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Two games, tau vs space wolves, tau + space marines vs guard - July 18, 09
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Default Two games, tau vs space wolves, tau + space marines vs guard - July 18, 09

I'll start with the first game. Both sides played 1500 points, my army list can be found in the following link and was used for both games.


The space wolves player had the following units, to the best of my memory:
Two units of marines, 6 in each
One devastator squad
One land raider
One terminator squad, with Sergent and his HQ attached
One drop pod with one veteran type dreadnought
One landspeeder

I had:
Two devilfish and Two firewarrior teams of 12
3 broadsides with two shield drones
One Hq with bodyguard
One piranha
Two stealth marker teams

Here is how the battle started with game type set to capture and control with spearhead deployment and both of us marking our bases as behind the terrain in our deployment zone. My stealth teams infiltrated. The marine player went first however I sized the initiative.

My fire warrior's started in my fish, his terminators in his landraider

First turn: My stealth suits moved forward, so did my hq. Broadsides moved north with slow and purposeful. North stealth team shot at the land raider, scoring two hits, used to increase broadsides ballistic skill. Broadsides shot and exploded the landraider, killing one terminator in the explosion, everyone who moved jumped back to their starting locations, save the broadsides

Marines moved up the hill near their location. They shot at my southern stealth team with the devestator squad, however they couldn't see them, the landspeeder shot at them as well, killing one team member. The terminators and hq moved towards the center of the map.

Second turn: I moved my piranha towards the north, close to my stealth team that was there. Jumped everyone who could six inches forward once more. Slow and purposeful on broadsides again, moving more towards the north. Shot landspeeder with markerlights from the south, scoring two hits. Called seeker missiles from piranha, did nothing. Broadsides shot at landspeeder, wrecked it. Stealth units jumped back again.

Marine player moved his terminators closer to the center hill, shot at my north stealth team with them killing all but the leader and a drone. Devastator team shot at the south stealth squad, only killing one troop.

Third turn: Jumped HQ team back, moved devilfishes east 12 inches, piranha floored back to my side if the table, stealth teams jumped closer to my side. Broadsides slow and purposeful again more north. Railguns shot at the terminators, killing one

Marine player got his drop pod in, right next to my broadsides. it and his missile having drop pod shot at my broadsides, only killing one drone. He moved his marines southwest. Devastator squad shot at front devilfish, stunning it.

Forth turn: Devilfishes continue east, stealth teams move closer to my group. Piranha moves towards drop pod, broadsides sap away from dreadnought. HQ team moves closer to drop pod. Piranha fires at drop pod, does nothing. Broadsides destroy dreadnought that had me re roll my damage table rolls, re rolled my last hit that was a 6, to a 6. HQ team fusion blasts the pod destroying it. Jumped hq team back towards terminators

Marines player moves his troops southward again. Devastator team shoots at devilfish, destroying burst cannon. Terminator squad shot at my hq team, giving them all a single wound. HQ summons a snowstorm.

Fifth turn: Piranha moves towards terminators, as does HQ squad. Broadsides move sap again north. Devilfish move towards southernmost marines squad and fire warriors disembark, all in rapid fire range. Drones disembark as well. Stealth teams shoot at terminators, causing a 3 markerlight hits. Piranha shoots fusion at terminators, HQ squad shoots 3 fusion, 6 plasma shots at them. Only terminator sergeant and his HQ remain, sergeant has 1 wound. Fire warriors rapid fire and wound 34 shots at the 6 man marines squad, the all die. Broadsides shoot a devastator squad, killing one of the three. Hq jumps back

Marine player moves forward and shoots a plasma pistol from his marine squad that's still alive at devilfish, doing nothing. His HQ and last terminator attack the piranha, flechettes kill the terminator ( I was amazed ), his hq does nothing to the piranha. Devastators shoot at the nearest piranha, blowing off a burst cannon.

Sixth round: I move my hq towards his hq, shoot him to pieces with 2 fusion wounds and 4 plasmas and move up the ridge. Fire warriors brace and fire 24 shots at his other marine group, killing all but one. Gun drones didn't manage to do anything and moved forward. Broadsides shot at devastators, killing the last two. Piranha moves 24" towards his base for kicks to contest it against no one.

Marines last marine moves up and shoots my hq squad, killing one suit. Then he assaults it, doing nothing.

Seventh round: I move two nearby gun drones to join the the melee, gun drones and his last marine have same int and attack at the same time. He kills one of my other suits, however one of the gun drones kills him in melee!

All in all a great game, especially for my first.

As for the second battle, refer to the following picture but change the two small terrain pieces in the middle to trees and add a bunker to the center

In this battle it was the same as above, however I had a marine player with 500 points of marines and a HQ. He had three squads total.

The other player was a guard with armor, two valkyries, two tanks of some kind, two artillery pieces and two squads of veteran guards with two flamer tanks as well.

However, we rolled for capture and control, the bunker in this case, but ended up deploying in dawn of war! A devilfish full of fire warriors was to the right of the bunker, my allies had a marine squad of 10 at the bunkers door and my hq was in the trees on the right.

The marine player placed his hq at the top right corner, with his other to units infiltrated into the left trees and the sandbags on the bottom left.

First round: Marine player brings in the rest of his troops close to the south sandbags. He takes bunker, shoots at guard in sandbags, kills a few. Unable to assault due to crappy roll. I bring in all my troops, broadsides in the south center, piranha middle right, stealth teams bottom right (don't know what I was thinking) and the other fish full of troops towards the south sandbags. I move HQ unit forward, same with fish. I shoot at sandbags with fire warriors and kill a few, fish fires, does nothing. Stealth teams jump foward. Broadsides shoot guard in trees, kills one. Hq shoots at his hq, killing a few, fish nearby shoots at same, kills a few more. Only one unit in it left.

Guard player brings in his artillery in top left of map, with a valkyrie on either side. His two tanks on left side if top right terrain, his flamer tanks on the other. He shoots at my hq with all 4 tanks, killing everything but the hq, who has 1 wound left (the 20 shot gun on the one tank was annoying, that was just 1 of 6 guns!) His artillery shoots a bunker buster at the objective, turning it to ruins. His valkyries miss horribly. His other artillery kills two fire warriors.

Second turn: I take my stealth's and shoot markers at the tank with the 20 shot gun. Call two seekers, render it unable to fire. Hq shoots at flamer tank, doesn't destroy it, piranha shoots and wrecks the other. 2 broadsides shoot and destroy the two weapons on the problem artillery, the other shoots at a valkyrie, and it can't shoot. I shoot at the guard in the trees, killing a few. Right devilfish moves back. Marine player shoots at valkyire, misses. Bunker marines rapid fire guard in nearby trees, killing one. His other marines and HQ shoot and assault the sandbag guard, killing all but one.

We had to end the game soon, so the guard player used everything on the ruin holding marines. 3 lascannons, 5 plasma things, artillery, flamer tank. All the marines died, but one! In the end we held the objective with a single dude with good game all around.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my first two battles.

You can't kill what you can't see.
Wins Ties Losses
Tau 19 10 8 (Hybrid army)
Orks 15 3 2 (Mekboy and weirdboy based force with boyz, deffkoptas and walkers)
Chaos12 2 4 (Infantry based chaos)
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Default Re: Two games, tau vs space wolves, tau + space marines vs guard

Nice, how long ago did this happen.
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Default Re: Two games, tau vs space wolves, tau + space marines vs guard

Originally Posted by thgog the hobo
Nice, how long ago did this happen.
The local shop here was holding a warhammer day, we started playing around 2pm but sadly the store had to close by 7pm today, which is why our last game ended so soon. I predict it would have been close, however the guard would have lost all his troops if he tried to take the objective, so it would have been a draw.

Quite pleased with myself with the whole deal, I did a few things wrong, like forgetting to fire a unit or two but then again so did the other guy. Also the roll to see if the game ends thing progressively rolled higher, so by the seventh turn we were still going legally.
You can't kill what you can't see.
Wins Ties Losses
Tau 19 10 8 (Hybrid army)
Orks 15 3 2 (Mekboy and weirdboy based force with boyz, deffkoptas and walkers)
Chaos12 2 4 (Infantry based chaos)
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