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[Battrep] Wamp Gataz Vs. Necrons 750 points......Planet Muck part 2.
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Default [Battrep] Wamp Gataz Vs. Necrons 750 points......Planet Muck part 2.

With the vanguard warband of the Wamp Gataz past the first Necron road block, the search for a suitable fort continued. Finkaboy picked up a couple of extra boyz, to bolster his numbers, from a warband that did not fare as well against their metal adversaries. The three fan boats glided very noisily over the crest of a hill, and Finkaboy’s eyes went wide. You could almost see the light flicker above his head.

He saw another abandoned city in the bottom of a valley. He stared forward his eyes glazed over. He pictured towers surrounding the valley, covered in big shootas and rokkits. Maybe a Mek garage, where he could start construction on a Stompa, or an airfield for some fighta bommas; perfect. A large smile tore his face apart and showed off his yellow teeth. The other boyz were confused and thought the Mek had gone mad, but none were stupid enough to say anything. Well, some were that stupid but they couldn’t think of anything to say.

The valley was large enough to hold thousands of Orks, and right in the middle of it was a large church which would make a perfect HQ. Down the left side of the valley was a row of houses, ideal for ramshackle barracks. There was even a river the boyz could drown squigs in that, looped around the right near the church. Even better there were more Necrons waiting for him. Excellent he thought time for more killing. Gamma take and hold.

“Telli unstrap dose Kannons and git cross from da shooty Tin Ead Pieramid. Dis time don’t git so close doo, I fixed da gunz, dey shud shoot farder now.” Telli and his crew of grots and snotlings tore the big gunz from the side of the Trukk and moved in position between two small tree outcroppings. Telli felt his bowels acting up again. Would he be as lucky/skilled again?

“Dum dum lobba gits, go ova hind dose buildins, and don’t blow up any more boyz less I say so. Twitch go hind dose trees wit Telli and I’ll take do otha boyz wit me.” Twitch’s driver gunned it and the huge fan propelled the Trukk down beside Telli and his Kannons. Finkaboy and his Ard Boyz set up behind a building with the lobbas to his left, while a brand new Nob got as close to the enemy as possible.

Another Monolith sat in the open with two Warrior squads and the Lord behind it. The Necrons had downloaded the information from the last battle, and were ready to face this green menace.

Turn 1:

(O): The Necrons decided to let the Orks come to them, since they wouldn’t have been able to hit anything anyhow. The new Nob, eager for combat, turboboosted the full distance to stop 15” to the left of the Monolith behind a small forest. Finkaboy and Twitch moved up too, keeping the church between them and the Monolith. Both lobba rounds sailed over the Monolith and landed in the squads cowering behind it, wounding two but failed to damage any thanks to their armor. Telli carefully lined up his shots, and let loose. Both shells hit KABOOOM, and one blasted a hole through the power matrix causing a chain reaction that tore the Monolith apart.

(N): The Lord transmitted an image of Telli and the Kannon crew to all nearby Necrons. He would be hunted down. The Warriors marched left and opened fire on the Nob’s Trukk. It was hit with almost a dozen gauss shots, one of which melted the engines and stopped the fan, thus immobilizing the transport.

Turn 2: Telli’s earlier urges were correct, and the brownish black stain running down his leg was proof of that. He could barely contain himself and sported a grin that threatened to pull apart his deformed face.

(O): The Nob and his boyz leapt out of the immobilized transport and invoked a WAAAGH trying to make it to the second squad because Twitch and his boyz had closed the gap and were ready to charge the first. Finkaboy turboosted around the church and was preparing for a charge the next turn. Just as he was about to charge the Necrons Twitch remembered they were supposed to be taking the church and teleported his squad Southwest of the building. The Nob looked confusedly to his right and say Twitch was gone. Not wanting the Necrons to get a shot at Finkaboy he charged the first squad instead. The boyz were relentless and caused 15 wounds, but the Necron armor was thick and they saved 13. The Warriors in turn blasted a pair of boyz, but one was actually saved by his flimsy armor. The Necrons passed leadership and piled in.

(N): One Warrior stood back up and resumed the melee while the Lord and the second unit charged into combat. The Lord analyzed the data from the last battle and saw the Nob as the main threat, so he position himself in such a way that he was one on one with the Nob. The Lord was quicker and left the Nob lifeless on the ground as the Warriors gaussed eight more boyz, losing three of their own. The leaderless boyz, attempted to run, but were gunned down where they stood.

Turn 3: “Ha ha, gotta get da church. Twich got da church, gonna make Zagsnikk pround, give me some teef”

“Ey dummi, get back in da fight. Wez can git da church lata, now wez got fightin ta do!!” screamed Finkaboy at the embarrassed Twitch.

(O): Twitch’s Trukk reversed its fan and backed up to pick up the mob, making room for Finkaboy and his Ard Boyz to charge in. The pilot let loose with the Trukks’ rokkit and blasted on Warrior to pieces. Khorne must have had his fill of blood, because the ensuing combat left no casualties on either side.

(N): Like metal attracted to a magnet the Warrior that was destroyed with the rokkit miraculously stood again, but the three taken apart by choppas remained motionless. The Lord quickly dispatches an Ard Boy, while Finkaboy returns to favor to a Warrior. Three Ard Boyz are gutted, but manage to chop us four Warriors in the process. The couple remaining Warriors from the first unit flee, but the second unit keeps the Ard Boyz tied up and stop a pursuit.

Turn 4: “Nows you goin down lordy.” Stated Finkaboy matter of factly as the melee tightened and the two combatants stood across from each other.

(O): Twitch sensing the end of combat Twitch’s body coursed with green energy that invigorated his boyz, The number of attacks unleashed made it look like they were on the warpath. The Lord silently replied by slashing a deep gash down Finkaboy’s left leg. In quite the opposite manner, Finkaboy howled in rage and grabbed the Lord by the back of the head. He stuck his burna right into the Lord’s left eye socket and burned out a glowing eye. Not to be outdone the Nob ignored the Warriors and pulled off the Lord’s left arm. Still firmly Finkaboy’s grasp the Lord turned his head and watched the second squad run off the battlefield. Finakboy’s grasp closed however, when the Lord disappeared in a shimmer. Leaving to formulate a new strategy no doubt.

************************************************** ****************

“What da Gork?” Finkaboy questioned the sudden disappearance.

“Dem Tin Eads dierpear when dey fraid. Don’t wanna get crumped. He be bak so don’t worry.” Explained Twitch. “Wez got da church though. Gonna make a proppa base. I want dat house.” His finger raised to the nearest building.

“Fine I don’t care. I’m takin dat one.” Finkaboy motioned to the destroyed Monolith. “Gonna convert dat to a right and proppa Mek shop.” Finkaboy then limped over to Telli and his Kannon crew. Normally Telli would cringe when directly confronted by Finkaboy, but he knew he’d done well taking out two Monoliths in such a short time. He puffed his chest out and tried to get his scrawny frame over three feet, almost on his tip toes. “Youz done good Telli, gotz ta be lucky blood in you.”

“You got dat right Finkaboy” Telli proudly stated, looking at his crew an aura of smugness emanating from him. He however didn’t even have time to yelp as Finkaboy picked him up and swallowed him whole; presumably trying to steal the luck away from the former grot and grant it to himself. Hmmm, he thought that tasted funny.

What I learned:
* I guess you can sometimes count on the lucky 6,6 roll for a strenght 8 weapon.
* The teleport power is really a pain, but was actually really funny.
* Totally surround your Nobs if possible, so they can't be targetted by IC's.
* The next fight will not have a Monolith in it.
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Default Re: [Battrep] Wamp Gataz 750 Vs. Necrons---round two

lol nice battle report i like the names you use like twitch etc makes it even better to read keep up the good battling :P
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Default Re: [Battrep] Wamp Gataz 750 Vs. Necrons---round two

Your luck is amazing. I've heard so much about the cheesiness of the Monolith and all of that has been to cast to doubt by your boyz.

I hope you write us many more battle reports. I've greatly enjoyed reading these two. The names are great, too.

-Grandpa Ducky

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Default Re: [Battrep] Wamp Gataz 750 Vs. Necrons---round two

Great job on these reports. I like the narrative you've done with them.

Those Kannons sure made their points back. With his list and downing that Monolith, though not needed, sure puts a huge dent in his approach. In such a small game, fielding a Monolith is overkill on his part. He really should have had some more Warriors and a unit of Immortals, but sounds like he learned his lesson.
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Default Re: [Battrep] Wamp Gataz 750 Vs. Necrons---round two

Awesome someone sticky these battle reps in the Ork Library section!!! Looking forward to the next one.

By the way I thought if you hit a Necron with a Rokkit that they are unable to repair themselves since the rokkit is double their strength?
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Default Re: [Battrep] Wamp Gataz 750 Vs. Necrons---round two

The Lord must have been in 6" of said Necron and had a Res Orb. The Res Orb will let you get your WBB in circumstances when you normally couldn't, with some exceptions.

I just added these to the Library.
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