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[BatRep] 1st Kjeldorian Scout Company vs. Speed Freaks (400pt Combat Patrol)
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Default [BatRep] 1st Kjeldorian Scout Company vs. Speed Freaks (400pt Combat Patrol)


The 1st Kjeldorian Scout Company under the command of Sotnik Jarkeld has been deployed to the desert moon of Kjeld, following rumours of Chaos in the ancient ruins there. Unknown to him and his superiors, a small band of Ork pirates has also landed on the moon, hoping to find loot in the ruins.

Army Lists
1st Kjeldorian Scout Company (The Arctic Foxes)

Command Platoon (light infantry, Cameoline)
JO w/Honorifica (Sotnik Jarkeld)
4xGuardsmen w/Hvy bolter and Master-Vox

Streltsy Platoon A (light infantry, cameoline on all squads)
Command Squad A
JO w/ccw and pistol (Pyatidesyatnik Fedarov)
4xguardsmen w/ccw and pistol
Streltsy Squad I/A w/autocannon, plasma, vox
Streltsy Squad II/A w/autocannon, plasma, vox

Speed Freaks (from memory)

Ork leader in wartruk with 4 grots and some kind of forcefield
9x Stormboyz


The battle field was a red-desert board with 4 ruins scattered about fairly evenly.


Hurling insults and jokes at each other the greenskins raced onto the north side of the ruins, deploying in a line with the boss's Wartruk in the middle. Unseen and undetected the loyal scouts of Kjeldor infiltrated into the ruins, the infantry platoon deployed with line of sight to the orks while the HQ hid out of sight in different ruins to provide support and tactical oversight. With the Orks unaware of their presence, the guardsmen won the initiative.

IG Turn 1

Satisfied with his scout's positioning, Sotnik Jarkeld ordered all squads to hold position and unleash the Emperor's fury on the filthy greenskins. Streltsy Squad I/A fired upon the wartruk, it's the autocannon riddling the front with holes and destroying the engine, immobilizing the vehicle. Seeing the vehicle frozen in place, the plasmagunner aimed and fired, causing the orkish vehicle to explode in a glorious fireball and killing one grot. Squad II/A attempted to duplicate their brother squads example, firing everything at the wartrak and failing to hit.

Ork Turn 1

Bellowing with rage as he struggles free of the wreckage of his vehicle, the ork boss orders all his boyz forward. The stormboyz shot forward on pillars of fire while the Wartrak zoomed forward at maximum speed, the greenskins howling with delight as they stop right next to Streltsky Squad II/A.

IG Turn 2

The Stormboyz, having moved into line of sight of the command squad, are caught in a withering crossfire between the Sotnik's heavy bolter and Streltsky Squad I/A's autocannon and lasguns. When the shooting is done 6 of the xeno's filth lie dead and the rest of the cowards are fleeing as fast as their legs will carry them. Streltsky Squad II/A fire at the Wartrak, destroying it's gun and shaking the gunner, but failing to destroy the primitive vehicle.

Orks Turn 2

Ignoring the orders of the boss, the Stormboyz flee from the battlefield. Showing far more spirit, the Wartrak's driver screams a WAAAAAAGHHHHH!! and drives straight at Streltsky Squad II/A. The Strelets keep their cool and calmly run out of the greenskins way, though the Plasmagunner makes a last stand, attempting to grant the Emperor's justice to the xenos. Unfortunately he misses in the excitement and the last thing he sees is the front wheel of the Wartrak.

IG Turn 3

Apparently shaken by the heroic death of their fellow, all the guard's shots miss.

Orks Turn 3

The Wartrak races back towards the boss in the hopes of getting fixed, but is just short.

IG Turn 4

The Sotnik's Heavy Bolter destroys the Wartrak and Squad's I/A and II/A strike down the ork boss, leaving the field empty of living orks.

Results: IG Massacre!


Sotnik Jarkeld leaned against an ancient pillar, watching as his men took the Emperor's fire to the dead orks, removing their stain from the land. This was a glorious victory, but also an unexpected one. He had been dispatched here to track down rumours of Chaos filth, but so far had seen none. The rest of the scout company was not far behind, perhaps deeper in the ruins he would find his quarry.


There wasn't much my opponent could really do, as is evidenced by the loss of only one guardsmen. Getting to see your opponent's deployment and then put your units down for best effect is a huge advantage, especially with the IG in low point games with lots of dakka.
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Default Re: [BatRep] 1st Kjeldorian Scout Company vs. Speed Freaks (400pt Combat Patrol)

Wow that's harsh. He could have definately composed a better list for a combat patrol with the KoS. Still against shooty scouting IG it seems an uphill battle because the main strength of the KoS is using terrain to stay out of los until they're close enough to strike.
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Default Re: [BatRep] 1st Kjeldorian Scout Company vs. Speed Freaks (400pt Combat Patrol)

I agree with Sneroplex on this one. That Kult of Speed list is just atrocious, no offense intended. By my very quick mental calculations (that may be entirely wrong), there were almost 200 points sunk into that Warboss post Trukk. That's half of his freakin' list! I don't even think I can sink that many points into a Warboss if I tried...

Good job on the most decisive of victiores, Mr. Arch Heretic.

-Grandpa Ducky

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Default Re: [BatRep] 1st Kjeldorian Scout Company vs. Speed Freaks (400pt Combat Patrol)

This is my first time ever playing against orks and against this opponent. What would you suggest my opponent do differently to avoid this kind of thing again?
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