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[BatRep]Necrons vs Emperor's Children 2k
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Default [BatRep]Necrons vs Emperor's Children 2k


Deceiver (Deceiver)

10 Warriors (Warriors A)
10 Warriors (Warriors B)

5 Immortals (Immortals A)
5 Immortals (Immortals B)
4 Pariahs (Pariahs)

10 Scarabs (Scarabs A)
10 Scarabs (Scarabs B)
10 Scarabs (Scarabs C)

Monolith (Monolith)
3 Heavy Destroyers (Heavy D's A)
2 Heavy Destroyers (Heavy D's B)

Emperor's Children

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, Mark of Slaanesh, Warp Scream, Daemonic Aura, Daemonic Essence
Daemonic Resilience, Daemonic Speed, Daemonic Stature, Personal Icon, Spiky Bits, Combat Drugs (He's a monstrous creature) (Daemon Prince)

12 Daemonettes (Daemonettes A)
12 Daemonettes (Daemonettes B)
6 Mounted Daemonettes (Mounted Daemonettes)
6 Noise Marine Havocs w/4 Plasma Guns, 2 Sonic Blaster (Plasma Havocs)
6 Noise Marine Havocs w/4 Missile Launchers, 2 Sonic Blaster (Missile Havo cs)
6 Noise Marine Havocs w/2 Lascannons, 2 Missile Launchers, 2 Sonic Blasters (Combo Havocs)
6 Noise Marines w/Kai gun, Blast Master, 4 Sonic Blasters (Tac A)
6 Noise Marines w/5 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blast Master (Tac B)
6 Noise Marines w/5 Sonic Blasters, 1 Lascannon (Tac C)
6 Noise Marines w/5 Sonic Blasters, 1 Lascannon (Tac D)

In the NW there is a building, difficult terrain, 4+ save
In the North there is a forest, difficult terrain, 5+ save
In the NE there is a building, difficult terrain, 4+ save
In the E there is a forest, difficult terrain, 5+ save
In the SW there is a building, difficult terrain, 4+ save
In the S there is a forest, difficult terrain, 5+ save
In the SE there is a forest, difficult terrain, 5+ save
Running from S to N all the way across the board is a dry river bed, located about 30% of the way across from the W. That is, if you divided the board into tenths this would be in the third from the left, going all the way from south to north. It is difficult terrain, 5+ save.

Mission: A roll gives Alpha Take and Hold

Roll for sides: Emperor's Children win, take north

Emperor's Children deployment:
Missile Havocs and Combo Havocs take up residence in the NW building.
Plasma Havocs take up position in the N woods.
Immediatley north of Plasma Havocs go Tac B and Tac C.
Tac A take up position in the NE building.
Tac squad D takes up position in the north riverbed, between the Havoc building and the 3 squads in the N woods.
Daemon Prince joins Tac squad A in the NE building.

Necron deployment:
Necron Warriors A and B deploy into the east side of the S woods, with 4 warriors each sticking out to the east, they are in a line 10 long and 2 deep, with A in front of B.
Heavy D's A and B deploy in the SE, south of the SE building.
Immortals A and B deploy to the W of Warriors A and B respectively, in the S woods.
Pariahs deploy on the western edge of the S woods.
The Deceiver deploys west of the Pariahs.
Scarabs A deploy in the SW ruin, Scarabs B south of the S woods, Scarabs C in the SE building.

[To be clear there are 10 immortals, 20 warriors and 4 Pariahs in the south woods, packed like sardines, in neat battle lines 11 long and 2 deep.]

Roll for first turn: Emperor's children win, choose to go first.

EC move: Tac C moves south past Tac B & Plasma Havocs, they are now within 24" of Immortals A, and a few of Warriors A and Pariahs. Daemon Prince moves north out of NE building, getting out of Heavy D's LOS.

EC shooting: NW firebase and Tac C fire on Pariahs and Scarabs A, killing 3 Pariahs and 2 Scarab Bases.

EC Assault: None

Necron movment: Scarabs A, B and C turbo boost north, B & C ending in the eastern woods, and A ending in the W central riverbank. Deceiver walks 6" north. Heavy D's A & B move east, getting LOS on Tac A.

Necron shooting: Heavy D's fire on Tac A, killing 1. Immortals A and Pariah fire on Tac C, killing 1.

Necron Assault: None

Turn 2:

EC Reserves: Daemonettes A arrives, slightly east of Scarabs B & C.

EC Movement: Daemon Prince moves south through NE building, ending up north of Scarabs B & C.

EC Shooting: NW firebase fires on Scarabs A, killing all but 2 bases. Tac C fires on Immortals A, killing all 5.

EC Assault: Daemonettes A assault Scarabs C, Daemon Prince assaults Scarabs B & C. All but 2 bases of Scarabs B & C killed, along with 1 Daemonette A.

Necron Reserves: None

Necron WBB: 3 Immortals A join Immortals B

Necron movement: Immortals B takes Immortals A's place. Deceiver moves 6" north. Heavy D's A & B move west. Scarabs A move near to NW building.

Necron shooting: Heavy Destroyer's A & B and Immortals A shoot down all remaining members of Tac C.

Necron Assault: Daemonettes A kill off Scarabs C, Daemon Prince kills some Scarabs B, wounds himself with combat drugs. Scarabs A charge Missile Havocs, take 2 wounds and kill no one.

Turn 3:

EC Reserves: Daemonettes B arrive, south of Tac B, N of Deceiver.

EC Movement: Daemonettes B move south, Daemonettes A decide they can't reach Warriors A, move w to help out Daemon Prince.

EC Shooting: Deceiver receives a Lascannon wound

EC Assault: Daemon prince goes easy on the drugs (not wanting to win this round and get shot.) Deamon Prince and Daemonettes A still kill the majority of Scarabs B. Scarabs A takes another 2 wounds. Daemonettes B assault Deceiver, who Misdirects and goes 11" NE.

Necron Reserves: Monolith arrives, Deep Striking into the middle of the table.

Necron movement: Immortals B move slightly NW. Heavy Destroyers A & B move back E. Deceiver moves N into position to charge into N forest.

Necron shooting: Heavy Destroyers fire on Tac A, killing 3 (leaving 2). Immortals and several of Warriors A & B fire on Deamonettes B, killing 7 and leaving 5. Monlith uses its Gauss Flux arc and does no damage.

Necron Assault: Scarabs A are killed by Missile Havocs, All but one of Scarabs B are killed by Daemon Prince (Daemon Prince goes before deamonettes A, they were unable to attack). Deceiver charges Tac B, kills 4 (with the help of outnumbering saves on the survivors of his attacks)

Turn 4:

EC Reserves: Mounted Daemonettes Arrive S of Daemon Prince/Daemonettes A.

EC movement: Mounted Daemonettes move SE towards Heavy Destroyers
Daemonettes A move south, can't quite reach range to charge Immortals B.

EC shooting: NW firebase and Tac A's survivors destroy Monolith.

EC assault: Tac B is killed by Deceiver, who consolidates 1" south. , Scarab B is destroyed, with Daemonettes consolidating 1" north and Daemon Prince consolidating 6" south. Mounted Daemonettes destroy all but one of Heavy D's A & B (overlap charge got both)

Necron movement: Warriors A & B move west, 6" for B and 4" for A. Immortals move NW, to forest edge.

Necron Shooting: Warriors A & B, and Immortals B, fire on Daemonettes B, killing all but 1. Deceiver scares Daemonettes A, killing 3 with instability.

Necron Assault: Deceiver assaults Plasma Havocs, killing 3. Mounted Daemonettes kill last Heavy Destroyer, consolidate west.

Turn 5:
EC movement: Daemon Prince moves south, Mounted Daemonettes move west, Daemonette B moves south.

EC shooting: None

EC Assault: Deceiver finishes off Plasma Havocs. Daemon Prince charges Warriors A, killing 4. Mounted Daemonettes roll crummy on charging into the forest, and fail to charge Warriors B. Daemonette B charges Immortals B, no one wounds.

Necron movement: Warriors B move east, getting ready to rapid fire Mounted Daemonettes

Necron shooting: Warriors B shoot & kill all of Mounted Daemonettes.

Necron assault: Daemon Prince kills 3 of Warriors A, wounds self with combat drugs. Immortals kill Daemonette B, consolidate north.

Turn 6:
EC movement: None.
EC shooting: NW firebase kills 5 Immortals B.
EC Assault: Daemon Prince kills 2 Warriors A.
Necron WBB: 1 Immortal B stands up.
Necron movement: Immortals B and Warriors B move north, Deceiver moves East.
Necron shooting: Deceiver fears Daemonettes A, killing 3. Immortals B shoot the rest.
Necron assault: Daemon Prince slays the last Warrior A, consolidates into Warriors B.

Game over:
Immortals and Warriors B are within 12" of center, no scoring EC unit is, Necron victory.
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Default Re: [BatRep]Necrons vs Emperor's Children 2k

My opponent had awful luck this game:

In particular:
Mounted daemonettes failing to charge Warriors B, need at least a 4 on 2 dice.
Warriors A refusing to rout at the end, taking 4 assault phases to be killed off by a Daemon prince (oddly enough inflicting, 4, 3, 2 and then 1 casualty)

He was also tripped up by the Deceiver, who he didn't know could skip out of combat.

I was unlucky in my shooting at Daemonettes B, took far too long to kill them, eventually had to bop them with an immortal.
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