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[Battle Report] Orks vs Dark Angels (1,500)
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Default [Battle Report] Orks vs Dark Angels (1,500)

For reference, Jared is my friend who plays DA. I tried to keep this bat rep informative without being overly long.

Jared and I played Secure & Control, so loot counters. We had 3 that we deployed basically in the center of the board going down the length of the board, so one dead center, one towards one end in the center and then the other end center. To make reading easier, I deployed on the long edge we'll call east, Jared on the west. So one loot counter south center, one dead center, the other north center.

We both setup rather similar, the core of my troops were right between the center loot and the northern loot with Tankbustas in a northern building, Flash Gits just south of my main force and Stormboyz behind that building with my fast attack on the southern flank. Jared had his core troops likewise but with his Whirlwind and Assault Marines behind a northern building and a Tac Squad just north of that. I then deployed my Kommandos behind cover on the south western edge of the board near his Razorback and Devastators.

Jared opened fire taking out some Grots and a Tankbusta, and taking off a Kan's gun. I then advanced my boyz straight forward towards him and moved my fast attack south to go around a building with barely any shots to make.

Jared opened fire on my Fast Attack and destroyed the guns of my Trakks that were shielding my 2 Trukks and a handful more Grots went down and a few boyz from the Whirlwind. I lost a 2nd Tankbusta that round also, leaving me with only 3. I also lost a Kommando to the Razorback. I continued moving my Fast Attack so the south but the Trukks were out of range for any shots. The boyz advanced up more behind my Kans but really had no shots still. My Kommandos got into cover and took some shots as the Razorback with no luck.

My Grots were then reduced to about 2 and the Slaver who fled, Tankbustas lost 1 more and fled, a Kan was destroyed and the other immobilized (same one lacking its gun). I lost some more boyz from the Whirlwind. I managed to fix my Kan, removing immobilized, and moved my boyz behind that Kan and cover since the Grots were fleeing. I took some rokkits shots on his Dread but got nothing. One Trukk dropped off the boyz on the loot counter and went around the back of that building with the 2 Trakks and the other Trukk reversed heading north to open fire on the Devastators, think taking out a single Marine.

Jared now started to advanced up towards the loot counter with his Assault Marines behind the Tac Squad. I lost some more boyz to the Whirlwind and a few Kommandos who decided to flee. My Trukk that opened fire last round went down and all the boyz jumped out safely behind it. The Marines were now in range of my Flash Gits who I think managed a single kill. I fired more rokkits as his Dread to no avail. My Trakks moved to block LoS from the Razorback and my Trukk missed with its rokkit on the Devastators. My Kan moved up and got the charge on a Tac Squad getting a single kill but my Burna Boyz behind the Kan had a bad terrain roll for movement and weren't able to support the Kan. My Stormboyz advanced forward from behind the building hoping to support the Kan. My Kommandos mobbed up with my bailed out Trukkboyz and the Grots and Tankbustas were off the table.

I lost all but one Kommando to shooting, my Burna boyz got wiped out from a flamer, and I lost some more Sluggas from bolter fire. His Dread charged the back of my Kan, getting nothing out of it and neither did I, and the Assault Marines moved forward between my Stormboyz and Sluggas, charging into the Stormboyz. The Stormboyz lost the assault leaving 3 of the 8 and fled, though my PK did grab a Marine. My mobbed up Trukk boyz moved north towards the Assault Marines taking shots but getting I think a single Marine. My Flash Gits opened on the Assault Marines but failed. My Sluggas moved in to charge (Warboss attached), got nothing on the way in, took out a good few Marines and lost a a few themself but won. The Chaplain kept them in the fight though. My Kan managed to immobilize the Dread.

We were at Dusk now, final round, and Jared failed to see my Wartrukk ahead of his Razorback. He did see and opened up on the Trakks that were blocking LoS to my mobbed up Trukk boyz, blowing one up and immobilizing the other. His Dread swung on my Kan and missed both attacks, my Kan attacked back but got nothing out of it. My Trukk fired on the Razorback and failed. The Assault Marines took out my Warboss and think another boy, leaving me with next to nothing but they didn't run. My Trukk boyz charged in and did surprisingly well, leaving the Chaplain and a few Marines left.

That left me claiming one loot counter uncontested, another contested, and the last with nobody in range. We figured out the victory points and came up with a draw. It was a good game that could have swung either way early on but in the end it was a hard fought draw.
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Default Re: Bat Rep - Orks vs Dark Angels (1,500)

Well done on taking those loot counters - might I venture the guess that the victory points they gave were what forced the draw?

my Burna boyz got wiped out from a flamer
Talk about ironic!

Still, good battle report, short and to the point. An enjoyable read. ;D
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Default Re: Bat Rep - Orks vs Dark Angels (1,500)

You are dead one, if not for that uncontested loot counter then I'd have lost by a pretty fair margin. Even my friend was shocked at his flamer result, ironic for sure!
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Default Re: Bat Rep - Orks vs Dark Angels (1,500)

Good Report, nice and short! :P

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The female race really is disgusting.

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Default Re: [Battle Report] Orks vs Dark Angels (1,500)

Nice Battle Report, nearly beat the Bath Robes huh?
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