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Outpointed Orks Fight Eldar (1470 vs. 2000 Capture and Control) May 25, 2009
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Default Outpointed Orks Fight Eldar (1470 vs. 2000 Capture and Control) May 25, 2009

Capture and Control
Orks (1470) vs. Eldar (2000)
Spearhead deployment

Recently I had a map-based league game against an eldar opponent who was foolish enough to attack the mighty forces of Waaagh Grubbynutz. The panzee had even brought 530 more points than me!

Note: This was my first report using vassal and I think I may have done a few things wrong. They maps will at least give you a better idea of what was happening than my words alone.

Regardless, here are the lists:

Klickinklak’s Expudishoneree Force!

Big Mek Klickinklak: 85
Kustom Force Field

3 Meganobz: 120

Battlewagon: 115
Red paint, armor plates, grot riggers, reinforced ram

10 Lootaz: 150

10 Lootaz: 150

30 Slugga boyz: 220
Nob with powerklaw, bosspole

30 Slugga boyz: 220
Nob with powerklaw, bosspole

Deff Dread: 110
Armor plates, skorcha, dread close combat weapon, grot riggers,

3 Killa Kanz: 150
3 Rokkitz

3 Killa Kanz: 150
3 Rokkitz

Total: 1470

Eldar Raiding Force:

Wings, hawk lasblaster

Avatar of Khaine

10 Firedragons
Exarch with tank hunter
Riding in
Wave serpent with spirit stones and bright lance

10 Striking Scorpions
Exarch with scorpions claw and stalker
Riding in
Wave serpent with spirit stones and bright lance

20 Guardian defenders, 1 warlock
Bright lance weapon platform

20 Guardian defenders, 1 warlock
Bright lance weapon platform

10 Pathfinders

5 Swooping Hawks
Exarch with skyleap and intercept

5 Dark Reapers
Exarch with crack shot

2000 Points (or thereabouts)

Big Mek Klickinklak glared petulantly at the sleek black gunship moving into position alongside ranks of black armored warriors. The panzee boyz had no right to be blocking his path to the human manufactorum. After all, this was the lands of Warboss Grubbynutz for… well… lots of days. Klickinklak cursed and kicked a grot over the side of the battlewagon. A killa kan swiveled and caught the grot mid air, however the diminutive creature’s relief soon turned to horror when the kan sliced him in half.

His foul mood somewhat allayed by this Grot-On-Grot violence, Klickinklak hopped up onto the side of the battlewagon. The assembled lootaz and sluggaz glanced over at him.

“Deze ‘ere panzees ain’t gonna stop us from getting’ da umie gubbinz! WAAAAGHHH!!!”

“WAAAAGGGHH” answered the assembled orks. Their celebration, however, was cut short by the heads of several lootaz suddenly spouting blood from newly made bullet-holes.

“Snipaz!” Roared Klickinklak, “Let’s get ‘em ladz.


Eldar 1

Front guardian mob moves forward to prepare for the horde’s onslaught. Avatar moves up as well.

All bright lances target the Deff Dread, immobilizing it. Snipers open fire on Lootaz in the woods, killing three and pinning them. Dark reapers try to add to the pain but find themselves out of range.

End of Eldar 1

Ork 1:

The horde surges forward, with the exception of the battlewagon, which stands still to let the mek disembark and fix the dread. The sandbag lootaz open up on the wave serpent and fail spectacularly. The kanz make up for this by immobilizing it

End of Ork 1

Eldar 2:

The swooping hawks and autarch come in. The scorpions do not.

At this point the Eldar player comments that I have left my left hand mob out of KFF range. D’oh! He drops the bomb packs on them and kills a couple.

He moves his guardians up so that most of them are within 12” range. Combined with the reapers they slay a large number of boyz. I'm still fearless though (barely) so there's that. Still, I pay dearly for my mistake, but not as dearly as I might have if he had a seer with doom or guide. It will come back to bit me later on, as you'll see.

Fire from the snipers hits the woodland lootaz again, removing 2 more and causing them to fall back this time.

End of Eldar 2

Ork 2:

Lootaz rally.

Both boy mobs surge toward the center of the board. The mek breaks off and rejoins his buddies the meganobz in their wagon. The dreadmob moves forward, with the battlewagon just behind, giving them cover from the KFF.

I call the waaggh in the shooting phase, using it to bring my right hand mob within assault range of both the pathfinders AND the guardians (who are very spread out for some reason.

Lootaz and kanz combine to shoot off the brightlance off of the serpent and take a wound off the avatar.

In the assault phase the right hand boy mob assaults the guardians and pathfinders, while the lefthand boy mob (reduced to 12 models) assault the same guardian squad. Both units of eldar are completely wiped out for no losses on the ork side. With some good consolidation rolls I was able to get the left hand boys into the middle of the table ruins and the left hand mob behind the wall and back with range of the KFF (not making that mistake again.

Sorry, forgot to do the Vassal screenshot this turn and I was too lazy to set it up again. Rest assured, you'll see the blood splatters in the eldar turn three pic.

Eldar 3

The scorpions come on near the lootaz. Uh oh. My fire support might be going bye bye.

Dark Reapers and swooping hawks concentrate on my weakened squad, killing a surprisingly poor three models. However, I make up for this by failing the leadership AND the reroll. Since they are under 50% they are gone for the battle.

The small loota squad likewise gets shot up by the scorpion’s wave serpent and falls back, never to return.

In the north, my full mob is beaten up badly by combined guardian and fire dragons, losing a little under half their numbers before being charged by the avatar. The avatar kills three and the boyz do a wound back to the big monster. They’re still fearless though, so after a few more casualties, they’re still in the fight.

End of Eldar 3

Ork 3:

Kanz and dread waddle forward once again. Battlewagon jets out and takes cover behind the central ruin.

Lootaz open up on the scorpion wave serpent and immobilize and destroy its bright lance. Oh well.

Kan rokkitz miss harmlessly.

In combat, the boyz actually manage to put two wounds on the avatar while losing two themselves. Tied combat (and more importantly, the beast only has 1 wound left).

Again, no picture, but this turn there's really not a whole lot to report.

Eldar 4

Guardians move up to join the avatar in assault. Combined with the avatar, they massacre the orks and run them down.

Firedragons advance to target the front kanz. They kill two and shake another.

Swooping hawks move over to threaten the battlewagon (I’m having cold sweats thinking about intercept). However, their run roll is poor and they come up short of an assault.

Scorpions disembark and annihilate the lootaz for the loss of two of their own (some jammy loota rolling FTW!)

It could be worse!

End of Eldar 4

Ork 4.

Last remaining kan runs into combat with the firedragons. The dread tries to join them but fails his difficult terrain roll. The firedragons manage to strap a single meltabomb to the kan, but it proves to be a dud as the kan is only stunned. The kan responds by snipping a firedragon in half.

The full kan mob rounds on the avatar and dispatches it with a hail of rokkitz. Now that’s a weight off my mind.

The battlewagon smashes its way through the ruins (2 on the dangerous terrain test – whew!) and disembark in front of the guardians. They then launch into assault. The guardians manage to pull down a single meganob before they are mulched and run down.

End of ork 4

Eldar 5:

Well, we’re both going for the wipeout at this point. There’s very little chance of me doing this since his scorpions seem content to hang out at the other end of the board near their immobilized wave serpent.

The dark reapers, the wave serpent’s shuriken catapult and the swooping hawks draw a bead on the meganobz. They put a wound on one and kill the mek. The meganobz, in an uncharacteristic display of courage, decide to pass their leadership.

In combat, the firedragons annihilate the kan (since they’re hitting on weaponskill). They lose one dragon in the explosion. They try to consolidate away from the kanz and dread.

End of Eldar 5

Ork 5:

Recognizing the threat, the meganobz, the kanz and the dread all converge on the fire dragons and wipe them out in a hail of rokkits, skorcha and shoota fire.

Being a moron, I forgot to move my battlewagon. It does shoot however, and downs a swooping hawk. The dice gods decide that this is so amusing another turn should be played.

End of Ork 6

Eldar 6:

The swooping hawks take advantage of my foolishness and blow up the battlewagon. They lose another hawk in the explosion.

Dark reapers and wave serpent fire ineffectually at my meganobz.

End of Eldar 6

Ork 6:

The meganobz, kanz and deff dread do an about face and set off after the swooping hawks. They can’t make assault, but their shooting downs two more hawks, leaving the exarch and the autarch. The eldar pass their leadership test.

The dice gods again decide that another turn is in order.

End of Ork 6

Eldar 7:

Seeing little option or hope of winning, the eldar player targets his reapers into the kanz, stunning one (downgraded to shaken). He then follows this up with an assault from the hawk exarch and the autarch. They roll a 1 and 3 for their haywire grenades to-hit rolls and fail. The kanz snip the exarch in half. The autarch then rolls a ten on his leadership test and runs a mighty 17” towards the board edge.

End of Eldar 7

Ork 7:

Gleefully, the kanz send rokkitz after the autarch, blowing him up just before he reaches the board edge. Venting his anger at missing combat all game, the Deff Dread annihilates the immobilized wave serpent.

End of Game

Game Over: Draw!


Well, I certainly feel good about myself for that one. Pulling a draw against someone with more points than you is a victory of a fashion, right? Right? ;D That said, I think my opponent's list was suboptimal and he probably made a few (like not going flat out with the serpent first turn). Perhaps if I had been able to capitalize a bit better I could have tabled him or got some sluggaz onto his objective.

That said, I didn't play a mistake free game myself. In particular, leaving my boyz outside of KFF range really got them beat up that turn and contributed to their eventual rout.

Still, a draw is as good as win in league terms, since I was defending a territory. I have repelled the eldar and held my own territory. ;D
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Default Re: Outpointed Orks Fight Eldar (1470 vs. 2000 Capture and Control) May 25, 2009

Nice job fighting the uphill battle there. Just for kicks try swapping rokkits for grotzookas on one of you kan mobs, and see how you like them. They would have made a mess of those guardians.
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Default Re: Outpointed Orks Fight Eldar (1470 vs. 2000 Capture and Control) May 25, 200

How do you remove the deployment marks on Vassal?
If the Eldar see battle as a symphony,
Then the Elati have mastered a solo piece,
Of every instrument.

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Default Re: Outpointed Orks Fight Eldar (1470 vs. 2000 Capture and Control) May 25, 2009

Originally Posted by Scoutfox
Nice job fighting the uphill battle there. Just for kicks try swapping rokkits for grotzookas on one of you kan mobs, and see how you like them. They would have made a mess of those guardians.
Thanks! Grotzookas definitely would havve toasted them... though honestly, I'd be surprised if he uses guardians again. Plus, the rokkits immobilized the first wave serpent, which was pretty key.

@Colonel Marksman:

Hold down the "shift" button while clicking on it and you'll select it. Then right click to get an option menu and select delete (or simply hit ctrl d when its selected).
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