they had an active forum. I arranged a game against a Tyranid player for 1000 points, just to get started again. I was eager to try out Tau under the new version of the rules and to get to play again.

.::. Battle Report Tau vs Tyranids: "At least you didn't table me!" .::.

Army Lists

Shas’o – Cyclic Ion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod
Shas’el – Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Targeting Array, Hard-wired Multi-tracker
Shas’vre – Twin-linked Missile Pod, Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, Hard-wired Multi-tracker
4 Stealthsuits
9 Firewarriors in
Warfish – Smart Missile System, Targeting Array, Disruption Pod and Multi-tracker
Railhead – Burst Cannons, Disruption Pod and Multi-tracker
Ionhead – Burst Cannons, Disruption Pod and Multi-tracker

Winged Hive Tyrant with melee build
A lot of hormagaunts (12-16)
Even more termagaunts (ca 30)
2x6 Genestealers
2x Zoanthropes
1 shootyfex
1 meleefex

To my amazement neither MC had a 2+ save, so my Ionhead was going to be useful after all! We played open lists, describing any curiousities with eachother before placing anything

We then had a quick walk-through of the most important changes from 4th edition, trying my best to bear them in mind I prepared myself for the worst; hoping for the best.


We rolled for mission, getting "Capture and Control". Deployment was "Dawn of War". The battlefield looked like this (green circles are woods while black boxes were buildings):

He won the roll for deployment, choosing side and deploying & going first. He chose the north side and deployed his starting units in the middle behind the wall. I deployed my Kroot in the woods with the Shas'o behind them. Before turn 1 started the board looked like this(please note that numbers aren't accurate - there were a LOT of gaunts):

Units starting on battlefield:
Tau: Shas'o and Kroot
Tyranids: Hormagaunts, Termagaunts & Winged Tyrant

I placed my objective in the corner, practically on top of the Shas'o. He placed his in the middle of his gauntswarm, right about the very centre of the table.

I had a friend with me during this game, and as he pointed out (having never played 40k before): ”how come he has like 4x as many models on the table as you do??” Not having played for years, the psychological effect was certainly felt by me as well, especially when he started moving them all towards me.

Notes on pictures: basically everything happened in the south-east table corner, so I didn’t bother drawing up more pictures. The movement should be easy to follow and understand throughout the battle, please ask questions if you’re unsure of how X could shoot Y or anything else =)

Turn 1


First turn he brought everything on the table, arriving in the north-east corner from his table edge. Everything moved forwards with the Tyrant spearheading the attack – ending up at the east corner of the building to the west of my Kroot. The Gaunts were not far behind him, and he had a Zoanthrope behind them in turn (arriving from the table edge) in case his main Synapse creature would suffer a quick death.


Nothing was able to shoot me so turn 1 proceeded with me brining my entire force on the table right in front of the Winged Tyrant. I knew I had to take him down in this turn or else he would wreak some serious havoc in my lines. Doing some quick calculations (T6, 3+ Sv, W4) I didn’t disembark my Firewarriors as I thought I’d have plenty to gun him down with regardless. I didn’t want to risk losing a troop unit that early (the Hormagaunts would’ve easily been in range by turn 2).

Thus began the shooting. My Shas’el started off with hitting both plasma shots, rolling snake eyes for wounding. His missiles did nothing. The Ionhead followed up with 2 hits, getting 1 wound; the burst cannons failed to pass his armour save. Oh dear, I counted on these to bring him at least 2 wounds down so I could down some of his little gribblies with pulse fire. The Warfish followed up managing to get a wound on him. The Shas’o had nothing else in sight; his plasma rifle out of range he still showed the Shas’el how it should be done by putting another wound on the big fella with his missile pod. The Stealthsuits opened up, I was hoping to save the railhead for the huge block of Gaunts in front of my Kroot. However, they couldn’t get past his armour save. This was really looking grim. The railgun opened up, hitting him but rolling a 1 to wound. At this point I thought for a moment how epic this would look in a movie – the amount of firepower that beast had taken was insane! Its burst cannons however did manage to finish the job, with 2 wounds and a save ending up as a ‘2’ he finally went down. This actually left my Shas’vre free to target the Gaunts. His AFP was in range so he scored a few kills on the Gaunts. The Kroot were in rapid-fire range of the Termagaunts so they opened up as well. When the dust settled, 10 Termagaunts were dead and 2 Hormagaunts had bitten the dust.

In my assault move I screened my Shas’vre with the Stealthsuits (as there was no way he’d ever get away from the Hormagaunts) and the other suits were safe after their jetpack-moves.

Turn 2


His entire army moved forwards, his run rolls were mostly good so I was looking down at 2 Carnifex and 12 Genestealers to the north of my Kroot, approximately 18-20” away from the forest. His Zoanthropes took up a central position; one on each side of the wall his Gaunts had started behind. The Termagaunts moved towards the Kroot while the Hormagaunts moved toward my Stealthsuits. His shooting phase saw his shootyfex and Termagaunts open up on the Kroot. They managed an impressive 15 wounds – all of which I saved after going to ground! This was a huge peak for me, as the Kroot proceeded to win the ensuing assault against his Termagaunts, and he failed his leadership test. We rolled for initiative, and having rolled a ‘6’ there was not much for him to do. I was shocked of how well this unit had performed! The Hormagaunts proceeded to wipe out my Stealthsuits, which was what I expected.


I disembarked my Firewarriors to make sure the Hormagaunts would go down. I poured just about all my pulse fire into them, leaving none alive. The rest of my shooting saw the meleefex lose a wound and 3 Genestealers died to missile pods and a slightly scattered railgun template.

Turn 3


His Zoanthropes were now in range to open up on my tanks, and his shootyfex was close enough to target my Firewarriors through the woods! The Genestealers closed in, hoping to make it to my Kroot in the next turn despite the gaunt-cover being lost. His shootyfex wounded all Firewarriors but I passed 3 cover saves and luckily they didn’t break. My Ionhead lost its Ioncannon to a Warp Blast while the other blast was saved by my disruption pod.


I targeted his meleefex with just about everything I had – putting it down to 1 wound. This was finished by the Ion cannon, leaving the threat. At this point I had nearly no firepower left, save for the Shas’vre and the Kroot. In a great display of skill they took down the remaining Genestealers – the AFP getting a perfect scatter (I was only in range of the closest model), leaving only 2 Zoanthropes and a shootyfex. At worst, I was looking at a draw.

Turn 4


At this point he tried everything to get rid of my troops – so that I would have to shoot him completely down in order to win. He first shot my Shas’o with the shootyfex though, scoring 1 wound. He then managed to penetrate the ‘fish, with a Warp Blast, and rolled a 2 - “crew stunned” – meaning I couldn’t move it to my objective marker in turn 5! He then managed to destroy the hammerhead’s railgun with a weapon destroyed result – which reminded me that in the last turn, I had killed his meleefex with the Ion cannon which was already destroyed! I apologized for not remembering it, to be honest he was a little confused in my shooting phases not knowing exactly what was shooting so it was hard for him to point out, and we agreed to let the meleefex “resurrect” with 1 wound (since that’s what it would’ve had, had the Ion cannon never shot) and it proceeded to assault the Kroot. Having higher initiative, I scored 2 wounds but he saved both, killing enough Kroot to get them below 50% (there were 4 left!). They proceeded to escape him but ran off the board.


The Firewarriors disembarked and moved toward the objective. The devilfish was a sitting duck to 2 Zoanthropes and a shootyfex, I’d rather take my chances with 3 Firewarriors facing one shootyfex.

I brought down the last wound on his meleefex, although in another stunning display of lack of skill the Shas’el again managed not to wound it, I had to use my Shas’o to get the job done. Curses, I was afraid of the shootyfex taking down my transport, I had hoped to target it with the Shas’o. My hammerheads were both too far away so they opened up with burst cannons on the Zoanthropes, managing 1 wound.

Turn 5

It was pretty much up to whether or not he could kill the Firewarriors, and if he could – if I could finish him off before the game ended. His shootyfex opened up, but was only in range for 1 weapon. The large Str 8 re-roll hits, re-roll wounds blast marker was placed on the squad… and it scattered away! Phew! I then proceeded to kill his shootyfex and a Zoanthrope, leaving only one Zoanthrope left with 1 wound. We rolled for a 6th turn and it promptly landed a ‘2’, ending the game.

“At least you didn’t table me!” he said with an ironic smile.


Well, I can't really complain about the outcome nor the flow of the battle due to not having played in ages. I was really happy with how the force performed, quite similar to how it used to back in the days. Had I have been up against a shooty army though, I'm not so sure how it would've fared with these TLOS rules.

I can definitely see why heatwaves are popular this version, they can cook MEQ's effectively and they certainly would've thinned out these gaunts. As it turned out though, the Kroot performed admirably. For a 70 point unit they did way more cost-effectively than any other part of the army - withstanding amazing amounts of firepower and not only holding back but also completely annihilating the biggest block of gribblies.

I can see why Troops are more important now, considering "scoring" isn't what it used to be. Contesting is nice and all, but having Troops to hold is really important.

I'm already looking forward to my next game, I hope you guys enjoyed this battle report!

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Default Re: Battle Report (1000 points Tau vs Tyranids) - "At least you didn't table me!"

Thanks for sharing dude!

I hope to see more of your stuff!

As a newb I like to learn about the game.
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Default Re: Battle Report (1000 points Tau vs Tyranids) - "At least you didn't table me!"

Damn I didn't know Kroot could be that good.

Were they on steroids??
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Default Re: Battle Report (1000 points Tau vs Tyranids) - "At least you didn't table me!"

Yeah the Kroot really did perform above and beyond the call of duty in this game! Mostly it was the opportunity I had to place them in the woods that made them shine - going to ground they get a 2+ Cover Save which spells disaster for shooters - additionally they're quite good against gaunts in melee (hitting and wounding on 3+)
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Default Re: Battle Report (1000 points Tau vs Tyranids) - "At least you didn't table me!"

Might want to remove those stats for the winged tyrant.
The large Str 8 re-roll hits, re-roll wounds blast marker was placed on the squad
This is the barbed strangler, and it cannot reroll to wound under any circumstances, and it can on;ly reroll to hit if it were twin linked,
but was only in range for 1 weapon
But this makes me think otherwise. You may have been jipped, other than that, good battle report, the pictures were done well for lack of a camera, like the emotion and personality you put in there.
With enough practice you will be able to completely obliterate the nids, tau is one of the few armies that we can really struggle against (granted we don't make it into CC >)
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Default Re: 1000 points Tau vs Tyranids :: September 24th 2009

Congrats, Olannon.

Question though: On the top of Turn 3, you said the Nids destroyed your Ion Cannon, but then you used it to kill the meleefex..
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Default Re: 1000 points Tau vs Tyranids :: September 24th 2009

Take a look at what happened in Turn 4 in detail and it should be clear. We were quite confused about what to do about it, however seeing as it was a friendly game I found it an easy choice to make since I didn't want to let him suffer from what's basically my mistake
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Default Re: 1000 points Tau vs Tyranids :: September 24th 2009

Also quite impressed with that kroot performance. Having seen a number of tau v 'nids its quite amazing they survived that long.
Best thing ever; unit of 10 genestealers assults one broadside suit. broadside kills 1, then 8 geno's fail fearless tests. lol.
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