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2k batrep with pics- panzer brigade VS grey knights 8/08/09
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Default 2k batrep with pics- panzer brigade VS grey knights 8/08/09

A buddy of mine just got back in town and threw his grey knights up against my panzer brigade.

I know alot of people say that GKs are a hard army to make work, but he has one tough list.

inquisitor lord with retinue
land raider crusader
.GK master with terminator retinue

X2 GK squads with psycannon

callidus assasin
X3 deathcult assassins.

X2 las/missile dreads
X1 melta DCCW dread.

MY list-
is the same one i have been running

tac squad
scout snipers
X3 veneable dreads
X3 ironclads in pods
asault squad
.land speeder typhoon.

capture and control

dawn of war


I won turn 1 and made him go first.

His tacticals went out and so did his master with GKT retinue.

His turn one saw his army roll onto the table and shoot up my scouts...since they were the only things i deployed.

I came onto the table and proceeded to take the terminator squad down to a brother captain and the master. killed 2 of the DC assassins, stunned his raider, immobilised the melta dread and destroyed one of the las/missile dreads.

he backed his raider away from my ironclad thathad landed right on top of him. then blew off the hammer arm. he stunned one venerabel dread, shot up my tacticals and jump marines. his calidus failed to arrive. he assaulted and killed my scouts with the brother captain.

My turn 2 the other ironclad nabbed his master and madehim paste, my assault marines attempted to save the remaining scouts but lost combat and ran off the table. :P

My tac squad left moved up towards his objective, my 3rd ironclad failed to arrive. the first ironclad climed past his pod and assaulted the land raider. with only 3 attacks i needed 6+ to grab it since it had moved over 6"...and i rolled 6,6,6

i blew it up even without the hammer. my speeder smokes his last DC assassin.

.his callidus arrives and smokes the tac squad holding my objective. his brother capt sneaks around behind one of my venerables and kills it from behind. he stunns my one armed ironclad with his last las dread and he kills a few tac marines.

My ironclad assaults the squad that got out of the raider...i kill 2 and he gets a lucky pen hit with hammerhand and kills it. my 3rd ironclad arrives in front of the GKs holding his objective. he gets a lucky free shot off thanks to his mystics and kills it before it can do anything. i made a grand total of ONE cover save for my vehicles the entire game....i sure wish that had been the one. loosing it there cost me the game.

I moved the venerable dread on my right flank over and smite the callidus with las cannon fire. my MOTF tries to kill his GKT brother captain hiding in my deployment zone, but he makes his invuls and cover saves and dispatches the MOTF

he stunns my las dread again with the GKT BC, he immobilises my speeder so it cannot contest his objective. he kills a couple drop pods

My remaining ironclad is after the unit that had killed his brother in CC i got the flamers off but failed to get the 6+ i needed to get into CC through the terrain. my tacs use cover to sneak around him on the left. if he comes after me he moves off the objective, my 2 remaining venerable move up in support of the ironclad.

He isnt risking another run in wiht an ironclad so his unit falls back. he consolidates his one scoring unit onto his objective and moves the inquisitor up to defend. the GKT slinks around in my back field.

I don't know if the game will end so i make a move with my few remaing tacs and charge his objctive, but they fall to the brother captains power sword. i immobilise his last dread. i manage to flame his other unit with the ironclad again. taking them down to a lone psycannon GK. i once again fail to get into assault.

Game continues to 6.
He stunns a the las dread again. but not much else.

i smite the psycannon GK , the speeder tries and fails to get the GKT, my other 2 dreads move up......a turn 7 might get me close.

dice is rolled and game ends-

win for the grey knights.

As marginalised as people seem to think the army is, i always have a good game against the GKs
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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