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[Battrep] Combat Patrol: Orks Vs Eldar
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Default [Battrep] Combat Patrol: Orks Vs Eldar

So, I was finally able to get a game with my Orks against my buddy, Nightwing and his Eldar. I only have enough Boyz for a combat patrol, so we got to playing. The board was 4 X 4 and covered with 5-6 size 3 buildings which were difficult terrain. There was a water tower, (which can been seen on the terrain board), near the center which was 5+ cover.

Here was my list:

Burna Trukk: grot riggers, red paint, rokkit = 40
Mek burna/slugga, big horns, 4X burna/slugga, 4X choppa/slugga and frags all around = 138

Trukk Boyz Trukk: grot riggers, red paint, rokkit = 40
8X choppa/slugga, 1X rokkit/choppa = 86

Guntrukk: lobba, grot riggers = 47

Guntrukk: lobba, grot riggers = 47

Total; 398

His list was roughly this:

War Walker with two scatter lasers

Vyper with shrukien cannons

Pathfinders X5

Howling Banshees X 6 or so with Exarch


I had a Guntrukk in each corner, one behind each of two large buildings in my deployment zone. The Burna Trukk was on the left, behind a building, and the Trukk Boyz were on the right alongside the other building.

The Eldar had the Banshees and War Walker across from my Burnas, both behind a building. The Pathfinder infiltrated, but stayed far away, and were set up in another building on my right. The Vyper was behind the Pathfinder building.

Turn 1:

Orks: I won first turn, and decided to go. Throwing caution to the wind I turbo boosted both trukks forward. The Burnas were behind a small building on the left, while the Trukk Boyz were roughly 6" away from the building with the Pathfinders in it. The only things that could shoot were the Guntrukks; one on the Banshees and the other on the Pathfinders. The Pathfinder shot hit, and wounded all five of them, however the 2+ cover yielded only one dead Eldar.

Eldar: Now I was ready to get shot up. The Banshees fleeted toward my Burnas, while the Pathfinders and Vyper took aim at the Trukks Boyz transport. The War Walker was too slow to draw LOS to anything. The Vyper hit twice, and needed a 4+ to glance 5+ to pen, but rolled 1's and 2's. The Pathfinders hit four times, and rolled 2D6 for armor penetration getting: 6,7,7,9. So the Eldar failed to scratch the paper armor that covers Ork Trukks. He know knew he was in trouble.

Turn 2:

Orks: The Trukk Boyz jumped out of their transport right into the building housing the Pathfinders. The Burna Boyz hopped out right in front of the Banshees, and for a change unleashed their burnas instead of using them as power weapons. When the smoke cleared only one Banshee stood, as one took a rokkit to the head and the others turned into crispy critters. A lobba shell hit the Vyper but failed to penetrate. I'm not sure but I may have killed one Pathfinder with sluggas before charging. In the assault phase every Eldar footsolider was torn apart, leaving only the two vehicles which the Eldar General recalled conceding defeat.

Turn 2 win by the Wamp Gataz!!!

I must say that I like this list for a Combat Patrol. It really hinges on the two trukks surviving, but so does any KOS list. I really like having the Guntrukks soften up infantry squads before I get there. Its too bad they probably won't exist in the new Codex. The game really came down to very unlucky rolls on the Eldar's part. My Trukk Boyz vehicle should not have come out unscathed, but I'm not complaining. I think the War Walker should have been given a better field of fire instead of hiding from inefficient Ork shooting. Eight scatter laser shots would have torn my Burna Trukk apart. O well, till next time.
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Default Re: [Battrep] Combat Patrol: Orks Vs Eldar

Well that's quick report! Congrats on the win too. I've fought Eldar a few times, and though not in Combat Patrol, it's never gone well for me. Like you said, Trukks living long enough to deposit the goods where you want them is key, I never have that luck. I also agree on his bad placement of the War Walker. All you had to bother with it was 2 rokkits between the Trukks, and single shots at BS 2 is nothing to fear.

I'll add this into the Ork Library also.
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Default Re: [Battrep] Combat Patrol: Orks Vs Eldar

Sounds a fun game! very nice, short, simple.

Originally Posted by Minako
The female race really is disgusting.

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