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B5 wars batrep with pics 9/19/09-thus it is finished-the narn fleet
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Default B5 wars batrep with pics 9/19/09-thus it is finished-the narn fleet

I got in all my models and got them all painted up last week and i finally got to try out my completed narn fleet.

It took me a while to settle on a fleet set up since there are so many ships and variants to choose from(and i own most of the ship models)

The final fleet ended up looking like this-

.bin'tak dreadnought (command ship)
.G'vrahn fast cruiser
.G'vrahn fast cruiser MKII
.Dag'kar torpedo frigate
.X3 flights of frazi heavy fighters

My opponant in this game wanted to try out his brakiri again now that we figured out how sustained fire worked.
they have some really nastly long ranged guns (minus 1 per 5" penalties instead of the normal 1 per 3" for most heavy weapons, making them easier to hit with at range)
He technically ran an illegal list because he took more othan 33%(deployment restrictions) of the advanced cruiser variant(he had 4) along with his 3 anti-fighter frigates, but honestly with the way the game mechanics work i didn't care. my only restricted deployment ship was the MKII G'vrahn.

This was a pretty straight froward engagement.
i lost deployment and had to set up first, he set up directly opposite of me.

Turn 1
I took a defensive stance with electronic warfare(EW) and accelerated towards him to get my mines and torpedoes into range. he took a couple shots at me and missed fortunately since he was targeting my small and fragile torpedo frigate(with high rate of fire massive range this little ship gets picked on alot) .

Turn 2
He was moving at a good clip now, i won intiative and he had to move first.
i went for the gusto switching to full offensive mode and unloading every mine and torpedo i had as well as my guns.

Since mines are launched at locations in space before ships move i had spread them wide just in case he turned away, the first few mines missed target and scattered wide or fizzled out. but he had suprisingly maintained a dead on course and took a full spread in the center of his fleet.

My torpedo ship had focused on one small anti-fighter ship whie the rest of the fleet went after a single cruiser. the mines and torpedos say 1 anti-fighter ship destroyed and the 2 others crippled while doing a spread of damage across all his ships. the combined weight of fire tore his cruiser apart. his return fire focused on my torpedo ship and my dradnought with a few shots spead among the G'vrahns. the bow of the dread took some heavy damage and both vrahns took some minor damage. to torpedo cruiser took a punishing blow only loosing a few weapons but nearly all of it's primary structure.
no ships lost.

Turn 3
I went back to defensive and accelerated a bit while turning the dread and pivoting the G'vrahns(he had sustained fire locked on me and i need to present a new facing to spread the auto hit damage i was going to take this turn.

The torpdo ship turned away and accelerated moving to put some asteroids between itself and incoming fire while weapons recharged.
My fighters swept in on one of his cruisers that had taken substantial mine damage. even at full defensive we were prewtty much at spitting range. so shots were still hitting. i took some minoor damage to the stern of teh dread and moderate damage to the G'vrahns the torpedo ship got lucky and was ignored. he managed to drop a third of my fighters. my return damage saw one anti-fighter cruiser browned out and the other was destroyed.

Turn 4]
I won intiative again and he moved first.
With only duct tape and trinsel wire holding the last anti-fighter ship together it withdrew.

His 2 more intact cruisers accelerated away and the 3rd turned right.

My ships turned back to thier original heading and accelerated away opening up the range again.. i lost a few more fighters as they savaged the stern of his most damaged cruiser
it suffered an engine short and barrel away from me under full acceleration.

All my weapons were recharged and i only suffered moderate fleet wide damage with the loss of a good number of fighters at this point. seeing as he only had 2 truly combat capable ships and i was opening up the range again for an ideal torpedo/mine exchange he opted to break contact.

It turned into an extended single fleet pass engagement instead of a protracted battle this time around, my fleet performed well and my torpedo frigate actually survied the game which generally never happens.

All in all a good fight.
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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