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Eldar Vs Marines 1500pts "Dawn of the Bloodtide" BATREP
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Default Eldar Vs Marines 1500pts "Dawn of the Bloodtide" BATREP

Space marines vs Eldar, 1500pts.

We chose the mission after we'd picked our army list...
It turned out to be seize ground and dawn of war deployment...
We rolled for objectives, it turned out to be 3...

He placed on near the woods (teleport beacon), I placed one on the door of the LoTR crypt and he placed the other on the top floor of the building (represented by the termie model)

Hydra's Fang Marines 1500pts.

Can't remember all the upgrades as i'm not a marine player :P

Librarian with veil of time and might of heroes. (epistolary)
Artificer armour, lightning claw, force weapon and familiar.

Retinue of 5 for the librarian:
Apothacary (L claws)
Standard bearer (L claws and chapter banner)
Champion (plasma pistol)
Marine with meltagun.
Veteran guy with power fist.
All with 5+ invunerable sv.

Techmarine with 2 tech servitors, 2 gun servitors and full servo harness.

Venerable dread with assault cannon, CC weapon and heavy flamer.

5 marines. (missile launcher)

5 snipers. (1 with missile launcher and 1 with meltagun)

5 marines.

6 assault marines with 4 plasma pistols, sargeant with power fist.

Vindicator with storm bolter.

Yme-Loc eldar. 1500pts (me)

Fuegan the burning lance.

Autarch with jetbike, reaper launcher, laser lance and mandiblasters.

6 scorpions. (exarch with biting blade and shadowstrike)

5 fire dragons (exarch with firepike)

10 guardians with eldar missile launcher.

10 avengers. (exarch with 2 catapults and bladestorm)

5 pathfinders.

3 jetbikes.

Vyper with holofields and scatter laser.

Wraithlord with starcannon and brightlance.

Falcon with scatter laser, holo-fields and spirit stones.

Marine deployment.

He first places his Librarian and command squad right up to the deviding line on the board and near the crypt, forcing my back.
His scouts deploy in the building objective and his basic marine squad with missile launcher place in the teleport beacon objective near the forest.

Eldar deployment.

I placed my autarch in the jetbike squad (he said they could deploy together as 1 unit, but the autarch couldn't leave the squad :P.. is that right) as close as possible to the beacon in the forest.
My rangers infiltrate deep into his half, with a direct LoS to the building. My dire avengers place as close of possible to the command squad and the crypt.

Eldar turn 1:

The dire avengers spy the command squad threat and shuffle foward into range of their shuriken catapults.
The autarch and the bikes zoon down the flank, past the woods and aim at the marines holding the objective.
The rangers just stand and shoot.
The dire avengers, even though using bladestorm (32 shots!), only manage to kill the familiar and a marine (which the apothacary saves). The rangers roll badly aswell, doing nothing. The Autarch and his squad open fire, killing a normal marine.

1 marine.

Marine turn 1:

The librarian and command squad prepare to asail the objective and the avengers within, the marines near the woods, turn the face the new foe and the scout aim and the pathfinders. Funnily enough, the librarian casts might of heroes, but looses a wound to perils of the warp >.
In shooting, the scout aim at the pathfinders, but all are saved. The marines aim their meltagun, missile launcher and bolters at the jetbikers, claiming a life! However, I rolled at 5 and a 6 for leadership and run back 9 inches!

The command squad charge at the avengers, but despite 7 attacks, the librarian missed them all! The rest of the squad fared badly as despite more than 20 attacks, they only manage to kill 9 avengers, leaving the exarch who kills the marine with meltagun.

9 Dire avengers.
Marine with meltagun.

Eldar turn 2:


My guardians, wraithlord and striking scorpions come in.
With movement, the jetbikes rally, but can't move. The guardians wheel round to face to oncoming command squad, the striking scorpions come near the marines holding the beacon objective under the cover of the forest and the wraithlord makes a beeline for the command squad aswell.
On to shooting! The wraithlord fires in the command squad, taking the life of the champion and the veteran, but the apothacary saves the veteran. The guardians pump shuriken into the command squad aswell, claiming the veteran at last! Also, the rangers kill 1 scout and the newly arrived scorpions claim a marine with their pistols.

1 marine (bolter)

Marines lead 2-0.

Marine turn 2:

He was very unlucky as only the assault squad arrived... unfortunately for my, it was right behind my rangers :'(
He moved and then ran with the tattered remains of the command squad. The marine squad, slowly advanced on the scorpions and the scouts don't move at all.
In shooting the scouts claim the first pathfinder life and the meltagun armed marine sizzles a scorpion.
In assault, all the assault squad destoy the 4 rangers with ease! They consolidated towards the beacon objective for back-up.

All the Pathfinders.
1 scorpion.

Marines lead 2-0.

Eldar turn 3:

Most of my other reinforcements arrive… The falcon and the vyper jet bike.
The wraith lord stalked forward into within 3 inches of the scout-held objective in the center. The guardians move towards the crypt objective, trying to avoid the librarian, the apothecary and the standard bearer. The falcon takes off and moves closer to the beacon objective near the woods, the vyper does the same, but a bit slower than the falcon. The autarch and his bikers move into full view of the lone marine squad, as does the scorpions. With shooting, the wraith lord, the vyper and the guardians all target the comand squad, leaving the librarian on 1 wound. Finally the falcon spoke. Spitting out a supercharged laser beam and blowing apart the librarian, leaving him dead on the floor. The scorpions and autarch’s squad fired at the marines, downing them to 3 men (missile launcher, melt gun and sergeant.) The scorpions charged in and the exarch flung his biting blade in a gory arc before the marines could respond, cutting them all down. The scorpions roll a 1 for consolidation, but it’s not enough to bring them into cover.

3 marines.
Standard bearer.

Eldar leading 1-0.

Marines turn 3:

His reinforcements hit hard… all but the vindicator comes…

The techmarine, the other new marine squad and the dreadnought all deploy close to the beacon objective to see off my autarch, his bikers and the scorpions…
His scouts don’t move, but everything else (only the reserves that just came in are left.. Bar the scouts) moves forward to get a better arc of sight to my eldar units. On with his shooting! The techmarine fires at the scorpions, killing all but 1 in a storm of plasma and bolter shells. Meanwhile the scouts target the wraith lord, but the 1 wound inflicted is saved. Also, the dreadnought fires at the bikers with it’s heavy flamer killing the last 2 and firing it’s D'yi cannon at the autarch. The autarch fails all three saves and dies. Not good for me. In assault, the assault squad wipe out the lone exarch, but not after losing 1 of their number.
The guardians fall back off the objective.


2 scorpions.
Scorpion exarch.
1 assault marine.
2 jet bikes.

Marines leading 1-0.

Eldar turn 4.

My guardians rally and move towards the objective, but they’re not close enough to hold it after the retreat last turn.
The wraith lord aims through the window, whilst my falcon and vyper move towards the mass of marine reinforcements. The fire dragons and fuegan jump out of the falcon and aim at the dreadnought, sadly they are all out of range.
The wraith lord fires at the marines squad holding the objective, killing 2 and so does the vyper , killing 1.
The falcon aims at the approaching assault marines, killing 1.

3 marines.
1 assault marine.

Marines lead 1-0.

Marines turn 4:

The vindicator appears at last!
The assault marines jet-pack forward towards the falcon, the techmarine shuffles towards the newly departed fire dragons and the vindicator aims at the guardians.
In shooting, the scouts fire at the guardians, but all miss, the dreadnought penetrates the vyper 4 times, but only manages to stun is thanks to holo-fields. The vindicator launches a demolisher shell into the guardians, killing 6! The techmarine shreds a few fire dragons and so does the basic marine squad, leaving fuegan, the exarch and 1 dragon standing.
The assault marines assail the falcon, but only manage to stun it!

3 fire dragons.
6 guardians.

Marines lead 1-0.

Eldar turn 5.

With both sides suffering heavy casualties, it’s a race for the objectives in the last few turns.
The falcon and vyper can do nothing, but the guardians move slowly towards the objective.
Fuegan somehow manages to wreck the dreadnought and the wraith lord fires it’s bright lance into the vindicator’s hull, wrecking it as well! All on all, very successful shooting.


Marine turn 5:

The marine turn was a disaster with the techmarine missing everything and the marine squad miss as well.
The assault marines fail to penetrate the falcon.



Marines lead 1-0.

Eldar turn 6:

The guardians claim the objective at last.
The falcon, wraith lord and vyper all target the marines on the objective and score it clear…

2 marines.

Marine turn 6:

He realizes he can’t win and concedes…

Eldar lead 1-0.

[glow=red,2,300]VICTORY FOR THE ELDAR! [/glow]

[move] > > >[/move]

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Default Re: Eldar Vs Marines 1500pts "Dawn of the Bloodtide"

Oh, yeah, I forgot to say... please don't penalise me for un-finished models.... :'(
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Default Re: Eldar Vs Marines 1500pts "Dawn of the Bloodtide" BATREP

nice batrep - your autarch could have left your bike squad after deploying with them if he wished.

Life is a waste of time, time is a waste of life, so get wasted all of the time and have the time of your life.
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Default Re: Eldar Vs Marines 1500pts "Dawn of the Bloodtide" BATREP

Yeah cheers for putting the time and effort in. Bat reps with pics are sooooooo much easier to follow.
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Default Re: Eldar Vs Marines 1500pts "Dawn of the Bloodtide" BATREP

Good report. Have a karma!

One note though; Your friend is using the old marine codex. Tell him to get a copy of the new book, it's pretty awesome. Also if he wants to play against other people he'll need to use the most current rules.
Originally Posted by heliodorus04
Falstead, you're a genius!
Originally Posted by Farseer_Emlyn
Gah! Not a silly Canadian. Can't Falstead ever be wrong?!?!? ;D
Originally Posted by Rafe (Autarch Kiardras)
My god.... the sarcasm there nearly shorted out my computer screen Nice.
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Default Re: Eldar Vs Marines 1500pts "Dawn of the Bloodtide" BATREP

Originally Posted by Falstead
Good report. Have a karma!

One note though; Your friend is using the old marine codex. Tell him to get a copy of the new book, it's pretty awesome. Also if he wants to play against other people he'll need to use the most current rules.
He's getting it soon. We played this report about a month ago, so he couldn't really get it... thanks for the Karma...
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