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apocalypse battle with pics 16K 9/05/09
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Default apocalypse battle with pics 16K 9/05/09

We got down and dirty with a big apocalypse battle this weekend.

7 players (4 VS 3) 2K per player with the smaller side sharing the extra 2K among themselves to even it out to 8K per side.

now lets see if i can remember everything

the other side had 2 ork and 2 tau players.
strategems used-
.disruptor beacon
.marker light satelite drone
.marker light satelite drone
data sheets-
.green tide
.death copta chopper squadron
.armored assault cadre

our side had- 2 eldar and one dreadnought er i mean marine player(me :evilgrin: )
.disruptor beacon
.careful planning
data sheets-

my army was composed entirely of dreadnoughts because it was something i always wanted to do.
1.chaplain dread(venerable)
6 venerable dreads of various weapons configs
3 ironclads in FW lucius pattern drop pods.

One eldar player went with a seer council, warlocks and a bunch of wraithlords

the other took some war walkers, court of the young king and 6 fireprisms in the formation-the only D class weapon on the table. and an avatar

the one ork player went with 5 big units to make it wasy to control. he was the only one technically whiped off the table(his green tide came back on via asset-replacements

kill points
random turn length

We bid lowest and went first. i got lucky and only one ironclad got repositioned. which turned out for the better because he intercepted the choppa sqaud when they tried to outflank. careful planning and outflank saw a bunch of wraithlords walk into the tau flanks while the other dread that dropped good ate him some grots.

Turn 1 the D weapon took out thier beacon so we were good for outflanks from then on. the only real downer was that on turn 2 i was going to use the last ironclad (dropped right on the rear of the green tide) to pull the tide away from our shooty units i had to go ato the other side of the table to deal with something and when i got back i realised my team had fubared me because they kept shooting at the tide and all the wounds were being removed from around the dread so i could no longer charge....then the tau shot me in the back. :P

On turn 4 the choppas got close enough for my displaced ironclad to charge, i only managed to kill 4 of 12 from shooting and CC..i though i was going to be hosed until i realised that the ork player did not upgrade any of his choppas to have buzzsaws-only S6 VS an ironclad.

they ran and i swept them....

Our highest casualty count came from the wraithlords. we lost almost all of them. i lost 5 dreads total(funny the shooting dreads survivied. better than the CC dreads in CC).

The eldar player with the firstorms lost a total of 1 model beating back the green tide-jane zar from the court of the young king....he also lost a single prism turret.

We went all the way to turn 5 tied 21 to 21 KPs
after like 4 hours of play it all came down to a single re-roll on one of my venerable dreads.....it was off by 1 giving the ork/tau side a narrow victory.
now some pics-

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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Default Re: apocalypse battle with pics 16K 9/05/09

Like the colour scheme on the fire prism's. How long did that take you to play? I'm guessing 5+ hours easy.
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Default Re: apocalypse battle with pics 16K 9/05/09

Yeah the eldar player does some nive work. he is going with an all grey/lava theme for his army. looks nice

i wasn't really paying attention to the time but 5 hours is about right since we were trying to keep each player phase at 20 minutes (an hour for a turn) and we went 5 turns.
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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