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[BatRep] Tyranids vs Black Templar 1850
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Default [BatRep] Tyranids vs Black Templar 1850

Tyranids vs Black Templar Recon

Had a good game with a friend of mine the other day and I thought I'd share the match with you guys.

The Lists:

Black Templar

vow hit on 3+ in cc

Emporers Champion with 4+ invulnerable
another IC with a sword of some sort

5 terminators AC, PF

10 Marines with plasma pistol, power fist
10 neopytes

10 Marines plas pistol, PF
10 Neopytes

8 jump pack troops with melta, PF

Predator with twinlinked Lascannon, and Lascannon sponsens

Dreadnought - AC, missle gun

Land speeder AC, HB


Devilflyrant TS, ES WF
20 Devilgaunts
18 Hormagaunts
10 Genestealers
6 flying Warriors ST, RC, FH
8 Flying Rippers
5 Raveners RC, ST
2 Sniperfexes ES, EC, VC, BS
2 Zoans WB, SYN

OK so Deployment for Black Templar was two blocks of 10 Marines and 10 neopytes together as on unit with the Emporers Champion in one block and the other character in the other block.
A Dreadnought in a building, and the Jump troops behind the building the Dreanought is in. Land Speeder behind another building on the other side of the table from the Dreadnought and jump troops. The Predator deploys in the Center in a forest.

Tyranids set up both Fexes, a Zoanthope, Hormagaunts, Genestealers, and the Tyrant behind a large rock formation to the left of the table. To the right of the table behind a large forest goes the Warriors, a zoanthrope, raveners, the Rippers, and the Devilgaunts.

I get to go first so I move forward the Warriors behind a small forest. the Rippers charge recklessly forward towards the enemy. Raveners move into the forest but stays out of LoS. The Devilgaunts charge forward into the forest. Zoantrope moves forward some.

One Fex move into the rocks and so do the Hormagaunts. The other Fex goes to the side of the rocks and the Zoantrope follows the Carnifex to the side of the rocks. The Tyrant lands in a crater and passes the terrain test and the Genestealers move forward but still behind the big rock.

I start my shooting phase by shooting both Snipers into the same block of Marines with an IC in it.(Not the Emperors Champion) Shooting with the Carnifexes went well and killed a few. Zoantrope shoots into the Block and kills two. Tyrant shoots at the same target as the Snipers and more die. I fleet the Devilgaunts. No Assaults were made.

He starts his turn by moving his large squads of Marines and such slightly forward. The Jump troops move forward towards the Tyrant and the Land Speeder comes from behind the building to target my Warriors.

He starts his shooting out with the Speeder into the Warriors and two Warriors die. The predator shoots at the Tyrant and both times it wounded I made my cover save. The Dreadnoght does put a wound on the tyrant. The Marines shoot the tyrant and doesn't wound. The other bunch of marines shoot at the Rippers and end up killing a couple bases.

The Jump Marines assault the Tyrant and the Tyrant kills two of them. They in return put a wound on the Tyrant.

My turn starts by moving my Warriors forward a couple inches away from the large squad of unmolested Marines. The Devilgaunts move forward and they are in range to molest the unmolested marines. Zoanthrope moves forward for synapse coverage and to get a shot at the speeder. Rippers close in on the huge Marines squad too. Hormagaunts will be in range to assault the Marines that got shot up the first turn, and the Genestealers will quickly help out the Tyrant.

Shooting for the Tyranids will be a sniperfex into the marines again. One fex shooting one squad and one shooting the other squad that the devilgaunts will be shooting. The snipefex shooting the squad it previously shot last turn hits its mark with both VC, and BS kills a few and the squad is now down to about six or seven. The other sniper completely misses.

Each Zoanthrope has a target, one at the speeder and one at the Dreadnought. The land Speeder gets stunned and the Dreadnought loses it AC. The Devilgaunts wound the Marine squad 14 times and kills 6.

Since I fired into the marines they can move so they decided to move into my Warriors denying them an assault. The Rippers assault with the Warriors and the Raveners are moving slow so they don't make it. Devilgaunts don't assault. The Genestealers help out the Tyrant and the Hormagaunts assault the now small squad of marines.

The Tyrant and the Genestealers kill all but two marines and the last two bring down the Tyrant. Hormagaunts wound their prey 7 times and kill one and the marines kill some Hormagaunts. The warriors kill a couple and in turn the Emporers Champion and the rest of the marines kill off the Warriors. The rippers don't do much, but held them in Combat though.

His turn the Predator shoots at a Sniperfex and wounds it a couple times. Dreadnought fires a missile at the zoanthrope and and the Zoanthrope makes its save. Assaults, the Genestealers finish off the Jump marines and consolidate towards the Hormagaunt Assault. The Rippers get finished off in CC. The marines consolidate 6" away from the Tyranids.

I start by Moving Genestealers to make CC with the Hormagaunts. The Raveners come forward faster and get a good fleet roll. The Devilgaunts move forward and have range on the Marines with the Emporers Champion and wound them an astonishing 18 times killing 9 of them. The Emporers Champion with a couple Marines that just got shot take the opportunity to move 6" away from me. Sniperfexes don't
hit the targets. The zoanthropes shoot and one downs the Land Speeder and the other misses at the Dreadnought.

The Raveners still can't make assault cause of the assault through terrain rule. I come up a couple inches short of my full 12" assault and it wasn't enough to make the assault. The Genestealers make assault and the finish off all but the IC. The Character Kills a few Genestealers.

His Terminators make it in from reserves and they come in six inches from the Emporers Champion. They shoot the Devilgaunts and kill 7 of them. The Predator kills a Sniperfex. The Genestelers finish off the Character and consolidate towards the Emporers Champion squad.

My turn My zoanthropes come within range for synapse should my raveners make assault. The Sniperfex destroys the Predator, and the devilgaunts shoot the terminators and kills three of them. The Raveners assault the Terminators and not one rending shot but they do wound them a bunch of times and the Terminators save all wounds. Terminators attack back and kills a ravener. Genestealers make CC with the Emporers champion and put all attacks on the Emporers Champion and 4+ invulnerable saves him. They attack back and kill all but two Genestealers.

His turn we continue with the assaults and the Genestealers kill the two marines with the EC and the EC kills the Genestealers. The Raveners Rend one time and leaves one terminator left and it kills a Ravener.

My last turn I try to Instant death the Emporers Champion with my zoanthrope and it misses. Sniperfex shoots the Dread and stuns it. My Raveners kill the Terminator and Game Over.

Alpha level game and I had two scoring units in his deployment zone and he had none in mine so I win.

Hope that wasn't too long a story.

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Default Re: [BatRep] Tyranids vs Black Templar 1850

Good report. Thank you for sharing. +1 Karma

How many games have you fielded that Winged Warrior unit and how have your experiences been? I am curious because I am looking at getting something like them.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tyranids vs Black Templar 1850

I've used the Warriors against IG, Space Wolves, Space Marines, Black Templar. So altogether about 5 games, and they do really good. Once I got them in CC against IG the Game was over for IG. Against the Various SM they work good as a support unit to either my Genestealers or my Raveners.

If I don't have to charge the Warriors into 15 marines with an Emperors Champion who has a 4+ invulnerable then they usually take care of business much better. They have Rending Claws so they are dangerous, and most of the time my opponent is hiding in cover so that's why I have FH on them. I'm also thinking about losing a ripper base to give the Warriors initiative boost.

Thanks for the Karma boost.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tyranids vs Black Templar 1850

That was a good battle report, congratulations on the victory.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tyranids vs Black Templar 1850

Originally Posted by Devilgaunt
I'm also thinking about losing a ripper base to give the Warriors initiative boost.
I'm thinking that would be a really good trade.
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