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'Ard Boyz Semifinals Game 3 (8-8-2009, 2500 pts) Waaagh Grubbynutz v Lash/Oblits
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Default 'Ard Boyz Semifinals Game 3 (8-8-2009, 2500 pts) Waaagh Grubbynutz v Lash/Oblits


Grubbynutz jubilant warcry echoed from the top of the building across the narrow valley. A week ago he and his boyz had been defeated here by a tyranid swarm but now he was back! The bugz had made sure that no sign of that fateful battle remained, save for the bits of metal and other undigestibles. There was no sign of the bugs either. Only an empty valley now.

“WAAAAAAGGGHH!” he roared again, this time in frustration. Where were the bugboyz?

A low rumble started from the other side of the valley and began to grow louder with every second. A loota boy gibbered in excitement nearby.

“Dats a RHINO boss! Dere's beaky boyz here!” Grubbynutz cocked his head to the side and peered out over the valley once more, his red eyes scanning for signs of the enemy.

“No. Dere's SPIKEY boyz here!” he growled. Sure enough, a trio of rhinos came into view. The prows of these vehicles were sporting the decaying remains of tyranid bio-organisms. Someone had beaten him to the bugs. This could not stand!

From his minds eye High Sorcerer Callius the Blessed watched as the green horde chanted and stamped their feet in preparation for the fight. Callius was over ten thousand years old and had fought the xenos many times back when he wore a wolf's head emblem on his shoulder. So it was that their pathetic entreaties to their false gods did not frighten him. Still, it paid to be cautious, especially after the unfortunate run-in with the strangely psychically active tyranids. Who knew what other surprises this damned planet held.

“Squads Slaughter and Maim, move out on flanking pattern. Squad Bile, you will act as mobile reserve. Everyone else, with me. We will cut the head off this alien gathering. FOR HORUS!”

My final game of 'Ard Boyz was against Matt, a Chaos player who had something in common with me – we had both been beaten by the same Tyranid player. After commiserating about the tricksy tyranids, I took a look at his list.

-Chaos Sorcerer

MoS, Lash
-Chaos Sorcerer
MoS, Lash
-5 Chosen
4 meltaguns
-Rhino with combi-flamer
-5 Chosen
4 meltaguns
-Rhino with combi-flamer
-7 Plague Marines
Champion with power fist, 2 meltaguns
-Rhino with extra armor
-7 Plague Marines

Champion with power fist, 2 meltaguns
-Rhino with extra armor
-7 Plague Marines

Champion with power fist, 2 meltaguns
-7 Plague Marines

Champion with power fist, 2 meltaguns
-3 Obliterators
-3 Obliterators
-3 Obliterators

NASTY list. Lists like this are the very defintion of 'Ard Boyz. Whats more, we were playing what I thought was the coolest out of the three missions for the day. Essentially there was only one objective, placed in the center of the table and whoever controlled that objective won the game. Unlike the previous two missions killpoints would play no factor, with table quarters instead deciding the margin of victory.

Here's the board. If it looks familiar that's because its the same board I played my first game. Narratively, it made sense that Grubbynutz would be coming back to the scene of his krumping at the hands of the tyranids to seek revenge, so I didn't argue.

He won roll for first turn and took it. Oddly, he took a side of the board with relatively little terrain in it and gave me a side with a building. Maybe he was counting on slowing me down by giving me more terrain on my side. Not a bad strategy, but my lootaz surely thanked him for their good vantage point. He deployed 3 plague marine squads, two of which were led by a sorceror. The obliterators also deployed en masse. A plague marine squad and a biker squad stayed in reserve, as did the two units of chosen, who were outflanking. I put my entire army down. It got a little cramped in the deployment zone with 120 plus vehicles and lootaz, but I wasn't about to entrust my fate to something as fickle as reserve rolls.

I fail to seize the initiative.

Chaos Turn 1:

He brings both rhinos out to the flanks and the obliterators reposition. One sorcer is out of range with the lash, but the guy on the left hand side is in range of my front sluggaz in that area. He lashes them seven inches, which is enough to bring them out of terrain and well out of KFF range. They are arranged in a neat little circle and easy meat for 3 plasma cannons hits from an obliterator squad. The other two obliterator squads concentrate on the kanz with lascannons. One Kan is destroyed, but damage beyond that is limited to stuns and shakens.

Ork Turn 1:

I surge my slugga and shoota groups forward. My battle wagons position centrally, with the nobz claiming the objective. The loota squads each target a sorceror rhino and blow them to hell. Two plague marines even die. Being fearless, neither squad is pinned. I tell myself to be patient and suffer through another turn of Lash/Obliterator hell.

Chaos Turn 2:
None of his four reserve units show. My opponents reserves seem to be being slow today. His sorcerer/plague marine units sit in the ruins and prepare to lash. Obliterators shuffle around a bit. The lash goes off on the left (again) and moves the lootaz out into a neat little bunch. They fail their pinning test for lash. The plasma cannons from the left obliterators aren't quite as hot as before and only 8 of the lootaz die. The other lash fails its psychic test on an 11 trying to pull my sluggaz into a bunch. Bereft of the bunching, both remaining oblit units target my battlewagons with lascannons. They manage to stun one but its downgraded to shaken thanks to my armor plates (spend those points ork players, it's totally worth it on a wagon!)

Ork Turn 2:
Black Baron arrives and rolls up behind the rhino of plague marines that is still holding still ( know he's holding them for objective seizing).

Meganobz head for the lefthand sorceror squad while the warboss and regular nobz head for the righthand one. Slugga squads move up to try and get some action and set up for some counter-counter-charges (ha!). Shooting is largely ineffective. Close combat is where the game is won. The chaos rhino is immobilized and stunned by the baron, while both sorcerers die to the respective nob squad. The only difference is that grubbnutz and his ladz clean up the plague marines completely while the meganobz somehow don't kill two plague marines (I think flubbed my to-hit rolls, that can happen with blight grenades slowin' ya down). In any case, I breathe a huge sigh of relief, as both lashes are now gone.

Chaos Turn 3:
He gets one chosen unit and his squad of bikers. The chosen come on behind my lootaz in the building, and dispatch them with shots from their combi-flamer rhino and their own meltaguns. The bikers move up against the black baron. But fail to kill him with their meltas (The baron is obviously immune to such 'umie trickery!). Simultaneously he moves the plague marines out of the now-immobilized rhino and towards my nobz. The obliterators move up to join them. Both other units of obliterators now move towards the meganob/plague marine combat.

One the left the two charging units of obliterators make short work of my meganobz, but not before both remaining plague marines and thee of the obliterators die (2 from one squad, 1 from another). On the right, the nobz take some wounds from the plague marines charging and grubbynutz is mashed by the obliterators (who focus all their attacks on him), but in response Grubbynutz mashes ALL the obliterators and two plague marine go down to choppaz. Fearless, the plague marines pile in. The baron is charged by the bikers, but they fail to wound him. In response, he kills one and they BREAK. They outrun him, but fall back off the board. Go Baron!

Ork Turn 3:
My kanz move up to support the nob/plague marine battle. They charge in but flub their rolls, meaning that only two plague marines die this turn. The plague marines prove even more incompetent and fail to kill anything. The baron finishes up where he left off before the biker-related interruption by killing the rhino. The shoota boyz WAAAAAAAAGGHH up and charge the lone obliterator, but they only get a few models in base and the obliterator lives to kill an ork with his fist. Another ork dies from fearless. Next turn I'm getting that nob in there! The middle sluggaz move up to completely claim the objective The right sluggaz move and WAAAAAAAAGGHH back to attack the chosen. They only WAAAAAAAAGGHH 1” however and only are able to charge the squads rhino. They tear off both weapons and stun it.

Chaos Turn 4:

His plague marine squad arrives and moves on to deal with the baron. Their meltaguns easily destroy him this time. The chosen unit that arrived last turn shoot the sluggaz that rocked their rhino last turn and charge them. They kill a few sluggaz but lose 3 of their own. The free obliterators blow up my battlewagon, The nobz and kanz finally kill off the plague marine combat, but they lose a kan to a lucky krak grenade (BOO). Still they're now free to consolidate towards the newly arrived unit of plague marines. The shoota boyz finish off the obliterator they couldn't kill last turn and consolidate towards the last unit of the techno-warriors.

Ork Turn 4:

The chosen are finished off in the ongoing combat on the right, while the shoota boyz charge and finish off the last obliterators. The nobz charge the newly arrived plague rhino and wreck it. I fortify the central objective some more by moving kanz and my remaining wagon around it.

Chaos Turn 5:
His final chosen unit finally arrives and flames the hell out of my righthand sluggaz, who are still hanging out near the board edge. The last plague marines move up and blast my kanz to death. The weaponless chosen rhino moves up and away from the sluggaz, preventing me from wiping him out.

Ork Turn 5:

The slugga mob on the right moves up, surrounds and wrecks the chosen rhino, killing the occupants. My lootaz fail to kill the rhino and the nob remnants fight to a standstill agains the plague marines.

At this point time is up and we finish. I win by way of a massacre!

Grubbnutz, his helmet once again shattered to pieces by a power fist, raised his dented power klaw to the sky as he stood over the pile of plague marine bodies. Doctor McOrky was busy stitching him up where the power fists had split his rough hide open, but the Warboss ignored the Painboy's protestations.

“We may have gotten krumped by da bugs, but we krumped dese spikey boyz and dey were da ones who krumped da bugs! So we iz da 'ardest!” he roared. The throng of boys roared their own approval. From amidst the pile of green-armored bodies, a plague marine raised his helmeted head from his prone position. He uttered a coughing laugh that expelled blood, mucus and other, more unidentifiable substances from a jagged hole in his helmet.

“You.... FOOL. We were defeated by the Tyranids as well! Your victory here only proves you to be better warriors than the tattered remnants of a defeated army!” the plague marine rasped, turning his head to regard the battered warboss. Grubbynutz cocked his head to the side for a moment and then shrugged.

“Dat's good enough!” he laughed as his klaw smashed down on the Plague Marine's head.

I ended up with 43 battle points on the day. Not bad for being zeroed out in my first game! This was also enough to secure me seventh place out of twenty. As it is, I don't feel that I embarrassed myself too much against these nasty lists - except maybe the Tyranids.

I heartily recommend 'Ard Boyz to anyone who hasn't tried it out yet.
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Default Re: 'Ard Boyz Semifinals Game 3 (8-8-2009, 2500 pts) Waaagh Grubbynutz v Lash/Oblits

Nice report! +1

I do hope 'Ardboyz this year makes the point about meltagun spam. They are definitely nice in 5th, but there is a pronounced law of diminishing returns with them. I am not surprised he got stomped by Tyranids. Same thing with Lash/Oblit spam. He had a lot of eggs in one basket tactically, although he did a good job spreading them around in terms of unit selection. Your list looked a lot more balanced.

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Default Re: 'Ard Boyz Semifinals Game 3 (8-8-2009, 2500 pts) Waaagh Grubbynutz v Lash/Oblits

Great job. Good thing you cleaned up the Sorcerers early. I agree with Khanaris, he banked on lash and though it didn't cripple him completely losing it, he certainly was relying on it.
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Default Re: 'Ard Boyz Semifinals Game 3 (8-8-2009, 2500 pts) Waaagh Grubbynutz v Lash/Oblits

Great report once again, thanks for taking the time.

I have to know where the Nid playere ended up ranking?

Can't wait to hear of the next Grubbynutz adventure
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