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Da Boyz vs Chaos - 1500pt
Old 22 Feb 2008, 17:27   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 68
Default Da Boyz vs Chaos - 1500pt

As promised here is my battle report between me and Chaos, with me using the list that I posted earlier, and the evil beakies using:

Demon Prince of Slaneesh
Demon Prince of Tseentch

6 Possesed Marines
11 Thounsand Sons(I think it was 11)
5 Chaos Marines with a dedicated troop transport
1 Obliterator
1 Baneblade(Super Heavy Vehicle)

I know that technically my opponent isn't allowed to play with the Baneblade, but he really wanted so I let him spend a lot of points on 1 model.


He placed his Tank on the eastern side of his deployment zone, more or less prohibiting me from placing any large force of Boyz there. His one Prince was more or less in the middle, while the rest of his army was placed on the western side.

I had my Deffkoptas across from his Tank(safely behind cover) and the rest of my army took up positions on the other side of the table with a large piece of terrain blockin LOS from his Tank. My Lootas were in cover with LOS to more or less everything after they had moved.

My Boss joined the Nob Biker Squad.

My Koptas used their scout towards the middle of the table. I got first turn.

Turn 1
Da Boyz moved forward keeping the terrain between them and the tank, and using some other walls creatively to make sure that if I got assaulted I would go first.

My Lootas shot at the Obliterator, only inflicting 1 wound.(Never again will I use Lootas to shoot at 2+ units)

Moved his units forward, placing his transport in such a way that it blocked LOS for his Baneblade(YAY!)
Shot at my bikes with his Sons, did nothing.
Shot at my trukk with his Obliterator, missed.
Tried to assault my bikes with his one Prince, failed.
Assaulted my bikes with his Possesed, I won combat by killing 4.

Turn 2
Jumped my Boyz out of the trukk and flew my Stormboyz behind his one Prince - shot and assaulted it and killed it for the loss of 4 Stormboyz.
Flew over the middle block of terrain with my Koptas towards his other Prince - shot and assaulted it and killed it with only Kopta 1 loss.
Lootas shot at the Rhino, destroying it and 2 of the Marines inside. The rest were pinned.
Killed the remaining Possesed with my Nobz. 0 Losses so far!

Moved with his Sons and shot at my Bikes, only inflicting 1 wound. :P
Baneblade shot at my Koptas - killing all of them - and Stormboyz killing only 4 but forcing a Morale test, which I failed, and all other sobsequent ones. They ran away like brave Sir Robin.
The Obliterator shot at my Trukk, immobilising it ant tearing its weapon off.

Turn 3
Tried to mobilize my Trukk, failed. :-\
Lootas shot at the Sons and killed 4.
The Bikes turbo boosted over terrain towards the Tank. >
The other Boyz moved towards the Sons.

His marines were un-Pinned and Shot at my Bikes, doing nothing.
Moved forward with his Sons and shot at my Lootas, inflicting 3 wounds, forcing a Morale test - which I failed, and all other subsequent ones.
His Tank(did not move) and Obliterator both shot at my Nobz and were only able to kill 1 model. 4+ Invul and Feel No Pain ftw!

Turn 4
Mobilize trukk! Used it to tank shock his Marines.(It seemed like the orky thing to do )
Used Waaagh!
Unattached my Warboss and assaulted his Marines with it, killing all 3.
Moved my Boyz towards his Sons, shot and assaulted, losing combat but staying stuck in.
Moved my bikes around the side of the Tank and assaulted, causing major damage and killing it solidly.

Shot at my trukk with his Obliterator, destroying it.
Carried on with combat with the Sons and Boyz with the boyz coming out firmly on top and killing all of them.

Turn 5
Moved the Boyz and Bikes towards the Obliterator, shot at it but didn't do anything, could't assault it because it was on a very high terrain piece.

Shot at my Bikes and did nothing.

Turn 6
Shot at and killed the final Obliterator.

Final verdict: Victory for the Orks! >

This game showed me that the Nobz on Bikes are hard-hitting, damage-soaking monsters of carnage, that Lootas are brilliant against light vehicles and medium to large sized squads and that I can't roll a leadership to save my life.(I mean really, failing Leaderships of 8 and 9 for 3 rounds in a row? ???)

I'll be modifying my list - it can be viewed on the Army Lists page(your comments will be greatly appreciated!) - and posting that later.

In the meantime, may the Waaagh! continue

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha...Dakka, Dakka, Dakka....
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Old 23 Feb 2008, 02:00   #2 (permalink)
Join Date: Aug 2004
Location: California
Posts: 2,610
Default Re: Da Boyz vs Chaos - 1500pt

Excellent Bat Rep, Hawkies! Krump Dem Khaos Krummz! Glad to see that the big mob of Biker Nobz did well.

Best Regards,

Brunettes and Beer
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Old 23 Feb 2008, 02:37   #3 (permalink)
Join Date: May 2006
Location: Massachusetts
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Default Re: Da Boyz vs Chaos - 1500pt

Great job killing wiping the floor with Chaos. You know what this wins means though? You have to buy a Baneblade and Orkify it. No Mek worth anything wouldn't loot that tank.
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Old 23 Feb 2008, 04:03   #4 (permalink)
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: toronto
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Default Re: Da Boyz vs Chaos - 1500pt

I play a very similar list but ditched the lootas for a few more bikes an an extra warboss. I also have no orks in a truck which I'm going to try and fit in somehow. BTW your point cost for four deffkoptas w/TL rockits and 2 buzzsaws is off unless you don't use the TL rockits? It comes to 230 points.

So you fpund the lootas were okay. I had bad luck in testing them as they ran off the board way too fast while an extra bike mob and boss were really tough. My list lacks troop choices as does yours - only two. Come 5e. only troops will count as scoring. That means we have to keep our troops alive and go after their troops with our elite. Might mean I will have to add lootas!

Well done ... sounds very similar to my battle below.
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Old 23 Feb 2008, 19:29   #5 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
Join Date: Sep 2006
Location: Woking, Alberta, Canada
Posts: 97
Default Re: Da Boyz vs Chaos - 1500pt

Good job bashin' up da Spikey boyz. Dey tinkz deyz so tough... you showed 'em! >
"Weze don't want yer stoopid Tau lives! Shut-up and give us yer scrap!"
-Galactic Skrap Overlord Ug Metal 'Ead
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