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[BatRep] Through the Gauntlet, 1500pt Space Wolves vs Eldar (Pic Heavy!)
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Default [BatRep] Through the Gauntlet, 1500pt Space Wolves vs Eldar (Pic Heavy!)

Through the Gauntlet


This was a battle I played against Wingates' Eldar two weeks ago and I've just now gotten around to putting up the battle report. It was a 1500pt game on a standard 4" by 6" board with urban terrain. It was an interresting game, the previous day Wingates wooped my Ultramarines behind and now I was trying a more direct approach, blitzing across the field screaming for Russ and the Emperor... no really that's what I did. It actually worked decently which was stunning but hey.

Silvar gazed across the battlefield at the dug in Eldar positions. Every few seconds a laser beam of incredible power lanced out and blasted molten holes in the walls of the Space Wolves cover. The Wolf Lord let out a low feral growl. Somehow the Eldar had managed to flank their command position and slaughter their way through the pathetic PDF units, he didn't know what they were after but they seemed quite willing to be patient and simply blast the Space Wolves into oblivion. The worst thing was they seemed quite capable of doing so long before reinforcements arrived. The Lord made his decision.

"Alright lads, looks like we're just going to have to break out!" He roared leaping to his feet and drawing his Frost Blade which immediately roared to life, it's twin blades of kraken teeth spinning. "For Russ and the Emperor!"

"For Russ and the Emperor!" chorused the sixty odd Space Wolves remaining in the bunker, the noise of their cry enhanced by the howles of half a dozen Fenresian Wolves.

With a flourish of his Frost Blade Silvar led his warriors forth, smashing through the door and racing across the street, the Marines hot on his heels, for death, for glory, for the Emperor!

Army Lists

Eldar Warhost

-Jetbike, Power weapon, avenger catapault, mandiblasters

-Jetbike, doom

Howling Banshees (7)
-Exarch with Mirror Swords

Rangers (10)

Jetbikes (6)
-x2 Shuriken Cannons

Guardians (16)

Guardians (16)

Shining Spears (3)
-Exarch, starlance, withdraw

Warp Spiders (7)
-Exarch, additional spinner, power blades

Vypers (2)

War Walkers (2)
-Scatter Lasers

Space Wolves Stormblade Great Company

Wolf Lord Silvar Stormblade
-Master-Crafted Frost Blade (Valtenís Fang), Belt of Russ, Bolt Pistol, Wolf Tooth Necklace, Runic Armor, Wolf Pelt, Frags, Wolf Tail Talisman, Fenresian Wolf x4

Rune Priest Mjornal Oath Keeper
-Runic Weapon, Wolf Tooth Necklace, Wolf Pelt, Chooser of the Slain, Terminator Armor, Storm Bolter, Fenresian Wolves x2

Wolf Guard Pack Leader Freyald, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Frags

Wolf Guard Pack Leader Reikald, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Frags

Wolf Guard Pack Leader Haegar, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Frags

Wolf Guard Pack Leader Elysan, Power Fist, Bolt Pistol, Frags

Grey Hunter Pack Freyald (9)
-Melta Gun, Power Fist, Bolters, Frags

Grey Hunter Pack Reikald (9)
-Melta Gun, Power Fist, Frags, Bolters

Grey Hunter Pack Svjorning (8)
-Plasma Gun, Power Fist, Bolters, Frags

Blood Claw Pack Haegar (14)
-Power Fist x1, Power Weapons x2

Blood Claw Pack Elysan (14)
-Power Fist x1, Power Weapons x2


The Board

Space Wolves left flank

Space Wolves right flank

Eldar left flank

Eldar right flank


Turn 1

Space Wolves
-My brother won the roll and made moi go first. So all packs moved 5-6" forward, Stormblade attatched to pack Haegar, Mjornal to pack Freyald and... that's it.

-Farseer attatches to the jetbikes and the Autarch follows behind them, all move 12" forward. Vypers move 7" right, War Walkers move 6" left. Vypers shoot at Pack Haeger and cause 2 cassualties.

Turn 2

Space Wolves
-Freyald, Reikald and Svjorning move 6" forward. Elysan moves 5" forward, Haeger moves 3" forward and again that's it, but I'm getting there!

-Jetbikes move 12" forward and right, shining spears move 2" forward and right. Banshees move 4" forward, war walkers move 6" forward. Vypers shoot at Rykald and Guardians shoot at Rykald as well for no cassualties. Rangers however inflict 2 cassualties on Reikald. Farseer and Jetbikes fire on Elysan for 3 cassualties. The left Guardians fire on Freyald for 7 cassualties! In assault the Farseer moves 6" back and left but the Jetbikes and Autarch charge Elysan, no cassualties inflicted but 4 bikes lost including the Autarch who took a power fist to the face (ouch!). Jetbikes break and fall back 4".

Turn 3

Space Wolves
-Elysan moves 2" right, Freyald and haegar move 5" forward, Reikald moves 6" forward, Svjorning moves 3" forward. Mjornal uses Storm Caller on Freyald. Freyald fires at the Guardian Defenders for 4 cassualties, Reikald at the other squad for 1 cassualty. Haegar shoots at the Vypers for 1 crew shaken result. In assault Elysan charges the Jetbikes and kills the last 2, then consolidates 4" right.

-Farseer uses Doom on Pack Freyald. The Banshees move 4" forward, War Walkers move 6" left, Shining Spears move 10" forward, Warp Spiders move 8" forward and right. Shooting sees Warp Spiders at Haeger causing 3 cassualties, the Spears inflict none on Reikald but the Rangers inflict another 3 cassualties on Haeger. Guardians kill 7 of Reikald and the Vypers kill another 2 of Haeger. The Left Guardians and the War Walkers inflict 5 cassualties on Freyald between them. The Banshees fleet 1" forward and the Farseer shoots at Elysan for 2 cassualties. Haeger breaks and falls back 3" (gasp!). In assault the Farseer moves back 6" and the Warp Spiders move 9" left. The Shining Spears charge Reikald to 2 cassualties but the Wolf Lord tears the Exarch apart. The Banshees charge Freyald and wipe out all 7 remaining marines but don't wound Mjornal.

Stormblade smashes through a wall and runs into the street, all around him he can hear the death howles of Space Wolves. In his vox he can hear Mjornal cursing the vile Eldar xenos and Silvar can't disagree. Space Wolves are being torn apart every second by the vile alien weaponry. With a roaring howl Silvar smashes into the oncoming jetbikes, side stepping the lance of the leader and cutting the Eldar in half as it flies past, the jetbike crumbling as it piled into the side of the ruined building behind him. With another howl Silvar continued across the street, intent on the blood of the Eldar lurking ahead.

Turn 4

Space Wolves
-Well things are looking bleak, a LOT of Space Wolves are down for the count and it's just up to luck to see if Stormblade and Mjornal can pull the survivors together for one last charge! Elysan moves 3" left, Haeger moves 5" forward and Svjorning moves 4" forward. Svjorning shoots at the Vypers for 1 penetrating 6 and a glancing 1. So one of the War Walkers is down for the count. Mjornal kills 3 Howling Banshees in assault and consolidates 5". Elysan charges the Howling Banshees and kills 4 consolidating 6". Haeger charges right Guardians for 2 cassualties and Stormblade kills the 2 Shining Spears then consolidates 4" forward.

-The Farseer uses Doom on Elysan, the Warp Spiders move 12" forward, War Walkers move 6" right, Farseer moves 12" forward and right. The LEft Guardians shoot at Elysan and inflict 4 cassualties. Warp Spiders and Rangers inflict none on Reikald and the Farseer does nothing to Elysan. The War Walkers however inflict 2 cassualties on Elysan. Warp Spiders move 10" left and the Farseer moves 6" right. 4 Guardians fall to Pack Haeger.

Turn 5

Space Wolves
-Elysan moves 6" left, Svjorning moves 6" forward. Wolf Lord and Reikald move 6" forward and right. Elysan shoots at Warp Spiders for no cassualties. Svjorning shoots at the Vypers for a glancing 5 and a glancing 6, bringing them both down. Elysan charges Warp Spiders inflicitng 7 Cassualties. Reikald charges the Rangers inflicitng 5 cassualties and Haeger fighting the Guardians inflicts 3 cassualties, the Guardians flee and are run down by Pack Haeger.

-War Walkers move 6" right,, Farseer moves 6" right. War Walkers shoot at Svjorning but inflict no cassualties. Guardians at Svjorning inflict 1 cassualty. The Farseer shooting at Elysan does no cassualties. The Wolf Lord fighting the Rangers inflicts 5 cassualties.

Silvar tore into the feeble Eldar with a relish he hadn't experienced in years. His Frost Blade's motor became a throaty roar as it cleaved through flesh and bone, spraying the walls and the combatants alike with blood and gore. The Eldar couldn't hope to stand before his fury and he cut them apart mercelessly. Howling his triumph Silvar's victory turned bitter as less than a dozen Wolves responded to his howl. The Wolf Lord began to think that his Company may have gotten very small indeed.

Turn 6

Space Wolves
-Stormblade moves 6" left, Svjorning moves 6" forward. There's no shooting but Mjornal charges the Farseer and inflicts 1 wound but is then killed in return.

-War Walkers move 6" right and shoot at Svjorning for 1 cassualty. Farseer fighting the surviving pack leader sees no wounds either way.

Game Over- Solid Victory to the Space Wolves

Lord Silvar Stormblade sat at the side of the cooking fire idly staring into a mug of ale. Around him sat the fourteen able Space Wolves that remained of his detatchment. Less than half of his company had fought in the battle, but of the sixty Marines that had, only six had escaped with minor injuries. Rune Priest Mjornal was going to likely be at least a month in recovering, and twenty seven marines would never fight again, their Gene-Seed even now awaiting return to the Fang. The remaining twenty seven wolves were wounded but would recover. The worst thing was that the Eldar had barely outnumbered the Space Wolves, but the xenos had outmaneuvered the Wolves very badly indeed. Over a thousand of the PDF were dead, and while the fighting of the day had seen almost a hundred Eldar killed it was little consolation for the losses to Silvar's company of Space Wolves.

His only consolation was that Pack Leader Elysan had slain the Eldar Autarch during the opening of the engagement. With the death of the Autarch and later the death of the Farseer the Eldar's spirit for fighting had broken and within hours all trace of the Eldar had vanished save the smoking wrecks of their inhuman vehicles and the stinking corpses of their unholy flesh. Silvar didn't feel much like celebrating however and as his company set about the task of licking it's wounds he stared at the night sky, wondering which star Fenris orbited and what his ancestors would say if they were watching him.

"I failed you Russ, but it will not happen again," Silvar whispered to the night sky.

Concluding Thoughts

Ok so my plan was fairly stupid but I felt like doing something unusual. True the Eldar did have trouble shooting up 60 Space Marines but it took longer to get into combat than I thought. There was a nice corridor of open space between the nearest cover and the Eldar lines and crossing it cost over two score Space Wolves. In the end the Eldar greatly underestimated the cc nastiness of the Space Wolves though the Howling Banshees came VERY close to turning the tide. Mjornal and Stormblade helped turn the fight around but the cassualties were horrendous. I think that's the last time I'll try so blunt an approach.

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Default Re: [BatRep] Through the Gauntlet, 1500pt Space Wolves vs Eldar (Pic Heavy!)

Yeah and a freakish amount of bad luck for you in the beginning and me at the end (five ones out of six? worst roll ever) I still kind of like the idea of the Farseer not dying because he was in CC at the end. All in all it was good fun, despite some really big tactical blunders on my part.
I bet I have more hobbies than you do.
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