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Battle for the Gargant - Batrep
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Battle for the Gargant - Batrep

A bunch of friends and such got together courtesy of Iveatch to play a 2 table game battle for his WIP Gargant. On one table we had the Space marine chapter of storm hawks firing off a big gun trying to destroy the gargant while defending against an advance force of Bad Moons lead by a Warboss Tonzateef.

Meanwhile The Blood Axes of Kaptin Razzanosh had to defend again an army of space marines and Goffs to protect his precious prize. Outgunned but not outclassed will the orks be able to hold the Emperors finest at bay?

Da Big Gun Turn One

The beakies forces advance toward the monstrous gargant. The stalwart devestators take the high ground and begin to set up their heavy bolters to support their battle brothers. Despite the obvious odds the dreadnought rushes toward the swarming green tide of orks intent on slowing them down long enough for his comrades to complete their mission. In his haste however his targeter fails to get a lock on to his intended target, an ork wartrakk. Most of the fierce firepower of the heavy bolter is lost while the few stray rounds only pit the paint job.

Flanked on both sides Razza splits his forces to blunt the attack on his captured Gargant. His warbikes hit the turbo boosts rushing toward the side of the Goffs intent on delaying the advance in a blinding, and suicidal, divisionary attack. Seeing the beakie devestators still working on setting up their heavy bolters he orders his boyz to let them have it. The tank bustas and killa kanz let loose with a barrage of rokkits and blow 3 of the devestators clean off their feet before they know what is happening. Likewise on the other side of the field the flashgitz let loose with the big shootas blowing a huge chunk of the Skarboyz into bits.

The Goffs plod forward intent on taking back their gargant and destroying all the weedy gitz, ork and beakie alike. A retailitory rokkit from the wartrakk corkscrews its way toward the beakie dreadnought and slams into its dread shearing the heavy bolter from its gun emplacement and staggering the dreadnought. The shoota boyz let loose with a fusilade of fire aimed at the warbikes but their speed is too much as only one boy is knocked from his ride while a second one is enveloped by a wartrakk's rokkit.

The Storm Hawks tech beakie successfully decipers the ork glyphs and controls. With accuracy no ork could manage he lets loose with the big gun sending its massive shell into the Ork behemoth. 3 power field generators erupt into a shower of sparks and electrical fire and they strive to deflect the titan killing shell.

Turn Two

Sighting the advancing killa kanz the beakie let loose with everything they have. Multiple score hits are richocet off the the killa kan as it succumbs to the pin point fire while its partner is gutted from the side by the land speeders assault cannon. Still reeling from losing its heavy bolter the dreadnought staggers forward loosing storm bolter shells at the wartrakk but fails to even hit it.

Flying over the top of the hill the Razza's warbikes yell at the top of their lungs and let loose with the big shootas in to the backs of the skarboyz. 3 skarboyz are proliferated with lead from the surprise attack. Switching target the Flashgitz let loose into the 'Ard boyz lighting up a good quarter of the squad and making a mockery of their improvised armor. Seeing his killa kanz knocked out of commission Razza himself orders his trukkboyz into the fray. The land speeder swivels its guns toward the new enemy only to find itself bracketed from fire both from the tankbustas and the trukk leaving the crew stunned and disoriented. This opportunity is not missed on the Kaptin as he rushes into advancing assault Beakies cutting down 2 of them before they panic and flee. The warbikes continue their rear attack slamming into the skarboyz mowing down another 2. The fierce attack complete catches the skarboyz offguard and they fail to hit anything.

Their advance balked the Goffs stumble to recover the advantage but only responds with abysmal shooting. A grot is blown to pieces as he intercept a rokkit intended for the boyz while two more strike true and kill 2 sluggas. The warbikes plow into another skarboy while losing one of their own in the process locking the combat for another turn.

Loosing yet another shell with the same devestating effect the storm hawks continue their long range demoltion of the Gargant blowing out the last shield generator and tearing into the super structure.

Turn Three

Caught offguard by the sudden tactiacl retreat kaptin Razzanosh and his trukkboyz are left clearly in the sights of the beakies who let loose with everything. Plasma bolts, and dozens of bolter shells rake the trukkers killing off 4. Taking advantage of the cover fire the regrouped assault Beakies charge forward but are completely unprepared as Razza's bionic arm catches one in mid flight blowing his helmet along with his head off. Following up his killing blow the warboss scythes through the last two Beakies while they are battling the nob who takes a wound. Meanwhile the entombed beakie in the dreadnought finally recovers his composure and sends a burst of storm bolter rounds right into the wartrakks engine slagging it and the vehicle.

Still recovering from the last rokkit barrage the hapless landspeeder is only again subjected to multiple fire and slews the side stunned again. The flashgitz take up point inside a heavy bunker and begin to set up their big guns. A few boyz snap off rounds at the nearby tactical squad but the few rounds that hit are ineffective bouncing off the might power armor with ease. Splitting up from his trukkers kaptin razzanosh rushes toward to single handly take on the devestators while the other boyz are left to deal with the tactical squad. With a resounding waaagh both units crash into the beakies ripping and tearing them to shreds. Razzanosh himself crushes 4 devestators with his power klaw while the surviving trukk boyz cut down 4 also. The onslaught is too much and survivors from both squads flee to better ground. In the case of the devestator, his chapters monastary where he can reflect on his many failings. The last two warbikers clash with the skarboyz but this time the element of surprise is not with them as they are cut down by the burnas.

The goffs reform the lines with the newly freed up skarboyz and take aim at the advancing blood axes. 5 grots are burned, dakked and turned into paste by rokkit fire while several unforunate slugga boyz also go down to the massed fire. The Slaver spots the very angry beakie dreadnought approaching him and orders his grot zzap gun krew to fire. He watchs with pleasure as the cannon lets loose a sustained burst of energy which traces itself over the entire body of the dreadnought. Then he notices the grot krew is merely drawing graffitti on the dreadnought with the guns low setting. Several heads are smacked but it doesnt stop a very annoyed and not "defiled" dreadnought.

Expecting to see a huge shell slamming into his precious Gargant the Kaptin is surprise when it does not come. Apparently the bad moons had did something right for a change but more then likely it was probably an accident.

Turn Four

Recovering from the lapse of faith the tactical squad fires at the last of the trukk boyz, the nob and he goes down to a hail of bolter fire. Likewise the scouts pour it onto the advancing warboss wounding him once also which only makes him more angry. The tactical squad near the flashgitz open up on them but thanks to the bunker most are safe. One is hit by a stray bolter round while another ducks behind cover but is impaled as a plasma round punchings through the sandbags. The tactical squads frag missle impacts harmless upon the bunker.

The silly goffs try to do a take of the rear attack of the warbikes with a rokkit wartrakk but the Blood Axes are not so easily caught off gaurds as the tankbustas send a trio of rokkits into the trakk turning it into so much scrap metal. Turning their attention away from the tactical squad raining fire on them the flashgitz spray the 'ard boyz only to find out the second ranks have the good stuff as only one dies to their fusilade of fire. Supported by slugga fire the grots charge or rather are kicked and proded into the skarboyz. Regardless they lose 6 of their own but maul 3 of the skarboyz in return. Razza charges into the scouts and cuts down 3 of them but unlike their comrades they stand firm and fight back instead of running like girly gitz.

Caught off guard yet again by the charge of the grots the goffs offer feebel return fire as they advance forward killing only 2 slugga boyz between the shoota boyz and 'ard boyz dakka. The Zzap gun fires again at the menacing dreadnought but this time its even worse doing nothing but sparkling like a roman candle! The slaver and mek looks dumbfounded at their gun krew while the grots work furiously to see whats the problem. One of them yells that he put the coppa tops in backwards pointing to a grot with bunnie like ears. The goff killa kan charges into the thick of the slugga boyz hiding the ruins but are meet head on by a several burna boyz who carve into the mekanize monster dismantling it in 3 seconds flat. Continuing the holding action the grots take a beating as they lose 10 of their own to only 1 dead skarboy but hold on to the insistance of their slavers squighound.

The storm hawks apparently regain control of the Big gun as it fires again. The shell lobbas into an arc and completely bypasses the gargant obliterating the support vehilce behind it. Apparently they need to readjust the scopes.

Turn Five

Finally arriving to support their battle brothers the terminators and their captin teleport onto the field and secure the right flank by mowing down the tankbustas holding the line. Recovering from its enternal stupor the landspeeders takes it out on lone wartrukk riddling it with assault cannon and heavy bolters and making an obvious mockery of its armor. The intolerably advancing dreadnought finally makes it to the goff lines as it kill 3 shoota boyz with a rear assault. The scouts sneak around the rear of the bunker while the nearby tactical squad is under fire and assault the nob and his boyz in the rear. Despite being caught off guard the scout fail to kill any orks and are instead clubbed to death by the bulky guns of the flashgitz. 2 of the scout try to make a break back to their own lines but the nob cuts them down as they flee.

The grots and warbikers have stalled the goff advance long enough for this single moment. The slugga boy nob takes the initiative and orders his burna boyz to the front. Running at full speed towards the 'ard boyz they wait until they smell the goffs stagnant breath and let loose with their burnas. The fungus brew empowered fires sweep over the 'ard boyz and despite their armor the flames incinerate the warboss, his accompanying big mek and over a dozen 'ard boyz. Pressing the advantage the sluggas slam into the stunned survivors cutting down the last of the in a blood thirsty WAAAGH! The grots however are not so inspired by the acts of their bigger cousins as they and their slaver are beat to bloody pulps by the very angry skarboyz who lose another of their own. Seeing the terminators dropping in behind their lines the flash gitz begin a tactical withdraw shooting at the tactical squad and they go taking one of them down.

Frothing with angry at the consistant failings of his zzap gun and their krew the slaver and mek rush to the assist the beleaguered shoota boyz intangled with the dreadnought but in their haste fail to find anywhere to plant their bombs. However their actions are not without merit as they dreadnought momentarily distracted by the sudden charge fails to hit anything.

The Big gun is errily silent as the Storm hawks work furious to re-align the gun.

Turn Six

While charging toward the remaining tactical squad after polishing off the scouts Razznosh is subjected to a barrage of fire from both the landspeeder and tactical squad. Heavy bolter rounds, bolter shells and such are deflected by his armor but a plasma bolt slams into his knee faltering his charge and he is finally put down as the assault cannon rips into his back. Firing at the withdrawing flashgitz the tactical squad inflicts 3 more casualites reducing the squad to a merely handful. The dreadnought tied down fighting the shoota boyz fails to hit any.

While the terminators are busy planting their meltabomb charges on the warp generator the flashgit nob charges into them cutting down 2 of them while his fellow boy takes a power fist to the face. The slugga boyz sweep into the goff shootas slamming into them and killing 6 in return for losing only one of their own. The resolve of the goffs are broken and in their blind panic they attempt to fall back only to fall into the crushing arms of the dreadnought who slaughters them.

Taking a minor revenge for the lose of the boss and boyz the goff skarboyz burn down 4 blood axe slugga boyz and kill 2 more in return for a single skarboy. Ending the rampage of the dreadnought the mek boyz shoves his super stikk bomb into the engine of the mighty war machine. The detonation tears it apart from the inside and it collapses onto the ground a smoldering wreck.

Furiously the storm hawk's tech Beakies and his battle brothers work the big gun into position again and let another gargant killing shell fly but this time the aim is not quite so true as the shell only glances the gargant leaving it with a single structual point left. However their work is successfully accomplish by the other beakies those valiant terminators sacrifice one of their own and detonate the warp engine. Victory for the imperials.

This was a great game. I had to fight off two seperate forces in order to defend the gargant and I think I did an excellent job. I savaged both forces and if it wasnt for those terminators coming in near the end I would have had it....maybe. It was lucky that the big gun didnt manage to kill the gargant. I think some of the highlights of my game were I hit 4 seperate beakie squads and each time they broke and ran. Annoying as i got shot up but funny none the less. The next was the bar-B-Q of the 'ard boyz. That was just plain nasty. My only blunder I would say is not assaulting with my warboss near the end. I completely forgot about him and he was about to jump a tactical squad too arrrgh. Anyways it was fun to play with all you guys hope to do it again soon. Pics of the games follow.

Storm Hawk Deployment (SM players, recognize that dreadnought?)

Tonzateefs Deployment

Razzanosh's deployment

Beakies Deployment

Iveatch's deployment

Beakes set up their big guns

Warbikes zoom up the flank for a rear attack

Grot surprise or The grots are surprised

Blood Axe grots charge the Skarboyz

Wheres once 20 strong stood only 3 remain. The rest are charcoal

Warboss views his next victims

Those sneeky gitz

Terminators detonate the warp core
10 Warbikes - 30 shots
30 Shootaboyz - 60 shots
20 Flashgitz in a tooled out Battlewagon - PRICELESS

There are some things choppas can't kill. For everything else there is DAKKKA!
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Default Re: Battle for the Gargant - Batrep

Thank you Kaptain Razzanosh for the EXCELLENT Batrep! You are amoung the best are writting them. Your English Lit skills definately show through.

It was a great game. I got your Warbikes, Grot Mob and the Dread (with a super stik bomb ), but I just couldn't whiddle that big mob of 30 Slugga Boyz below half strength.

You really could me flat footed with the Big Burna WHOOSH! Quess I thought to much of me Ard Boyz armour! I quickly realized the MAGNITUDE of my error!

Great games with some fantastic models. GrimTteef does amazing work. We'll have to see if we can get him to post some of his award winning models here.

Thank you Razza, Tonza, GrimTeef and Dave for a great game.

Best Regards,

Brunettes and Beer
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