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BatRep: DE vs Tau Combat Patrol
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Default BatRep: DE vs Tau Combat Patrol

Greetings, my brethren.

I have come to report a successful slave raid. Our secretive Kabal, the Kabal Of The Flayed Soul, raided a Tau expeditionary force out on the world of Gu'fi. All of the weak Tau were slain bar three.

I just played a Combat Patrol with myself, and I pitted my fearsome Dark Eldar against my Tau army. The army lists are here.

Both armies' lists came to 398 pts

The Army Lists


12 Fire Warriors

12 Fire Warriors

Twin Linked Missile Pods
Multi-tracker (don't know why I took this, he's only got one weapon anyway :)
Iridium Armour

The Dark Eldar Kabal of the Flayed Soul:

Raider Squad
9 Warriors
Splinter Cannon
Scaling Nets
Slave Snares

Dracon Ksi
Tormentor Helm
Shadow Field (never leave home without one of these!)
Combat Cocaine

5 Mandrakes

The Battle

Dark Eldar First Turn


Both armies started at opposite board edges, as per normal setup rules. There were a few hills scattered across the battlefield, but these were not relevant to the battle. The Dark Eldar were attacking, so they got first turn. I used this opportunity to move my raider the full 12 inches up the right side of the board. I also moved my Mandrakes (one on each side and one in the middle) 6 inches, as per their Hidden Deployment rule. I then Disembarked my Dracon 2 inches forward.


I was in range of one of the Tau Fire Warrior squads with my Splinter Rifles and Cannons, and let rip with everything. I managed to score a truly EPIC total of... 2 kills.

I then Fleet of Footed my Dracon 4 inches.

This shooting phase I forgot to fire my Dark Lance. :


I rolled for a dangerous 3 combat drugs (12" charge, +1 attack, +1 str.) and received no overdose. (for now.) I charged into the Fire Warrior squad head on, and attacked causing 3 kills.

Tau Turn 1

Following the loss of a Fire Warrior squads shooting abilities (they were tied up in combat), the Shas'O angrily let rip with his Missile Pods on the Raider. 4 penetrating hits, 2 of which were Vehicle Destroyed results. The Dark Eldar squad jumped out, and into the range of the other Fire Warriors squad's rifles.

They let rip with their Pulse Rifles, and wiped out the whole unit bar 2 Warriors, one with a Splinter Cannon.

Sorry, but I've got to go to bed, so I'll cut a long story short.

The rest of the battle proceeded like this: The Dark Eldar warriors passed their Ld test, and shot the Shas'O, doing no damage. They then charged him, and got slaughtered.

The Mandrakes uncovered themselves while my Lord had consolidated, charged, and killed the Shas'O. They charged the last Fire Warrior squad, and tied them up, inflicting 4 casualties in total. The Lord charged in and took a wound from drug overdose. The last Mandrake ran away, just as the Lord charged into combat. That Mandrake kept running throughout the rest of the game, while the Lord carved up the Fire Warrior squad. In the end, the remaining 3 Fire Warriors fed off the board, the Mandrake didn't manage to get off the board, and my Lord's shadow field was intact.

So, the results:

Tau: No units left on the table. 3 ran, the rest got killed.

Dark Eldar: 1 Lord suffered one wound from drug overdose, but was otherwise intact. The fleeing Mandrake did not manage to get off the board, so will be hunted down by the Dracon and sliced to death.

Thanks for reviewing my battle report, my first ever battle where I won with my DE (out of 3), and with 3 slaves taken.

Now get back to raiding!!

-Lord of the Pit

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Default Re: BatRep: DE vs Tau Combat Patrol

Ermmm well done on beating yourself there?

Though at least your battle report is well written and spaced.

Now get out there and start beating the real enemies
Dark Eldar Wins: 20 Draws: 1 Loses: 0
Tau Wins: 11 Draws: 0 Loses: 0

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Default Re: BatRep: DE vs Tau Combat Patrol

eh one question, why were you playing youself ???
Originally Posted by Circus
Cheesy? It sounds like a Sisters of Battle porno video!
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Default Re: BatRep: DE vs Tau Combat Patrol

Because my dad's a lazy bum and we had a tournament yesterday.

Me an' me dad might have a game this weekend.
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Default Re: BatRep: DE vs Tau Combat Patrol

It's not horribly bad to set up a game and play both sides of the table (I call this a 'scrimmage&#39. It's one way to test certain tactics for those of us who need the 3d effect of the table, terrain, and models. I did this occasionally when finding the time to get in a real game with another opponent was too much hassle.

One thing you have to be careful about, though, is subconsciously favoring an army- investing more energy into the moves of one army versus the other. It's best not to trust yourself in this situation- so just bear that in mind when you run a scrimmage.

That said- there are important things you can learn in a scrimmage. For instance, you get "ideal" deployment. You already know what's on each list, what unit should counter what other unit and the relative geometries of those units. A scrimmage takes your paper list and forces you to make it work in terms of deployment. An all-raider list is great on paper, but it takes skill to properly stagger and hide the models.

Scrimmages also let you isolate specific situations and learn from them- on either end of the field. For example- you learn when to expose a mandrake, and then from the Tau end how to properly deal with someone who uses mandrakes.

It's items like this that make a scrimmage worthwhile. But rest assured, it's not quite a 'game' until you get another player involved.

- Yriel
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