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[WFB] Blood on the snow - Middenhiem/Kislev vs Dwarfs
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Default [WFB] Blood on the snow - Middenhiem/Kislev vs Dwarfs

Well, my army got their first game. It was a rush-job, with both armies thrown together, deployed and blitzed toward each other over a near-flat battlefield. However, it was bloody good fun!

The Army of The Wolf:
LORD - White Wolf Grand Master: Sword of Judgement, Dawn Armour (the re-rollable save one), White Cloak.

HERO - Battle-Standard-Bearer: Full Plate, Griffon Standard.
HERO - Warrior Priest: Great Weapon, Heavy Armour.
ALLIED HERO - Boyar: Lance, Heavy Armour, Shield, Warhorse.

ALLIED CORE - 21 Kossars: Full Command.
ALLIED CORE - 21 Kossars: Full Command.
ALLIED CORE - 5 Winged Lancers: Full Command.

SPECIAL - 23 Greatswords (using Teutogen Guard): Full Command.
SPECIAL - 5 Inner Circle White Wolf: Full Command.
SPECIAL - Great Cannon.
ALLIED SPECIAL - 9 Gryphon Legion: Full Command, War Banner.

The Army of the Mountain:
Alas, I don't recall my opponent's exact list, but here's the gist:

Dwarf Lord - Many shiny things.
Battle-Standard-Bearer - Shiny banner.

15 Warriors - Shields, Heavy Armour, Full Command.
20 Longbeards - Shields, Heavy Armour, Full Command. Rune that makes them take Break Tests on 1D6.
20 Ironbreakers - Full Command.
3x 10 Crossbows.
2x Organ Guns.
1x Cannon - Engineer, Rune of Reloading.

The Battlefield:

A flat piece of tundra with a hill to each player's left. Huzzah!

Wolf Army Deployment - (my) Left to Right
Cannon (on hill); Kossar unit, Teutogen holding centre [BSB & Priest joining]; Gryphon Legion [Boyar Joining], Kossar unit. On far right flank, White Wolves + Grand Master and Winged Lancers.

Dwarf Army Deployment - (my) Left to Right
Crossbow unit; Organ Gun; Ironbreakers [with Lord]; Longbeards; BSB (behind longbeards); Organ Gun; Crossbows; Warriors (behind Crossbows); Crossbows & Cannon on hill.

The Opening Moves:
The Wolves got the first turn, the cavalry and infantry advancing at full pace. The Cannon roared, but was well short of the mark - a useful guide for ranging the line later.

The Dwarf line grimly prepared to punish the foe. Arrows darkened the sky, but the armour of the riders held out for the most part. However, a pair of Lancers were plucked from their saddles as they rode toward the Cannon. The Dwarf gun took aim at the White Wolves, but problems with the fuse prevented it from shooting. A single Organ gun found itself in range, only to be cursed with a poor salvo. Attempting the re-roll, it came up Misfire - no shots at all!

Still the Wolves came on. All three cavalry units positioned themselves ready to charge, with Infantry rushing to join the fray. The Wolf-Cannon roared again, the shot landing mere inches from the second Organ Gun.

Seeing the danger approaching, the Longbeards broke rank and angled themselves to counter-charge the Gryphon Legion. Once more arrows were loosed, this time claiming two Kossars on the left flank and a single White Wolf. The Dwarf Cannon tried to fire again, but was once more plagued with fuse troubles. The second Organ Gun also misfired. The remaining Organ Gun loosed a horrific volley of shots, ripping apart seven of the Gryphon Legion in a storm of lead, and routing them.

The Dwarf line had thus far survived unscathed. However, with two cavalry ready to strike, the battle was about to turn...

Hammer and Lance:
With a thunder of hooves, the White Wolves smashed into the crossbows ahead of them. Winged Lancers galloped headlong into cannon crew, and the Gryphon Legion recovered its nerve. The infantry advance continued, though the left Kossars slowed to loose arrows at their opposite Dwarves.

With a great roar, the Wolf Cannon claimed its first kill. The Organ Gun responsible for slaying so many Kislev Knights was blown into a hundred pieces, and one of its crew decapitated as the ball roared past. Arrows pierced the sky, and a single Dwarf Crossbowmen toppled on the left.

Now it was time to fight. The Dwarf Cannon crew stood hard against the trio of Lancers, losing only one of their number. Beside them, the fury of the White Knights was too great for the Crossbowmen to bear. They routed from the charge, only to be cut down by the Knights.

With their flank now exposed, the Warriors turned to ready themselves. Next turn, when the White Knights returned to the field, they would attack. The Organ Gun aimed at the Gryphon Legion, determined to finish them, and misfired once again to the cries of "Why!? What did we do to deserve this!?"

The smatter of crossbow bolts did little to improve the Dwarf disposition, though a lucky arrow struck and wounded the Boyar. The army of the Wolf was all but upon the Dwarf line now, and one flank had already fallen. The Dwarf Lord prepared his plans, and braced for the inevitable charge.

The Dwarven Trap:
The Gryphon Legion met their foe at last, slamming home into the enemy War Machine. Behind, the Teutogen had closed enough to ready for a charge, whilst the Kossar advance was slowed to allow more shooting to occur. A Cannonball sailed overhead, doing what arrows could not and claiming two Ironbreakers.
Both Dwarf weapon crews fought bravely, and though they could not kill their enemies, the Kislev could do little in return; though the Kislev won their battles, the Dwarfs would not flee.

With roaring voices, the Warriors made the first Dwarf Charge of the game. The Longbeards prepared to flank the Gryphon Legion, only to realise this would leave their own flank dangerously vulnerable to the Teutogen! The Champion looked across at his Lord, and gave a knowing wink. They turned head on to the advancing Middenhiem soldiers. The Ironbreakers in kind redeployed themselves, ensuring that if the Lonbeards were charged, they could flank-charge in retaliation.

The combat phase was a poor showing for both sides. Organ Gun crewmen stood defiant, refusing to die yet unable to kill. The Warriors pulled a single White Wolf down, though not before the Grand Master executed their Champion in single combat. Though victory was theirs, the Knights refused to flee from the battle. On their rear flank, the Winged Lancers finally slew the Engineer who had defied them so long. However, they would have to spend next turn reforming to find a new opponent, buying the Dwarves some more time.

The Glorious Charge
The Teutogen Guard knew well the peril they faced. If they did not charge, they risked losing the initative and being struck by the Longbeards. If they did charge, they risked being obliterated in a text-book pincer move. With no Kossar unit able to support-charge, or even threaten a counter-charge.

Nevertheless, the charge was made. Putting faith in their righteous might, the Teutogens tore into the Longbeards.

As the lines clashed, Warrior Priest and Champion met in single combat. Two times the great-hammer swung, smashing Dwarven shield and then Dwarven skull. Empowered by this victory, the warriors tore down a second armoured Dwarf, losing only a single man in return.

The battle hinged on this moment. Bolstered by their arcane banner, the Teuton had amassed a staggering combat res in their favour! Even with the Lord nearby, the Dwarf Longbeards had to pass a Ld test of 3 to hold! However, their Banner ensured they tested only on 1D6. With it all in the balance, the die was cast...

...and they Failed! The Dwarf Line crumbed before the fury of the Teutogen! Their overrun cannoned them well clear of the ambush, joining the combat taking place against the Organ Gun crew. Here, the Boyar finally cut down his foes, allowing the Teutogen to once more overrun, slamming into the Battle-Standard-Bearer who had withdrawn earlier in case the Gryphon Legion broke the Organ Gun crew!

With the line crumbling around them, the Dwarf Ironbreakers advanced in their own turn, seeking to cut down a Kossar unit. The Battle Standard could do little against the mass of men facing him, and was smashed down by two well-aimed blows by the Warrior Priest.

Now able to line up a charge and aid their White Wolf brethren, the surviving Winged Lancers and Gryphon Legion charged as one. The Kossar unit facing the Ironbreakers also charged, hoping their great weapons could do some damage to the armoured warriors.

the Dwarf Ironbreakers fared well, cutting down and routing the Kossars in a single round of combat. However, their Warriors were not so fortunate; attacked from the rear flank, they were cut down to a man, who promptly turned to flee and was rode down. The Dwarf turn had nothing to contribute that could turn the tide of battle, and they surrendered the field.

When the dust had settled, the bodycount was made. Three entire Dwarf Regiments had been wiped out, their banners captured and held high in triumph. Three War machines were destroyed, and in return only a single unit of Kossars were completely routed; every Cavalry formation was either at or below half strength, but they survived.

The result was clear - a crushing victory for the Army of The Wolf!
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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Default Re: [WFB] Blood on the snow - Middenhiem/Kislev vs Dwarfs

a very well written report kudos to you

i hope to read more WFB reports from you

and congrats on a well earned victory
El moustache and his wonderific travelling spastic dream farm for 11 of the least well respected mostly fewer than eighty percent of the adventurism!!

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Default Re: [WFB] Blood on the snow - Middenhiem/Kislev vs Dwarfs

While I don't want to detract from your victory, do you not need core units from both forces in order to have a legal army?

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