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Big B5 wars batrep with many pics 5,300 points 08/29/09
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Default Big B5 wars batrep with many pics 5,300 points 08/29/09

After a long break i have been getting back into my B5 wars stuff of late, i forgot how much fun this game was.

i got 2 games in.

the first was rather fast. i wanted to try out my shadow fleet and my buddy who has like 8 different races wanted to give his vree a go.

Shadows are an ancient race, as mos tof you knw who have watched the show. because of this they have a huge curve in the tech and weapons advantage. as such the points cost per ship is incredibly high.

In game terms shadow ships take no real damage till you overload thier diffusers so they tend to zip in for high speed passes and then fade away while they bleed off the damage in the diffusers. and they have the speed and manueverability to pull it off.

The vree are an incredibly potent force at short to medium range favoring anti-matter weapons (eat your heart out startrek).

the game points value we normally play at is 5,300. it is an odd points limit bit seems to work well for a decent sized B5 game when it comes to fitting ships and flights of fighters in.

game 1
shadows VS vree
starting speed 5" a turn

shadow fleet-
.light cruiser shadow spider
.X2 shadow destroyers
.X2 flights of 6 shadow medium fighters.(proxied by narn frazi fighter minis)

The vree
.electronic warfare (EW) ship
.torpedo cruiser
.X2 war saucers
.X2 flights of 6 heavy fighters(they have anti-matter guns to!!)

The game plays much like battletech in that movement/EW/range plays more of an important roll because shooting is simultanious.

I spent the first few turns simply accelerating getting my cruisers well up into the double digits in speed from speed 5(We almost always start at speed 5=5 inches a turn, its a good even number given some races like earth loose all manuverabiltiy over speed 8 bcause of thier engine rating and turn capability)

My light cruiser was the only gun capable of ignoring the armor rating on his ships so he sent his fighters after it. i only manages to get off 1 shot with the main gun and devedamaged one of his cruisers with it before his fighters ganged up on it an overwhelmed it. of course he paid for that because my fighters jumoed his and he lost 9 of 12 fighters for his trouble.

using the asteroids as cover i managed to gang up on one of his war saucers damaging his engine. the crit roll for it cause to to loose power and drift into an asteroid field-destoying it.

i gangted up on his secnd war saucer with my fighters and through several turns managed to desrtoy it. as well as finsih off his last 3 fighters.

after making a long ranged, high speed pass, with my destroyers that destroyed his EW cruiser his 3 remaining ships broke contact and jumped out as they could not bring me to effective firing range given thier speed and manuevering capabilties. i was pretty much dictating the battle at at that point.

Next up Narn VS menbari

Game 2

This was a long drawn out tactical game. the table were turned. as much as i love the narn ships going up against the menbari tech edge is always an uphill battle.

menbari ships have stealth and jammers making them nigh impossible to hit from long range with any direct fire weapons as you canot direct any EW to boost your targeting to them. This makes them a rather nasty sniper force since they can most definately shoot you back.

The only real strength i had as a narn player was my proxiity weapons-space artillery in effect-energy mines. rapid reloading blast weapons that target an area of space that are uneffected by the intended targets systems as the enemy ship itself is not targeted. this backed up my ion torpedos were basically the only real threats i could muster at range.

Minbari nuetron lasers (the ones used for long range fire) can fire in piercing mode doing damage through 3 sections of the target ship. both the closest and opposite sides from the shooter and through the internal primary systems. it is horribly effective at nuertering a ship via system failure instead of being forced to actually destroy it.

the menbari fleet-
.sharlin war cruiser
.X3 tinashi hull based medium cruiser variants-1 anti fighter, 1 EW, and 1 improved nuetron laser test bed.
.one whitestart advanced monitor using ancient technology/menbari technology hybrid systems.

My fleet
.command cruiser
.patrol cruiser
.EW warfare ship
.torpedo/mine ship
.X3 6 strong flights of heavy fighters

i lost the setup and had to set up first, he then wisely set up as far from me as possible. even set up to full defensive EW i was still taking hits from his long range fire. he also sped his white star up and eventually closed the range. it took my entire fleet and my fighters to take the ittle beasty down.

The piercing shots were taking thier toll first the dreadnought and then the command cruiser got pounded, damaging key stems, reducing power supply and engine efficiency.

I got a few god hits in from my mines knocking out his EW ships sensors and doing good structure damage on his smaller cruisers. using the asteroid clouds he advanced to my left and forces my to trun about to the right so let my heavy weapons recharge.
as i cricled back around the command cruiser ,locked on its course and unable to slow enough to avoid running headlong into the menbari floatilla( he wisely kept in tight formation to protect himself from my fighters, making to to risky to engage his capitol ships) made a suicide run knowinf he was not going to survive. he did manage to put some good damage on his anti-fighter cruiser before he died. taking out it's jammer.

the test cruiser got a little to far ahead of the fleet and got jumped by fighters, who heavily damaged it i lost 5 of 18 fighters in the exchange.

As the rest of my fleet followed the command cruiser in my missile frigate came into view. it was what he was waiting for. it was my smallest and lightest ship in terms of size and durability he tried unsuccesfully to kill it but he did do some damge and take out its sensors and some weapons. it got to fire for full effect the next turn before it was destroyed.

because he was so focused on it, it allowed my other ships to get by mostly unscathed. i lost a couple more fighters and took some more damage to the dreadnought before my fleet powered away in the opposite direction. his test cruiser was dead and his anti-fighter cruiser savaged with massive internal damage. his sharlin and EW ship, hangng close, slowed and turned to give chase. the fighters went after his anti-fighter ship and killed it but lost all but 3 of thier number in the process.

I took critical damage to the reactor on the dreadnought in the pass and had to roll percentile every turn to see if it exploded....fortunately only a 17% chance. my 3 remaing ships came about and closed hoping to finsih off his last 2. my pulse patrol cruiser missed horribly......5 guns needing 15 or less on a d20 and i hit with 2.....out of a passible 300+ points of damage i did 60

he nailed my reactor again and the dreadnought exploded in a ball of fury

with the tables turned suddenly the EW ship and the patrol cruiser scattered and accelerated and my fighters bugged out.

i lost the battle but i gave the menbari a bloody nose for thier troubles.

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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Default Re: Big B5 wars batrep with many pics 5,300 points 08/29/09


This does look like quite a fun game. Always loved B5, would love a fleet of whitestars
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Originally Posted by Tim.
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Default Re: Big B5 wars batrep with many pics 5,300 points 08/29/09

Nice BatRep.

I'm so wanting to do my Drazi Fleet now...problem is I don't know anyone else here who plays it
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Default Re: Big B5 wars batrep with many pics 5,300 points 08/29/09

Originally Posted by Boneguard
Nice BatRep.

I'm so wanting to do my Drazi Fleet now...problem is I don't know anyone else here who plays it
Infect them with a desire to play

it's a skirmish game so less to buy, build and paint. thats usually a good motivator.

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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Default Re: Big B5 wars batrep with many pics 5,300 points 08/29/09

Awesome battle report mughi3. Thanks for sharing! ;D
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