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Nova Ravens (Space Marines) vs. Mon'Sa'Cea (Tau)
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Default Nova Ravens (Space Marines) vs. Mon'Sa'Cea (Tau)

Well, here's my first battle report...hopefully I can make it seem believable...


Typical Space Marine deployment, made to ensure line of sight and killed enemys

Fire Warriors attempt to hide behind cover...

Turn 1:

Space Marines move up, ready to fire...

Fire Warriors move deeper into cover and lose a man to Assault Cannon fire

Turn 2:

Battlesuits arrive, fail to kill the Drednought, but Melta a Space Marine. 1 Shied Drone KIA

Turn 3:

Battlesuit 1 is assulted, Drednought EXPLODED, superheated chunks of metal fry Shield Drone. Fire Warriors take advantage of the distraction and move forward.

Turn 4:

Battlesuit takes a wound, one Marine is killed. SM player is distrought with the loss of his precious Drednought. Battlesuit jumps away from the combat. Fire Warriors move closer...

Turn 5:

Battlesuit is killed in Tau turn, Space Marines charge the second battlesuit, foolishly left within assault range... :P
Fire Warriors move closer...

Space Marine Turn 6:

This is where things get interesting. Battlesuit was finished off in Tau turn 5, by the (unfortunately still alive) SM squad, rounding on the Fire Warriors, who are juuust barely out of assault range...Casualties mount among the Fire Warrior squad.

Tau turn 6:

Fire Warriors shoot, and assault the Space Marines, causing NO CASUALTIES , then are wiped out in the Marine Counter-assault...

GAME OVER...... :-[

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