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More B5 wars actions with pics of course- batrep 8/15/09
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Default More B5 wars actions with pics of course- batrep 8/15/09

Its great gettting back into this game on a regular basis -

for those of you interested in playing the best place to get ship control sheets and such for the game is here-


This game was basically a 1 on 1 at 5,300 points

A bit of a re-match between the league fleet and an EA fleet like the one i took previously. although by a different player.

to add a money wrench into the mix i thew in a vorlon dreadnought for my own single ship( a whopping 5k on its own!)

The league got lucky early and did massive damage to it's power capcitor with a critical hit. and then the EA fighters tore into it's flank tear off the stern. it did some good damage to the hyperion and mauled the oracle scout ship...even with me missing all but 4 of my shots out of many fired at ships instead of fighters.

i suffered a brown out and drifted off the table. (engine went out for a turn at a critical moment).

Then the EA and league started in on each other. it wasn't pretty since they were both so focused on me they had neglected to consider how close they were getting to each other. the next fire phase turned into a bloody knife fight. in the ensuing carnage the EA omega got mauled as did both drazi ships and the brakiri destoyer.

the pakmara ship eventually lost its sensors and then engines entirely making it a drifitng wreck.

It was almost a mirrior of the last engagement. The EA took a bit more cruiser damage this time out and less fighter damage with the omega moving to get clear with heavy damage, while the hyperion and fighters braved the vree dreadnoughts anti-matter weapons.

with the battle lost again the vree jumped clear.

On a funny side note....the main gun on the pakmara ship does huge damage.....and he has missed with it every time it has fired by 1 off the dice roll needed for the last 2 games.

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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