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infinity addiction-batrep with pics- 300 points 08/29/09
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Default infinity addiction-batrep with pics- 300 points 08/29/09

Got some infinity action in yesterday.
a buddy of mine wants to start a nomad list , and even though he has no infinity models yet he has allready started building terrain :lol:

it's not finished but the grey city block is going to be the first of 4 quarters of a 48" X 48" board.

Game 1 he tried out a hacker list against combined army(again more new players with no actual infinity models, just proxies..but i am slowly converting them).
we play our games at the 300 point level.

the nomads had an inventor, engineer, medic, zondbots, moria, spekter sniper, spekter FO, missile drone and 2 sputniks.
9 orders in the pool


Avatar LT
X2 malignos snipers
.HMG total reaction drone.
5 orders total in the pool

3 objective to claim

The nomad player made some horrible rolls. and only managed to kill one malignos. his FO got a little to close to the avatar when he went for an objective and got sepistored. the combiined army managed to knock out most of the nomad army without actually killing it right off. doing just enough damage to bring both sputniks, the moria, some drone bots and the medic down.....the spektr sniper was the only one killed outright in a shootout with the avatar. the nomads ended up fleeing with 1 objective and the combined army got the other 2 for a victory.

Game 2 was a bit different. i actually jumped into this one instead of playing trainer.

my haqq swat team took to the table.

300 points

the game was a straight up kill mission.

he changed his list up a bit (IIRC) loosing the sniper, one sputnik, and the medic for a salamander TAG

he had something like 7 orders. my list standard for what i run-
djan lt
djan doc
jann HMG
jann doc
azra'il fuerbach
mugahriba TAG HMG/HGL

i went first.

he had a big building in the center of the table and thought he would be safe in the open on the other side of it.....my HGL made him think otherwise.
i put a damage on his TAG and put down 2 zondbots and the sputnik.
his engineer moved up and got the sputnik up only to loose the engineer to HGL fire. his TAG moved up to engage my azrail. in succesive shooting the azra'i puts the TAG down....man i love that fuerbach.

One of the sputniks manages to hack probe my djan doc and puts down the azra'il. i manage a reset and get the azra'il bnack up on my turn, then he proceeds to kill the sputnik.

nomads flee off the table....and the haqq force is left with a residual one wound.

MVP was a hard call. early on the HGL was doing the work until the nomad realised his mistake and then it was all about the fuerbach.

unfortunately i didn't check my pics and most of the closeups bame out badly blurred so i only have 3 more pics

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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