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B5 wars batrep with pics 9/05/09
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Default B5 wars batrep with pics 9/05/09

With the ever expansive options of the B5 universe a buddy of mine wanted to try out his brakiri fleet.

Since B5 is a skirmish game its a bit odd having restricted deployment ships so we usually don't bother with it. his list this time around had 4 of the advanced cruiser hulls and technically they were 33% deployment so he should have only had like 2 of them for his 7 ship fleet. he also had 3 anti-fighter frigates.

my list this time around was a warlock, 2 hyperions(one proxied by a scoutship) and 24 thunderbolts.

He had me on range and on speed/acceleration. so i decided to set a little trap.

Using the asteroids as a point of cover i split my fleet. he took the bait and put his entire fleet into the effort to kill my warlock. this allowed my hyperions to circle around to his rear. this was exceptionally important because thats where his anti-fighter ships were at, and my fighters had to hold back some till they were eliminated.

He spent 2 turns bludgening the worlocks prow and starboard but then i was able to come about and bring my main weapons to bear. and point blank range. between fighter support and every cruiser. two anti-fighter ships went away as well as two of his destroyers..

Because i was so slow on the helm the fighters harrassed him for the next few turns as he came about, i once again pincered him around some asteroids. i lost the warlock in the gamble but i took out a third of 4 of his cruisers and his last anti-fighter ship while i savaged the bow on the last cruiser. the last remaining brakiri ship fled into hyperspace.

He effectively lost his entire fleet, i lost half my fighters and the warlock.


there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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