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Orks vs Dark Angel Beakies (Battle Report)
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Default Orks vs Dark Angel Beakies (Battle Report)

So this past Saturday I played a friend who plays Dark Angels, a friend I have yet to beat and this past weekend was no exception. I'm looking for some advice so figured I'd give a brief battle report. My army list can be found here: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=49958.0

He fielded, if I can get this all correct:

Chaplain stuck in with 10 Assault Marines
Three 10 man Tact Squads (1 of them inside a Razorback)
10 man Devastator Squad
1 Dreadnought
1 Whirlwind

This is the first time he fielded something that shooty and it worked well for him I must say. We played Cleanse, so had to occupy table quarters. My deployment put my 2 Kans at the edge of the center quarters, back the required 6" from them, followed by my Burnas w/Mek & KFF, Grots, Sluggas, Shootas, and Tankbustas. On my back edge I deployed my Fast Attack, 2 Trukks and 2 Trakks and my Stormboyz tailing them to run the left flank.

He deployed his Whirlwind on his edge behind cover of course, his Devastators in a building beside it, a Tact Squad on my left near his edge (where my Fast Attack was aiming to get to), his Razorback behind cover to my right, another Tact Squad close to the center with the Assault Marines behind them and the Dreadnought there also.

The first few turns were the typical move up and get shot at, for Orks. I was moving my horde towards his quarter in hopes of overrunning his forward deployment. My Fast Attack was moving along the left behind cover and his Rhino deployed the Tact Squad in a building to my right to take that quarter.

I was managing to thin out his forward unit of Tact Marines and his Dreadnought popped out from cover and I got lucky and immobilized it before it could do anything. He in turn immobilized one of my Kans but the horde continued forward. Now this is where I messed up for sure, my Fast Attack I moved up 24" to stop right in front of the left Tact Squad on his edge. What ensued was him popping both Trukks and a Trakk, though most of the boyz got out fine. At this point I managed to thin down his forward Tact Squad to 4 and charged the Grots to tie them up. He had moved his Assault Marines out from behind cover and moved them into charge range of my Trukk Boyz that were left, with my Boss and Big Mek in with them.

Seeing my Trukk Boyz about to get charged, I had moved up my Stormboyz to be with them, another mistake of mine. I had also redirected my Sluggas and a Kan to aid the Trukk Boyz. The Shootas and Tankbustas were back a bit taking shots were they could and I managed to take out his Razorback which was biting at my right flank. Also at this point my main force was thinning out from the Whirlwind, which amazingly did not deviate a shot until turn 5.

The rest of the game basically went with his Assault Squad clearing out a Trukk Boyz squad and Stormboyz and consolidating into my Sluggas. My Boss and a Nob were left from the Trukk Boyz squad and they gave chase where the game ended in turn 6 with his Assault Squad swamped with my HQ, a Kan, Sluggas, Burnas, and Shootas.

I only had 3 scoring units left at the end and held no quarters uncontested where he still had 5 scoring units left and two quarters uncontested. Wasn't pretty.

The mistakes I made I recognize was first that 24" move with my Fast Attack. I should have moved the 12" continuing to make use of cover and firing. My KFF was working so well that I got cocky and figured I'd push into him and unload next turn...didn't work so well. The second mistake I recognize was moving my Stormboyz to aid my Trukk Boyz so quickly. They had not been charged yet, so I feel I should have let those boyz get charged and then counter with the Stormboyz. Instead I messed up and moved them too soon which let them get charged.

Hopefully that wasn't too long of a post and if anyone has some tips then I'm all ears. I'm still learning and still making very dumb mistakes that keep costing me the game
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