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[BATREP]- 1500 pts Sisters vs Tau
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Default [BATREP]- 1500 pts Sisters vs Tau

Sister Superior Charmian of the Order of the Blessed Damsel uttered another curse as she heard the hum of Tau grav-engines a few blocks away. That could only mean one thing—the aliens’ vanguard had arrived quicker than expected. If they attacked in full force, then the city’s central defenses would fold like a house of cards.

It had been several weeks since the Tau had landed on Kaustus, arrogantly claiming it in the name of their Empire and trying to subvert the Emperor’s faithful to their so-called “Greater Good.” A full preceptory had been sent to combat this alien blasphemy and thwart their assault on Hive Vimesgrad, but their supporting Imperial Guard units had been beaten back by the Tau assault and were falling back to stronger positions within the city. Charmian’s Retributor squad was one of the units that had been posted in the city square as a rearguard for the retreating Guardsmen. Even one squad, however, would be able to do little against a whole Tau cadre, and if the city square fell, then the battle would be lost.

Leaning against a ruined wall, Charmian flicked on her comm.-bead. “Canoness, they’re coming!” she shouted. “Requesting orders!”

“Hold until relieved, Sister,” came Canoness Deschain’s response. “Mechanized units are already on their way to reinforce you. There is only the Emperor.”

“He is our shield and our protector,” Charmian intoned before shutting off the comm.-bead. With that, Charmian turned to her Retributors. “Reinforcements are on the way,” she told them. “In the meantime, we must hold the xenos back as long as possible. Ave Imperator!”

“Ave Imperator!” her Sisters responded in unison.

Nodding in satisfaction at her Sisters’ devotion, Charmian turned and looked out the window of the ruined building she and her squad were sheltering in. Already, she could see Tau Fire Warriors, decked out on boxy blue armour, ghosting out from the alleys towards her postion. Already, the aliens were coming.

“Come and get some, you blue-skinned scum,” Charmian muttered under her breath.

Recently, I managed to play a 1500 point game against Tau with my Sisters—a game that I figured would be much-needed practice, seeing as I had not played against Tau since 3rd edition. We rolled Omega cleanse, and used the following lists:


Canoness Isobel Deschain- jump pack, inferno pistol, blessed weapon, Cloak of St. Aspira, frag grenades- 136
Squad Solemnas- 10 Battle Sisters w. meltagun, heavy flamer, VSS w. Book of St. Lucius- 151
-Rhino- smoke launchers, extra armour- 58
Squad Esperanza- 10 Battle Sisters w. meltagun, heavy flamer, VSS w. Book of St. Lucius- 151
-Rhino- smoke launchers, extra armour- 58
Squad Fatima- 8 Seraphim w. 2 hand flamers, VSS w. eviscerator & Book of St. Lucius- 230
Squad Perpetua- 6 Seraphim w. 2 inferno pistols, VSS w. eviscerator & Book of St. Lucius- 187
6 Retributors- 4 heavy bolters, VSS Charmian- 140
Exorcist “Divine Judgement”- 135
Exorcist “Wrath of the Faithful”- 135

Total: 1381
Faith: 7

You’ll notice that, for a 1500 point game, I was grossly under-points. This, in part, was because I had accidentally left one of my Rhinos at home, and thus had to a substitute Rhino squad with my handy (but much smaller and cheaper) Retributor squad. Regrettably, being the dunce that I am, it did not occur to me to bump the Retributors up to 10 strong.

THE TAU (from memory):

Shas’el- cyclic ion blaster, plasma rifle, stimm pack
12 Fire Warriors- Shas’ui w. bonding knife & Marker drone
12 Fire Warriors- Shas’ui w. bonding knife & Marker drone
12 Kroot Carnivores- Shaper w. pulse rifle, 3 Kroot Hounds
2 Crisis Suits- plasma rifles & missile pods
2 Crisis Suits- plasma rifles & burst cannons
5 Stealth Suits
7 Pathfinders- 2 rail rifles (I think), Shas’ui w. hard-wired multi-tracker
-Devilfish- burst cannon, seeker missile
5 Gun Drones
5 Gun Drones
3 Sniper Drones
1 Broadside

I was surprised by the lack of anti-tank stuff in his list. I was confident that my Exorcists, at least, would be able to survive this battle.



Sister Charmian watched from the cover of the ruined hab-complex as she saw the Tau advance. Far across from her position, a squad of Fire Warriors was hunkered down on the roof of a hab-complex, accompanied by a trio of floating Sniper Drones and a stomping Broadside suit. Further down, another Fire Warriors squad took cover behind the base of a ruined tower, readying their pulse rifles. Plus…Charmian could have sworn she had seen the gangly shapes of Kroot Carnivores sneaking around in the craters to the left of her positon. So far, Charmian thought, her squad was outnumbered and outgunned—the Battle Squads might not make it in time to relieve them. There was nothing for it, then, but to shot down as many of the Emperor-forsaken xenos as they could.

“Suppressing fire!” she shouted, pointing at the Fire Warrior squad in the central building. “Annihilate them, Sisters!”

The Retributors responded as they were commanded commanded, lowering their heavy bolters and unleashing a withering rain of high-calibre shells on the distant Fire Warriors. The xenos however, much to Charmian’s frustruation, were making ample use of their cover: although heavy bolter rounds ripped apart the ferroconcrete the Fire Warriors were sheltering behind, only four of the aliens fell to the volley, and the remainder held their ground.

The alien response was swift, as the Broadside stomped forwards and swiveled its railguns at the distant Retributors. Marker-drones blink-clicked at the Sisters, and a second later, the Retrubutors’ position was engulfed in a storm of plasma and railgun shots. While most of the rounds bounced off of the Sisters’ armour or tore up the ruins around them, one Sister fell, a plasma hole burned right through her chest. As Sister Charmian shouted orders to hold, a Sniper Drone spotted her and pulverized her upper body with an accurate shot. For a moment, the Retributors wavered, but the sight of their Sister Superior being slain filled them with righteous indignation, and they held their ground.


A rumbling was heard across the field, and the Retributors rejoiced as they saw two of the Order’s mighty Exorcist tanks rumble onto the field, while angelic Seraphim descended from the heavens, singing praise to the Emperor of Mankind. Divine Judgement trundled up to the right side of the building, while Wrath of the Faithful moved up the left side. Seraphim Squads Fatima and Perpetua, meanwhile, landed behind the building the Retributors were sheltering in, readying themselves to jump further forwards to engage the enemy. The Sisterhood was arriving in full force, and soon the xenos would know the Emperor’s wrath.

Targeting the distant Broadside, Wrath of the Faithful unleashed a hail of missiles at the battlesuit that obliterated it in a fiery explosion. Emboldened by the sight of the destroyed Broadside, the Retributors once again fired on the distant Fire Warriors atop the ruined hab-block. This time, however, the aliens were firmly entrenched behind their cover,and although the heavy bolter fire tore up the building around them, only one Fire Warrior was killed.


Across the field, airborne shapes began to appear through the fog as Tau reinforcements arrived, with a pair of missile pod-armed Crisis Suits touching down next to their beleaguered Fire Warrior brethren, accompanied by the shifting forms of five Stealth Suits. In the rubble clearing near the Sisters’ position, meanwhile, the Kroot infiltrators raised their heads above the ruined outcrops, and, seeing the newly-arrived Sororitas tanks, began to sprint towards the humans’ positions.

Once again, the drones accompanying the xenos trained their markerlights on the Retributors, feeding tactical information directly into the Fire Warriors’ helms. Then, as one, the Tau line erupted in a storm of blue pulse fire, concentrating their fire once again on the Retributors in the ruins. The Retributors’ screams of defiance were cut short as the Tau fusillade engulfed their position, lighter pulse rifles raking their cover as the Sniper Drones picked them off one by one. In moments, all four Retributors were dead, martyred in the Emperor’s name.

Further back, the Kroot Shaper trained his pulse rifle on the side armour of Wrath of the Faithful and fired, only to watch as his shot pattered harmlessly off of the tank’s armour. Cursing the useless gun (which was, in his view anyway, infinitely inferior to a good old hunting rifle), the Shaper stiffened, the quills his back twitching as he heard more rumbling in the distance…


With prayers blaring from vox-casters, Rhinos bearing Sororitas reinforcements arrived on the field. On the left flank, Squad Esperanza’s Rhino rumbled up to the left side of Wrath of the Faithful, while Squad Solemnas’ vehicle rumbled to the right side of the heavy tank, engaging its smoke launchers to confuse enemy gunners. Both Seraphim squads, meanwhile, flew forwards, with Squad Fatima landing on the left flank near the Kroot, and Squad Perpetua landing on the right flank behind the steadily-advancing Divine Judgement.

Squad Esperanza’s Rhino juddered to a halt next to the surprised Kroot Carnivores, its blast doors opening and its passengers filing out as Squad Fatima, further ahead, wheeled around to encircle the aliens. Then, as one, the Battle Sisters and Seraphim opened fire on the Kroot. The crater that the Kroot were sheltering in became a raging inferno as the Sisters unleashed the full force of their flamers and meltas on them. A total of fourteen Kroot and Kroot-hounds died shrieking as they burned, or else were blasted apart by disciplined volleys of bolter fire. Before long, only the Master Shaper remained, standing alone amidst the charred corpses of his kin. The Master Shaper shrieked in defiance, even as a meltagun blast slammed into him—and, miraculously, somehow only burned off his vest, leaving him alive, intact, and very, very angry. (Author’s note: the meltagun rolled a 1 to wound the Shaper. That is one tough Kroot!)

The two Exorcists, meanwhile, eager to avenge the Retributors, concentrated their fire on the central Fire Warrior squad. Volleys of armour-piercing missiles slammed again and again into the distant hab-block, explosions sending aliens hurtling in all directions. Four Fire Warriors died to the volley, but the last three refused to run, knowing that they had to do their duty to the Greater Good.


The hum of gravitic engines filled the air as more Tau reinforcements arrived. On the right flank, a Devilfish hovered low, its back door opening and allowing a squad of Pathfinders to leap into a nearby patch of foliage. Behind the Devilfish came a pair of burst cannon-armed Crisis Suits followed by a flock of five Gun Drones, both of which tried to keep cover behind the patch of woodland. Most important of all, however, was the arrival of a single battlesuit bearing the markings of a Shas’el that touched down behind the reduced Fire Warrior squad. Inspired by the presence of their commander, the Tau prepared once again to unleash plasma fire upon the Gue’la. On the right flank, the missile pod-armed Crisis Suits flew upwards and landed at the very top of a ruined spire, ready to rain fire down on the Sisters, while the insubstantial forms of the Stealth Suits flew forwards and landed at the base of the same building.

At the Shas’el’s command, the Cadre opened fire. From the base of the building, the Stealth Suits fired on the Seraphim of Squad Fatima and shot two of them out of the air, while the Fire Warriors ahead of them fired on Squad Esperanza and felled two of the Battle Sisters. As though to add insult to injury, the Crisis Suits atop the tower fired their missile pods down at Squad Esperanza’s empty Rhino. One missile detonated against the tank’s fuel stores, causing it to erupt in a tremendous fireball that claimed the lives of one more Battle Sister and one more Seraphim. Despite these losses, the Sisters held, refusing to be beaten by a bunch of cowardly xenos.

Elsewhere, the Pathfinders, from their cover in the foliage, trained their markerlights on the distant, smoke-shrouded Rhino of Squad Solemnas, trying to gain a target lock on the crude tank. The burst cannon Crisis Suits, Fire Warriors and Sniper Drones all fired on the Rhino, sending brilliant flashes of plasma lancing into the smoke. It was all for naught, however, as a second later, the Rhino burst out of its smokescreen, somewhat singed but otherwise undamaged. On the far right flank, the Devilfish angled and fired a Seeker missile at Divine Judgement. To the Tau’s embarrassment, however, the missile went wide, swerving in midair and shooting upwards before exploding harmlessly. The crew of Divine Judgement couldn’t help but smile at this display of the supposed superiority of Tau weaponry.

With a shriek of rage, the Master Shaper pulled his twin knives free and leapt into the Seraphim, eager to avenge his slain kindred. Showing agility unexpected of mere humans, however, the Seraphim dodged his blows, leaping clear of his slashing knives and engaging their jump packs to fly up towards the Crisis Suits. (Writer’s Note: Hooray for Hit and Run!) Enraged at the cowardice of the humans, the Master Shaper turned and barreled into Squad Esperanza, determined to feast on human meat before the day was up. Writer’s Note: Boo for consolidation!)

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Default Re: [BATREP]- 1500 pts Sisters vs Tau


Singing hymns of praise to the Emperor, Squad Fatima flew towards the top of the building, eager to engage the Crisis suits, while Squad Solemnas’ Rhino trundled towards the base of the building where the Stealth Suits were hiding. Squad Perpetua, seeing enemy armour dead ahead, jumped over the intervening Divine Judgement and flew towards the Devilfish, readying their inferno pistols. Everywhere, the Sisters were on the offensive.

As Squad Solemnas’ Rhino trundled to a halt, its side doors hurled open, and the squad inside rushed out, praying for the Emperor’s Divine Guidance as they opened fire on the shifting forms of the Stealth Suits. In their rush, however, their prayers seemed to lack their usual coherence, and the Sisters did not feel the usual holy inspiration come over them (Note: I rolled an 11 for Divine Guidance and failed it) Even if the Emperor did not guide the Sisters’ aim, however, their fire was still brutally effective, as four of the Stealth Suits were annihilated in a storm of bolter, melta and flamer fire. The last of the xenos, surrounded by his dead comrades, fearfully engaged his stealth field and flew away, retreating from the battlefield.

The Exorcists, however, had much less success. Divine Judgement, tracking the Pathfinders in the woods, fired two missiles at them, but thanks to the density of the foliage, the warheads simply exploded harmlessly in the undergrowth. The gunner of Wrath of the Faithful, meanwhile, smiled wolfishly as she saw both burst cannon Crisis Suits in her tank’s sights, and fired. Somehow, however, the crew must have angered the ancient tank’s machine spirit, as the Exorcist only fired a single missile that flew in a completely wrong direction. (Note: I rolled a 1 for the number of missiles, followed by a 1 to hit. Needless to say, the Tau player was quite relieved.) Squad Perpetua, meanwhile, swooped down in front of the empty Devilfish, firing their inferno pistols at the alien tank, but only succeeded in scorching its paint slightly. (Note: I then moved the Seraphim into assault, rolled a 6 with the eviscerator and stunned the tank…only to have onlookers inform me that I hadn’t moved my Sisters up at the same time as all of my other assaulting units, and so that charge was technically illegal. What can I say, my head was out to lunch for this battle).

On the left flank, Squad Fatima soared upwards, unleashing their flamers and bolt pistols on the Crisis Suits, but failed to pierce their armour. The Crisis Suits tried to take to the air, but the Seraphim quickly intercepted and swarmed them. One Crisis Suit was badly damaged by a point-blank bolt pistol, but in reply, one Seraphim had her spine shattered by a swinging metal arm. Sister Fatima, chanting the litanies of hate, swung out with her eviscerator and cleaved the damaged Crisis Suit in half, before spinning around and tearing a massive gouge into the other Crisis Suit. Despite its damage and despite being badly outnumbered, the lone Crisis Suit fought on.

Further down, the lone Kroot Shaper hurled himself at Squad Esperanza and tackled the nearest Sister. Before she could adequately defend herself, the Shaper closed his powerful beak around the Sister’ head and ripped her face off in a welter of blood, before leaping back from the toppling corpse to avoid the swinging mace of the Sister Superior. With a collective cry of rage, Squad Esperanza swarmed the lone Shaper, eager to avenge themselves upon this foul xeno.


The Tau responded to the Gue’la attacks by repositioning themselves; the unengaged Crisis Suits flew into the nearby treeline to avoid the Exorcists, while the Commander flew down to the right flank as to engage Squad Perpetua. The Fire Warriors at the base of the spire, seeing how Squad Solemnas had just annihilated the Stealth Suits, began to fall back, eager to put as much distance between themselves and the Gue’la’s heavy flamer as possible.

Once again, the Pathfinders and Drones fixed markerlights on the Sororitas squads, feeding targeting information to the Tau forces. Then, as one, the Cadre opened fire. The Devilfish, Pathfinders, reduced Fire Warriors and the Commander all concentrated their fire on Squad Perpetua, raking them with ion, pulse and burst cannon fire. The Sororitas’ armour held strong, however, and only one Sister fell to the fusillade. That is, until the Crisis Suits jumped forwards and unleashed withering hails of plasma and burst cannon fire into them, annihilating all five remaining Seraphim in an instant. (Note: Being the idiot that I am, I forgot to pray for Spirit of the Martyr.)

Able to split their fire thanks to their Shas’ui’s hard-wired multi-tracker, the Pathfinders armed with rail rifles turned and loosed shots against Squad Solemnas’ Rhino. Heavy slugs ripped throught the transport’s armour and destroyed it, reducing it to a smoking wreck. The Fire Warriors at the base of the building fired pot-shots at Squad Solemnas as they retreated backwards, but none of their shots got through the Sisters’ armour. The Sniper Drones, on the other hand, quickly rectified this, blasting down two Sisters of Squad Solemnas from long range.

In the airborne battle above the tower, the damaged Crisis Suit flew left and right as it desperately tried to fend off multiple assailants at once. The Tau showed remarkable skill as he maneuvered in midair, expertly avoiding the Seraphim’s attacks. One unlucky Sister ran right into a point-blank plasma shot from the Crisis Suit, and her charred body was sent hurtling to the ground below. Swearing vengeance, Sister Fatima lunged at the Tau with her eviscerator, but the Tau flew out of the way at the last moment. Knowing that they were wasting valuable time fighting this lone xeno, the Sisters withdrew, flying away from the Crisis Suit and soaring downwards to assault the Tau firebase.

Near the bottom of the tower, meanwhile, the Master Shaper found his luck running out as angry Battle Sisters surrounded him. One Sister drove a combat knife into his ribs, while from behind, Sister Esperanza smashed her mace down across his back, nearly shattering his spine. Bruised and bloody, the Shaper shoved and pushed, desperately trying to fight his way free of the melee, but the Sisters surrounded him and dragged him down, bludgeoning him with the butts of their bolters. Eventually, the Shaper stopped moving, and the Sisters fanned out to engage more of the enemy.


Sister Esperanza’s comm.-bead suddenly flickered to life. “Sisters, I’m here! Please respond!”

Hearing jet exhaust, Esperanza whirled around and saw a familiar figure soaring onto the battlefield. She smiled as she saw Canoness Deschain touch down on the far right flank, landing in the middle of the ruined building amongst the bodies of the Retributors.

“Canoness! Thank the Emperor you’ve arrived!” Esperanza exclaimed.

“You have my apologies for being so late, Sister,” she heard Isobel reply. “I was waylaid by teams of enemy Stealth Suits that had infiltrated ahead. Had they not stalled me so, I might have been able to arrive in time to save Charmian and her squad.”

“The fault is not your own, Canoness,” Esperanza grunted as she slammed a fresh clip into her bolter. “It’s the fault of the xenos! Let them answer for our Sisters!”

“Amen to that, Sister,” Isobel replied, the determination returning to her voice. “Sisters, hear me—let not one of these xenos escape alive!”

The Sisters cheered collectively as Canoness Deschain arrived on the battlefield. Invigorated by the presence of their commander, Squad Solemnas made their way through the rubble to engage the retreating Fire Warriors, praying as they did so. Once again, however, something felt wrong, as though the Emperor was withholding His Divine Guidance (Yep, another 11), Despite this, an impressive 8 Fire Warriors were annihilated in a volley of flamer, bolter and melta fire. The surviving Fire Warriors, however, grimly held their ground, determined not to be bested by these deluded Gue’la.

Elsewhere, Divine Judgement fired a volley of five missiles at the Gun Drones that were hovering out of the treeline, but only one of those missiles connected, blowing apart one of the Gun Drones in a small fireball. Wrath of the Faithful, in turn, fired a volley at the Devilfish, but almost all of the missiles either missed or failed to pierce the alien tank’s armour. The Exorcist crews collectively cursed the Mechanicus for what was clearly an example of their shoddy maintenance jobs…

Swooping down on the central building, the remnants Squad Fatima opened fire on the tightly-packed Fire Warriors inside with flamers and bolt pistols. This time, however, the Tau armour held, and not one Fire Warrior fell. Undaunted, Squad Fatima hurled grenades into the building and charged in to assault the aliens. One Sister fell to a point-blank pulse rifle shot, but in reply, all four of the Fire Warriors fell, clubbed down by the Sisters’ bolt pistols or hacked apart by Fatima’s eviscerator. Buoyed by their victory, the Seraphim charged up the stairs towards the Sniper Drones and their startled operators.


In reply, the unengaged Tau once again shifted their positions to avoid being attacked by the remaining Sororitas, and markerlighted several of the Gue’la units as they did so. On the right flank, the Crisis Suits and the Pathfinders fired at Squad Solemnas from across the field, and, along with the remaining Fire Warriors, gunned down four of the Sisters in an impressive hail of pulse and rail rifle fire. Despite these losses, the remaining Sisters held their nerve, kept in line by Sister Solemnas’ reading of the Book of Saint Lucius. The Crisis Suit atop the tower fired missiles down at Wrath of the Faithful’s side armour, but miraculously, the Tau missiles simply exploded harmlessly against the tank’s blessed armour. The Shas’el, meanwhile, jumped forwards, training his plasma rifle on the side armour of Divine Judgement and firing. The plasma bolt was inerringly accurate, burning a perfect hole through the tank’s ammo-stores and wrecking the vehicle in a fiery explosion. (Note again: I THINK the shot was on Judgement’s side armour: my memory is fuzzy as to how exactly the tank was destroyed).

In the central building, Fatima and her remaining Seraphim hurled themselves at the Sniper team with a vengeance, smashing down two of the Drones with righteous fury. The Drone operator tried to flee, followed by his remaining Drone, but both were intercepted and slaughtered by the two vengeful Seraphim.


Having cleared out the central building, the two remaining Seraphim of Squad Fatima jetted down the right flank towards the Pathfinders, while Isobel flew out of the ruins towards the nearby Gun Drones. On the far left flank, the remnants of Squad Solemnas moved up to engage the remaining Fire Warriors, while further down, Squad Esperanza held their ground, knowing that, without their Rhino, they wouldn’t make it on foot in time to aid the Seraphim.

Seeing the distant Devilfish, Wrath of the Faithful unleashed a salvo of missiles. Once again, however, the machine spirit was clearly displeased, as all of the missiles either missed or detonated harmlessly against the alien tank’s hull. The last Sisters of Squad Solemnas, meanwhile, opened fire on the last four Fire Warriors and burned them to cinders, finally ending the accursed xenos. On the far right flank, one of the two remaining Seraphim unleashed her hand flamer on the tightly-packed Pathfinders, but regrettably, the Tau’s thick armour withstood the searing flame. Further down, Isobel trained her inferno pistol on the Gun Drones, but the flying robots jinked at the last moment and avoided the shot.

Shouting prayers to the Emperor, the last two Seraphim hurled themselves at the Pathfinders, hurling grenades as they did so. One of the Seraphim fell as a Pathfinder pressed his pulse carbine to her head and fired, killing her instantly, but Sister Fatima gained vengeance as she bloodily ripped the offending Tau in half with her eviscerator. Standing alone against the Tau, Sister Fatima shouted prayers of defiance as she charged into the rest of the squad. Isobel, meanwhile, swooped down on the Gun Drones like an avenging angel, her blessed sword tracing silvery arcs as she slashed into the Drones. All four Drones were sliced apart in an instant, although this left Isobel out in the open in front of the Tau guns….

In response, the remaining Tau forces maneuvered to deal with the Gue’la commander. On the rooftop of the tower, the damaged Crisis Suit once again fired its missiles at the exposed side armour of Wrath of the Faithful, and once again, the side armour miraculously held. The burst cannon Crisis Suits, Devilfish and Shas’el, meanwhile, concentrated their fire on Isobel, who prayed to the Emperor for the Spirit of the Martyr to protect her. In an instant, Isobel was obscured under a white storm of plasma, ion and pulse fire. As the firestorm subsided, however, the Tau were stunned to see the Canoness was still standing: her armour was pitted and scorched, and a single hole in her armour marked where a burst cannon shot had wounded her, but against all logic and reason, she was alive. The Shas’el, seeing that the enemy commander was getting unnervingly close, jumped back, as did the nearby Crisis Suits.

In the combat in the treeline, Fatima found herself surrounded by the Pathfinders, who mobbed her and tried to bring her down with clubbing rifles. Shrugging off their blows, the enraged Seraphim turned and hacked another Tau in half with her eviscerator. The Pathfinders, however, resolutely held, determined not to fail the Empire.

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Default Re: [BATREP]- 1500 pts Sisters vs Tau

TURN 7 (Yes, we played seven turns)

Although she wished to aid Fatima against the Pathfinders, Isobel knew all too well how much of a threat the Crisis Suits posed, and flew forwards to engage them. Squad Solemnas, meanwhile, knowing that the lone, damaged Crisis Suit had to be silenced, ran into the ruins and began to climb the tower to engage it, while Wrath of the Faithful turned and swiveled its missile launcher upwards at the Suit.

Once again, the Exorcist gunner prayed to the Emperor as she unleashed another missile salvo. Once again, her tank failed her as the missiles fired at the lone Crisis Suit impacted harmlessly against the ruined tower it was perched upon. The last four Sisters of Squad Solemnas fired their meltagun and heavy flamer up at the suit as they climbed the tower, but the Suit easily managed to evade the shots by ducking behind the dense outer wall of the building.

Frustrated, Squad Solemnas clambered upwards and charged the Crisis Suit, swarming into it before it could fly away. With all of her strength, Sister Solemnas drove her buzzing chainsword into the Suit’s chest, piercing its armour and impaling the pilot inside. For a moment, the Crisis Suit tottered, before toppling over and falling off of the tower, slamming into the ground below and exploding in a mighty fireball.

Isobel, meanwhile, shouted prayers of vengeance as she flew through the foliage to attack the burst cannon Crisis Suits. One of the suits tried to raise its plasma rifle at her, but the Canoness was quicker, slashing out with her blessed sword and slicing off the Suit’s arm, before redirecting her swing and tearing through the Suit’s midsection, ripping the Crisis Suit in half in a shower of sparks and blood. Jetting past the slain Tau, Isobel brought her blade slashing down across the front of the other Suit, grievously damaging it. The Crisis Suit stumbled back as it tried to retreat, but Isobel was quicker, lunging forwards and driving her sword through its chest, killing the pilot inside.

As the Crisis Suit slumped over, its pilot dead, Isobel looked back just in time to see the Pathfinders swarm Fatima. The Sister Superior managed to invoke the Emperor’s name before she was dragged down, the Pathfinders clubbing her again and again with their rifles until she stopped moving. Isobel was filled with rage at the sight of her Sister being battered down by the aliens, and swore to avenge herself on these aliens…

With the loss of both Crisis Teams, things looked bleak for the Tau. A glimmer of hope arrived, however, in the form of another group of Gun Drones arriving in the northwestern quadrant, which signaled the arrival of Tau reinforcements. Emboldened by this, the Shas’el wearily jumped forwards, targeting the Canoness in the hopes of bringing her down. The Shase’l let loose with his plasma rifle and ion blaster at the Canoness, and the Pathfinders joined in, adding their carbines and rail rifles to the fray. Once again, however, the Canoness prayed for the Emperor’s protection, and once again, her prayers were answered. The Shas’el watched in frustration as plasma bolts, ion traces and even hypervelocity slugs bounced off of the Gue’la’s pristine white armour. But surely, this was physically impossible-- the armour of the Gue’la couldn’t be THIS durable?

Isobel felt the heat of the Tau weapons washing harmlessly off of her armour. She thanked the Emperor, once again, for His protection, and raised her blade, preparing to charge forwards and bring retribution upon the Tau commander…

The sound of distant grav-engines made her pause. She cursed when she recognized the sound of grav-tanks approaching. The main body of the Tau force was on its way, and once it arrived, Isobel and her remaining Sisters would be annihilated. They were too bloodied to put up much of a fight against the main Tau force, and although Isobel was all too willing to die in the Emperor’s service, she wasn’t about to die purposelessly.

“Sisters, fall back!” Isobel shouted, engaging her jump pack. “We will link up with Canoness Arcadion and her main force near the Capital Precinct!”

As one, the Sororitas began to retreat, firing a few last parting shots at the remaining Tau before they fell back into the twisting alleyways of Vimesgrad. Swooping down, Isobel dove into the dense foliage that the Pathfinders were taking shelter in, expertly avoiding their shots as she snatched up Fatima’s unconscious body and flew away, soaring over the city skyline.

The Tau had won this battle, Isobel thought grimly, but the war was far from over…


Shas’el Vior’la Ka’des gave an exhausted sigh as he watched the remaining Gue’la retreat. Around him, the cityscape was littered with smoking craters, ruined vehicles and dead bodies. The once-proud central square of this human city was now little more than a wasteland.

A wasteland, El’kad’es thought bitterly, that he had lost almost his entire force in capturing. These Gue’la warrior women had fought with a tenacity and an aggressiveness that had been lacking in the more common Gue’la soldiers, and their resolute defense had taken its toll on his strike force—he had but a single squad of Pathfinders and a Gun Drone squadron left at his disposal. All this, he thought bitterly, for a ruined wasteland.

Shaking his head, El’kad’es turned his battlesuit around as the reinforcements arrived. Squadrons of Devilfish began to glide into the central square and started disgorging squads of Fire Warriors. With the main force arriving, the Tau Cadre would soon be able to push deeper into the city. Stilll…even though they had won a decisive—if bloody—victory here today, El’kad’es knew in his heart that the Gue’la would make them bleed for every further inch of the city. The faith of the Gue’la, as irrational as it was, was something altogether different from the Greater Good but no less remarkable, El’kad’es mused. It heightened their courage to the border of insanity, and made them fight on even when injured to the point of death. What a potent thing their faith must be, El’kad’es thought, if it should drive them to such heights of bravery and prowess.

He gazed one last time at the swathes of dead Tau he had once commanded. What a potent thing indeed….


TAU: 1633
SISTERS: 1400-something


Thoughts: Well, what can I say? That was a fun, hard-fought battle with swathes of dead on both sides. It seemed I had the upper hand after Squad Fatima began hitting-and-running all over the place and chopping Tau to pieces, but somehow, that all fell to pieces around the middle of the game. So, what went wrong?

1. I MADE PLENTY OF MISTAKES - I made a large number of tactical errors in this game, one of which was sending Squad Perpetua out alone to kill an empty Devilfish, and then forgetting to use Spirit of the Martyr for them. If I had at least remembered to use Spirit of the Martyr, then enough of the Seraphim might have survived to threaten the Crisis Suits, Pathfinders, etc. Which is a pity, because I was really looking forward to using my newly-converted inferno pistol Seraphim squad. Similarly, if I had moved the Retributors further back into cover on Turn 1 to avoid the enemy’s line of sight, then at the very least, I would have been able to preserve their points AND have a scoring unit in that quarter at the end of the game.

2. MY LUCK WAS HORRIBLE- Everything that could go wrong for me in this battle did. Firstly, my Exorcists sucked throughout the battle: often they would roll a decent number of missiles, only to miss with almost all of them. Those missiles that did hit would then either fail to penetrate the enemy vehicle’s armour, or would bounce off of cover. Their failure to kill the Devilfish several turns in a row comes to mind, as does that one-missile miss against the Crisis Suits on turn 4—if I had only rolled higher than a 1, I might have been able to kill off those suits.

Exorcist suckage aside, I also wound up repeatedly failing Divine Guidance, rolling horribly for my armour saves, and, in some cases, failing even worse in combat—Squad Fatima’s failure to finish off a 1-wound Crisis Suit was the highlight for me, nevermind the fact that they were killed off in combat by the Pathfinders later on.

And finally….

3. I FORGOT ABOUT THE OBJECTIVE—On the final turn, I had Wrath of the Faithful and Squad Esperanza—both scoring units—sitting in one table quarter. If I had had the presence of thought to move Squad Esperanza into the adjacent quarter, then I would have at the very least scored a draw. As it was, the Tau player, in the end, controlled two quarters (one with his Pathfinders, the other with his newly-arrived Gun Drones), and the points from that extra quarter was enough to push him ahead in Victory points for a win.

All in all, I was simply outplayed. Props to my Tau opponent for taking advantage of my mistakes and pulling out a win. In the end, this battle was still a valuable learning experience, and a good reminder of what to expect when playing Tau.

Learning points:

-When playing Tau, bring Seraphim in spades, as Tau really don’t like flamer templates and Hit and Run
-I HATE markerlights

MVP: Squad Fatima single-handedly halved one squad of Crisis Suits, and chewed through a Squad of Fire Warriors and Sniper Drones. They were the stars of this game, despite their embarrassing failure to finish off the Crisis Suit in combat.

LVP: The Exorcists truly sucked in this game. They took every opportunity to miss, and whenever they did land a hit, their shots did nothing but scratch Tau paint. In an ideal world, they would have blown up the Devilfish and Crisis Suits and mowed down Fire Warriors left and right, but sadly, this is not an ideal world.

NEXT TIME: The Sisters take on…um….some yellow guys.

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Default Re: [BATREP]- 1500 pts Sisters vs Tau

Well, if I can give you Karma right now, I would.

Nice battle, and you did quite well considering that you army is smaller than the game point size.
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Originally Posted by Emlyn
Originally Posted by FT
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I wasn't asking about the moderating staff.
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Default Re: [BATREP]- 1500 pts Sisters vs Tau

Excelent battle report, +1 Karma cookie!

Too bad on the defeat, but that's what rematches are for!

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Default Re: [BATREP]- 1500 pts Sisters vs Tau

Originally Posted by Scyrex Deledras
NEXT TIME: The Sisters take on…um….some yellow guys.
... what, Orks that haven't gotten enough sun?

Fun read, very fun read. Thank you for fluffenating that report, it made it an exciting read.
Scary Tau.
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Default Re: [BATREP]- 1500 pts Sisters vs Tau

Originally Posted by Norn Queen
Originally Posted by Scyrex Deledras
NEXT TIME: The Sisters take on…um….some yellow guys.
... what, Orks that haven't gotten enough sun?


Yes, Norn Queen. Orks that haven't gotten enough sun.

Nah, I have yet to play Orks, and I am dreading the day that I have to. Thankfully, the army I'm talking about is one of the more power-armoured variety. I shall be posting this batrep as soon as I write it (though regrettably, I will have no pics for this one).

Thanks for all the comments! (And the cookie....delicious cookieeeessssss....)

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Default Re: [BATREP]- 1500 pts Sisters vs Tau


A very enjoyable read (as all your reports are). Can't wait for the next report, sounds like you're playing the Imperial Fists next, are you?

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