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[Tournament Report 1000 Points 12/IX 2009] Victory for the Greater Good!
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Default [Tournament Report 1000 Points 12/IX 2009] Victory for the Greater Good!

I just returned from a small tournament, with 14 players. Well, thanks to incredible luck in the first two of the three games played, I placed first, before a Bike and Speeder Space Marines army and before Dark Eldar. 8)

The tournament was aimed more at beginning players than at hardened veterans and there were some limitations on the army composition, such as no more than one vehicle with AV total of more than 33, only one model with more than 3 Wounds, no special characters etc... Still, one guy brought a Lash. He had to listen to quite a few frowns.

My roster:


Bonded Shas'El Commander
XV81 Crisis Battlesuit
Smart Missile System
Twin-Linked Plasma Rifle
Bonding Knife
Stimulant Injector
Hard-wired Multi-tracker
Hard-wired Target Lock
Hard-wired Drone Controller (2x Shield Drone)


Monat Crisis Battlesuit
Twin-Linked Missile Pod

Monat Crisis Battlesuit
Twin-Linked Fusion Blaster


Fire Warriors Team (6x Shas'la Fire Warrior with Pulse Rifle)

Devilfish Troop Carrier
Burst Cannon
Smart Missile System
Disruption Pod
Targetting Array
Flechette Discharger

Fire Warriors Team (6x Shas'la Fire Warrior with Pulse Rifle)

Devilfish Troop Carrier
Burst Cannon
Smart Missile System
Disruption Pod
Targetting Array
Flechette Discharger

Kroot Carnivore Squad (10x Kroot Carnivore + 5x Kroot Hound)


Hammerhead Gunship
2x Burst Cannon
Disruption Pod
Targetting Array
Target Lock
Flechette Dischargers

Monat XV88 Broadside Battlesuit
Twin-Linked Railgun
Smart Missile System
Shield Generator

GAME 1 (Capture and Control, Pitched Battle, 2 Objectives):

I went against Eldar. One Wave Serpent with a Lance, 10 Dire Avengers with an Exarch, two three-man Jetbike Guardian squads (one bike in each squad had a Shuriken Cannon), Seer Council on Jetbikes, a Vyper with a Shuriken Cannon and a Wraithlord with a Lance and a Missile Launcher. I left the Sunforge in Reserves for deepstriking.

I went first and placed my objective in a forest, guarded by Kroot. The Broadside immediately managed to immobilize the Serpent, the Monat Deathrain wrecked the Vyper, the Hammerhead pie-plated the Council and the Guardians, killing some. He then rushed forward with the Council and Guardians. His psychic power (Mindwar or something), failed to kill the Broadside, even with a re-roll. One of his Shuriken Cannon Guardians died because of failed terrain roll and the other was shot down by Plasma Rifle of my Commander. I gradually weakened his Council, while the remaining units fired at the Guardians. The Council popped my Hammerhead, but then died to concentrated fire from the Suits and especially my Devilfishes, which proved invaluable through the tournament. I rushed forward to his objective with one Devilfish and the Broadside managed to wound the Wraithlord. The Guardians died to concentrated fire too, but they managed to kill a Fire Warriors team, which I had unloaded to use Rapid Fire. The Monat Sunforge deepstriked behind his immobilized Serpent and popped it, then it got assaulted by the Dire Avengers, luring them to open ground. I pie-plated the Dire Avengers and mopped the rest with everything I had. I unloaded the second Fire Warriors team to the terrain piece containing his objective and then his Wraithlord died to a well aimed salvo of SMS and burst rounds from the nearby Devilfish.

A wipe. 2000 points for me, 352 for him. I lost the Hammerhead, one Devilfish lost its SMS, the Sunforge died and I lost one Fire Warriors team. ;D

GAME 2 (Seize Ground, Pitched Battle, 4 objectives):

I stayed on the same table and went against Orks. A Warboss with 6 Nobz and a Painboy, riding in a Trukk (AV 10 all around), 20 Boyz and a Nob, riding in a Battlewagon (AV 14/12/10, unarmed), a single Deffkopta and 3 Bikers. The Boyz had a 4+ Save.

I placed one of my objectives just outside my deployment zone, not surprisingly just outside a forest, swarming with Kroots. ;D I placed the other in an area terrain, together with the Broadside and the Commander, he placed both his about 12" of mine, in the direction of his deployment zone. I left the Sunforge in Reserves for deepstriking.

Again I went first. The Broadside immobilized the Trukk (out of range for his Big Shoota to almost everything), while the Hammerhead shook the Battlewagon and other units took care of the Kopta and the Bikerz. His Warboss rushed on foot towards my positions, while my vehicles kept moving to avoid close combat. Each turn I shook the Battlewagon, so his big mob inside could not shoot out of it. After his mob got out and the Battlewagon tried to ram my Hammerhead (which swiftly dodged, to his surprise), I finally managed to destroy the big vehicle, this time with rapid firing Fire Warriors, which I deployed in a line, spreading between two objectives, capturing them both at once. The mob killed the Sunforge (it deepstriked behind the Battlewagon, but failed to pop it) and then got pie-plated and Burst/SMS fired to Oblivion. I gradually weakened his Warboss and his unit and finally, he lost the Painboy. No more Feel no Pain, horray! 8) I moved my second, still scoring Devilfish, which lost the SMS to some lucky Big Shoota, to the third objective. The unit of the Warboss died to my concentrated shooting quickly, without the Feel no Pain. The game ended in turn 5 just before I could pop the lonely and now disarmed Trukk and take the fourth objective by spreading out the second Fire Warriors team.

About 1750 VP for me, about 230 for him.

GAME 3 (Annihilation, Pitched Battle):

I went against Space Marines. Three Landspeeders, one Predator (Autocannon, Heavy Bolters), Captain on a Bike, joined to a unit of Bikes, containing an Attack Bike with a Multi-melta and another similar, but smaller unit of Bikes and a Multi-melta Attack Bike. The Speeders were in reserve, I left the Sunforge in reserve too.

I won the intiative, and started by popping his Predator and killing some Bikes with submunitions. It went quite well for me until the Bikes got to assault range and it started raining Land Speeders (one scattered badly and died though). The Hammerhead went down, followed by a Devilfish. The Kroot managed to shake one of the Speeders, the other went down in flames shot by the Broadside. The Deathrain died to a Multi-melta hit and the Sunforge (after failing to hit) killed his Captain in close combat. At the end, there was not much on the table, but the game ended in turn 5, while turn 6 would have seen his last Speeder in the firing range of a Devilfish and a bunch of angry Kroot. He had about 100 VP more than me, but in total, I had 1 more than him! 8)

I placed first in total, the Space Marine player placed second, 1 VP after me, and just 1 VP after him ended a Dark Eldar player. Victory for the Greater Good! ;D

The races at the tournament were:

4x Space Marines
2x Orks
2x Tau
1x Necron
1x Tyranids
1x Sisters of Battle
1x Chaos Space Marines
1x Dark Eldar
1x Eldar
For the Greater Good!
Hunter Cadre Lar'Shi'el

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Default Re: [Tournament Report 1000 Points] Victory for the Greater Good!

nice job. you have done well in serving the greater good.
Current Tau Standings:
Against Blood Angels SM: L0, T1, W3
Against Chaos: L2, T1, W0
Against Tyranids: L2, T1, W0
Against Necrons: L1, T1, W2
Orks: L0, T1, W0
Current Eldar Standings:
Against Blood Angels: L0, T0, W0
Against Orks: L0, T0, W0
Against Tyranids: L0, T0, W2
Against Ultramarines: L0, T0, W3
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