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tide of numbers-, 40K batrep with pics 2K DIY marines VS others 6/27/09
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Default tide of numbers-, 40K batrep with pics 2K DIY marines VS others 6/27/09

As it is every game day i had a long and busy run. for the 40K portion of the day i got 2 games in.

the first was against an IG player trying to get back into the game after a long oversee's military deployment and a ne IG codex.

He went for infantry heavy with light vehilce support in the form of a russ and 3 vendetta's

Not realising the need for synergy in the new IG dex he thought numbers would save him. while this is often times true with IG, it is not so effective when your numbers are in las guns and your facing an armor heavy list.

2 of his vendettas managed to punch through my right flank but the attack was blunted but 2 venerable dreads and a land speeder. he managed to keep the combat squad of tacs from reaching his objective. (capture and control-dawen of war mission) but he never made it to mine.

He tried a similar tactic to my right flank but was slowed by assault marines and stopped cold by the 3rd venerable dread. meanwhile in his own lines 3 ironclads where playing merry hell taking out the rest of his army including what few heavy weapons he had as well as his command section. this also left his objective open and exposed.

I took my share of looses in the form of the MOTF, the 5 man assault squad and 5 tactical marines, but it hardly compared to him loosing every vehicle and 3/4 of his army.

i held the only objective for a solid victory.

His list needed some serious overhaul with the addition of certain IG character upgrades and a massive increase in heavy and/or special weapons. after the suuggestions we gave him i hope to see a much stronger list next time around.

Game 2 was a much pricklier opponant-

it was
3 objective, dawn of war.

VS a counts as white scars mechanised infantry force with 7 assault cannon razorbacks with min sized squads and a command squad withlittle more than combi-meltas and melta guns. and 2 vindicators. the game was pretty intense and losses were heavier on my side given the number of melta shots. i also forgot to take much in the way of pictures so you get a state and end pic.

As i figured it would it came down to a fight over one contested objective. making it a tie game but the losses were heavy on both sides. i lost all 3 ironclads, 2 drop pods and a speeder while killing 3 razors, one vindicator, immobilising 3 other razors(taking the guns off of one) and taking the cannon off the second vindy. i once again managed to use my dreads and MOTF to tie up units that could have moved onto nearby objectives.

It was also a good hard fought game, he two had a few errors in his list build that left him open to some weak points which i expect him to fix soon.

Thanks for reading.
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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