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Blue VS grey-2K batrep(40K) with pics 8/15/09
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Default Blue VS grey-2K batrep(40K) with pics 8/15/09

Time to show guillimans boys how to fight.

kill points

dawn of war


His side-
.X2 tactical squads (10 X2)
.X10 terminators
.X2 dreadnoughts
.X5 scout snipers with tellion
.predator annihilator with HB sponsons
.dev squad

My side-
.X1 tac squad(10)
.X5 scout snipers
.X5 assault marines
.land speeder typhoon
.X3 venerable las/missile dreads
.X3 podding ironclad dreads

I won the roll and made him go first.
i set up scouts and tacs

He moves on, takes some shots at my scouts, runs everything forward into position

i move on, 2 ironclads DPA-his scouts die in gouts of heavy flammer fire from one ironclad.
the rest of my army unloads on his forward tactical unit thanks to the nearby second ironclad illuminating them for me .

his termies come in and scatter close, he looses none inthe terrain-kills of my scouts. plinks at my tacticals, assaults and ironclads.

typhoon ripps the whirlwind launcher off. my las ironclad comes in....the 2 other ironclads move on his pred and his melta dread...

Danger close! the rest of my entire army shoots the heck out of terminators taking them down to 2 and then assaulting them with 2 dreads and the assault squad. i loose nobody, he looses 1 termi but does not break.

My assault against his melta dread goes poorly...i miss with all 4 attacks not rolling above a 2+ to hit, he returns the favor and misses with both his attacks.

he plinks away at my ironclads, drop pods and tacticals. moves his gunless WW out to try and get into ram range of my typhoon. his last termi dies and the dread battle is just as bad as last time- 1 hit each, he scores a pen adn kills the ironclad. and a single drop pod

assault marines move up under cover. typhoon fires on his WW and kills it. the only other kill is his melta dread from a pair of HKs

he backs his other dread away from my ironclad and moves his HQ/tacs forward. he tries without succes to kill my second drop pod.

moving his dread exposes its rear armor to my typhoon. 2 kraks later and hois dread is a crater. i plink away at his tacticals. my other living ironclad tries to aid the assault squad as they go after the predator.

he finally kills another drop pod. a few of the assault marines

ignoring the devs in cover i go after his tacs, killing a few. assault marines continue to wiff on his pred.

game ends-

victory for the grey side.

KP totals
-ultra marines
units killed-
.drop pod X2
.ironclad dread X1

-panzer brigade
units killed-
.dread X2
.tac squad
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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