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[Battle Report] Orks vs. Ultramarines, 2000 points
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Default [Battle Report] Orks vs. Ultramarines, 2000 points

This is the concluding battle to an ongoing 'rolling' campaign between my mate and myself. In short the campaign revolves around the Ultramarines trying to prevent the Orks from building a space hulk and launching a big Waaagh! on various defenceless planets in the vicinity. By this point the situation was so greatly in my favour we decided just to have one last game to determine whether mine was a major or minor victory. So without further ado, here's the report...

"No Way Out"

The story so far: Having managed to smash through the Ultramarines' lines and overwhelm their outer defences, Boss Badklaw now approaches the beakies' main encampment itself. The Ultramarines have no hope of completing their objective but can still prevent utter failure if they manage to leave the planet and warn Chapter command of the impeding Waaagh!. However, their plans to pull a hasty retreat are quickly dashed by the arrival of a massive mob of boyz attacking from the other side, Badklaw having cunningly ordered his Kommandos to lead da ladz through underground tunnels to ambush the Marines from behind. Trapped, the Ultramarines must attempt to punch through the hordes of attackers surrounding the encampment on all sides to make their escape.

Mission: Breakout, 2000 points
Armies: Orks (Freebooters) vs. Ultramarines
Attackers: Ultramarines
Defenders: Orks

Ork forces:
-Mega armoured Warboss with Nobz retinue, mounted in a Trukk
-12 Flash Gitz with a Nob, armed with kustom shootas and rokkit launchas
-9 Kommandos with a Nob
-10 Tankbusta Boyz
-8 Burna Boyz with 4 burnas including a Mek with a kustom force field
-18 Shoota Boyz with 3 rokkit launchas
-18 Slugga Boyz with 3 rokkit launchas
-28 Grotz with a Slaver and Squighound
-3 Wartrakkz
-20 Slugga Boyz with a Nob and 3 burnas, mounted in a Battlewagon
-Looted Leman Russ

Ultramarines forces:
-'Master of Sanctity' Chaplain with a jump pack
-10 Assault Marines
-9 Tactical Marines
-9 Tactical Marines
-10 Veteran Marines
-10 Scouts with a mix of Bolters and Shotguns
-7 Scout Snipers
-Dreadnought with TL Lascannons and a Missile launcher
-2 Land Speeders with Multi-meltas
-5 Bikes, including 1 Attack Bike

Board: 4' x 6' rectangular board, with the Ultramarines' encampment in the middle, woods to the east and open ground to the west with some rocky outcrops, a shed in the centre west and a tower in the southwest.

Ultramarines The Marines deployed first, cramming all their forces into the encampment with the Veterans facing east, the vehicles, Techmarine and Assault squad facing west, the Scouts dead centre and the Tactical squads at the corners. The Chaplain joined the Assault squad and would remain with them for the rest of the game.

Orks The Orks then deployed, with da Boss and his retinue in their Trukk parked behind the shed in the west. Accompanying them were the boyz in the Battlewagon, the Looted Leman Russ escorted by the Wartrakkz in the northwest and the Flash Gitz in the southwestern tower. To the east, the Grotz formed a long line parallel to the short board edge, with almost all da boyz crowding behind them, except the Tankbustas who deployed behind a hill in the northeast and the Kommandos who deployed in a forest in the south.

Boss Badklaw adjusted the zoom-in on his bionic eye and grinned. He liked what he saw. The beakies were panicking, running in frantic circles around their camp trying to figure out what to do. If he knew them, which he did, they'd never try to break through his throng of boyz in the east because they'd just get bogged down and pounded to dust. That meant that most of them would be coming towards him. Which meant more heads for him to break. Which made him happy. He flicked his Power Klaw on to full power and gestured to his Nobz to get on board the Trukk.

"Let's stomp some 'umiez!"

Turn 1:
Ultramarines A dice roll of 4 indicated that the Marines had the first turn. Wasting no time, the Tactical squads hurried into defensive positions at the sandbags and low walls ringing the edges of the encampment. The Chaplain led his Assault squad west, followed by the vehicles. The Techmarine stayed close to the Vindicator, and the Scouts and Veterans held their position. The shooting phase saw 2 Flash Gitz fall to the sniper rifles of the Scouts and the Leman Russ stunned by the Dreadnought's Lascannon, while the other Scouts killed 2 Grots. A well-placed shot from the Vindicator destroyed 2 Wartrakkz and the Assault squad's plasma pistols disarmed the third. The Land Speeders and Bikes shot at the Battlewagon, managing to inflict precisely no damage whatsoever.

Orks The Battlewagon surged forward, powered by its turbo boostas and red paint job as the boyz standing on its platforms jeered and made faces at the Speeder and Biker Marines, mocking their poor gunnery. To the shocked dismay of the Ultramarines player, Badklaw's Trukk raced out from behind the eastern shed he'd failed to notice it completely, apparently! (Well, there goes an advantage of small Trukks for you.) In the east, the Ork horde advanced as one through the trees, the Kommandos quietly slipping into assault distance of a Tactical squad. The Tankbustas climbed up the hill and lined up their sights on the Vindicator's rear armour, but, depressingly enough, the beakie tank was out of range. The rest of the greenies had more luck and the combined firepower of boyz and grotz brought down 5 Veteran marines and 2 Scouts. The Leman Russ scored a glancing hit against the Vindicator, shaking its crew, while the Trukk's rokkit launcha destroyed the Dreadnought's Lascannon and the Battlewagon's weapons blasted a Land Speeder apart as well as stunning the other one. The Kommandos then charged, killing all but 3 Tactical marines while losing 4 of their own. Badklaw and his Nobz charged the Chaplain and Assault squad, killing 6 Marines and losing a single Nob. Finally, the Battlewagon boyz jumped out of their transport and gleefully slaughtered the entire Bike squad.

Turn 2:
Ultramarines The Vindicator and Dreadnought continued to make for the board edge, while the Scouts and Tactical squads held their position. The Veterans moved into assault range of the Kommandos. In the shooting phase, the Tactical squad nearest to the Battlewagon boyz rapid-fired their Bolters, killing 7 Orks. The Dreadnought's missile launcher destroyed the remaining Trakk and the Vindicator immobilised the Looted Leman Russ. The Scout snipers fired at the Flash Gitz but must have accidentally loaded blanks since they inflicted no wounds at all. The other Scouts shot at the Grots again, killing a further 3. The Assault phase saw the Kommandos reduced to the Nob and a Burna boy, who fought back and managed to kill 2 Veterans while in the west, 2 more Nobz were killed before the rest of the Assault squad was wiped out.

Orks The Grot riggers set to work with their rolls of sticky tape and little screwdrivers, repairing the Looted Leman Russ which promptly disarmed the Vindicator. The Battlewagon fired at the Dreadnought to no effect, and the Flash Gitz succeeded in killing 2 Marines with their rokkit launchas. The Battlewagon boyz closed in on the stunned Land Speeder, quickly dismantling it with their burnas and pocketing bits of scrap metal to sell off to da Mekz later. They then threw themselves into combat against the closest Tactical squad of Marines, whistling happy tunes as they prepared to beat the beakies senseless. A short distance away, the Space Marine Chaplain cut down the rest of Badklaw's bodyguard, burning with rage. That didn't particularly bother Badklaw though, since it meant that he got to smash the Chaplain into pulp while he wasn't paying attention. Having won the combat, he consolidated and began jumping up and down on the Chaplain's remains just for fun. The Kommandos didn't fare quite as well though and ended up being wiped out before even getting a single hit in.

Turn 3:
Ultramarines The Techmarine called upon the favour of the Omnissiah, whose blessing restored the function of the Vindicator's demolisher cannon. At this point, the Ultramarines player realised there was no point holding his position any more and began moving all his troops west away from the rapidly-approaching tide of green. The Vindicator and the Dreadnought continued their advance, their combined fire stunning the Looted Leman Russ. In the Assault phase, the Tactical marines in the west fought the boyz, killing 3 Orks and losing 2 Marines.

Orks Bored of jumping up and down on what was left of the Chaplain, Badklaw wandered off in search of something else to kill. The boyz in the east pressed forward, finally making it clear of the confounding woods and bringing down 3 Scout snipers with rokkit launcha fire. The Battlewagon fired yet again at the Dreadnought, managing to destroy its Missile launcher while the Flash Gitz sniped off a single Marine. Extremely bad rolls in the assault phase meant that each side involved in the fight down south lost 2 models, resulting in another stalemate. Up north, Badklaw charged the Techmarine, easily swatting aside the beakie's pathetic attempts to fight back before mashing his skull with his Power Klaw. Badklaw then consolidated into the Dreadnought.

Turn 4:
Ultramarines The Marines continued fleeing west, with the Scouts and Veterans moving into assault distance of the Battlewagon boyz. The Vindicator fired at the Looted Leman Russ but missed horribly. In the assault phase, the Scouts and Veterans charged the boyz, killing all but 4 and the Nob. Roaring their defiance, the Orks fought back and kicked in white-helmeted heads repeatedly, leaving only 1 Veteran Marine alive.

Orks The Grotz in the Looted Leman Russ found a small idol of Mork stashed away somewhere in the tank's glove compartment and hung it on the cannon barrel for luck. Sure enough, a direct hit blew the Vindicator to smithereens. In the meantime, the Flash Gitz gun down the last surviving Space Marine from the squad they'd been shooting at for the last couple of turns. Come the assault phase, the Dreadnought realised that his decision not to have been fitted with a combat arm was an incredibly bad idea, as his attacks simply bounced harmlessly off Badklaw's mega armour. Grumbling something about it all being too easy, Badklaw raised his Power Klaw and tore the Dreadnought apart.

At this point, the Ultramarines player realised that I'd destroyed over half his units and there was no way he could possibly win, so he conceded the match.

Victory to the Orks!
"Beakiez? Wot beakiez?" -Big Mek Axis, absent-minded response to oiler Grot while blasting Space Marines apart
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Default Re: [Battle Report] Orks vs. Ultramarines, 2000 points

Pretty good battle, you smashed dem umies' up good! Although I like Tau, I just felt like speaking Ork, lol. Again, pretty good battle.
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Default Re: [Battle Report] Orks vs. Ultramarines, 2000 points

I see that in turn 1 for the beakies that they stunned your leman russ but in your turn you shot with it...how come?
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Default Re: [Battle Report] Orks vs. Ultramarines, 2000 points

Ah. That was a slight oversight on the part of both players. When the Russ got immobilised we stuck an immobilised marker on it and we'd both forgotten about the 'stunned' bit next turn. We did realise it happened a little later on but my opponent graciously decided to let it slip. In any case, the 'cheat' shot didn't actually do anything since the Machine God took it upon himself to rectify it in very short order, so that turned out okay and I left it in the report.
"Beakiez? Wot beakiez?" -Big Mek Axis, absent-minded response to oiler Grot while blasting Space Marines apart
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Default Re: [Battle Report] Orks vs. Ultramarines, 2000 points

good raport, smashin Beakies is fun.

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