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a little solaris VII action with pics-CBT batrep 8/15/09
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Default a little solaris VII action with pics-CBT batrep 8/15/09

A little solaris action.

We wanted to gewt a fast game in and doing a solaris match is a nice easy way to get everybody playing.

In the right corner-the black knight 75 tons
"none shall pass!"
In the left corner- the axeman 1N 65 tons

And in my own corner......the piranha in it's 20 ton glory

I kept loosing initiative horribly so the first few turns i only managed to hide or get some long range shots in on the black knight.

however the axeman was not nearly as shy. and much more accurate.

because of heat management he usually fired 1 medium, the large pulse and the AC20.

He never missed with the AC 20 the entire game.

the axeman never got to conect with his axe sadly but he did manage to lop off both the black knights arms eventualy...but of course the black knight would not yield. he grouped well and blew out the torso on the axeman for an engine kill. in a wave of MAD the axeman's return fire for the same shooting phase cored the center torso on the axeman.

The piranha wins by default.....although i did win intiative 1 time and got to unload. hitting with both er medium lasers and 9 of 12 machineguns,,,from medium range no less.

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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