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Tau vs SM vs IG 1500 Sept xx, 2009
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Default Tau vs SM vs IG 1500 Sept xx, 2009

Date of the battle in the title, please.

Yoho all this is gonna be my first battle report and i hope it isnt too bad. Anyhow for the pregame, it was pretty much gonna be a free for all on a 6x6 table, however it turned into a 2v1 cause the were lazy and just attacked me. Rule wise we just decided to go 7 rounds, and last man standing wins. Lists are as follows.

Tau (me)
Commander Starburst (shasel)
2 death rains
2 Sun forge
3 stealth suits
2x 6 FW sqauds
2 warfish
pathfinders 2 with railrifles
2 railheads

Command squad
Terminator squad
4 tact squads
1 devastator sqaud

Command sqaud
2 veteren squads
1 valkyrie
3 Leman russ

The field is pretty terrain heavy and we each set up on three sides of the board, from my perspective i had space marines on my right and the guard on my left. We really didnt think deployment out too well and, thus resulting in a tactical squad and a landraider dangerously close on my right flank, while the guard were nice enough to stay REALLY far away.

Commander Starburst overlooked the field in front of him, and he didnt like what he saw. Arrayed before was not one but two armies of equal strength, each taking up positions on the outskirts of the decimated town. He had been told to expect some minor resistance, but certainly not a wing of space marines, or a mechanized imperial guard unit. However, he had a mission to do, and he'd be damned before he failed it. Using the knowledge he had gained form studying under commander shadowsun, he quickly formulated, and executed a strategy that would win the day for the greater good. He split the forces in too two cadres, of which he would lead the smaller of the two against the hated space marines.

"This will be a test for us, let us show our enemies a strength that can only be obtained through the greater good!" A torrent of shouts could be heard even as the devilfish and hammer heads spun up their thrusters, and Crisis suits jumped into position.

"Today i prove myself, to my men, that i am willing to serve the greater good to the end!" And so O'Candi sprung forward into the jaws of death itself.

Turn 1: The SM won the roll to go first, and quickly moved one Tactical squad six inched towards the IG side of the board, and pivoted his landraider so that it could being all of its weapons to bear on my hammerhead. shooting wise, he managed to kill 1 pathfinder, and hit my hammerhead twice, both of which were negated by my cover save. And fires one krak missile at my devilfish, but my cover saves come through again.

IG: Again, not a whole lot of moving (considering its a big dyi table). Two of his tanks move six inches, and he moves his valkyrie back in hopes of escaping my railgun. Shooting wise, he blasts away with his battle cannons at my stealth team that had infiltrated, and manages to kill two of them. His Valkyrie nails my hammerhead with 3 lascannons...all of which promptly bounce off.

Tau: After loading up my FW in the pathfinders devilfish, i move six inches out of the range of the SM missile launches. I jump forward with my deathrains, putting his closet vet squad in range, and move my hammerhead into a better firing position. Starburst leaps forward towards the closest tactical squad to try and kill them before he knocks out some more pathfinders. Shooting wise one hammerhead, and two seeker missiles dont even scratch his valkerie (i cursed the dice gods), but my other hammerhead stuns his landraider. A combination of missile pods and SMS, knock 5 vets out, and they pass thier morale check. Starburst, some railrifles, and a warfish knock one tact sqaud down to 1 man.

Turn 2: the space marines furious that i stunned his land raider forgets to move anyone (exept for his scouts that come in) and unleashes hell on my pathfinders killing....ZERO.

IG: Amazed by my horrible accuacy he turns his valkyrie about and heads right for my hammerhead, and he moves one of his leman russes into firing position. Shooting wise that same thing happened, all of his lascannons just bounced off of my hammerhead, while i lost another stealth suit and the marker drone to more battle cannon shots i passed my test though (yay for bonding). His last leman russ, fires on my hammerhead and scatters into my deathrains (damn the luck), only take one wound and put it on a shield drone.

Tau: I move my death rains forward hoping to perhaps get into flamer range someday. I move my guard side devilfish forward more, putting in behind a concrete building. Starburst doesn't move electing instead to stay and fight the scouts, and i nudge my railhead to the right, hoping to see some more marines. Both of my reserves fail...even with positional relay... Shooting, my railguns....miss completely...both of them :'( even on BS skill five as i used some marker lights. Yet another seeker (and my last) bounces off his Valkyrie. However i do knock his closest vet unit down to 1 man with some concentrated fire. Starburst, my railhead, and warfish kill three scouts, while my pathfinders fail to kill the last tact marine.

turn 3: SM moves this time, bringing another tact squad my direction, and his command squad (yikes), and he unloads the termies out of the landraider sending them strait towards starburst. Shooting wise, he tires to kill starburst with concentrated lascannon, and misses all but once, but i make the invul save, his storm bolters bounce off, and his scouts manage to kill another pathfinder.

IG: no one moved, instead he tires to kill my last stealth suit with battle cannons and fails, and again ALL lascannons bounce off my railhead (one lucky tank).

Tau: Ahahaha! i get my reserves from PR, and deep strike right behind his valkyrie. I move starburst back, and wait for he storm to come to me. Shooting, i kill is last vet, and melta his Valkyrie right out of the sky, all the vets inside bail out only to get hit by my AFP which kills 5 (they pass thier check). A brief shooting battle between my pathfinders and his lone marine ends with no dead marine, and my warfish fails to kill any scouts. And last but not least my railhead BLOWS up his landraider boyah.

Turn 4: SM, Indeed quite aggravated that A. my pathfinders wont die, and B. that his landraider exploded sends everything my way. Everything got closer, and he oppted to run rather than shoot with his termies. Again he tries to kill my pathfinders but fails, and a krak missile hits my hammerhead, but my cover stays true.

IG: Shocked to i actually hit something, he positions his leman russ to return fire, and moves his other two towards the SM side of the field. His vets fire on my suits, but fail to wound. However a resounding KABOOM mean that my railhead finally ran out of luck and is dead...crater dead. Assault, his vets assault my suits, and in a grand laughable twist i won, and then in a sweeping advance wiped them out.

Tau: Saddened at the loss of my hammerhead i attempt to extract revenge, and hop my suits into melta range of two of his tank, while moving my deathrains forward to try and get behind the other one. Starburst jumps back, and out of assualt range of the termies, while my IG side devilfish moves forward. My kroot finally come into play, behind one of his tact squads. Shooting, rather than blowing up both tanks, my meltas simply turn ones turret into scrap. Starburst, the railhead, the pathfinders, and my warfish all fire on his termies, killing two.

Turn 5: SM surge forward, bringing his termies, command, and 2 tact sqauds closer to starburst. Shooting wise, i lose two more pathfinders, but the last one stays alive to contiue the fight. Oh...and half my kroot...who them proceed to runaway (bah third time its happened).

IG: Runs away? or in actuallity his ride showed up and he had to leave.

Tau: the SM player gladly let my relocate my troops closer to his side of the board, and the battle continued. I move all my suits forward, seizing the advantage of his tactical blunder. shooting, i laugh heartily as the last of his termies, fall to my guns, and as one tactical sqaud dies in a hail of missile fire. Finally the last pesky marien and his scouts die, a welcome relief to the sole remaining pathfinder.

Turn 6: Things look desperate, but in a valiant counter attack his command squad heads right for Starburst, while the rest of his units dont move at all, i presume so they can fire their heavy weapons. Shooting wise, he manages to wound Starburst but its nothing he cant handle.

Tau: With the end being nigh i decide to move up my warfish and fish of fury his command sqaud. The Rest of my suits surge forward towards his back most positions leave just a hand full of FW, Starburst, and a railhead to deal the his command squad. shooting, i stared dumbfounded as in a single round of shooting i had killed all of his command sqaud minus the chaptermaster who remained with only 2 wounds. On top of that i toppled another tact squad, leaving one remaining, along with his devistators.

Last round: SM feeling the heat moves in closer to Starburst hoping to take him down in assault, while his other squads dont move. Shooting, he kills one shield drone and one of my deathrains. unfortuantly the chapter master was just out of range for assault.

Tau: I move all my units in close enough to fire all avabilble weapons at his two remaining squads, minus Starburst who mows down the chapter master in a hail of CIB and PR fire. All in all i managed to kill his last squads thx to him rolling 1s & 2s. WOOT a total victory for Tau!

"I commit my soul to the almight emperor!" The master spat as O'Candi stood over him. He attemped to swing his sword one last time, but instead took too plasma bolts to the chest.

"If only you and commit yourself to the greater good, all this blood shead could of been avoided." After making sure the town was secure, O'Candi took the time to honor the dead, and ready himself for the next mission he would undertake for the greater good.

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