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WAARGH Grumgutz vs Eldar/Iyanden (1850pts; 7/30/09; pub 9/4) "Dead... Again."
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Default WAARGH Grumgutz vs Eldar/Iyanden (1850pts; 7/30/09; pub 9/4) "Dead... Again."

WAARGH Grumgutz vs Eldar/Iyanden (1850pts; 7/30/09; published 9/4/09) "Dead... Again."

Hi All,
It's been way too long but...
Here is another Grumgutz! This one against the mighty, and not quite dead forces of the Eldar Iyanden Craftworld. Hard as anything and able to put out a legendary amount of damage. Can Grumgutz and his ladz hold up against the ex-Corsair Prince-Autarch and his nigh-unstoppable undead army? Read On!


P.S. As always, C&C is greatly appreciated!

WAARGH Grumgutz Alternate 54 "Fasta Krumpin'" (1850pts) 89 Infantry, 3 Walkers, 1 Vehicle; 11 KPs
Warlord Grumgutz Bitzgrabber (Warboss with PK, Bike, Cybork Body)
Big Mek Wingnut (Big Mek w/ KFF)
Da Big Five (5 Nob Bikerz with Painboy Dokta Chop, 2PKs, 2BCs, Cybork Bodies, WAARGH! Banner, Bosspole; Counts as Troop)
TinEar and Da Deffboyz (Lootazx10)
Da Sinista Six (6 Nobz w/ Painboy Dokta Kutta, Cybork Bodies, 2PKs, Kombi-Skorcha, WAARGH! Banner, Bosspole)
Shoota Boyzx25 w/PK Nob
Shoota Boyzx25 w/PK Nob
Brother-Captain-Major-Sargeant Skarbutz and Da Biggfait 1st Stormboyz Battalion (Stormboyzx15 w/PK Nob, Bosspole)
BigToof (DeffDread with total 3 CCW, Skorcha; Counts as Troop)
Da Big Red Cheez (Battlewagon w/Deffrolla, Red Paint Job, Big Shoota, Armor Plates; Dedicated Transport)
BigToof's Steelgrots (Killa Kansx2 w/Grotzookas)

Iyanden Force (1850pts) 33 Infantry, 1 Vehicle; 9 KPs
Farseer w/Spirit Stones, Runes of Warding, Guide, Fortune, Mind War
Wraithguardx10 w/ Spirit Seer
Wraithguardx10 w/ Spirit Seer
Dire Avengersx8 w/ Exarch, Defend, Bladestorm
Wave Serpent w/ Star Cannon, Scatter Laser
Wraithlord w/Star Cannon, Scatter Laser
Wraithlord w/Star Cannon, Scatter Laser
Wraithlord w/Star Cannon, Scatter Laser

Farseer T'vos fought back of a gasp of horror. Staring at the scan, she looked again to make sure, but there was no doubt. The strange leather-clad Eldar wandering amongst the brutish Orkish barbarians was Farseer Lorilune of the Samm-Haim. T'vos pondered the possibilities. Lorilune had been like a sister to her. The two were from different Craftworlds, but Fate had caused the two to meet, fighting side by side on the field of battle in more than one occasion. T'vos had always looked up to Lorilune as a symbol of what Farseers should be, putting her Craftworld and the good of her people before any personal gain. Which was why the tales of her treachery made no sense. The mere concept of her rejecting her own people and allying herself with a race of monsters seemed unimaginable... or rather it had. Tales of some great conflict had even gone as far as the Craftworld Iyanden, and rumors of hidden treasures both great and old had surfaced. T'vos peered out at her strikeforce, a combined force of Wraithguard and Wraithlords, warriors passed into the infinity circuit and called back to the fight. Just another symbol for how much the Craftworld had lost over the years. Although T'vos was skeptical if anything of value for the Eldar was here, the presence of Lorilune made the improbable a little more...
A wirr of engines brought her attention over to their only Wave Serpent. Prince Yriel himself had decided to join the fight, although he kept his reasons to himself. Although T'vos was technically in charge (and perhaps only so due to the lack of Farseers after the Tyranid invasion), having the great Prince himself on the battlefield certainly didn't help her waning authority. That, and the fact that most of the ancient warriors probably listened to her and her Seers only out of courtesy. T'vos sighed. Whatever the situation, she would have to get Lorilune out. She would find what great treasure was hidden here, and if captured for the glory of Iyanden, even Yriel would have to respect her...

Lorilune sighed, walking amongst the continuously excavating Orks. Once the greenskins had found stony bedrock, she had hoped they would stop, but the challenge only seemed to make the Orks press harder. Soon, great machines were constructed that burrowed out vast interconnecting caverns that dotted the ruined city. Kicking a rock, the ex-Farseer sighed. The future was so much easier to see when she had her normal powers (see WAARGH Grumgutz vs Psychic Flying Tigers), but Fate had conspired to send her down another path. She smirked, a path that she could no longer see. Without her powers, the future, for the first time in a very long time was clouded, and the mystery... annoyed her. Warlord Grumgutz Bitzgrabber, for some reason thinking that an Eldar would be able to find "fancy bitz" better than the average boy, had stuck her in the underground cavern. She shuddered a bit and looked up at the caverns. Although the Orks were enthusastic, their architechture left much to be desired. There were only five entrances, all of which looked unstable. She only hoped that the rest of the day would be quiet...
Her head swam as an odd sensation ran over her. She sensed something strange, something familiar...

Pre-Game Thoughts: My goodness, talk about HARD. Still, there's not THAT many of them, and their range is rather short. However, my opponent is rather crafty, and the list has had a nasty reputation for crushing many other lists (I mean look at it! Two-thirds of it is T6+ and its all wrapped into 9 KPs!).

Mission: Seize Ground (5 Objectives)
Setup: Pitched Battle
Terrain: Ruins

Deployment: Objectives placed as below: (*'s indicate objectives)
Terrain was fairly well scattered, with three decent sized pieces of rubble in the center.
The Orks took the half with the decent sized multi-story buildings and put the Lootas in one.
Orks win the roll and place first.

Old-School ASCII layout! (Nostalgia Ahoy! Watch out VASSAL! )


* * *

St Sh1 L Sh2

Reference List:
NB=Nob Bikers/Grumgutz BT=BigToof BW=Battlewagon/Nobs/Wingnut K=Kans
St=Stormboyz Sh1=Shoota Mob1 L=Lootas
Sh2=Shoota Mob2

WS=Wave Serpent Y=Yriel WL=Wraithlord WG=Wraithguard
F=Farseer DA=Dark Avengers

The Eldar fail to seize the initiative (thank goodness), and the game is on!

Turn 1: Orks
Warlord Grumgutz Bitzgrabber looked out at the shining Panzee space-hole that had mysteriously appeared in the middle of his town. Strange looking Panzees were walking out. Grumgutz waited for his own forces to get into position, and nodded in satisfaction as he saw a few of the big Panzee Kans walk out. But, there wasn't that many of them, and the Panzees always had some kind of zoggin' trick...
Big Mek Wingnut peered out with his lookin' goggles peering around the horizon.
He shrugged, turning to Grumgutz.
"Uh, I think dat's it Boss."
Grumgutz snarled, "That's it? That little lot? You gotta be kiddin' me! Alright you lot, if dem Panzees wanna die a quick death, then let's give it to 'em!"

Everyone charges forward, hurtling themselves at the Eldar front line. The run rolls were all quite above par, and the greenskins easily made it to the middle of the board. The Big Five and Grumgutz ran up the flank, as usual, with Skarbutz close behind.
The only exception to this mass exodus was the Lootas, who Epic fail on taking down the Wave Serpent (not even a glance with 30 shots!).

Turn 1: Eldar
Farseer T'vos ordered her forces forward. The ground shook as the Wraithlords tramped behind her. T'vos quickly folded and altered the strands of fate, improving the immediate situation for the Eldar. She then paused, as something... sinister caught the back of her mind, but she pushed it away. The Wraithguard were unstoppable, and the Wraithlords doubly so. What could possibly go wrong?

In game terms:
The Farseer fortunes and guides her own unit.
The Wraitguard and Wraithlords move forward. Y'riel and his Wave Serpent wisely move out of the Lootas range. Looking at the incoming mob of Boyz, the Dark Avengers shoot at Sh2 killing... 4 Orks.
WG1 fire and wreck Da Cheez! Nobs and Wingnut get out ok though. WG2 KO one Kan, and shake the other.
All three Wraithlords fire at Wingnut and the Sinista Six! However, cover thwarts their efforts and only a few wounds get through!

Turn 2: Orks
Grumgutz peered out and saw the silent, sneaky looking Panzee Tank, and knew that somethin' bad was in it (there always was). The Tank was far too out for even the Bikers to hit, and Grumgutz was more interested in taking the oversized noggins of the Panzee Kans anyway. "Oi! Rokkit-boyz! Go get dat Panzee Wagon! Somefin's actin' shy in there, best to root it out!"

All of the Orks move forward!
Noting that Y'riel and the Wraithlords were gearing up for a possible assault, Grumgutz orders Skarbutz and his lads to form a protective line for the Nob Bikers! (Dat's stratergy it is!)
Meanwhile, Grumgutz calls his WAARGH!

The Lootas fire out wound WL1.
The Sinista Six slam into WG2. Shoota Mob 2 fleet in and BARELY make it into the Dark Avengers. The Killa Kan and BigToof slam into WG1.
The Sinista Six cut down a third or so of the Farseer's group (WG2) for a few wounds in return. WG2 loses a few due to no retreat.
The Dark Avengers actually step to the challenge and kill 3 Orks for only one loss! Still, now more orks are in their face next turn!
WG1's Shadowseer fails to hurt BigToof and WG1 has little effect on the Kan. BigToof crushes two Wraithguard, but no other Eldar are lost...

Turn 2: Eldar
Farseer T'vos swung her Witchblade again, growing frantic as the huge Ork in front of her barely missed with its enormous weapon. Why wasn't the thing dying? A grevious number of wounds were already strewn along its hide, and T'vos could have sworn she had impaled it a half dozen times. Still, the Orks refused to fall, and things were looking bad...
A sudden blast of energy brought her attention to the far side of the battlefield, and she watched Prince Yriel casually walk back to his transport, scattered piles of dead Orks around her. How could he make it look so easy? T'vos gritted her teeth. If Yriel could do it, so could she, or die trying! As the huge Ork raised its weapon again, T'vos wished she hadn't added that last part...

WL1 shoots and heavily wounds the incoming Stormboyz, but they refuse to run. Yriel assaults in and shreds most of the rest with his Eye O' Doom. Skarbutz does get two wounds on the mighty Autarch, but his efforts are stymied by the Eldar's fancy force field. The Stormboyz run, but Yriel casually cuts them down. He consolidates back towards his transport.
WL2 assaults BigToof. WL3 walks into the Sinista Six/WG2 combat. WL2 wiffs BigToof. The Shadowseer and WG1 also wiff! BT and Kan kill a few more WG and wound WL2 (now only one wound left!).
WG2, Farseer and WL3 and slam on the Six, doing two wounds and downing Wingnut! The Six manage to take down 2 more WG, and with a quick application of the Bosspole, the Nobz stay!

Turn 3: Orks
Sh1 spreads out to now hold 4 objectives (Go massive Ork blob!). The Lootas put another wound on WL1.
Da Big Five and Grumgutz do a massive assault, hitting WL1, WL2 and WG1. WL1 and WL2 fail to wound the NB (2 5+ Invuls! woot!). Likewise SS and WG1 manage only a stun and few glances, doing not much. Horrid assault leaves only 1 WG left standing!
The Sinista Six pare down all of WG2, leaving only the Farseer and the WL3. WL3 kills one Nob, but the Farseer can't seem to wound the Six. Farseer and WL3 hold.
Sh2 wipe out the Dark Avengers, spreading onto the objective.

Turn 3: Eldar
T'vos peered over her shoulder, looking at Yriel's Wave Serpent. Any minute now, she thought, any minute now, and the brave Prince would come to rescue her. All she had to do was...
Her hope turned to horror when she watched Yriel board the craft, turn... and zip into cover.
He... he wasn't coming? Her mind raced. Who would save her then?
T'vos whirled around, trying to keep her feet, when she heard a roaring of engines. A huge Ork riding a huge red barbaric bike slammed into the back of her unit. Wraithguard fell all around the Ork, and it smirked at her.
"Hullo, Panzee, dis is me Klaw, here, have a close look!" With surprising speed, the Ork swung at T'vos with a hand the size of her chest. She nearly ducked it, but close wasn't good enough...

Yriel gets back on-board, just in case, jetting out to some cover, again out of Loota range.
The doom combo of BT/Kan/Big Five wipe out the last Wraithguard. The Farseer and WL3 down another Nob, but the Farseer is cut down and the Wraithlord is wounded.
With only Yriel and a wounded WL left, and ALL of the objectives in Ork hands, the Eldar concede...

Result: Ork Victory!

Post-Game Thoughts: The Eldar were massively tough, but the Orks had enough PK to do the job. Yriel was also quite surprising with his ability to just EVAPORATE a mob (Again the Stormboyz take it on the chin, but it could have been worse...). A bit surprised that the Wraithlords couldn't pare down the rest of the Orks, but it clearly came down that even though quality outdoes quanity, if quantity >>>>> quality, then it's a tough fight.

Farseer T'vos coughed, squinting in the hot, blaring sun. She looked around confused. Where was she? The area seemed to be some sort of rolling plain, far from where she had been. And not an Ork in sight. How had she...? Did Yriel...
Something clinked against her chest, and she looked down to see a leather sack with a familiar reddish rune, a Samm-Haim rune! Intrigued, she opened it and found a veritable host of Spirit Stones. Doing a quick count, she realized that it was almost all of her forces. Trying not to let tears of joy well up, she sat up, regretted it immediately, but did her best to look around. The hot sun made it impossible to see in the distance, but she was sure of it. Somehow, Lorilune had saved her (and her reputation), but for whatever reason, she, like most of the Eldar it seemed, was keeping it to herself.
She slowly crept to her feet and began the long walk back to the rendeveux point. To make the time pass, she thought of all the horrid things she was (admittadely probably never) going to say to Yriel...

Ex-Farseer Lorilune sat on a small hill, watching the small figure of T'vos fade into the horizon. T'vos had been a friend long ago, a bit of scatter-brained mediocre bit of fluff perhaps, but a friend nonetheless. Why in the world had Yriel sent her here? And for what reason? Perhaps it was in attempt to shame a rival or get her killed? Still, it sempt odd that an Autarch of Yriel's standing would need such devices (he wasn't Eldrad after all). Time would tell. And with a little luck, Lorilune's gift would let the girl salvage some of her pride...
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs Eldar/Iyanden (1850pts; 7/30/09; pub 9/4) "Dead... Again."

Most impressive indeed! ;D Those Wraithguards and Wraithlords certainly got a whoopin'! Surely Power Klaws solve every kind of problem :P Hmmm.....would you say if your opponent had Mind War to take your PK-wielding Nobz, the battle would go badly for you?

Again, top-notched BatRep. Warlord Nezfang is most pleased indeed!
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs Eldar/Iyanden (1850pts; 7/30/09; pub 9/4) "Dead... Again."

Thank you for the very kind words!
Actually, it was a bit of a pickle for the Farseer, as my opponent would have loved to use Mindwar, but the way it was situated, he couldn't waste the Wraithguards' shots.
He ALMOST made the Farseer a separate squad so he could use her powers more, but the problem was that well... I had lootaz

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs Eldar/Iyanden (1850pts; 7/30/09; pub 9/4) "Dead... Again."

Yay! Finally another Bigtoof report!
Those stormboyz really aren't doing too well are they? Well, that's 3 battles with them so you can drop them now if you want. Sounds like an interesting list you were facing, I'm wondering if there is a list that can beat ol' Grumgutz, I haven't read a report that you've failed yet.
I'm a little surprised (due to the fluff) that big Lorrie wasn't taking part in this battle, you should probably let her have another go with those tankbustas at some point, they did really well last time.

Looking forward to more reports (as usual)

- Cammerz
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs Eldar/Iyanden (1850pts; 7/30/09; pub 9/4) "Dead... Again."

Thanks for the reply!
The stormboyz I guess don't fit my playing style that well (I suppose its not for everyone...), but I still have hopes.
I have recently tied a game, and I have lost a few games during 'Ard Boyz or truly odd scenarios.
I think I have also tied a game some time ago when there was a rule "oops" in which my opponent thought you could shoot Lascannons out of moving Rhinos (I thought they were Razorbacks).
I would like to bring Lorilune back on, but well, her list is a bit fluffier than some, and I'm a bit hesitant to use her when facing a list with a LOT of surprises (like this one).

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs Eldar/Iyanden (1850pts; 7/30/09; pub 9/4) "Dead... Again."

Baahh those stormboyz seem to do what needs to be done most games! Either take the shots or take the hits! Would thing'sve been bad if yriel and wraithlords had got that charge off?
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs Eldar/Iyanden (1850pts; 7/30/09; pub 9/4) "Dead... Again."

Great to read one of your reports again BigToof !

I'm looking forward to the one against Khan and his buddies that you mentioned in the Ork board.

Nothing to add tactically, you obviously know how to use your army, just keep them coming
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs Eldar/Iyanden (1850pts; 7/30/09; pub 9/4) "Dead... Again."

First off, sorry for letting this one slip, been away a bit, but I couldn't let replies go unsaid! (or uh... the sort!). In any case:

Warboss Vandersnag:
Letting Yriel or a single Wraithlord get the charge off would be problematic, but not too bad... The only bit would be if they could do it together! Yriel has a rather nasty power weapon, and Walkers are always a problem for the Nobz (who are scoring, as the Stormboyz are not).
By sacrificing the Stormboyz, it pretty much forced the Iyanden player into assaulting the Stormboyz and getting a fairly easy kill, or forcing to split his dwindling forces...
A hard choice indeed...

Oh, you had to go and mention that one didn't you?
Now I suppose I have to write it up. (Can't stay away, they keep dragging you back I suppose )
Thanks for the complements!

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