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[BatRep] Imperial Fists vs Chaos Space Marines - Blitz
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Default [BatRep] Imperial Fists vs Chaos Space Marines - Blitz


It's been a while since I've written up a battle report so me and a friend had a flick through the old rulebook (all we had to hand) for a different kind of mission. After a short while discussing a selection of different missions we finally settled on a Blitz mission. Who would be Attacker and Defender was more or less determined by the army my friend had brought with him, as his force was heavily laden down with a load of heavy weapons he decided he would prefer to defend. Excellent, I wanted to attack anyway

Ok so here are the 1,500pt lists we used:

Imperial Fists 3rd Company

Captain Lucthius 155pts
Master wielding a Master Crafted Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield and wearing Terminator Armour.

Terminator Command Squad 220pts
5 Terminators, 1 carrying an Assault Cannon.

Dreadnaught 123pts
with a Multi-Melta, Extra Armour and Smoke Launchers.

Tactical Squad Andius 170pts
10 Marines, 1 carrying a Meltagun. All have Frag Grenades.

Rhino 58pts
with Extra Armour and Smoke Launchers.

Tactical Squad Deceon 170pts
10 Marines, 1 carrying a Meltagun. All have Frag Grenades.

Rhino 58pts
with Extra Armour and Smoke Launchers.

Land Raider Crusader 268pts
with Smoke Launchers.

Vindicator 133pts
with Extra Armour and Smoke Launchers.

Vindicator 133pts
with Extra Armour and Smoke Launchers.

Total - 1,488pts

Legion of Blooded Skulls

Chaos Lord 155pts
with a Demonic Weapon, Plasma Pistol and the Mark of Khorne.

Chosen Squad Talnith 285pts
10 Chosen - 5 with Plasmaguns and an Icon of Khorne.

Marine Squad Uldix 200pts
10 Marines - 1 with a Lascannon and an Icon of Khorne.

Marine Squad Talith 200pts
10 Marines - 1 with a Lascannon and an Icon of Khorne.

Marine Squad Quarliz 150pts
8 Marines - Icon of Khorne.

Havoc Squad Kharloth 170pts
6 Havocs - 4 with Missile Launchers.

Havoc Squad Zathloc 170pts
6 Havocs - 4 with Missile Launchers.

Havoc Squad Cthvon 170pts
6 Havocs - 4 with Missile Launchers.

Total - 1,500pts


Ok here is a quick diagram just to show you the board layout and our deployments.

The grey area's are sections of Tank Traps, which my opponent was hoping would force my army to become bottle necked as it tried to manoeuvre past making it easier for his troops to destroy or disable my tanks.

And without further ado, onto the battle itself.


Imperial Fists Turn 1
Captain Lucthius activated his vox and spoke just two words "Begin Bombardment". Even inside the hull of his Land Raider Lacthius could hear the scream of incoming ordance fired from the battery of Imperial Guard artillery units stationed behind the field of battle. The bombardment probably wouldn't kill many of the Traitors hiding amongst their positions but hopefully it would damage some of their defences. As the last explosion began to die away Lucthius felt the Land Raider begin to advance.

The results of my Preliminary Bombardment was pretty poor, only a single Tank Trap was removed (TT in front of Uldix) and no units pinned.

The Land Raider and my Rhinos all moved their maximum move forewards and deployed their Smoke Launchers hoping to minimise the damage they were likely to take from the amounts of antitank weapons my opponent had brought to the field. Both the Vindicators and the Dreadnaught all advanced 6" allowing them to try and remove some more Tank Traps. Vindicator 2 opened the shooting phase by firing it's demolisher cannon at Squad Uldix who had just lost their cover, despite the ordance template covering every member of the unit and scoring a direct hit only 5 of the Traitor Marines fell and the survivors stood their ground. Vindicator 1 fired at Havoc Squad Cthvon but it's shot scattered behind the unit 4" it still managed to kill a single marine and stun Havoc Squad Zathloc that were in the bunker meaning they wouldn't be able to fire their Missiles this turn. The Dreadnaught turnt it's Multi-Melta on Squad Talith but the shot was saved by the Tank Trap. And with that my first turn ended.

Chaos Turn 1
As I expected them to all the Chaos units stayed where they were and opened fire with their heavy weapons. Squad Uldix fired their lascannon at Vindicator 2 but despite hitting it the shot failed to penetrate it's armour. Talith fired their lascannon at Vindicator 1 and succeeded in penetrating it but only managed to Shake the mighty siege tank. Both Havoc Squads that could fire opened up on the Land Raider Crusader with eight missiles, out of the four shots that hit not a single missile could get through the thick armour plating.

Imperial Fists Turn 2
Lucthius slammed his palm into the control to lower the assault ramp. As the ramp hit the floor Lucthius and his Terminators were already moving out weapons firing at the unit of Traitor Marines a metre ahead of them.

The Land Raider Crusader moved 12" just in front of the middle Tank Trap and deployed Lucthius and his Command Squad. Rhino 1 gunned it's engine and fell in behind the Land Raider hoping to use it as cover from the Havoc Squads. Rhino 2 moved upto Squad Uldix and deployed Tactical Squad Deceon. Both Vindicators moved forwards 6" again. And the Dreadnaught advanced towards Squad Talith in front of it. The Crusaders machine spirit took control of the Assault Cannon and fired it at the tank trap in front of Havoc Squad Kharloth and destroyed it to clear the way for the Terminators to assault them this turn. Vindicator 1 again fired at Havoc Squad Cthvon but it's shot scattered 4" towards itself but still managed to destroy the Tank Trap they were behind. Vindicator 2 fired at Squad Quarliz hoping to kill the Chaos Lord with his nasty Daemon Sword, despite the shot scattering it clipped a single Marine and obliterated him. Next the Terminators opened fire on Marine Squad Kharloth hoping to thin their numbers a bit before assaulting them, after the storm of bolter and assault cannon rounds had stopped only two of the Traitors remained and rather foolishly they stood their ground. Squad Deceon who had just disembarked from their Rhino rapid fired on Marine Squad Uldix killing two Marines. Lucthius led his Terminators as they charged the remaining members of Havoc Squad Kharloth. Despite being significantly under strength the Traitor Marines managed to kill one of the Imperial Fist Terminators, their joy was short lived as the Captain smashed their heads off their bodies with a single powerful swing of his Thunder Hammer.

Chaos Turn 2
At the start of his turn my opponent had a single reserve roll to make to see if his Chosen would arrive. He said he didn't want them to arrive just yet and they didn't disappoint him, this was good for me as well as I had enough to worry about at this time.

Apart from Squad Quarliz and his Chaos Lord who moved towards the Imperial Fist Terminators, all the other units stood their ground for another shooting phase. Havoc Squads Cthvon and Zathloc fired their 8 Missiles at Vindicator 1 and left it a smoking wreck. The Chaos Lord raised his Plasma Pistol and tried to fire it at the Terminators but the foul weapon overheated in his hand but luckily his armour saved him from harm, the rest of Quarliz fired at the Terminators with their bolt pistols but failed to even wound one of them. The lascannon carrying marine of Squad Talith tried to target the Dreadnaught heading towards them but failed to find his mark. The Chaos Lord screamed a prayer to the Blood God and led Squad Quarliz in a charge against the Terminators. Obviously the Blood God had had enough with his puppet and blade in the Lords hand cut deeply into his shoulder as he swung it over his head in a powerful down cut. Another Terminator was cut down by the members of Quarliz. The Terminators struck back with their powerfists killing 5 of the Traitor Marines. Lucthius killed the remaining Marines and the Chaos Lord beneath his mighty Thunder Hammer. Marine Squad Uldix charged Tactical Squad Deceon and in the combat 1 Traitor and 1 Imperial Fist were slain.

Imperial Fists Turn 3
Captain Lucthius spun on the spot turning away from the Traitors he had just butchered and commanded his squad to re board their Land Raider. Before he followed them he surveyed the battlefield, one of his Vindicator siege tanks was a smoking wreck and the Tactical Squad under the command of Sergeant Deceon were in combat with another squad of the Traitors. He would have ordered the Land Raider driver to make with all speed towards the embattled squad but his orders were specific. Make as much progress into the enemy position as possible. Deceon and his men would be on their own for now.

The Terminators and their Captain re boarded their Land Raider as it moved further into the enemy position stopping next to the Bunker containing Havoc Squad Zathloc. Rhino 1 continued to follow in the wake of the Land Raider. Rhino 2 took up a position behind Rhino 1. Vindicator 2 moved up behind Rhino 2 making a long congaline of tanks. The Dreadnaught moved just in front of Marine Squad Talith preparing to assault them in the assault phase. Opening the shooting phase the Machine Spirit on the Land Raider fired it's Multi-Melta at the Bunker, that close the melta weapon caused the Bunker causing it to collapse on Havoc Squad Zathloc burying a Marine under the rubble. The Dreadnaught fired it's Multi-Melta at Marine Squad Talith evaporating a Traitor Marine. In the assault phase the Dreadnaught charged the remaining members of Squad Talith and tore two of them apart with it's combat claw, the remaining members foolishly stood their ground despite not being able to hurt the walker. In the continuing combat between Uldix and Deceon all the wounds that were caused were saved by both sides.

Chaos Turn 3
Finally Chosen Squad Talnith arrived on the battlefield though with nothing but a Land Raider in sight to them they wouldn't be able to do much for the moment. The only other units that could move stood still so they could hopefully destroy the Land Raider and block the only clear route through the Tank Traps. Out of the 5 hits there was only a single glancing result and all it did was Shake the Land Raider. In combat the Dreadnaught missed with all it's attacks against Talith. And Uldix and Deceon all saved the wounds caused between them.

Imperial Fists Turn 4
Lucthius grabbed hold of the handrail on the roof of the armoured troop compartment as the Land Raider shuddered under another barrage of impacts. He opened a vox channel to the tanks commander "Keep going, we stop for nothing!"

The Land Raider, Rhino 1 and Rhino 2 all advanced 12 ". The Land Raider and Rhino 1 both managed to make it into my opponents Second Line and would score me additional Victory Points if they survived til the end of the game. Rhino 2 finished it's move just at the edge of the Second Line. Vindicator 2 stayed where it was. Tactical Squad Andius jumped out of their Rhino and rapid fired on the survivors of Squad Zathloc that had survived the collapse of their bunker and blew 2 of the Traitors into whatever hell awaited them. Vindicator 2 fired at the remaining members of Havoc Squad Cthvon and scored a direct hit that killed 4 of the 5 remaining Marines, the sole survivor passed his Morale check. In combat the Dreadnaught crushed another member of Marine Squad Talith who crazily still wouldn't run from it. Uldix and Deceon failed to hurt each other. I was starting to get annoyed at their lack of progress as my Imperial Fists hand double the attacks the Chaos Marines had!

Chaos Turn 5
Chosen Squad Talnith moved their full move towards Tactical Squad Andius and opened up with their Plasmaguns. I was horrified to see that every shot had hit and their had been no Overheats! After rolling to wound only a single Imperial Fist remained, luckily he managed to pass his Morale check. Havoc Squad Zathloc fired their missiles at the side of the Land Raider but again only managed to Shake it. The sole survivor of Havoc Squad Cthvon fired his missile at the side of Rhino 2 and managed to penetrate it's weak armour. And only managed to Shake it! ;D The Dreadnaught killed yet another Marine from Squad Talith (and yes they didn't flee again). And Deceon and Uldix killed a Marine each. And with that we moved into our final turns.

Imperial Fists Turn 6
The Land Raider Crusader rumbled forward towards the Chosen and lowered it's assault ramp. Lucthius and his bodyguard charged forwards into the ranks of the Chosen and tore them apart.

The Crusader moved 12" forwards and disgorged the Terminators again. Rhino 1 and Rhino 2 continued to move after the Crusader leaving me with 4 units in the Second Line providing they could stay above half strength and remain mobile then I was more or less guaranteed victory. Vindicator 2 fired it's smoke launchers to hopefully stop it being destroyed and earning me some more Victory Points. In the shooting phase the Terminators fired on the Chosen killing one. The Machine Spirit again fired the Assault Cannon at the Chosen killing another Marine. Lucthius and his Command Squad charged into the Chosen. The Chosen struck first and caused three wounds that were all saved. Lucthius himself smashed down 4 Chosen. The Terminators tore the last remaining Chosen apart with their powerfists. The Dreadnaught killed another member of Squad Talith bringing their number down to 5, just 1 more needs to die to earn me more Victory Points. Deceon finally managed to kill the remaining Traitor Marines of Squad Uldix.

Chaos Turn 6
With hardly anything left the movement phase was over very quickly. The remaining Havocs all stood their ground to try and deny me as many Victory Points they could. However, disaster struck with the first volley of missiles. Squad Zathloc failed their Target Priority test and had to fire all three missiles at Sergeant Andius the last member of his Tactical Squad, needless to say he didn't have a chance. The final Havoc of Squad Cthvon fired a rocket at the side of Vindicator 2 and managed to glance the siege tank, and of course you guessed it he only managed to Shake the tank. In the combat phase the Dread again mashed another Marine of Talith Squad bringing them below half strength netting me half their value as Victory Points.

"The doorway is open for the rest of your forces Colonel. Signal your landers and inform them that they can begin to land their heavy artillery. My forces will secure the perimeter of this area and prepare for the assault on the Traitor stronghold". Lucthius relished the chance to command the siege that was to follow this battle.


As Blitz uses Victory Points to determine the winner we quickly added up how much we each had:

Imperial Fists - 2,430VP's
Chaos - 303VP's

A Massacre for the Imperial Fists

Despite losing so badly my opponent said that this game had been by far one of the best he has ever played. "Just my inability to roll anything other than a Shaken on the damage charts was awesome. I hope the guys reading this report have a good laugh"

Well guys thats it for another few months. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we had playing the game.

My Imperial Guard Blog (Now with the correct spelling ):

"It matters not what form my enemy takes, I will slay him all the same" - Grand Master Daedelus

We are ever-living, our spirit is immortal, and long after the last of our people crumbles to dust we shall still live on. For we are the Asur and for as long as there is light then we will shine!
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Default Re: [BatRep] Imperial Fists vs Chaos Space Marines - Blitz

Very impressive indeed, have a cookie +1!

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Default Re: [BatRep] Imperial Fists vs Chaos Space Marines - Blitz

Originally Posted by Vash113
Very impressive indeed, have a cookie +1!

Just something I wanted to know: Was this confusing to read or follow? I've looked back at this a few times now and it looks like it might be a bit difficult to follow whats going on. For the next one I'm gonna try a simpler form.

Also what did you think of the fluff parts? Good? Bad?

For the next game we're probably going to play a modified version of a Meat Grinder with the Imperial Fists laying siege to the Traitor Stronghold.

My Imperial Guard Blog (Now with the correct spelling ):

"It matters not what form my enemy takes, I will slay him all the same" - Grand Master Daedelus

We are ever-living, our spirit is immortal, and long after the last of our people crumbles to dust we shall still live on. For we are the Asur and for as long as there is light then we will shine!
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