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Battle report 1500 points, Dark Eldar vs Daemonhunters
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Default Battle report 1500 points, Dark Eldar vs Daemonhunters

Here is a battle report between me and a Daemonhunters player, played a few days ago, so some of the details may be iffy because i cant remember them exactly. The battle is part of the current campaign, and the fluff works into the story I have been writing gradually.

Battle type: Cleanse at Gamma Level

Daemonhunters army list

Grey Knight Grand master with Nemesis force halberd and storm bolter, teleport homer and master crafted weapon (psychic power scourging)
With 5 grey knight terminators as a retinue


1 Inquisitor with familiar, teleport homer, artificer armour, storm bolter and force weapon (Powers where scourging and holocaust)

1 Inquisitor with familiar, teleport homer, artificer armour, storm bolter and force weapon (Powers where scourging and holocaust)


5 grey knights with 2 Incinerators
Justicar with teleport homer and master crafted weapon

5 grey knights with 2 Incinerators
Justicar with teleport homer and master crafted weapon

5 Inquisitorial storm troopers
Rhino with extra armour and smoke launchers

5 Inquisitorial storm troopers
Rhino with extra armour and smoke launchers

Heavy support

Grey Knight Dreadnought with missile launchers and twin linked lascannon.

Total: 1501 points

My list

Archon with combat drugs, shadow field, splinter pistol and agoniser
6 Incubi
2 warriors w/ 2 splinter cannons

9 wyches w/ wych weapons
1 succubus w/ agoniser and splinter pistol

8 wyches w/ wych weapons
1 succubus w/ agoniser and splinter pistol

10 warriors w/ 2 splinter cannons

10 warriors w/ 2 dark lances

10 warriors w/ 2 dark lances

Heavy support
1 Talos

1 ravager w/ 3 disintergrators

1 ravager w/ 3 disintergrators

Total: 1425 points (I didn't realise this until after the battle)

Grey Knights
GKC = The commander plus his Retinue
I1 = 1st Inquisitor
I2 = 2nd Inquisitor
GK1 = 1st Grey Knight Squad
GK2 = 2nd Grey Knight Squad
ST1 = 1st Storm trooper squad
ST2 = 2nd Storm Trooper Squad
DN = Dreadnought

Dark Eldar
DEL = The Archon and his Retinue
WS1 = Wyche squad 1(With 10 wyches)
WS2 = Wyche squad 2(With 9 wyches)
SC1 = The warrior squad with the splinter cannons
DL1 = 1st warrior squad with dark lances
DL2 = 2nd warrior squad with dark lances
TLS = Talos
RV1 = Ravager 1
RV2 = Ravager 2

For Reference: All directions used will be from the long board edge I was on. I had the near left table quarter, he had the far right one. On the combat drugs, both wych squads rolled 're-roll any misses in close combat'

Terrain: We had lots of pieces of Size 3 terrain scattered around, with most of it giving 4+ cover saves. The main pieces where the Sandbag bunker right in the centre of the table, the ruins of a fueling station 6"diagonally into my table quarter from the centre, the ruins of a church 6" straight towards my table edge from the centre, and a landing pad 6" away from the table edge towards the far left hand corner.

Grey knight deployment: As the scenario included the escalation special rule, he didn't get the opportunity to deploy anything...

Dark Eldar deployment: I got the option of deploying my warriors, which I did, deploying SC1 6" from the centre of the board centre, while DL1 was deployed in the fuel station ruins and DL2 was deployed in a postion so that it could move into the church ruins.

I won the roll off for who got first turn and gave it to him

Fluff: Siruk ordered his warriors into the ruined village, he knew it was a trap, but he intended to spring the trap and counter it with his own. They were not expecting him, they were expecting slow moving Chaos warriors, not his mighty troops. He put his hand up and told the rest of his forces to wait, the time for attack was after the foolish mon'keigh had revealed themselves, now was a time for Patience.

Grey knight turn 1
Basically he scratched an itch on leg and that was it

Dark Eldar turn 1
I moved SC1 into position on the sandbag bunker in the centre, and DL2 into position in the ruined church section.

Grey knight turn 2
He made all his reserve rolls, bar the dreadnought, and everything came to life. I1 deployed with ST1 in the rhino, zooming onto the board 12" straight towards the centre, with the whole squad disembarking. I2 deployed with ST2 and came onto the board a little more to the right, in the centre of his quarter, again moving 12" and disembarking the whole unit.
GK1 deep striked right next to the board centre, with GK2 deep striking to the left of the sandbag bunker in the centre, and GKC deep striking into the heart of my table quarter.
His first turn of shooting from all his squads ended up obliterating SC1, while GKC all shot at DL1, killing 3 of them, but they stood their ground at the leadership checks.

Dark Eldar turn 2
For my reserves, both ravagers came on, along with my talos and WS2. RV1 and RV2 moved into positions behind the fuel station ruins so that they could fire on the dreadnoughts, with the talos coming on at the same point, charging headlong towards them. WS2's raider moved into position to hide behind the ruined church.
In the shooting phase, I managed to shake the rhino of ST1 with a barrage of 4 dark lances (I rolled 3 misses) and then shot at the terminators with RV1 and RV2. RV2 missed all three of its disintergrator shots, but RV1 hit on all three of them, and for the first shot rolled 4 out of the 5 partials(with one full). I then wounded all 5 of the terminators, and they failed their invulnerable saves, resulting in 5 dead terminators. The other 2 disintergrator shots took 2 wounds off the grand master.

Grey Knights turn 3
His DN came on this turn, moving into a position on the landing pad. His GKC moved towards my TLS, while his GK1 moved into the sandbag cover, and GK2 moved up behind the sandbag cover. ST1 with I1 and ST2 with I2 redeployed in their rhinos, moving forward. ST1 moved up alongside the sandbag cover, while ST2 moved towards my right hand flank.
In the shooting phase GK1 and GK2 opened up on DL1, killing another one of them, but the cover save was working in my favour, saving 5 of the 6 wounds received. His dreadnought managed to shake RV2 as-well.
He then charged my talos with his GKC, causing 2 wounds and then killing the talos outright(stupid force weapons) he consolidated into the Fuel station terrain.

Dark eldar turn 3
DEL and WS1 came on this turn, DEL moving on next to the ravagers, while WS1 came on at the left hand side of the board, zooming into cover behind a wreckage. RV2 moved 24" to next to the ruined church, while RV1 moved into position to shoot at GK2. WS2's raider moved 12" and deployed them just in front of the sandbag cover in the centre, ready to charge GK1.
In the shooting phase DL2 managed to destroy ST2's rhino, killing 1 of the stormtroopers in the explosion, while DL1 immobilised ST1's rhino. DEL opened up on GKC with splinter pistols and cannons, taking away his last wound and eliminating him from the game. RV1 couldn't kill any of GK1, while RV2 couldn't fire.
I assaulted GK1 with WS2, but since i had forgotten plasma grenades, and he was in cover, he struck first, killing 2 of my wyches. I struck back and killed 4 grey knights, but since they were fearless he didn't run away .

Grey knight turn 4
He moved GK2 into a position to charge the mass combat in the centre, while ST1 deployed from their immobilised rhino. ST1 and ST2 then opened fire on DL2, but killed just two warriors. The dreadnought opened fire on WS2's raider, immobilising(and thus destroying) it.
He then charged in GK2 into the combat, and in the ensuing fight, I killed the rest of GK1 plus two more from GK2, while he killed 2 more of my wyches. Again i was annoyed he is fearless, but piled in none the less.

Dark Eldar turn 4
WS1's raider moved towards the centre, deploying WS1 in a postion to charge the big combat in the centre. RV2 moved towards ST2, while the DEL raider moved towards ST1, deploying them in a position to charge that unit. DL1 and all remaining raiders opened up on DN, but didn't do anything to it (grrr) DL2 instead opened up on ST2, killing a further 3 of the storm troopers, leaving just one to protect I2, he was quickly dispatched with RV2.
I charged in WS1 into the mass combat in the middle, while DEl charged ST1. WS2 ended up finishing off GK2 without needing the help of WS1, and they both consolidated towards the right hand side of the board. DEL's combat ended up with my lord killing all the storm troopers, while the incubi dispatched the Inquisitor with no problem. They consolidated towards I2.

Grey Knights turn 5
In this turn, he decided to throw tactics into the fire and actually charged DEL with I2, while his DN managed to shake WS1's raider. The Inquisitor was quickly dispatched by my archon.

Dark Eldar turn 5
My lord and his squad moved into his table quarter, with WS1 moving into the near right table quarter, RV2 and both raider moved towards the Dreadnought, trying to take it down. WS2 charged the immobilised rhino for no apparent reason, destroying it in the combat phase. The dreadnought managed to lose both its weapons, but as it could still kick in combat, it kept on going, though it was shaken...

Grey knight turn 6
Nothing, absolutely nothing

Dark Eldar turn 6
I shot everything I could at the dreadnought again, finally blowing it up. Victory to the Dark eldar.

Surviving units:DEL + raider
DL2 (8 models)
DL1 (6 models)
WS1 + raider
WS2 (5 models)

An excellent Victory for the dark eldar, spurred on by the fact that all the Commander and his terminators did was get shot by a ravager (though he took away a talos ) The dreadnought was annoying, but soon enough I managed to eliminate it.

Fluff: Three beings were thrust down before Siruk, all three badly beaten, one even missing half of his face. He had captured all three personally, the grand master had been shot while trying to flee, while the inquisitors had foolishly attacked him. He stooped down and looked the grand master in the eye. The Veteran met his gaze and held it, there was fight in him still. Well his haemonculi would soon rid them of that. He still had a few days before the forces of chaos where to take them off him.
'Take these to my Haemonculi, but tell them to keep them alive, if they kill even one of them, then I will hand them over to the chaos forces in the place of the one they killed' The three figures are lifted up and shoved onto a nearby raider.
Siruk motions forward one of his subordinates 'Give those terminators that are still alive over to Ka'fel, and tell them they are a present from me, then ask if I may speak to him personally, regarding Drael'Kaen' Siruk lets out a silent laugh, his plans were falling into place, and soon he would have a force capable of challenging even Vect himself.
Dark Eldar Wins: 20 Draws: 1 Loses: 0
Tau Wins: 11 Draws: 0 Loses: 0

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Default Re: Battle report 1500 points, Dark Eldar vs Daemonhunters

Nice Battle Report, great job on the win, +1
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