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Pics of War - show us how your armies fight!
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Default Re: Pics of War - show us how your armies fight!

Battles with my Tau...good number of wins behind them now.

[center]The last of the Tau defencive line:

The start of the Lord Masacre:

All that survived before the Lord fell:

My mates drunken commander got a good fisting as he kept falling backwards:

Met with chaos again and these were the end game casaulties. He just couldn't get through the raw fire power:

Turn One...Tau Takes Three Railgun Shots. Before/After/Casulties:

By the end game came, things got desperate:

Then things went peacfull:

Next Turn:
Tau Vs. Space Marines 4-W 1-D 1-L
Tau Vs. Chaos Marines 3-W 1-D 0-L
Tau Vs. Tyranids 0-W 0-D 1-L

Tyranids Vs. Chaos Marines 3-W 0-D 0-L
Tyranids Vs. Space Marines 2-W 0-D 0-L
Tyranids Vs. Tau 1-W 0-D 0-L

Va're'x Campaign Battle #1 ---Va're'x Campaign Battle #2 ---Va're'x Campaign Battle #3 ---Va're'x Campaign Battle #4 ---Va're'x Campaign Battle #5 --- Va're'x Campaign Battle #6
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Default Re: Pics of War - show us how your armies fight!

I only have one picture from a recent game, and that was my Chaos vs Chaos game.

I'm the one with the Predator, Khorne Berzerkers, Raptors, and Havocs.

Turn 4 as well, but it was only a 4x4 board we used
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cool. ill post some nids pics soon. lemme just say, NEVER take Tau into close combat, unless it's unavoidable, they can just shoot the guys to death from a safe distance, rather than get themselves wiped out in CC.

Hive Fleet Briares
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