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[BatRep:] Tyranids vs Orcs, 1500pt - Seek and Destroy Gamma
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Default [BatRep:] Tyranids vs Orcs, 1500pt - Seek and Destroy Gamma

-=+ 1,500 Pts Hive Fleet: Hekatonkheires... Failure on the Battlefront +=-
  • Flyrant x1: Scything Talons x2, The Horror, Synapse, Warp Field, Adrenal Glands (+WS), Bio-Plasma, Flesh Hooks, Implant Attack, Toxic Miasma, Toxin Sacs, Winged
  • Broodlord x1: Rending Claws, Scything Talons, Synapse, Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks, Implant Attack
  • Genestealer x8: (Retinue) Rending Claws, Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks
  • Genestealer x17: (1 unit 8x, 1 unit 9x) Rending Claws, Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks
  • Spinegaunt x8: Spinefist
  • Hormagaunt x8: Scything Talons
  • Warrior x3: Rending Claws, Scything Talons, Synapse, Bio-plasma, Adrenal Glands (+WS), Extended Carapace, Flesh Hooks, Leaping
  • Ravener x1: Rending Claws, Scything Talons
  • Zoanthrope x3: Synapse, Warp Blast, Warp Field, Toxic Miasma
  • Sniperfex x1: Barbed Strangler, Venom Cannon, Enhanced Senses, Extended Carapace, Reinforced Chitin

-=+ Orc Opponents +=-
  • Warboss x1: Big Choppa, Twin Linked Shoota, Boss Pole
  • Nobz x3: (1x each attached to Shootas, 'Ard Boyz, Warkbikers) - Powerclaw, Shoota, Boss Pole
  • Runherd x1: Grot Prod
  • Big Mek x1: Kustom Force Field
  • Shootas x24: Shoota
  • Burnas x11: Burna
  • Lootas x6: 3x of them had Kustom Mega-blastas, the rest had Deffgunz
  • 'Ard Boyz x28: Slugga & Choppa
  • Gretchin x19: Grot Blasta
  • Kannon x2: (4x crew) Kannon *shell/frag
  • Warbuggy x2: Rokkit Launcha
  • Warbiker x4: Choppa, Slugga, Dakkagun
  • Trukk x1: Red Paint, Big Shoota
  • Deff Dread x1: 3x CCW, 1x Burna, 1x Big Shoota
  • Killa Khan x3: 1x CCW each, 1x had a Grotzooka, 2x Big Shootas

Hive Fleet Hekatonkheires entered an Orcish sector, and planned biomass assimilation of an Orc homeworld. The vanguard invasion force inserted onto a heavily populated area of rolling hills and scattered Orc ruins. The Orcs, quickly realizing they were in for some fun, mobilized a counterstrike force to go dish out a krumpin' on the alien invaders. The dice gods were not kind to me, as my cosmic karma finally rebalanced and gave me massive amounts of crappy rolls (seriously, for all the rending on my 'nids, I only manged 3 total rending hits the entire game, extraordinarily poor ranged hits, and massive amounts of poor failed saving throws) on top of my poor strategy for dealing with these *new for me* opponents.

Deployment: (Map Details: Brown = Hills, Grey = Building, Purple = Tyranid, Red = Orc)
I deployed with my Tyranid Warriors and Spinegaunts on the far left of the board, a Zoanthrope, group of Genestealers and Hive Tyrant left of the middle, Hormagaunts, Ravener and another Zoanthrope in the middle, my Carnifex right of the middle, and a unit of Genestealers and the last Zoanthrope on the far right of the board. My Broodlord and retinue infiltrated into the building in the middle of the board. My opponent set up with his Shootas + Nob on the far left, his Deff Dread, Lootas, and War Buggyz left of the middle, Gretchin + Runtherd, and 'Ard Boyz + Nob in the middle, two Kannons + crew and Warbikers right of the middle, and his Trukk w/ Burnas & Warboss, his Big Mek, and Killa Khanz across the right side.

Turn 1:
Top of the turn, everything of mine moved up with the exception of the Carnifex which moved back and towards the middle - including the Broodlord and retinue, which ended up being a big mistake. I couldn't get close enough to charge on the first turn (because you can't), but it enabled his 'Ard Boyz and Gretchin unit's to first turn charge me on their first move. My Zoanthropes fired unfocused Warp Blasts at various units and missed everything. My Carnifex managed a penetrating hit on the Trukk with his Barbed Strangler which was downgraded to a glance because of the Big Mek nearby, but still managed to destroy the vehicle choking it in vines and thorns, two nearby warbikers were caught in the blast of xenoflora and choked to death and decided to flee until the Nob backhanded them with a boss poll, killing one in the process but getting them to rally. The Warboss and Burnas quickly emergency disembarked.

Bottom of the turn, most of the Orcs move up, with the exception of the War Buggyz, and Kannons. A few shots are fired at the Hive Tyrant and Zoanthropes, the Tyrant takes 2 wounds from Kustom Mega-blastas, but nothing wounds the Zoanthropes. The 'Ard Boyz fire into the Broodlord and Retinue taking out one of the Genestealers. The 'Ard Boyz and Gretchin then rush into close combat with the Broodlord and his retinue I get my first taste of Orcish close combat - the Hive Mind is suitably impressed and now hungers to assimilate their brutish DNA into the swarm. The Broodlord and retinue have a fantastically horrible showing, shocked to be rushed by... anything at all - few have ever been crazy enough to ever actually choose to run into close combat with them. The Broodlord kills 3 'Ard Boyz, but the Genestealer Retinue misses the vast majority of their attacks and fails to wound anything else on the rest. Then the Orcs get their turn, furious from their charge, the bloodthirsty brutes manage to annihilate the entire Broodlord / Retinue unit.

Turn 2:
Top of the turn, just about everything moves up or into attack position, with the exception of my Carnifex. The left side Genestealers divert to the middle of the board to help out against the 'Ard Boyz that just ripped the Broodlord apart. The left side Zoanthrope aims a focused blast at the Deff Dread, and the other two right side Zoanthopes aim focused blasts at the Killa Khanz - except once again, they all miss. The Carnifex fires at the group of Burnas, Warboss, and Big Mek, landing another hit with the Barbed Strangler, and one Venom Cannon hit. The VC is dodged via cover, but the BS manages to choke 8 of the Burnas in its thorny mass, they try to run, but the Warboss backhands them with a Boss Pole, killing two but getting the remaining one to rally. The Spinegaunts fire off their diamond hard spines into the mass of Shootas, killing one before rushing into them with the Warriors. The Hive Tyrant roars into combat with the Lootas. The center is flooded with genestealers, hormagaunts and the ravener as they prepare to exact revenge on the 'Ard Boyz for killing the Broodlord. The right side genestealers swarm into combat with the warboss and remaining Burna and Big Mek. The Warriors and Spinegaunts attack in a spectacular failure, failing to wound a single Shoota and loosing a Warrior in return. The Hive Tyrant slashes his scything talons through 2 Lootas. The Genestealers, Ravener and Hormagaunts in the middle building slice through 11 'Ard Boyz, but because they charged into cover the 'Ard boyz dish out a beating in return killing 3 of the genestealers, 5 hormagaunts and the ravener. The genestealers on the right manage to kill the last Burna but fail to wound the Big Mek or Warboss, and lose one of their own in return.

Bottom of the turn, the Deff Dread moves up to charge the Hive Tyrant. The Gretchin move to assault the mass of Genestealers and Hormagaunts on the 'Ard Boyz. The Rockit Buggyz charge forward to tank shock the Zoanthrope on the left, failing to realize it's a Synapse creature and could care less about it because it's not going to fall back. The Zoanthrope in the mid-right is charged by the remaining warbikers. The Killa Khanz charge into the genestealers on the right engaged with the Warboss. The Warriors and Spinegaunts manage to take out 2 more Shootas before being smashed into bits of alien goo in their entirety and the Shootas and Nob consolidate towards the Hive Tyrant. The Tyrants slashes through two more Lootas, and the Deff Dread manages two hits on the Hive Tyrant and the one set of good rolls I get finally, saves him, Invulnerable saves double 6s. The Zoanthrope charged by the Warbikers is smashed to pieces by a power fist. The last 'Ard Boyz die in the middle (but not their Nob), but the remaining Genestealers and Hormagaunts are reduced to viscous fluids spattered all over the Orcs and their building and they consolidate towards the genestealers fighting the Warboss. The Big Mek dies, the Warboss is wounded, and a Killa Khan loses a weapon to the genestealers and another 3 genestealers die on the right.

Turn 3:
The Zoanthrope on the Left moves to shoot at the rear armor of one of the War Buggyz. The Zoanthrope and Carnifex move to attack the Warbikers on the right. The Zoanthrope on the left finally scores a hit, and manages to immobilize the Rockitbuggy. The Zoanthrope on the of course misses once again. The Carnifex pops the Bikers with both the Barbed Strangler and a Venom Cannon. The VC destroys a bike, but the BS is dodged with a cover save, apparently they've got smoke or something around them. The Hive Tyrant spits a ball of bio-plasma at the Deff Dread and blows up the vehicle, the resulting explosion kills 4 Lootas and another 3 nearby Shootas. The genestealers manage to eviscerate the Warboss, and blow up a Killa Khan with two rending hits (yes, there was only one other rending hit the turn before that took off a weapon from the killa khan - really... look at how many of my units have rending up top :sadnshocked: ) The remaining Genestealers are beaten into a pulp by the last Killa Khanz.

Bottom of the turn, the Shootas engage the Hive Tyrant, the warbikers charge the Carnifex, and the remaining Gretchin, Nob from the 'Ard Boyz, and Killa Khanz move towards the right Zoanthrope, and fail to wound it with any shots. The Rockit Buggyz fail to wound the left side Zoanthrope. The Tyrant slashes through the last of the Lootas before being slain by the Nobz power fist. The Warbiker Nob manages 5 wounds on the Carnifex and slays it.

Turn 4:
Top of the turn, the Zoanthropes move away from rest of the army of Orcs, and try focus blasting the Warbikes. The left Zoanthrope fails its Psychic Test rolling a 12, and takes a wound as a Warp creature reaches out to it. The right Zoanthrope is par for the course and fails to hit the warbikes.

Bottom of the turn, the Rockit Buggyz, and remaining Shootas finally shoot and penetrate the armor of the last Zoanthrope on the left and deal it the remaining wound it had, it slumps to the ground. The Warbikes charge into combat with the last Zoanthrope on the right and the power fist punches into its brain matter leaving a big hole in its head as it's psychic energy drains, and the Hive Mind loses contact with it's last relay on the battlefield.

-=+ FAILURE +=-
Having sustained critical loss of bio-mass, the vanguard invasion force was routed. The Hive Ships of Hekatonkheires regrouped and left the system looking for an easier prey world to devour and regenerate its lost bio-mass, so it may return and finally harvest the DNA of the Orcish horde. Considering it's first foray into Orcish space a learning lesson, the Hive Mind is now calculating what went wrong, and how best to deal with these brutes on the battlefield. It is confident the next engagement will end far less favorably for the prey.

I had some truly awful rolls, and my opponent got some really great rolls during the game - that made a huge difference, but I still engaged the Orcs improperly, now knowing what they were capable of. My genestealers were crunchy to the Orcs, and expensive units at that for what they did. In the future I think I'd prefer to fight this army with far more of a real swarm of gaunts and hormagaunts (though I'll have to get around to purchasing my Apoc Endless Swarm for that). I am used to just rushing things into combat and tieing stuff up so it can't shoot at me, and letting the star power of my Army's CC do the rest as units engage one or two enemy units at a time. That didn't work out so well against a swarm of Orcs, and I think in the future, I'll rush many more of my units at 1 enemy unit at a time and attempt to really wipe most of it out - I still have the initiative advantage in most cases. The Swarms lead by a Nob with power weapons were also pretty devastating, the swarms absorbed the damage while the Nob pumped out hits that didn't care about my 2+ armor saves on some of my larger stuff - and that didn't end well for me. I also made a critical error in the movement of my Broodlord at the start of the game.

All in all, this was a good learning experience. Normally any other army I've been up against would have been really screwed by engaging my army the way this went down. Of course, the horrible rolls I got might have messed that up for me, but still - most other armies I've faced just don't have the sheer numbers this one did, and the hits and kills I did manage would have been far more harmful to many other opponents. So I need to reconsider strategy when fighting the Orcs, they easily outmatched me in close combat with the Army I took and the tactics I used.

When all is said and done however, I will learn from this, and I already have some plans for how to make things work better next time.
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Default Re: [BatRep:] Tyranids vs Orcs, 1500pt - Seek and Destroy Gamma

Glad to see you stuck it out and finished the game, even though a loss was inevitable. Too bad though, I thought your first battle against the Orks would be against my Wamp Gataz. O well, you'll probably find mine easier to beat since I play KOS instead of swarm.

I think you just need to work on target priority.

See you tommorrow, for the Pats win.
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Default Re: [BatRep:] Tyranids vs Orcs, 1500pt - Seek and Destroy Gamma

Originally Posted by Scoutfox
Glad to see you stuck it out and finished the game, even though a loss was inevitable. Too bad though, I thought your first battle against the Orks would be against my Wamp Gataz. O well, you'll probably find mine easier to beat since I play KOS instead of swarm.

I think you just need to work on target priority.

See you tommorrow, for the Pats win.
Definitely need to figure out what to target with the Orcs, I really didn't know any of their stats going into it.

I always finish my games though win or loss. I do the same with chess and used to do the same thing with Magic the Gathering. Every now and then something will suprise you, couldn't see any way a win was possible on this one for me after the momentum really turned sour, but I'm still learning the rules and getting everything down with constant references to the rulebooks and there's no better way to learn than by doing, and hey, the loss was a learning experience.

See you tomorrow. Go Pats!
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Default Re: [BatRep:] Tyranids vs Orcs, 1500pt - Seek and Destroy Gamma

I would have focused on one flank, playing with the games of numbers.

The downside I saw to these numbers were that you spread your numbers too thin. Your concentrated attacks didnt seem all too impressive, and you came off pretty strait forward.

he like the canyon endured your wave, concentrate a bigger wave in one area, then follow through to the target who is coming to you.
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Default Re: [BatRep:] Tyranids vs Orcs, 1500pt - Seek and Destroy Gamma

Another good batrep, Nezalhualixtlan. +1.
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Default Re: [BatRep:] Tyranids vs Orcs, 1500pt - Seek and Destroy Gamma

I know next to nothing on playing bugs, so I can't give you any amazing advice on that front. However, a key to playing Orks is being the one charging. Orks are great on the charge, furious charge, however on subsequent turns, or if we don't get to charge, it's not so impressive and we rely mostly on numbers at that point, or the hidden PK Nob.

Also, didn't seem this Ork player used it, but we get a one time fleet rule called Waaagh! for the entire army, few exceptions. Just something to keep an eye out for to avoid being charged.

Good writeup by the way.
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Default Re: [BatRep:] Tyranids vs Orcs, 1500pt - Seek and Destroy Gamma

Good writing. ;D
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Default Re: [BatRep:] Tyranids vs Orcs, 1500pt - Seek and Destroy Gamma

heh, don't forget that the guys you played against still use a lot of the 2nd edition rules by accident.
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Default Re: [BatRep:] Tyranids vs Orcs, 1500pt - Seek and Destroy Gamma

I play orks and every time I play tyranids it ends up like what you did. The tyranid player figures, "Yes, close combat. I can win. I'll send my genestealers 25 points a piece (usually have additions) at his orks and kill them 6 points a piece." Well something to try against orks is ripper swarms, because every time I play them I walk though a unit of genestealers no problem than hit 6 ripper swarms and am stopped cold while trying to hack through 18 wounds so go hoards of rippers and gaunts and stay away from elites and anything high cost.

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