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<<<Hive Fleet Mjolnir vs Necrons 1,500 Points Hold at All Costs>>>
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Default <<<Hive Fleet Mjolnir vs Necrons 1,500 Points Hold at All Costs>>>

So I had a battle over the course of two evenings against Necrons. Here&#39;s my first battle report. Sorry I couldn&#39;t include pictures, but you gotta start small, right?

[u]Mission: Hold at All Costs (rulebook page 195)

[u]The Lists:


Broodlord & 6 Genestealers
3 Warriors with Venom Cannon and Deathspitters
3 Warriors with Devourers
13 Termagants
13 Termagants
8 Hormogaunts
8 Hormogaunts
8 Genestealers
3 Raveners


Necron Lord with Veil and Rez Orb
5 Immortals
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
4 Destroyers

[u]The layout:

The objective in the dead center of the plain is a necron pyramid. There are a few scattered remains of a small Imperial craft scattered over the deathworld.


As per the missions rules, I deployed nothing. However, my Broodlord Infiltrated ~24" West of the objective.

The Necrons deployed 2 squads of Warriors on the East, and the same amount on the West. South of the objective he deployed the Monolith.

Necrons win roll-off for first turn.

Necron Turn 1

The Necrons hold their ground, skipping movement. The Monolith fires it&#39;s Particle Whip at the Broodlord, disintigrating 5 of the 6 Genestealers in the retinue.

Tyranid turn 1

The Tyranid army surges on to the battlefield, the only unit not deployed being the Deep Striking Lictor. Most of the army is deployed to the Southwest, streching towards the South, except for the Godfex who flanks in from the Southeast.

The Tyranids open fire with their living weapons. The Sniperfex fires at the Monolith, scoring a single hit with it&#39;s Venom Cannon, which fails to glance. It then launches a giant seed from it&#39;s Barbed Strangler, which strikes the Monolith. A 6 is scored, a Glancing Hit, followed by another 6! Bless these dice, the Barbed Strangler bullseyed the Monolith on the first turn!

The Venom Cannon Warrior spits acid from it&#39;s weapon, but fails to defeat any of the vile undead.

The swarm then fleets, with average rolls. Luckily, one of the Hormogaunt squads get a 6, and races towards the close Necrons.

As the Assault Phase begins, the Hormogaunts crash into the staunch Necron line. 4 Warriors are damaged, with only a single Hormogaunt falling in return. The Necrons roll double 6s for Leadership, and are caught in a Sweeping Advance by the Hormogaunts, who then rush to the next Warrior squad, but fail to make it into combat.

Necron turn 2

The Necron Lord arrives from Reserves. We judged since Veil is used at the start of the Movement Phase, that it would be acceptable for him to Veil when he arrives rather than move 6" onto the table. The Necron Lord drops close to the fallen Warrior squad to aid them in their repair.

5 of the 10 Warriors get back up, and join to the Warrior unit behind them.

The large now-15-man Warrior squad then Rapid Fire the approaching Hormogaunts, vaporizing every last one as vengeance for their fallen allies.

The pair of Warrior units to the East single shot the Godfex, but only score a single wound, which is promptly saved.

Tyranid turn 2

The Lictor materializes in the ruined cockpit of an Adeptus Mechanicus explorer shuttle, about 18" East of the objective.

The horde moves foward, dozens of Gaunts scrambling over each other to get to grips with the enemy. Every unit moves at full speed towards the Necrons who refuse to give ground.

The Tyranids weapons are generally ineffective this time, only downing a single Warrior from the 15-man unit. The &#39;Nids fleet rolls, however, very successfully, with all rolls 4 or higher, except for the Genestealer who march foward a single inch.

In the Assault Phase, the Broodlord and Raveners assault the Necron Lord, while the next Hormogaunt unit assault the large Warriors. The ensuing comba phase is fierce. The Necrons and Hormogaunts batter each other, with a trio of models on each side falling. Neither side gives and they pile in.

The Broodlord, in conjunction with his one remaining Genestealer bodyguard and the trio of Raveners, inflict 2 wounds on the Necron Lord, who manages to damage nothing in return.

Necron turn 3

The Necrons Destroyers and Immortals move onto the board, while the cowardly Necron Lord teleports to the Immortal unit.

The Eastern Warriors again shoot the Godfex, which shrugs off the gauss weaponry as if they were firing pillows. The Destroyers open fire at the Devourer-armed Warriors, annihilating the entire squad in a single volley. The ancient Immortals turn their sights to the dumbfounded Raveners, looking around dumb-founded at the disappearance of their prey, terminating one of their number.

In the Assault Phase the Warriors battle well against the nimble Hormogaunts, destroying all remaining five and only taking a pair of casualties in return.

Tyranid Turn 3

The Tyranid army continues it&#39;s advance, pushing the Necron line back. All the units consider North, except one Termagant unit which sweeps around the East of the ruined Monolith. The dieing broodlord throws itself towards the newly arrived Immortals, with the Ravener pair sneaking up behind him to pounce the same target.

The aformentioned Gaunts fire at the nearest Warrior squad, temporarily disabling two. The other Termagant unit, and the Warrior unload on the large Western Warrior block, taking down eight of them. The Sniperfex lends his hand in destroying the doomed Warriors, blowing away one and leaving the last two for the Genestealers, who are menacingly close to their prey.

In the Assault Phase the Godfex rams the closest Eastern Warrior unit, stamping two of the Warriors. The Genestealers rend through their target, brutally overkilling the target and swarming around the Necron pyramid towards the rear Eastern Warrior unit.

Necron Turn 4

The unit 15-strong unit of Warriors that was completely wiped out was out of range of allies, and died, but the other Necrons scattered over the board managed to repair themselves.

The Necrons skipped moving and opted for more firepower. After a volley the Tyranids had lost six Genestealers, four Termagants, and the last of the Broodlord retinue, and the Broodlord himself.

The Necron Lord charged into combat with the Raveners pair, killing one of them off and taking no wounds in return. The Necrons on the Eastern flank did not manage to injure the enraged Godfex, although they took no casualties in return.

Tyranid Turn 4

The bloodied Tyranid force advances towards the central objective, knowing they must hold it before the battle ends.

The Tyranids manage to knock down two of the five Immortals and a pair of Warriors during their round of fire.

In the Assault Phase the Genestealer duo assault the now-8-man Warrior unit, but fail to inflict any wounds and instead one Genestealer falls. The battle is seeming more even now that the Tyranid force has lost it&#39;s momentum and the hard-hitting units are falling apart.

Necron Turn 5

The Necron Lord advances towards the Tyranid line, firing from his Staff of Light and disintegrating one of the Warriors ahead of him. The Immortals open up on the Gaunt unit and kill a pair, while the Destroyers manage a wound on the Sniperfex.

The Necron Lord assaults the Warriors and manages to wound a Warrior. Over to the East the Warriors and Genestealer do nothing to each other, which is echoed in the battle between four Warriors and the Godfex.

Tyranid Turn 5

The Gaunts and Sniperfex, being the only Tyranids not pre-occupied, advance towards the objective, bent on being the closest unit. The shooting phase passes uneventfully.

The Necron Lord manages to kill off one Tyranid Warrior, leaving the Venom Cannon-armed Warrior the last Synapse on the board. The Godfex manages to stamp out another Warrior, and the Genestealer and Warriors fight to a stalemate once again.

Necron Turn 6

The Destroyers fire upon the Termagants, killing off seven of their number. The Immortals add their weapons to the slaughter, and wipe the remaining Termagants out of existence.

The Necron Lord and Tyranid Warrior fight to a stalemate, while the Warriors finally manage to eridicate the last Genestealer. The Godfex, after several rounds of combat, stamps out of the last Warriors and advances towards the last squad now hugging the objective.

Tyranid Turn 6

The Gaunts manage to knock down two Warriors, and the Sniperfex destroys an Immortal.

The Godfex bashes into the doomed Warriors, killing off six of their number!

Rolling for Random Game Length, it appears there will be another round played...

However, it is too late for the Necrons, who eerily Phase Out from the battlefield, leaving the Tyranids in control of the Necron artifact and free to devour this disappointingly barren planet.


[size=1][i]Great report. Thank you for sharing it. +1 Karma ~77
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Default Re: <<<Hive Fleet Mjolnir vs Necrons 1,500 Points Hold at All Costs>>>

That was a great first turn for you. I liked how you wrote the report, good job. I&#39;m pretty sure that Necrons killed in a sweeping advance are destroyed and can&#39;t WBB. Not sure if the res orb has a way around that, because my regular Necron player doesn&#39;t use an orb anymore. Sounded fishy though, and that would have helped you a lot.
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Default Re: <<<Hive Fleet Mjolnir vs Necrons 1,500 Points Hold at All Costs>>>

Well this has ruined my day.
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Default Re: <<<Hive Fleet Mjolnir vs Necrons 1,500 Points Hold at All Costs>>>

Yeah I noticed as I typed it out that we made a mistake there, as the Necrons should have WBBed before the Necron Lord even moved, but we didn&#39;t notice it at the time and it never had a huge impact on the game.
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Default Re: <<<Hive Fleet Mjolnir vs Necrons 1,500 Points Hold at All Costs>>>

"the Barbed Strangler bullseyed the Monolith on the first turn"

Actually more typical than I&#39;d like to admit. There&#39;s a weird phenomenon where Monoliths either get popped on the first shot or never/late in the game. Its really odd, but I feel more comfortable taking the second hit from a railgun than the first from a Rokkit/Barbed Strangler.

Vile Nids, send your local Cron over to the Toaster forum and we&#39;ll get him set up for revenge.
Friends don&#39;t let friends Jump Shoot Jump.
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Default Re: <<<Hive Fleet Mjolnir vs Necrons 1,500 Points Hold at All Costs>>>

I got really lucky with that roll. My Sniperfex has a tendency to miss, a lot. We joke that even with 6 eyes he&#39;s still cross-eyed on every one. Rolling a 6 to Glance, and then another 6 was amazing however. If I hadn&#39;t taken it down he would have open up with the Flux Arcs on the second turn, and every time he uses those damned things I am removing armfulls of Tyranids. It would no doubt have been a drawn-out slaughter of Tyranids. *shudder*

I managed to kill off over 400 points in the first turn, and yet it was still a close game. Had he not Phased Out he would have controlled the objective and win.

Consdering my win/loss ratio against the Necrons (the metallic monstrosities manage to win 2 out of every 3 games), I feel my list isn&#39;t very suited for them. I&#39;ve been very much considering picking up a trio of Biovores with Bio-Acid mines to replace the Heavy Support choice used by my Godfex, and then using the 100-or-so leftover points for even more Gaunts, since at the moment I only have about 10 more models than him.

40kenthusiast, you already know this Necron player. He doesn&#39;t use this forum much, but has benefitted from list critiques and reading the Necron tactica posted by you, among other members, making him even harder to beat. You may recognize his list as Necronated&#39;s.
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Default Re: <<<Hive Fleet Mjolnir vs Necrons 1,500 Points Hold at All Costs>>>

Close call. I hate necrons, and pitting them against nids is epic! Remember next time you play hold at all costs that attacker has first turn. There is no roll for that...
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Default Re: <<<Hive Fleet Mjolnir vs Necrons 1,500 Points Hold at All Costs>>>

Whoooo! Nice report Droidy. Man, the &#39;fex popping open the Monolith is positively epic!

I can just imagine a bunch of tendrils wrapping themselves around the crystal on top and plunging themselves into the metal itself.

Pictures would make it even better. *nudge nudge* =p

Think, it&#39;s not illegal yet.
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Default Re: <<<Hive Fleet Mjolnir vs Necrons 1,500 Points Hold at All Costs>>>

Originally Posted by kin7777
Pictures would make it even better. *nudge nudge* =p
Yeah, I know it was a bit boring without some visual stimulation. It was my first report so I was starting small. I got a new camera a few weeks ago, so I&#39;ll have to try it out for my next report.

Maybe I&#39;ll wait until my army is completely finished being painted... :shifty:
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