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[Battrep] Wamp Gataz Vs Necrons 750 points.......Planet Muck part 1.
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Default [Battrep] Wamp Gataz Vs Necrons 750 points.......Planet Muck part 1.

“Otay ladz gatha round, I got some krumpin ta tell ya about. Zagsnikk sayz dere is some Tin Eads ova dat dere and wez ta punch trew dem and go find a proppa place for a new fort.” The assembled Wamp Gataz let out a blood curdling WAAAAAGH, as they jumped in their Trukks and prepared for the carnage to come.

Since their Roc had crashed on this planet the boyz have been unable to quench their lust for destruction and death. Zagsnikk felt like things were about to change though. His best Kommando, Snikrot had found the planet was not dead after all, but a tomb world for the unloving Necrons. Zagsnikk had given one of his trusted Big Meks, Grimmek Finkaboy, the order to Recon the Necrons position and find a suitable place to set up a base.

The following warband, http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...#msg1058508975, rolled across the marshy land looking for a fight. The grot spotters spied the enemy across a river that cut a long abandoned Imperial town in half. Most of the buildings were to the left of the river with one dead center, just South of the river; this is where Telli set up his pair of Kannons. Lobbas were positioned on the left and right flanks behind a building and a grove of trees. The three Trukks were clustered near the buildings on the left.

Floating imposingly across the river, a Monolith hovered in the open daring the Orks to come closer. To its left two units of Necron Warriors were bunkered down in buildings lead by a Lord with a res orb and warscythe.

The Orks were too busy shooting taunts at the unmoving Necrons and were slow to react when the Monolith moved forward to engage in a gamma Recon mission.

Turn 1:

(N): The Monolith moves forward while the two Warrior units move back and consolidate in the rear most building. The Monolith targets the Kannon crew with the ordinace weapon, which blows a hole in the ground large enough for a Landraider. Luckily it was a few feet to the Kannon crew’s left and didn’t hurt anyone.

(O): The three trucks successfully navigate through the dilapidated buildings and slide sideways taking up the alleyway on the left flank; the Trukk filled with Boyz blocking LOS to the other two Trukks. Artillery fire from the Lobbas rained down shaking the buildings the Warriors were taking cover in, and managed to tear apart two of them. The Kannons took careful aim at the Monolith. One shot bounced harmelessly off the thick armor, while the other splashed in the river. Telli called the ammo runt over, reloaded the Kannon, and fired. KABOOM!!!! The Monolith crashed to the ground a burnt out and utterly destroyed wreck.

Turn 2: Telli literally pissed himself while jumping up and down, not believing what had just happened. Once he calmed down though, he realized he wouldn’t get to shoot anything for the rest of the battle since the damned wrecked Monolith blocked his line of sight to the rest of the enemy. O well he thought, and yelled out to the grot crew, “Lets get dez Kannons cross dat riva soes we can get ready for da next fight.”

(N): If the Lord had feelings they would have been crushed, and both units remained motionless in their building, accept for the two Warriors who self repaired and stood back up.

(O): The regular boyz Trukks turboboosts through the river, followed by Twitch the Weirdboy and his Trukk of Boyz. Finkaboy and his Ard Boyz drive straight towards the Warriors as fast as possible. The Kannons couldn’t see anything, as the dead Monolith blocked LOS to the Warriors, so they moved toward the enemy deployment zone. The lobbas fired again, wounding six but only downing two.

Turn 3: “hey we hitting anyting?” asked one of the lobba crew to the gun chief. “frak I don’t know, just keep loadin and shootin.”

(N): Both of the Warriors are unable to self repair. The few Warriors that can see Finkaboy’s Trukk fire and manage to rattle the brains of the driver, but do no real damage.

(O): The Boyz Trukk swings around the backside of the Monolith followed by Twitch and his Boyz, ready to charge next round. Finkaboy and his Ard Boyz jump out of their Trukk gunz blazing and charge the closest Warrior squad, managing to blow the head off one with a slugga. Finkaboy Skorches the Warriors they are charging, the Lord, and a Warrior from the unit behind. The stikkbombs chucked from the Trukk help as they all strike simultaneously. The Finkaboy and his Boyz tear apart six, taking no wounds in return, and watch as the Nob rips one in half with his power claw. The Necrons flee and are scattered as the mob sweeping advances to surround the Lord.

Turn 4:

(N): The melted Warrior does not rise. The Warrior unit takes aim at the Boyz Trukk and blow it apart which cuts down five boyz in the explosion. The Nob keeps them in check and they are not pinned. The Lord beheads on boy and is later gored by the Nob, taking two wounds.

(O): Never being the cautious type, the Lobba crew fires on the Warriors, which are surrounded by boyz. Both shots scatter, one killing five of the Boyz that just leapt out of the burning Trukk and they decide to get the hell out of there for fear of a second volley. Twitch’s eyes glow green and one Warrior gets a fist sized holed punched through his chest as green death spills from Twitch’s eyes. With that he and his boyz scream and charge. Once again the Stikkbomb Chucka helps tremendously and Twitch and the Boyz kill two Warriors, loosing one themselves. The Necrons being outnumbered flee, and are cut down in a sweeping advance. The Lord manages to evisterate two more Ard Boyz, but has his skull crushed by the Nob. All the Necrons are now dead and the Warband consolidates.

************************************************** ****************

Finkaboy was now literally twice his normal size, filled with battle rage. He started to slowly shrink though when he looked around and realized there were no more Necrons to Kill. “Well boyz fights ova, and youz all done good. Cept you” He pointed at the Nob who decided it would be a good idea to get out of the artillery fire.

The Nob looked at the ground ashamed. “What dem idiots blew up half my mob.” His excuses fell on deaf ears however, and Finkboy thoroughly cooked the Nob with his burna, and fed the charred remains to Telli and his Kannon crew for a job well done.

“Time ta find a new fort. Lets go!” With that the big gunz were tossed in the Trukks and the Boyz sped off to find a new home.

What I learned:

•I love Telli and his Kannon crew.

•Stikkbomb chuckkas and reinforced rams are a must have.

•I got lucky with Twitch cause he never rolled a “1”. In larger games I will probably upgrade him to a Warphead, the luck can’t last forever. His powers worked well though, but raised a bunch of questions too.

•Lobbas are fun, even if I blow up my own Boyz. It actually gave Twitch and his Boyz a chance to charge, otherwise they wouldn’t have made it into combat. I would have eventually won either way, but I don’t think Orks would hold back.

•I really wouldn’t have done much differently except move the Kannons further back. I thought they were 24” range for some reason. That I changed in the next game though.
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Default Re: [Battrep] Wamp Gataz 750 Vs Necrons

Very nice battle report, Scoutfox. I enjoyed reading it. Pretty lucky with that kannon shot, huh?

Thanks for sharing,

-Grandpa Ducky

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Default Re: [Battrep] Wamp Gataz 750 Vs Necrons

For some reason, these Necrons seemed to stay down once you clobbered them, or they seemed to flee.

Job's a Good 'Un!


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Default Re: [Battrep] Wamp Gataz 750 Vs Necrons

Thanks guys. Yes, GD the Kannon shot was very lucky. I just laughed when it happened. I'm writing the second battrep now.

Iveatch, the Necrons were making most of their WBB from shooting, but due to being heavily outnumbered in combat they fled and everyone knows they aren't that fast.

I'll post the second battle once I'm done with it.
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Default Re: [Battrep] Wamp Gataz 750 Vs Necrons

Nice Betrep! You have a good style.
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Default Re: [Battrep] Wamp Gataz 750 Vs Necrons

Awesome!!! is all I can say. Nicely writen and keep up the great work.
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