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[Campaign battle] Wamp Gataz Vs Daemons 1500 (pics).....06/04/09
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Default [Campaign battle] Wamp Gataz Vs Daemons 1500 (pics).....06/04/09

Like an out of control missile, the krooza named Big Big Trukk skimmed through the immaterium leaving behind forever planet Muck. Sparkles tapped his fingers restlessly and watched as nothing appeared on their scanners. For nearly twenty days the boyz of Muck left their latest conquered world and headed out looking for a Waaaagh lead by Zezbang, or something like that. Sparkles, along with the other Wamp Gataz had never heard of him before; whatever a fight was a fight.

Meksnikk, the blood axe warboss, looked over at Sparkles who really wasn’t that big being that he was a big mek. “Ey, what wrong? You looked bored.” Stated the boss to the now yawning mek.

“Yuz guessed it boss. Dis flyin in da warp is soooooo boring. Wez had nofin to fight since we left Muck, and wez not even sure ova orks is comin to what’s his faces Waaagh.”

“Go back and git some boyz in da engine room, I’ll find somfin for youz all da do.”

“Right boss.” With that Sparkles left and grabbed the nearest nob and told him to find the others.

Meksnikk grabbed the talky talk, “Twitch git yur butt up ere.” Seconds later the cockpit glowed green and the hair on Meksnikk’s back stood up as Twitch appeared in a flash before him. Raising his hand to keep the psyker from speaking Meksnikk asked, “wez still got dem daemons all round da ship tryin ta get in?”

“Yeah, dey dey been tryin since we got in da warp. Why boss boss?”

“Go git yer burnaz and git ready for a fight.” The warphead nodded and left, just as Meksnikk hit the button disengaging the external shields keeping the daemons at bay. He counted to what he thought was ten and turned them back on. That should give them something to do for a while, and stop their bitching. Meksnikk flipped on the security view screens, grabbed a bag of popped squig heads, and prepared for the show.

************************************************** *************************

Scenario: Ship boarding. I made up a custom scenario just for the campaign. We set up the 4 X 6 table and placed paper down to count as the ships walls. The only open spaces was the black of the table. The ship was divided into the cockpit, hangar bay, and engine. There was one objective in each section of the ship. Whoever controlled the most objectives by the end of the game would win.

Because I would be fighting daemons, and in very tight quarters, I wanted to change the way deepstriking would work so as not to put him at a huge disadvantage. If he scattered into any of the walls, he would not have to roll on the mishap table, but would just be delayed a turn. If he hit one of the ork units or any of the little terrain we set up, he would roll on the table. Also, his scatter distance was halved, being that we were in the warp and I felt like it made sense.

For ork deployment, the board was divided into three 2’ X 4’ sections with an objective in each one. Each unit rolled a D6, a 1-2 meant they started in the cockpit or front section of the ship, 3-4 was the middle/hangar bay, and 5-6 was the aft, housing the engines. Here were the armies:

Twitch (warphead)
Sparkles (big mek), KFF, burna
Burnaz X 6
Tankbustas X 10, 2 with tankhammers, nob with power claw and bosspole (proxied w/ard boyz)
Grimmskimmah pk/bp with 11 sluggaz in trukk with ram/rokkit
Puppy Killah pk/bp with 11 sluggaz in trukk with ran/rokkit
Spidah Claw pk/bp with 11 sluggaz in trukk with ram/rokkit
Snipah Snipah pk/bp/big shoota with 11 shootas in trukk with ram/rokkit
Kans X 3 all with grotzookas (finally started converting these)
Battlewagon deffrolla, kannon, big shoota, armor plating (proxied w/devilfish)
Battlewagon deffrolla, kannon, big shoota, armor plating (proxied w/devilfish)

Great Unclean One with fly swarm (offensive/defensive grenades)
Blood Crushers X 5, icon, instrument, champion, 2 naked ones
Blood Crushers X 5 with champion
Bloodletters X 9
Bloodletters X 9
Bloodletters X 9
Pink horrors X 5 with changeling
Pink horrors X 5
Daemonettes X 8 with instrument
Soul grinder naked

Deployment: Sparkles hopped in the tankbustas battlewagon along with Snipah Snipah and his shootas, and covered the cockpit. The rest of the boyz all started in the rear near the engines. Must have been a grot fight or something?

You can see the objectives, from left to right, the engines are the two tubes on the left edge, the hangar controls are the three tubes in the middle section toward the bottom, and the cockpit is the three vertical tubes on the right side. Grimmskimmah is in the bottom left, the kans right in front of the engines, with Twitch and the tankbustas in the battlewagon/devilfish. Above them are Spidah Claw and Puppy Killah, with Snipah Snipah and Sparkles on the other side of the ship.

Turn 1: Whats dis den?

In comes the newly bought bloodcrushers (just before the price hike), right next to Sparkles.

Just on the other side of the cockpit appeared the soul grinder:

The Great Unclean One getting brave and trying to take the engines all by himself.

D: Meksnikk chuckled as his boyz were taken by surprise. A massive soul grinder nearly appeared in the wall right in front of Snipah Snipah, but was an inch away from being delayed. The blood crushers with only the champion flanked the soul grinder and deep struck near Sparkles and his battlewagon. The painted and unique bloodcrushers took over the hangar bay. The changeling tried to come in but was delayed. The great unclean one decided to be very aggressive and appeared behind the kans, and was surrounded by boyz. Snipah Snipah’s trukk goes kaboom after being riddled with daemonic rounds from the soul grinder, and three boyz are too slow to get out of the trukk before it explodes, the rest make a G.I. Joe move and are safe.

What happens when you are all alone:

O: Spidah Claw guns his trukk down the hall to help Snipah Snipah with the soul grinder, who the shoota nob is getting ready to charge. Just about everyone in the engine room hops out and start getting excited about killing a big daemon. A rokkit from Grimmskimmah’s trukk takes a chunk out of the unlean one’s leg, while four from the tankbustas imbed themselves in the rotted flesh only to fall out the other side while father nurgle protects. (4 wounds = 4 inv saves). The daemon is then surrounded by the kans, tankbustas, and Puppy Killah’s boyz and takes three wounds while only killing two boyz. On the other side of the ship, Sparkles managed to crush the leg of one bloodcrusher with the deffrolla, and then the burnaz torched the wounded one, and hurt another. Snipah Snipah charged the soul grinder but only managed to shake it which = nothing.

End of turn 1:

Turn 2: Its clobberin time

In come the pink horrors and daemonettes:

D: Both units of pink horrors, and the daemonettes teleport off the blood crusher’s icon in the hangar bay. The horrors fired on the back of Twitch’s battlewagon and immobilized it, which caused an unforeseen bottleneck effect. The other battlewagon is charged by the four remaining blood crushers and immobilized, stunned, and has its kannon ripped off. Just because immobilizations are fun, Snipah Snipah tears a leg off the soul grinder and stops it from moving. Not to be outdone the boyz hack the head off the great unclean one before any of the power claw wielding nobs get a chance to finish it off.

O: The tankbustas hop in an empty trukk and head down the hallway toward the soul grider, with Spidah Claw in front of them. Puppy Killah has his boyz surround the engines, with help from Grimmskimmah too. Twitch’s battlewagon plasters a daemonette against the wall, and the kans behead two pink horrors and wound two bloodcrushers. The soul grinder, distracted when Spidah Claw climbed its back, totally wiffed and killed no one. Spidah Claw took advantage, and cut off his harvester arm.

End of turn 2:

Turn 3: Send in the clowns…..I mean bloodletters

Here they come:

D: All three units of bloodletters board the ship, ready to fight. The first one appears right next to the engine, with a second one down the hall from them. The third comes in off the icon and fills the hangar bay even more. The blood crushers up front charge Sparkles’ battlewagon and blow it up, catching three burnaz in the blast, but Sparkles keeps them in line and they pass leadership. On the other side of the ship the daemonettes and bloodcrushers wreck Twitch’s battlewagon. The soul grinder steps on a couple boyz but looses his other arm.


O: The tankbustas head back to the engines, seeing the soul grinder isn’t doing so well. The third unit of bloodletters is getting ready to help it though, and Spidah Claw’s driver tankshocks them and blocks the hallway. The few burnaz and Sparkles torch the champion and wound another. The tankbustas take careful aim, and blow the head off one bloodcrusher and wound the champion. Grimmskimmah and Puppy Killah’s squads both fire and charge the closest bloodletters; taking out a few with sluggas and then easily chopping the rest up. The kans go after the other unit down the hall, and clip two in half, then step on two more fearless ones. Up front Spidah Claw and Snipah Snipah continue to dismantle the soul grinder and rip its maw off.

End of turn 3:

Turn 4: For Gork's sake finally!!

D: The pink horrors spread out and cover the hangar controls while taking aim at the trukk blocking the bloodletters from the soul grinder, but can’t get through the tough ork armor of 10. The changeling group fires on a trukk blocking the way to the engine room, and blows it sky high. What he didn’t plan on was killing three daemonettes and wounding a bloodcrusher. The daemonette horn blower belches out a tune while they charge Twtich and Grimmskimmah’s boys. Three boyz are quickly cut down, but the daemonettes loose the same amout, but win combat because of the instrument; orks stay and fight though. Sparkles isn’t so lucky and he and his burnaz get run down by bloodcrushers but they managed to kill four out of five before dying. Finally the soul grinder is torn into such small pieces it can’t do anything, leaving Spidah Claw’s boyz pretty much untouched but only Snipah Snipah remains from his squad.

O: Snipah Snipah and Spidah Claw move toward the cockpit to take it from the lone bloodcrusher. The tankbustas hop out of the trukk and stop a foot away from the bloodcrushers. Rokkits fly and another one is blown to bits; they decide not to charge to try and keep the bloodcrushers from taking the engines easier, forcing them to attack or ignore them and get shot in the back. The kans finish off the ineffectual bloodletters and consolidate trying to block the bloodcrushers from getting to the engines, while Grimmskimmah kills off the daemonettes and does the same.

Turn 5: Protect dem worky bitz

The bloodcrushers try and contest the engines:

D: The three, but all wounded, bloodcrushers move through the wreck of the trukk and battlewagon and inch closer to the engine. Both units of horrors fire on Spidah Claw’s unit, trying to stop them from taking out the last bloodcrusher. Four die, but after a smack from his power claw the boyz decide they don’t want the ship taken over by daemons. The bloodcrusher decides to charge instead of getting charged, and is quickly dispatched via power claw; they consolidate into the cockpit to see Meksnikk watching the battle unfold with a squigbrew in hand. The bloodletters blow up the trukk blocking them from getting to the cockpit and loose two in the fire. In the rear the bloodcrusher charge the kans, the tankbustas, and Grimmskimmah/Twitch. A few boyz and a bloodcrusher dies, with the tankbustas fleeing the battle.

O: A second trukk flies around the corner and blocks the bloodletters from gaining access to the cockpit, really pissing off the daemons. Twitch goes into a warpath and he and the boyz dispatch the bloodcrushers.

Game Over: Orks win
Orks hold cockpit and engines, while daemons have the hangar

************************************************** *************************

Meksnikk tossed some squigbrew on the unconscious form of Sparkles, and startled him awake. The big mek looked groggy, and was trying to reattach his left arm. “So, Sparkles was dat fun?” asked the boss.

“Yeah, boss dat were tonz ov fun. Once da boyz heal up, I fink we should try dat again. Or wez could go find a daemon world and krump dem on dere hom turf.”

“No, Goffsnikk sayz wez gotta git to Sapphite and meet up wif dat biker boss. Go finish off dem pink shooty daemons in da hangar before dey wreck da valkyre fighta bommas.” The boss turned and took his seat back in the cockpit, lighting up a squig cigar.

************************************************** *************************

What I learned:
Doing your own missions can be a lot of fun. We weren’t sure how well it would work in the tight quarters, but it made the battle very interesting. It was tense there for a while, when he had so many daemons coming from the hangar, and I never thought I’d kill that damn soul grinder.

Not sure if I used the tankbustas right when I shot at the bloodcrushers. Afterwards I looked up the glory hog rule and it says you always have to try and shoot and assault a vehicle. Wasn’t sure if I still had to do that since the soul grinder was engaged in hand to hand. Anyone else know?

The tankhammers are pretty sweet in close combat against high toughness units, and even with crappy BS seven rokkits can do some damage.

The MVPs of the match were the trukks though. They were able to stop the bloodletters from reinforcing the soul grinder and slowed down the advance into the engine room too. Even when they were destroyed, they managed to kill a few daemons in each explosion.
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Default Re: [Campaign battle] Wamp Gataz Vs Daemons 1500 (pics).....06/04/09

That looked like a lot of fun. I've thought about building a table like that, well scenery, to create an enclosed area...now I have to!

Because the Soul Grinder was in assault it wasn't a valid target for shooting, so glory hog wouldn't matter there.
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Default Re: [Campaign battle] Wamp Gataz Vs Daemons 1500 (pics).....06/04/09

I've had interest in terrain for a krooza table. Mark it on my list of things to do when I have more money. Also, I shake my fist at anyone who picked up Bloodcrushers before the price hike. I would play Daemons if they weren't so expensive.
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Default Re: [Campaign battle] Wamp Gataz Vs Daemons 1500 (pics).....06/04/09

Awesome report! Daemons can inflict horrific damage, but are also one of the most vulnerable armies to our choppaz. Good to see you took advantage of this.

You also got to see how 'ard soulgrinders are. I hate those things. Seems like if I don't kill it on the charge (gotta love strength 9 klaws), then I just can't roll the 6s necessary to demolish them. You handled them pretty good though.
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Default Re: [Campaign battle] Wamp Gataz Vs Daemons 1500 (pics).....06/04/09

Thanks for the comments guys.

@Thor, yes it was a really fun game. I'm really glad I used the tankbustas right, and I'll have to play them a few more times to be sure whether I like them or not. So, far I think they would work well against daemons.

@Atticus, after playing this mission I want to try and do some terrain for internal structure fighting as well. I don't think I'd spend a lot of money with the space hulk type terrain, but figure out a way to make my own. Yeah, my buddy had sent me an email saying he was putting an order in with our LGS before the price hike. I still have a ton to put together and paint, so I passed. I can't believe the bloodcrushers are now almost $30 each.

@Droofus, my choopas have handled the daemons pretty well so far. I haven't had much trouble against his particular army. The hardest things are the bloodcrushers and soul grinder. You are right that if you don't kill the soul grinder on the charge, they are sooooo hard to kill. I think you need at least two nobs to take one down too. Hopefully next time I can get the tankbustas to smash its face in, though he'll probably put the soul grinder on the other side of the board.
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Default Re: [Featured][Campaign battle] Wamp Gataz Vs Daemons 1500 (pics).....06/04/09

Your report is now featured!
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Default Re: [Featured][Campaign battle] Wamp Gataz Vs Daemons 1500 (pics).....06/04/09

Nice, thanks Thor. ;D Looks like the orks are on top again.
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Default Re: [Featured][Campaign battle] Wamp Gataz Vs Daemons 1500 (pics).....06/04/09

I couldn't stop laughing when I saw all the Boyz piled onto the Great Unclean One.

I don't think I read a more humorous bat rep. And I thought some of my battles were bloody...

Good job taking my place as a Featured Battle Report. Mine can't stay forever, and I promised to see the one that would.
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Default Re: [Featured][Campaign battle] Wamp Gataz Vs Daemons 1500 (pics).....06/04/09

Thanks CM, I'm glad you enjoyed the battrep and the orky humor, which is one of the main reasons I love writing ork fluff. My opponent later said it was stupid of him to dump the great unclean one so close. There was no way it was going to live with that many ork units around it. I found the best way to take one out is to hit it with multiple units, so he can only concentrate on one while the others tear it to shreads.

Well, lets see who dethrones my battrep to become the next featured one.
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Default Re: [Featured][Campaign battle] Wamp Gataz Vs Daemons 1500 (pics).....06/04/09

On account of the fact we lost a week of data, basically the week following this report, I think we'll have to wait a bit on a new one.
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