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40kenthusiast 19 Apr 2007 06:17

[BatRep]MechaGodzilla Necrons vs. Space Marines 2k
First off, apologies about the lack of pictures. I'll try and be very precise about movement.

The Lists:

Space Marines (Bulldogs chapter)

Reclusiarch w/Assault Squad x10 (sarge has power fist) (Assault Squad)
8 Devastators w/4 Lascannons (Devastators A)
8 Devastators w/4 Lascannons (Devastators B)
8 Devastators w/4 Heavy Bolters (Devastators C)
8 Devastators w/4 Lascannons (Devastators D)
6 Tactical Marines w/ Plasma Cannon (Tac A)
6 Tactical Marines w/ Plasma Cannon (Tac B)
5 Terminators w/Chapter Master in Terminator Armor (Terminators)
1 Landspeeder w/Assault cannon and Heavy Bolter (Landspeeder A)
1 Landspeeder w/Assault cannon and Heavy Bolter (Landspeeder B)

Necrons (MechaGodzilla)
The Deceiver
10 Warriors (Warriors A)
10 Warriors (Warriors B)
4 Pariahs (Pariahs)
6 Immortals (Immortals)
3 Destroyers (Destroyers A)
3 Destroyers (Destroyers B)
3 Destroyers (Destroyers C)
3 Tomb Spyders (Tomb Spyders A, B, C)
3 Tomb Spyders (Tomb Spyders D, E, F)
3 Tomb Spyders w/particle projectors (Tomb Spyders G, H, I)

The Terrain:

In the NW there was rubble, 4+ save, difficult terrain
In the N there was a hill, no save, not difficult terrain, blocks LOS
In the NE there was rubble, 4+ save, difficult terrain
In the center W there was a forest, 5+ save, difficult terrain
In the center E there was a Hill, not difficult terrain, blocks LOS
In the SW there was rubble, r+save, difficult terrain
In the S there was a forest, 5+ save, difficult terrain
In the SE there was rubble, 4+ save, difficult terrain

The Mission: Gamma Recon

Space Marines win the roll to deploy, choose the North side

The Swarm Herald's endless scarab assault upon Kierkran had stretched for weeks, with the Imperial Guard standing firm against the scarabs no matter their numbers. Still, valor has a limit and it seemed to the leader of the Bulldogs chapter that it was only a matter of time until the city fell. Thus, when the Adeptus Mechanicus came to him and spoke of a secret tunnel to the Necron scarab production facility he was willing to strike with full force. The Space Marines progressed swiftly through the tunnels, past negligible Necron defenses, and arrived at the valley the Scarabs issued forth from. Moving forward the Space marines confronted the source of the endless Scarabs. To their horror this was no factory, but a host of powerful war machines, and their "guide" was in fact the Necrons leader, transforming into a golden colossus.

Space Marine Deployment is as follows: (All roughly 6" from north edge)
In the NW rubble Devastators A and Devastators B were deployed. Immediately north of them waited the Assault Squad. To the east in a line were deployed Tactical squad A, Devastators C and Tactical squad B. To the east of Tac B there was a hill, then the Terminator command squad, and to the east of them were Devastators D. To the far NE, north of the NE rubble, waited Landspeeders A and B.

Necron deployment is as follows: (in a line 15" from south edge)
In the SE, from W to E, Tomb Spyders A, B, C, D, the Deceiver, then Tomb Spyder E, then the Pariahs, then Warriors A (Warriors A were South of the W forest), then Immortals (SE of the forest) then Tomb Spyder F, then Tomb Spyders G, H and I. Then to the far E were Warriors B. Destroyers A and B were in the SW ruins, and Destroyers C were in the S forest.

Roll for choice of turn: Necrons win, choose to go first

Turn 1:
The dead marched forward, blasting with their fell rays, while their terrible God filled the minds of the Bulldogs with dire visions. With all their faith they held fast to their courage, and the Necrons terrible weaponry felled only 8 of the company. Each of the enormous spiders produced before the horrified eyes of the Marines a cloud of scarabs, which hung protectively in front of the immense war machines.

Standing fast, the Emperor's finest struck back with Lascannon and bolter, dealing 3 tremendous wounds to the star god, destroying several of the newly produced scarabs, and sending to the ground 2 of the elite Necron soldiers

Necron WBB: None

Necron movement: All Necrons in the grand line move north.

Necron shooting: Deceiver fears, Destroyers A B and C fire, as do Immortals and Pariahs. Devastators B lose 3 bolter wielders, Tactical Squadron A lose 2 bolter wielders, and Tac squad B loses 3 bolter marines.

Necron assault: All Tomb Spyders produce a scarab swarm, Tomb Spyder D wounds itself in the process.

Space Marine movement: None

Space marine shooting: Devastators squads focus fire on the Deceiver, other squads fire on various infantry and tomb spyder targets, Deceiver takes 3 wounds and 2 Immortals fall

Space marine assault: None

Turn 2:
In the face of heavy fire, with 6 men felled, the Space Marine line held fast, and shadows flashed over them as their skimmers and jet bike troops shot south in a bold counter offensive. The Chapter Master recalled his briefings, and focused his units fire on the weaker Necrons,ten of whom were felled. The assault squad rushed the Necron deity, counting on the ferocity of their charge to allow them to penetrate its metal flesh. The Deceiver countered them with its control of reality, leaving them for its Tomb Spyder minions to finish as it rushed towards the Lascannon squad, intent on vengeance for its many wounds)

Necron WBB: 1 Immortal stands up

Necron movement: The line surges north

Necron shooting: Same units as last round fire, Deceiver tries to fear again, 3 members of Devastators B and Devastators A are killed, it is primarily the Destroyers who are dealing the damage for Necron shooting (Necron player forgets to fire the 3 armed Tomb Spyders)

Necron Assault: 9 more scarabs are produced, Tomb Spyder G takes a wound.

Space Marine movement: Assault Squad jumps south over NW ruins, sets up to charge Deceiver, Landspeeders A and B move south over NE ruins. Terminators head SE towards Warriors B.

Space Marine shooting: Space marines focus fire on Warriors A and B, fortunately A is in the mid forest at this point. Still, 8 of Warriors A fall (3 permanent), and 5 of Warriors B fall (1 permanent). One devastator squad also shot the Deceiver, giving it a 4th wound.

Space Marine assault: Assault squad attacks the Deceiver, who misdirects away 9" to the north, they consolidate into Tomb Spyder D & his scarabs.

Turn 3:
Catastrophe struck as the Necron skimmers finally seemed to find their range. The almost the entire western flank of the Bulldogs was disintegrated, and their assault squad foundered beneath a sea of scarabs, from behind which the Tomb Spyders truck with impunity. The golden God of the Necrons obliterated the remains of a squad, and swept onto another before they could fire their weapons. Only in the east was their a hint of hope, as at the cost of 2 members of his terminator retinue the Chapter master was finally able to fell one of the cursed tomb spyders and continued his barrage against the unsupported eastern warrior squad

Necron WBB: 4 members of Warriors B got back up, as did 2 members of Warriors A.

Necron movement: Necron line moves north with the exception of Warriors B, who stand fast. Western Tomb Spyders surround the assault squad, while the Deceiver gets in position to charge the Devastators

Necron Shooting: The remaining 5 members of Devastators A were felled, as was 1 of Devastators B, Devastators C and Tac squad B.

Necron assault: All Tomb Spyders make another scarab except for D, who is already in close combat. Western Spyders A B C and E and their accompanying 3 scarab swarms each charge into the Assault squad killing 7 of them and wounding their chaplain, Deceiver charges into Tactical squad A's remains, killing all 3 and consolidating into Devastators C. Tomb Spyder I charges into Terminators with his 3 scarabs, killing 2 Terminators and then being slain along with all his scarabs.

Space Marine movement: Terminators move SE.

Space marine shooting: The space marines continued to strive for phase out, shooting down 3 members of warriors B, a destroyer from Destroyers C and an Immortal.

Space Marine assault: The Deceiver slew 2 members of Devastators C. The terminators had shot too many of Warriors B, and couldn't reach them. In the west the Assault squad & chaplain were finished off by the sea of Tomb Spyders and Scarabs.

Turn 4:
With the battle in the west turning against them (as the Deceiver sadistically ripped his men apart) the Chapter Master redoubled his efforts in the east, sweeping down upon the unsupported Necron warriors with the full support of the autocannons of the Landspeeders and blasting all of the Necron warriors into fragments

Necron movement: Not much, Necrons generally move N and E, except for Warriors B who stand still to get long range fire, Destroyers A and B turbo boost NE.

Necron shooting: The last members of Devastators B and Tactical squad B were killed, as were 2 members of Devastators D (Tomb Spyder H's particle projector got them)

Necron assault: Tomb spyders wiped out all the remaining NW space marine infantry (Tomb Spyder G&H turbo-charged Devastators D) in an orgy of violence, only remaining SM's are the Landspeeders and the Chapter master and his 3 terminator buddies over in the east.

Space Marine movement: Landspeeders move west to target Destroyers & Immortals, Terminators move right up in Warrior B's face.

Space Marine shooting: 1 Destroyer A is knocked down, as is 1 Immortal.

Space Marine assault: Warriors B are destroyed by Chapter Master & 3 terminators who consolidate west.

Turn 5:
As the gauss rays flashed west and struck down his comrades and a landspeeder the Chapter master realized that he had a duty to press on and be evacuated, carrying the tale of this ambush to the Imperium. He pressed down the impulse to die fighting and headed south, grimly aware that the alien's gauss weaponry was unlikely to permit him to escape this battlefield.

Necron WBB: Destroyer WBB

Necron movement: Immortals move east, Destroyers stationary, all others north into SM deployment zone.

Necron Shooting: Landspeeder A destroyed by Immortals, Destroyers A, B and C destroy all 3 terminators, leaving only Chapter Master.

Space marine movement: Chapter master moves south (too far to get to Necron deployment zone)

Space marine shooting: Landspeeder fires, no damage on immortals

Space marine assault: none

Turn 6: Unaccountably, the 9 deadly skiffs didn't fire, instead they turbo boosted away to the north as the Necrons phased away, leaving the Chapter master alone on a field of the dead.

Necron movement: Destroyers turbo boost into SM deployment zone

Necron shooting: None

Necron assault: None

Space marine movement: Chapter master trudges south

Space marine shooting: None

Space marine assault: None

Game end: Necron victorious slaughter

(Great report, +1, Mal)

40kenthusiast 19 Apr 2007 06:18

Re: MechaGodzilla Necrons vs. Space Marines 2k
I felt a bit bad this game, because my opponent made his countercharge on the Deceiver, unaware that it had the option of declining combat and zipping forward to the vicinity of his shooters.

All the same, what a baptism for Mecha-godzilla. The static shooty Marine list was completly unable to deal sufficient damage to stop the tomb spyder walking wall. The Deceiver was a huge help, accounting for something like 11 marines on his lonesome, and drawing hosts of Lascannon shots.

I was really hoping the Pariahs & Deceiver combo would be awesome, but all of his units were able to use the leadership of the Chapter Master, who was off in the east killing warriors B all game. I forgot to mention it in the bat rep, but the pariahs also piled in on the Assault squad in the turn 3 surround & charge maneuver, they accounted for the majority of the kills actually.

I let the Chapter Master go in the last round because the Destroyers A, B and C got roughly 3 times his points by being in the recon zone, and also because I really like the idea of the Deceiver torturing a marine commander by slaying all of his men and leaving him alive.

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