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Chaos Marines vs. Marines vs. Tyranids, 1000 points each
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Default Chaos Marines vs. Marines vs. Tyranids, 1000 points each

So today at my LGS we had a 3 way game on a 6 by 5 table (positions were a bit weird but we all agreed). We got spearhead annaliation so we all set up, space marines, then tyranids, then my chaos.




Chaos: Despoiler
8 thousand sons
Bolt of change
9 plague marines
champion w/ power fist
2 plasma guns
5 chosen
1 missile launcher
4 plasma guns

Defiler w/ TL lascannon

Space marines: 2 dreadnoughts in drop pods (1 w/ flamer, 1 w/ multi melta), chaplin, librarian, and about 25-30 marines (2 squads so 2 plasma cannons), and a squad of snipers

Tyranids: 2 small squads of gaunts, 12 genestealers n 1 squad, 3 zonethropes, carnafex, and a hive tyrant.

I infiltrate chosens 15" from marines in cover and out of LOS.

Turn 1: Space marines don't move( 30 marines ready but thinking the nids will attack them even though nids r 18" from chaos and 30" from him?) and shoots with snipers at my thousand sons, all pass armor tests.

Nids move gaunts, shoot with hive tyrant and zonethropes at my plague marines, 3 fail armor saves but only 1 fails feel no pain.

Chaos get a 6 on thousand sons so get closer to nids, move chosen then forget they don't have relentless so they are all within range of marines :-[, plague marines shoot and kill 4 gaunts, defiler shoots at carnifex (had 10 gaunts behind but carnifex was giving em cover) and deal a wound.

Turn 2: Space marines get 1 drop pod in, he puts it next to my defiler with the multi melta guy coming out next to him( guess i know where this is going), his marines murder my chosen in the shooting phase :'( giving him a kill point, his dreadnought uses multi melta on defiler but rolls a 1 for wound/armor.

Nids get in his genestealers which come in next to my squad of plague marines with the despoiler in it( big mistake ;D), he shoots some more (with zonethropes and carnifex/ hive tyrant) and takes out 1 thousand sons with carnifex, genestealers assault squad of plague marines and it was epic( all attacks to despoiler, 42 hit, 2 rending 1 wound, both invo and armor saves make it :shifty:, my despoiler rolls a 6 for attacks while the nid player is chanting "one one one one one" and i take out 10 stealers, though my plague marines don't deal any wounds).

Chaos marines shoot at dreadnought with las on my defiler but roll a 1 for wound armor too....., i go to assault and roll a 1 for despoiler's daemon weapon but plague marines finish off last 2 after no wounds were dealt giving me a kill point.

Sm: 1kp, Cm: 1, Nids: 0

Turn 3: Space marine's still don't move ( ??? ),sniper takes out 1 gaunt, drop pod 2 comes in and lands next to my plague marines, he flames them but none die, multi melta dreadnought once again fails the melta so decides to assault defiler and makes it explode and gets a kill point, passes the turn :'(.

Nids start shooting at my plague marines and kill 1, shoot at thousand son and take out 3 with his venom cannon then assaults my despoiler with his gaunts : and finds out why he is the leader of the chaos marines, giving me another kill point, passes the turn thinking his big guys should stop shooting and assault.

Chaos marines move thousand sons 3" and bolts of change the multi melta dreadnought wrecking it, plague marines move up and assault a zonethrope and earn another kill point.

Sm: 1kp, Cm: 4, Nids: 0kp

Turn 4: Space marines move up a little but not the full 6", snipers pick off a zonethrope for a kill point, passes the turn forgetting dreadnought.

Nids Hive tyrant shoots at plague marines and misses, zonethrope shoots but i get invo, hive tyrant assaults plague marine squad killing 2, despoiler returns the favor by dishing out 2 wounds after rolling a 3, gaunts move up.

Chaos marines move thousand sons 5" and shoot a bolt of change at the new dreadnought making it explode for a kill point, despoiler finishes off hive tyrant for a kp.

Sm: 2kp, Cm: 6, Nids: 0kp

Turn 5: Space marines realize the fight isn't coming to them so they start booking, snipers pick off another zonethrope for a kp, passes the turn.

Nids assault thousand sons with carnafex and shoot at plague marines with gaunts, gaunts deal 1 wound that gets the feel no pain, carnifex kills off 3 sons then sorcerer deals a wound on carnifex. Carnifex fails the invo and i roll and pass my psyker test doing a instent death cause of no synaps. Gaunts return with their ability ( ??? ) but do nothing.

Chaos marines move thousand sons away from swarm of marines and shoot at gaunts killing only 3, despoiler and plague marines move in and finish the job for another kill point.

Sm: 3kp, Cm: 8, Nids: 0kp

Dice is rolled and get a 6, game goes on.

Turn 6: Space marines finally get within range of the enemy, librarian trys to gate of infility close to my thousand sons but scatters 5" onto difficult terrain, takes mishap test and gets a 3, i decide he is going to the other side of the board away from us. Space marines move in and shoot a plasma cannon at thousand sons killing them off for a kill point.

Nids, running out of stuff to do and of a army he runs his gaunts to attack the marines, kills none and passes the turn with a frown.

Chaos marines attempt to gun down the last gaunts, plague marines kill a handful but 1 remained.

Sm: 4kp, Cm: 8, Nids: 0kp

Dice is rolled to see if game ends and get a 4, game goes on to final turn.

Turn 7: Space marines move and get mad because my last squad isn't in LOS and about 18" away, instead decides not to shoot at gaunt and just assault it with chaplon getting a easy kill point (how easier could it have been?).

Nids stand there with an empty field then remember guants get to return, they run onto board but notice nothing is in range to assault. They shoot at space marines and take out 2 of them and pass turn.

Chaos marines pop out and try to kill the gaunts but one survived, ends turn as for nothing else to do.

The game ends on turn 7 with Sm:5, Cm:8, Nids:0 (not exactly sure because nid player never said if zonethropes were 1 or 3 squads, if it was 1 then score would be Sm:5, Cm:6, Nids:0)

Whats left on field:
Sm: 28/30 marines, chaplon, librarian
Nids: 1 gaunt......wow
Cm: 4 plague marines and the despoiler with 2 wounds

After the game i ask the marine player why he didn't move the first couple turns and he just said "I thought you 2 were going to fight to the death and i would run n at the last moment to kill off what was left making you both get a wipeout so i would win, but guess it didn't work so well". Overall it was a good game though i walked away with a sad feeling cause of the nid player getting murdered and the marine player walking off Aulma'd because he made the mistake of not moving much. Also made me feel as if my plague marines were overpowered and the despoiler was just broken.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Chaos Marines vs. Marines vs. Tyranids, 1000 points each

Great battle report.
Despoiler is even better then I thought
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Default Re: Chaos Marines vs. Marines vs. Tyranids, 1000 points each

I can't really tell from your report, but it sounds like you had many instances where a unit shoots at an enemy unit in the shooting phase, and then assaults a completely different enemy unit in the assault phase. Unless this was changed in 5th Ed., I'm pretty sure you still have to assault the same target you shot in the shooting phase.
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Default Re: Chaos Marines vs. Marines vs. Tyranids, 1000 points each

See where it might confuse people, when saying "he shot at this squad then assaulted this one with his genestealers" it kinda sounds like the stealers shot at 1 squad (which they have no guns) then assaulted another, editing report.
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