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Tau vs chaos Campaign First Battle 500 points (Augest 14 2009)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tau vs chaos Campaign First Battle 500 points (Augest 14 2009)

So we decided to start a campaign based of the one in the rule book (sorry were not creative right now were both noobs) the first battle is supposed to be The spoils of war but we decided to change this a bit. (maybe we are creative) Instead we did spearhead deployment with one objective in the middle of the board.

Tau (508 points)
Shas'o ,Plasma rifle Fusion Blaster, Shield Generator, Stimulant injector
12 Fire Warriors
Devil fish Flechette discharger
16 Kroot + Shaper

Chaos (505 points)
Count Blobulous Also know as the deamon prince from the game of planet strike I did. http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...c,86326.0.html (We gave him that name becuase in other not mentioned battles he has been knowen to blobifie everything. Its not a real word but its chaos what do you expect.) Anyway back to the count he had wings and Doom bolt ( yes he does not have gift of chaos that turns people into blobs so the whole explanation was for nothing, again blame chaos.)
5 Berzerkers with skull champion Plasma pistol and power fist
5 Berzerkers with skull champion power sword

The tau are set up with the kroot in the middle with the shas'o to their left. The fire warriors are to the right of the kroot, with the devil fish right behind the fire warriors if I needed to evacuate them. Count Blobulous was inbetween the two rhinos. The powerfist squads rhino facing the shas'o and the power sword sqaud facing the fire warriors.

The Count of Obilxeuis, Murrli VIII Savior, The Ghoul Stars Maurder, sat in a chair covered with flesh and bones moving and squirming around trying to free them selves of the pain of constantly changing their bones organs and what was left of their old bodies. The count watched a kneeling cultist wimper and moan about an excuse of how the he had failed to kill the Tau ships currently orbiting Obilxeuis the deamon planet granted to him by the lord of change. He had sent the planet through the warp tired of facing petty humans wishing to test his newfound power againsit a new foe. They had come out into an area similar to the eye of terror but it was less chaotic but it was like being in space and the warp at the same time it was called by captured humans the perdus rift. To the deamon's luck, he had found a new foe who he had assualted and enticed into coming to attack his planet. He knew they would defeat his forces in space and let them land to see the glory of his chaotic planet. Soon the marines under his command would slaughter these eneimes in his name.

The count looked down, in truth he had not listen to a single word of what his minion had said and instead reached down towards the wretched thing and placed his hand upon his sholder. Their was a brief moment of slience and a surge of chaos energies went through his arm into the cultist.

The count stood up "we have guests upon this dear planet let us greet them" his 10 chosen warriors roared in aknowlegement and set out. The chair watched as a new face was drawn screaming into the chairs surface.

I fail to seize the intiative.

Chaos Turn 1
The count flew as fast as he could towards my firing line and was our of range with his doombolt. the rhinos move 12" forward still flanking their master.

Tau Turn 1
The shas'o moves forward and fires his plasma rifle at the PF (power fist) rhino but fails to penatrate. The firewarriors have more luck by immbolizing and destroying the bolter of their incoming rhino. (Go glancing) the kroot can't shoot anything and wait for the enemy to come to them. The Shao's retreats back to his orginal postion.

Chaos 0
Tau 0

Chaos 2
The immbolized rhino disembarks its cargo and they move 6' and run 4' towards my fire warriors. The count flies toward my firing line and fires a doom bolt at the kroot killing one. (should of stuck with his blob abilities) The PF rhino disembarks its troops the squad fires it pistols at the kroot killing 3. The Count assualts the devilfish to prevent my firewarriors chance of escape put fails to glance and penatrate. Flechette's do nothing. The Shas'o gets assualted by the PF squad taking no wound from the chain axes and kills 2 berzerkers himself. Then the skull champion hit him with all his attacks and got pass the shield killing my Shas'o

Tau 2
The Firewarriors leap into the devilfish and fly behind the PF squads rhino. The kroot assualt the 3 berzerkers and the berserkers kill 4 kroot and the kroot finish the rest of the PF squad and consolidate towards the objective.

Chaos 1
Tau 1

Chaos 3
The Count turned towards the kroot and a grin and fired his doom bolt this time killing 3 of them and assualts them with the power sword squad. The Kroot are slaughtered by the two squads. Count Blobulous and the power sword squad consolidate towards the devil fish.

Tau 3
The Tau devil fish noticing an many corpses near a band of crazy marines in red and flies towards the immbolized rhino behind and disembarks the Tau fire warrriors who rapid fire and destroy the rhino. The explsion kills 1 fire warrior.

Chaos 2
Tau 2

Chaos 4
The bezerkers charge to the objective claimming it in the name of blobs and the count flies towards the fire warriors and fires his doom bolts killing 2 of my tau.

Tau 4
The devil fish sends the gun drones in front of the warriors hoping to block the count from assualting them. Everyone shoots at the berzerkers killing them all. ( Hooza theirs a chance of me winning.)

Chaos 2
Tau 3

Chaos 5
The count flies towards my lines laughing at the tau's terrified faces. My smile at having a unit able to claim the objective disapears when the count is just barly in assualt range and kills the firewarriors and conslidates towards the drones.

Tau 5
I do what an Tau warrior would have done if their ethereal had died..... PANIC! I send the the devil fish flying towards the boards corner and the drones fly towards the rhino.

Chaos 3
Tau 3

The game continues.
Chaos 6
The count remebered that he hates fish and charges in and kills the devil fish. He consolidates towards the drones again.

Tau 6
The drones move again towards the rhino and fire..... KA BOOM HOOZA FOR AI TAKE THAT MECHINUCUS. This roughly tanslates into the drones fire at the rhino and penatrate its side amour and roll a 6 hooza.

Chaos 4
Tau 4

The game continues!

Chaos 7
At this point this looks bad I have lost my chance of winning but I have a small chance to tie. (hmm tie is too similar to die for me OMEN) The deamon prince flies to my drones and fires his weapon killing 1 drone the other passes its leadership.

Tau 7
The drone fires it weapon and fails to wound.

Chaos 4
Tau 4

Tie (still too close to die)
Well it became a chance to win to a chance to lose to a tie.

After thoughts: The count looked back and saw that it would of helped to use the PF rhino more and next time I will be more careful with my Shas'o.

The Count glanced at the flying drone retreating back to it's masters to give them the information of the battle and the seemingly dead Shas'o had enough life left in him to fly to his HQ. (His stimulants working overtime) The count looked at the battle field in sllience. He smiled. The xenos had learned of a small faction of his limitless abilties and he would win this war and drive them back and his chair would have many new faces soon.
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Default Re: Tau vs chaos Campaign First Battle 500 points (Augest 14 2009)

cant wait for the next 1 i will try to be there for it
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