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Apocalypse - Tau x3/Guard/Eldar vs Eldar/Nids x2/Dark Eldar 05.25.09
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Default Apocalypse - Tau x3/Guard/Eldar vs Eldar/Nids x2/Dark Eldar 05.25.09

The Greater Good is expanding. A Contingent is put together consisting of 3 Tau Cadres. Dram'Ka personally brought the tank commanders and pilots he knows well from the Savage Cadre and used them as support. Also at his command was a well-rounded force, and mech/suit force. With their Gue'vessa auxiliaries and Eldar allies, they faced up against a controlled Tyranid fleet by a powerful Eldar psyker of the dark kin. Another group of Eldar believe that such control can be useful, and defend and study the force.

The testing grounds for their new pets is a planet where the Tau have colonized and turned the Imperial population to the Greater Good.

Important for the future are an Ork fort, the ruins to a once mighty building was an important headquarters with information, and a bunker to be the location of a forward command post. A Necron spire emits the signals of the Dark Kin's control over the Tyranids, and the small temple ruin feeds it energy. These are points of interest...

NOTE: There is no way I am posting the entire and full report, but some interesting things did happen. I will post important things that happened with my particular units in bold.

Each player got 1250 points to work with. I decided to modify my Megalodon Hunting Cadre a bit:

Hammerhead Gunship x 5
Railgun, Burst Cannons, Target Lock, Multi-tracker, Disruption Pod


Shas'o Commander Dram'Ka
Fusion Blaster, Missile Pod, Shield Generator
x2 Shield Drones, Multi-tracker, Iridium Armor, Stims

At first, I did not think this game was going to go well. Three Tau players, Eldar, and Guard versus... an almost 100% assault-based armies? We shall see.

The objectives were placed accordingly: one in an Ork fort on the far left table corner in our opponent's zone, 24" from that was a Necron spire. In the center was a desert ruin. Our side had one in a bunker and one in a multi-storied ruined building.

I suggested every Strategic Asset and coordinated our players' togetherness. (Which felt odd since how I was one of the youngest players.)
- Bunker (already given)
- Disruption Beacon (which we placed near the center)
- Vortex Grenade
- Darkstar Warhead (Tau asset in Apocalypse: Reload)

Our opponents win for deployment and first turn. This struck me as odd as we bid 4 minutes (under the average). But they bid 2 minutes, and put up a seemingly small force. Included was an Ork Stompa and apparently an Eldar Scorpion (as they were short a player). The Tyranid player, the only one who knew about the Apocalypse game (the rest of us just showing up for 40k night) brought 4-5 Scythed Hierodules. Unlike their bio-cannon wielding cousins, the Scythed Hierodules were built for close-range combat, boasting a Hellstorm flame template weapon.

The enemy Eldar set up in the ruins in front of me (who is facing the right flank). Hordes of gaunts were left of center supported by an Ork Stompa and a Baneblade variant with a Vulcan-mega bolter.

, with 2 Eldar Fire Prisms and some Dark Eldar Ravagers on a very weak left flank.

They took the following Strategic Assets:
- Shield Generator (already given)
- Strategic Redeployment
- Webway Assault (Dark Eldar Apoc: Reload)
- Flank March
- ??????

Some of you might remember this battle report: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=83339.0
That was a Dark Eldar player who claimed, "I have never lost to Tau. Ever." Well, he is here, facing not 1, but 3 of them. I could tell from reading his face that he was bent on my destruction, and the destruction of the Tau, even at the cots of winning. He's a decent young man, but he seemed to have bullied the players into taking Careful Planning (so all of his things could be on the board by turn 2), and Webway Assault (which only benefits him and his 1250 points, minus the two Ravagers already on the board). Not to sound pompous, but I asked my allies for permission to take these strategic assets we took, explaining why they would be beneficial to us. I like leading a democracy.

We set up 10 (yes 10) Hammerhead Gunships with Railguns along the right corner. Our opponent's faces turned cold and white... very white. My Tau advisor (named Jim) brought 4 Hammerheads (all with SMS and disruption pods), 4-5 Broadsides, and 3 Battlesuits. Rodney brought 24 Fire Warriors, a Stealth Team, a Hammerhead, a Broadside, and 3 Battlesuits.
Rodney was my ally in this battle report: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=83588.0

Dram'Ka remained in Reserve with his vortex grenade. (Honest to goodness, I asked if anyone else wanted the job. Last time Dram'Ka took a vortex grenade, it didn't go so well and he almost doomed his own existence).

In the middle was 50 Conscripts with Commander Chenkov. On the weak left side were some of the Broadsides and an Avatar. Our infiltrating 3 units of 6 Eldar Pathfinders set up in various locations, and the Stealth suits assisted a unit in holding the Ork fort (which seemed completely deserted. All the forces were heavy on the other board).

The three of us Tau players knew each other and had played together before, and our Guard ally was a funny regular who knew how to use his units deviously under the radar. The Eldar player was the son to Jim.

The same cannot be said of our opponents. There was one player who came prepared, (the Tyranid player) I knew the other 'Tyranid player', the Dark Eldar player was a previous opponent of mine, and I never met the Eldar player.
The Tyranid player, in order to field more Hierodules, gave some to a 40k player who happened to be there. He seemed very confident. He directed the "evil" side and was a tool kit (another power player? What in the name of the few Greater Good traitors?)

=====TURN ONE=====
Enemy Movement
The Ork Stompa marches its way across the center and a Tyranid Hierodule comes in from the table edge by a very nervous group of Eldar Pathfinders (but the massive creature is licking its lips over my Hammerheads).

Enemy Shooting
The Vulcan-mega bolter is wasted on our Avatar. A few other weapons shoot here and there, my third Tau ally's Hammerhead is immobilized. The Broadside Battlesuits are all targeted by one-shot killers, namely prism cannons, lascannons, etc., but only one is lost.

The Ork Stompa shot some weapons at the Conscripts (who were pinned), and others at some Hammerheads, here and there... our opponents had really poor coordination. They just shot at whatever and whomever.

The Hierodule flames Invincible (one of my Hammerheads), doing no damage. The alarmed enemy Eldar player then performed Eldrich Storm, spinning Invincible to the side. He then proceeds to shoot 2 Bright Lances, 2 Eldar Missile Launchers (on 2 Wraithlords), Avatar's Wailing Doom, and 6 Eldar Pathfinders at him.

Enemy Assault
Still there, the Hierodule then assaulted Invincible with auto-hits, but does nothing but stun the tank!

Invincible mocks the Hierodule trying to thrash it around. "I haven't faced worse," he said, "but I have faced far uglier. Oh wait, I take that back--you are the ugliest thing I've ever faced. I'm glad Eldrad spun me around so I don't have to look at you."

Our Movement
Commander Chenkov forced the Guardsmen to get back in the fight (no longer pinned).

For whatever strange and odd reason, my advisor does not move his tanks an inch. Meanwhile, I'm moving mine 6" (except for Invincible of course). I picked up my tanks and moved them back. "Oh, Tau, always moving back," my Eldar opponent states. I then realized something after a quick look at the reference sheet and then proceed to move forward instead, and completely surround the Hierodule.

The Hierodule (and the Eldar and two Tyranid players) are exceptionally confused. Then my Exorcist, the pride of my army, lurks forward from beside the bunker, the Hammerheads clearing a neat path for it to get clear line of sight to the lumbering behemoth.

I don't think anything else moved much, if at all.

Our Shooting
Before we did anything, I pointed out that the Gaunts were getting a 4+ Invulnerable Save, and that the Baneblade and two Eldar vehicles were also getting help.

So our first priority, as our advisor stated, was cutting off that shield generator (which apparently has an armor value, but so does our disruption beacon). Rodney's lone Broadside blew it apart. The shield generator's own power does not help, and now 30 Gaunts, a Baneblade, and 2 Eldar Fire Prisms lose their shield! No more 4+ Invul Gaunts!

I shoot with Burst Cannons (the reference sheet look-up) and inflict a wound on the Hierodule. 5 wounds left. Then I shoot with my Exorcist, and inflict a whooping 4 wounds! The thing has only 1 left. As I proceeded to shoot the railguns, the young Tyranid player told me to hang on a second. He walked to the other side and brought the owner of the Hierodule forward.

"He's fixing to die."

"What? Are you kidding?"

"The Burst Cannons got a wound, and that stupid Exorcist thing got 4 wounds. Now he's fixing to shoot 4 Railguns at it."

The older Tyranid player got extremely frustrated that such a high and mighty creature, the pride of his army that everyone fears, is almost dead that easily. He said, "No. You can't. All the Hammerheads have to shoot at one target. You do it one unit by one unit. Your Railguns have forfeited to shoot."

I explained that my Hammerheads have target lock, and that each weapon can target a different unit. But he argues that all the shooting by one unit must be done by that unit at the same time, and that the Railguns were not allowed to shoot. He further said, "That rule was specifically put in place so that people like you cannot just shoot with different weapons and hold off to see if something dies and then choose a different target. That's called cheating, and you are being a cheater."

Fair enough. I didn't have a problem with the fact that I was wrong on a rule, but with his attitude about it. So I asked my advisor who sighed and fired two railguns at it (one whiffed), killing off the last wound.

The Baneblade takes hits from Jim's two other Railguns, and then the third Tau player's Hammerhead, destroying its ability to move and leaving it with just 1 structure point.

After that, I looked over towards the center and realize a clean hole where 30 Gaunts used to be overflowing with only some scattered, nit-picked scavengers. I don't know who did that, but I suspect our ally's two Battle Cannons and unceasing flow of Guardsmen did the trick. The Tyranid player is not happy at all.

=====TURN TWO=====
While Jim my advisor told me that the Dark Eldar were the least of our worries, I tried to tell him that Dark Eldar were actually my highest priority. Then on their first turn, they tried committing half the Dark Eldar force to the battlefield using Webway portals. Our opponent dropped one by the Broadsides, scattering 9" away closer towards the center. Another by the 50 conscripts, and a final one in the midst of all of our Hammerheads. Jim realized how grave this was. Our opponent took 4 squads of Wyches with haywire grenades!

First through was a Talos, and 2 units of Wyches. Fortunately, I had advised in taking the Disruption Field, and every single Webway Portal was within it's range.

I asked for a volunteer to roll against the Dark Eldar, but they told me to roll for anything and everything big. "Your idea, you roll for it," Jim said. We placed a unit of Wyches and a Talos over on the far left, barren side to face 4 Broadside Battlesuits, an Avatar, and some other Battlesuits. The other Wyches passed through fine.

And... a second Hierodule marches out from the table edge to face up against my Hammerheads. The Ork Stompa continued thumping across the board towards the Broadsides. Ironic enough, we weren't all that worried about it. If we really wanted to, all of our railguns (all 12 of them) could easily destroy it whenever we wished. The Baneblade, having suffered drive damage, slowly rolls across the center. The Eldar Wyches on the far right side go for the Conscripts holding the objective and the Talos moves towards the Broadsides. A unit of Gaunts (and a second by the middle) enter play from reserves.

Enemy Shooting
The Vulcan-Mega Bolter tears into one of Rodney's Fire Warriors, killing all but 4. Once again, heavy single-blow weapons target the Broadsides but fall no one.

The Hierodule and Eldar focus on my Hammerheads. This time, a Singing Spear (of all things) kills Invincible, but not until after he took Avatar's Wailing Doom a second time and getting his Railgun removed by another Warlock's Singing Spear. The Hierodule flames two of my tanks, but only shakes one.

At this point, the angered Dark Eldar and Tyranid player get the group together and perform a damage report. It was at this point our opponents had a major wake-up call. -- They are losing 0 to 3!

My original plans had worked perfectly. They feared our railguns so much that they targeted after them, this whole game all they had to do was direct shooting at the Ork Fort, the ruins with 50 Conscripts, and the bunker, and then deploy troop choices by the Ork Fort (which was too far from our Hammerheads). As simple as that.

Enemy Assault
Further in our battle lines, our Dark Eldar opponent then learned that a bunker has an armor value of 14 (with an objective inside), and must be destroyed before the unit inside can be touched. Disheartened, he charges after my ally's Hammerhead. Despite being an auto-hit, it cannot shoot and suffers no other damage.

The Hierodule charges Lesser Important (who has been upgraded with a Railgun) and blows him to kingdom come. The Gaunts assault the Stealthsuit team and eats them alive. The Dark Eldar Wyches charge the Conscripts, but there are so many of them that a whole unit of them are killed. Using Chenkov's leadership and being Stubborn, they hold in the fight.

Our Movement
A repeat of the previous turn's shooting, except that Dram'Ka Deep Strikes by the enemy Baneblade, a Hive Tyrant, 2 Tyrant Guards, and 2 Fire Prisms. Our opponents don't know this directly, but they knew it was implied: Dram'Ka had a vortex grenade.

Chenkov sneaks out of the midst of 2 Hammerheads and moves towards the objective.

Our Shooting
The Talos is hammered to death by Broadside railguns and SMS, and the Battlesuits destroy the threatening Ravager.

The Wyches by the Hammerheads cannot possibly survive the waves of 4 SMS (but one happened to survive). It is at this point I remind Jim that the reason I take Target Lock is so that I can pulse the Infantry and shoot the Railgun at a more important target. (Though I wish that our Eldar player with two units of Pathfinders would have finished off the Wyches.)

Speaking of those Eldar Pathfinders in the bunker, they managed to kill the 2 Wraithlords that have been mercilessly shooting at my Hammerheads. I believe that Avatar would be next. The Gaunts by the Ork fort are slaughtered by the Eldar Pathfinders, as they fall back off the board, no longer contesting the fort.

This time, I do exactly as the Tyranid player wants me to do. I shot the Exorcist at the Hierodule first, this time dealing 3 wounds. Each Hammerhead got their fill of shooting, and another one bites the dust. That's 2 Hierodules down to my 2 Hammerheads. My force has made up for it's point cost already, plus 200 points. If you count up the losses, he lost four times the number of points I did.

Like I said, Tau will count victories if they inflict enough casualties.

Chenkov runs towards the objective on the ruins, (because units in combat cannot hold objectives), and the Wyches in assault with the Conscripts turned out to be too far away to contest.

Sadly, both the Darkstar Warhead and the Vortex Grenade miss (but they both became very, very close!) Avatar is 1" away from the edge of the scattered warhead, and the vortex grenade removes a piece of terrain as it sits on the edge of a Tyrant Guard's base (not to say that it won't warp somewhere else, like closer to the Baneblade behind them or towards the Ork Stompa, possibly right over Dram'Ka!).

=====THE END=====
The Eldar Pathfinders hold the Ork fort and the bunker, and Chenkov holds the one in the ruins. The ref has called game, since how the evil forces cannot possibly cram in another turn, leaving a 0-3 win for us.

The very p*$$#^ off (and I mean, his face was red) Tyranid player objects. He claims that it isn't fair that we get 2 turns to hold all 3 objectives, and that the game is only called by turn 2 before all of their reserves get to enter play.

He then proceeded to call us cheaters, because we wasting time in our assault phase discussing our victory. "You guys keep complaining that we are wanting another turn..."

Jim cuts him off. "Nobody's complaining man but you."

He then began to nit-pick the rules, going so far as to say that Apocalypse was created for 4th Edition, and that in Apoc any unit was scoring and could contest. We couldn't take it anymore, so we allowed the game to thought out by that logic.

If played by 4th Edition (or Apoc?) rules, any unit is scoring and can contest, which meant that the Wych by the bunker the group by the ruins contested those two. There were several units near the ruins in the center, but they were also the closest units to the Ork fort (which is 30" away). And by figuring his logic, thanks to Dram'Ka's bold and daring Deep Strike, the game winds up to be a 2-0.

"We have, what? Five minutes? We can contest objectives in 5 minutes, but all you guys are doing is standing there talking away our time."

"But after you guys get a turn 3, we get a turn 3." I offered to have the battle continue for another hour (since the store didn't close for another hour and a half) so that we could all have a turn 3 (I just wanted to see how many Eldar I could pummel out of existence and to see if the vortex grenade did any damage). Everyone seemed good with that idea, but the Tyranid player rambles some swearing and begins to pack his things. As he does, so does everyone else.

The alliance (us) do a high-five for the Greater Good, and Rodney expresses his happiness in that this is only his second victory, both of them with me at his side, and we all discuss Tau tactics.

The Vortex Grenade swirls and and draws in the life force of anything nearby. The distraction allowed Dram'Ka to crawl towards the ruins without getting shot. His missile pod thrusts two missiles into the energy-filled ruins, and the fusion blaster melts away at the foundation, crumbling it. The tower, while still active, begins to waver in power.

The Tyranids grind to a halt at the commands of their masters and began growing confused. It is only a matter of time that they will begin tearing them apart. The Eldar Pathfinders give the 'OK' through their psychically-linked comms to Tau high command to bring in the supreme generals to the bunker and that the wounded and spirit stones may be placed in the Ork fort. The Eldar Pathfinders and Hammerheads give covering fire to the medics as the enemy forces retreat in chaos. The remaining Conscripts and Commander Chenkov are admirably rewarded for their bravery in holding against such odds. The ruins have been scavenged for salvageable and important information.

This planet, though battered by war, is claimed by the name of the Greater Good...
If the Eldar see battle as a symphony,
Then the Elati have mastered a solo piece,
Of every instrument.

Games in the Past Month:
Tau: W-1, T-0, L-1
Witch H: W-0, T-0, L-0
Eldar: W-2, T-0, L-1
Guard: W-0, T-0, L-0
Other: W-2, T-1, L-0
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Default Re: Apocalypse - Tau x3/Guard/Eldar vs Eldar/Nids x2/Dark Eldar 05.25.09

Seems like you get a lot of battles with jerks. This is why I don't play Apoc. (That, and a distinct lack of models aside from a Gargant) Solid writing, good job keeping up with everything that went on in such a big game. I salute the greater good's victory, now get the humans and space elves off your planet.
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Default Re: Apocalypse - Tau x3/Guard/Eldar vs Eldar/Nids x2/Dark Eldar 05.25.09

Great report!

You seemed calmer than many Apoc participants I've seen in that kind of situation.

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Default Re: Apocalypse - Tau x3/Guard/Eldar vs Eldar/Nids x2/Dark Eldar 05.25.09

Originally Posted by enderwiggin
Great report!

You seemed calmer than many Apoc participants I've seen in that kind of situation.
Well, when you bring 6 vehicles with a front armor of 13, each with potentially more firepower than a standard Land Raider... you tend to be a more calm commander compared to what your opponents and other allies bring.

The reason being is because I know that once a player starts being a toolbag, he's losing. He is telling me by body language and voice tone that he is incapable of using strategy and skill to beat me, and must rely on rules nit-picking just to keep his army alive.

If he had said, "Oh, sorry, but page 15, when introducing shooting, it states that all units do their shooting at the same time. So if you want to shoot with the Railguns, it all has to be at the same time."

My response, "Oh, I completely forgot about that. Well, ok. No railguns. I'll just have to remember next time."

If I feel it really needs to be done, "Oh, had I known that, you know I wouldn't have forfeited my railguns. I can re-roll the Exorcist result since it got so high, and go ahead and shoot with the railguns."

Then he can give me permission to do this or not. If not, we have a row of 5 more Hammerheads with Railguns.

The younger Tyranid player asked me why I wasn't shooting the railguns, because he said he thought it was perfectly ok and that it looked doomed from the start. I decided not to.

I look at Apocalypse differently from my standard games (and don't include them in my loss/win count). While I do like winning because of some small detail about objectives, it's just a game I'm happy to utilize my skill in cheese to the max. Win or lose, something big will happen. I'm disappointed when my forces don't do much, not when they lose. I'm perfectly happy if they all blew up in turn 2 or 3. That just means my opponents deemed them threatening enough to be destroyed. That alone is an honor in any Apoc game.

Blowing things up in Apocalypse (or surviving such odds) is the fun part to the game -- but it isn't the goal. People who come to the table expecting this to be a massive kill-and-survive mega battle are generally not happy with it. To them, winning and losing is based on what big things survive and what big things die, and who's cheese overcomes someone else's cheese. So when you come prepared to kill all and survive all, well sorry to burst your bubble, but its Apoc! Everything can survive and die!

The Dark Eldar player for instance believed that his Webway assault would just tear through the Tau battle lines and contest objectives. The Tyranid player believed that all of his gaunts with a 4+ invul save and his massive bio-titans were nigh-invincible, sweeping aside anything they came across. The younger Tyranid player believed that this spamming of Tyranid cheese would work and put 100% confidence in it, trusting his superior. The Eldar player seemed to have a lot of forces up his sleeve, including a Scorpion, and gave them Strategic Redeployment. They all believed the Ork Stompa and Baneblade would just rip apart the Battlesuits and infantry.

But my allies and I knew better. We stared directly at the objectives and stuck 2+ cover save Eldar Pathfinders in them, and 50 Conscripts in the one near the center. We utilized our Railgun cheese as a form of distraction and support for the infantry. If they blew up all of our Hammerheads, we still win. Getting to destroy our enemies with our Hammerheads is a fun +1 to the game. I didn't believe we would or could win, but we did. If there was a Turn 3, it might simply delay our victory.
If the Eldar see battle as a symphony,
Then the Elati have mastered a solo piece,
Of every instrument.

Games in the Past Month:
Tau: W-1, T-0, L-1
Witch H: W-0, T-0, L-0
Eldar: W-2, T-0, L-1
Guard: W-0, T-0, L-0
Other: W-2, T-1, L-0
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Default Re: Apocalypse - Tau x3/Guard/Eldar vs Eldar/Nids x2/Dark Eldar 05.25.09

Awesome batrep. It is my 40k ambition to field that many hammerheads at some point ;D

It's always great to see a person who nit-picks the rules get beaten anyway
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Default Re: Apocalypse - Tau x3/Guard/Eldar vs Eldar/Nids x2/Dark Eldar 05.25.09

Was this the Lucky 13's scenario? Hmm still sounds like there's quite a bit of jerks but sounds like its improving a bit. Nice work with the bait.
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Default Re: Apocalypse - Tau x3/Guard/Eldar vs Eldar/Nids x2/Dark Eldar 05.25.09

Originally Posted by Malus Trux
Was this the Lucky 13's scenario? Hmm still sounds like there's quite a bit of jerks but sounds like its improving a bit. Nice work with the bait.
No. This was an event that was just sorta sitting on the big white board of events nobody pays attention to behind the registers and on the calendars. The Lucky 13's scenario battle I fought in included "the lucky Squat", the "Last of his Kind" piloting a constantly-damaged Warhound Titan, running around his little Dwarfy butt to fix every damaged result. Before the game, the player even forewarned us that he was dubbed "The Lucky Squat".

And that stupid Lucky Squat also scored good hits on our Titan. But our team also did not receive a 3rd turn (so it was our 2 turns to their 3) because the ref was getting lazy and not wanting to do it anymore. It was when things started getting interesting. Some enemy Swooping Hawks tried to go for my Hammerheads (did nothing, despite him claiming that every vehicle he was going to charge was automatically destroyed) and my ally's Leman Russ battle tanks. The other was a Company Commander walking out of the dust as every single one of his Terminators were killed by the Warhound Titan. He alone emerged and with his Thunderhammer, broke the knees of the wounded Warhound, turning it into a pile of rubble.
If the Eldar see battle as a symphony,
Then the Elati have mastered a solo piece,
Of every instrument.

Games in the Past Month:
Tau: W-1, T-0, L-1
Witch H: W-0, T-0, L-0
Eldar: W-2, T-0, L-1
Guard: W-0, T-0, L-0
Other: W-2, T-1, L-0
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Default Re: Apocalypse - Tau x3/Guard/Eldar vs Eldar/Nids x2/Dark Eldar 05.25.09

Colonel Marksman, you are just too awesome for words. ;D


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