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[BatRep] Blood Axe Kult of Speed vs Col Shaffer's Last Chancers: 1000pt Recon
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Default [BatRep] Blood Axe Kult of Speed vs Col Shaffer's Last Chancers: 1000pt Recon

[glow=Green,2,300]Orks List found here:[/glow] http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=60513.0
[glow=yellow,2,300]Col Shaffer and his Last Chancers:[/glow] Kage, 4 autocannons, 2 Heavy Bolters, 2 Lascannons, 4 Grenadiers, a Basilisk, a Hellhound & 10 Ogyrns

"Listen Up boyz cause if you ruin my plan I will smash your head in. It looks Like da Imperium has sent their filth this time, nuttin but criminals and lunitics, should be a good fight. We need to hide our trukks as long as possible till Snikrot and his Kommandos arrive. When dey arrive thats when we race across the battlefield and start the smashing."

Turn 1: BOOM BOOM BOOM Goes da Lobbas
(O): The lobbas kick things off with 3 big BOOMS!!! Killing 7 out of 8 guardsmens who were manning 4 autocannons. The Deffkoopta and 2 Trukks surge forward behind some woods jockeying for position.
(IG): Not to be out shot by Orks the Basilisk scores a direct hit on the Warboss's Trukk. KABOOM!!! 3 Orks are killed & 1 Grot who got spattered from the flying debris. A Lascannon up in a 4 story decaying hotel manages to get a side shot on a Trukk stunning everyone in it. The Ogryns in extended line move into the woods in front of them & make their way towards the Deffkopta on the other side.

Turn 2: Snikrot and Da Redskull Kommandos need more time so the Lobbas go BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!
(O): The Lobbas fire at the Ogryns resulting in 1 dead Ogryn and another losing 2 wounds. The gits can barely contain themselves as their "Hearts go BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!" The Deffkopta gets impatient & decides to move into the open despite being right in front of the remaining Autocannon and the Basilisk. He takes a pot shot at the Autocannon but fails to hit him. The 2 unaffected Trukks can no longer wait for Snikrot & launch a flanking attack on the Ogryns. Stikkbombs are Chucked, a WAAAGH is called & when the dust settled 2 Ogryns are dead & 4 Orks are dead. The Ogryns decided to try & tough it out 1 more round despite losing CC. Da Warboss jumps in the stunned trukk as he laughs at the boyz who just lost theirs. "Start slogging it you good for nutting Gits".
(IG): The remaining Autocannon decides its pay back & smokes the DeffKopta out of the sky. Luckily for Da Boss the Basilisk is unable to zero in on his new ride as its shot scatter wide it. The 2 empty trukks are torn apart from heavy weapon fire originating from the decaying hotel. 2 more Ogryns Drop Dead & 1 Ork but once again the Ogryns refuse to leave.

Turn 3: Skinrot and Da Redskulls check into Hotel California while Shaffer checks out.
(O): Da Boss's new ride zooms off & unloads its Cargo in the forest that the Ogryns are in. The Trukk Chucks Stikkbombs over their head while the Orks Charge in. Only 2 of the Ogryns remain at the end of combat & they finally decide that it is time to leave wheather Col Shaffer likes it or not. However, the Orks continue to hunt them down and 1 squad reengages them.
Snikrot & Da Skulls infiltrate into the 4 story decaying hotel that Shaffer is housed in. Shaffer is cut down quickly along with Kage, 4 grenadiers, & a heavy wpns section. 1 Kommando is killed in the raid.
(IG): The remaining Autocannon soldiers refuses to leave the Basilisk side despite 11 boyz and Da Boss looming down on them. He kills two of those boyz while the Basilisk kills 4 others. The Boss and the remaining boyz shrug it off and continue on. The Hellhound finally moves setting up to torch the one squad that didn't reestablish assault with the fleeing Ogryns but only manages to kill 3 Orks.

Turn 4: "Hunker Down & Hide"
(O): Da Boss and his squad charge the Basilisk & the lone Autocannon solider. Nothing is left but a pile of scrap metal & some red mush. The final two Orgyns are cut down & all that is left is the Hellhound. Da Boss Orders Da boyz to all hunker down and hide.
(IG): The Hellhound krew BBQ's up 3 more orks as if makes it way towards the Ork deployment zone.

Turn 5: [i]"SCREW this"[/i]
(O): The boyz continue to push into the IG deployment zone as the the Hellhound drives towards the orks deployment zone.
(IG): The Hellhound BBQ's 2 more Orks but in the end it decides that it had enough and zooms off over the Horizon.

“We just did da Imperium a favor by wiping da filth off their faces. Start searching da dead for anything of value, get dat smashed up Basilisk hooked up to our only working trukk…Big Mek Geargit can make someting out of it….oh & if someone can find Snikrot tell him I have da teeth we owe him for his services.”
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Default Re: [BatRep] Blood Axe Kult of Speed vs Col Shaffer's Last Chancers: 1000pt Reco

Sounds like it was a fun fight. I'm glad you ended up with such a solid win after a slightly shaky start. Good BatRep.

-Grandpa Ducky

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Default Re: [BatRep] Blood Axe Kult of Speed vs Col Shaffer's Last Chancers: 1000pt Recon

Good writeup. Those Lobbas sure wreaked havoc that first round.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Blood Axe Kult of Speed vs Col Shaffer's Last Chancers: 1000pt Recon

With results like that you can see why I love lobbas so much depsite what math hammer may tell you about them. I absolutely loved just sitting for a full turn then zooming out from behind cover. I would of sat there till turn 3 when Snikrot arrived if it wasn't for that blasted Basilisk.
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Default Re: [BatRep] Blood Axe Kult of Speed vs Col Shaffer's Last Chancers: 1000pt Recon

Nice, another victory for da orks! After reading this I really want to include lobbas in my army. They did good in this game and it seemed so in your eldar one to.
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