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Battle Rep: Praetorians vs. Traitor IG 2000 pts. (w/Pics)
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Default Battle Rep: Praetorians vs. Traitor IG 2000 pts. (w/Pics)

Traitors Vs. IG: Praetorian 117th Vs. The People’s Army of Von Strasburg

Chard was the only one in the command bunker, he sat in his favorite chair in front of a chessboard. He contemplated his move, then sipped his tea. Rook takes Bishop. The doors whooshed open, standing there was Lt. Bromhead and Sgt. Boltersmith. They entered as Chard waved them in.
“As you were Gentlemen,” Chard said.
“Sir.” They answered in unison.
“Let me guess, the Arch-Heretic Von Strasburg has be located.”
“Sir, yes Sir.” Bromhead answered.
“Sgt. Boltersmith, ready my transport, take roll we need to mobilize in two hours. Your are dismissed.”
Boltersmith saluted and left. Chard turned his chair to face Bromhead, he knew him well and could sense Bromhead disappointment. Chard turned to look at his chessboard, then sipped his tea.
“What’s on your mind Bromhead?”
“Sir, I would like to have the honor in purging this traitor myself. If you ask me the whole bloody planet is corrupted and should be virus bombed.”
“Careful, hasty words were the death of many faithful. I know you would like to lead the assault but I will not have it.”
“Chard, I have followed you since I were a bloody gun baby, do you still doubt my ability?”
Chard laughed, “To this very day. What I do not doubt is your faith. The trouble with a good heretic is that they have support of the local planet. Listen to me, this Von Strasburg, has tainted the minds of many here. They believe him to be some sort of prophet and if we fail here…if we fail..it will only strengthen his army. We must not fail, and I will be sure we will not.”

The Lists:

Praetorian 117th
HQ: HSO/Autocannon Team
Medalion Crimson, P-weapon, refractor field, Stormbolter

x 3 Lascannons
x 3 Lascannons
x3 Mortars
x 3 Mortars
JO-Honorifica Imperailis, Stormbolter

Alpha 1- Heavybolter/vet p-weapon
Alpha 2 Heavybolter/vet p-weapon
Alpha 3 Heabolter
JO- Flamer
Beta 1 – Heavybolter
Beta 2- HeavyBolter
Beta 3-Meltagun

1Stormtrooper x 10 guys – Meltagun
2Stormtrooperx 10 guys -Plasma
3Stormtrooperx 5 guys

x 6 Ogryns
x 5 Ratlings

Heavy Support:
(Union Jack)Leman Russ – Lascannon, Heavybolters
(Fire Fox) Leman Russ- Heavybolter, Heavyflamer
Total pts. 2000

*note this is pretty much all my minis for this army, yeah I had to use them all to get to 2K so my list is abit unorthodox.
People’s Army of Von Strasburg (Lost and the Damned)
Arch-Heretic P-fist

Traitor 1 x 20 guys x1 Autocannon x 1 flamer
Traitor 2 x 20 guys x1 heavybolter x 1 flamer
Traitor 3 x 20 guys x 1 Lascannon x Plasma gun
Traitor 4 18 Guys x 1 Missile Launcher x1 Flamer
Mutants x 20 Mark of Nurgle, Flamer, Summoner

x 3 Obliterators
x 6 Bloodletters

Fast Attack:
x 1 Sentinel w/ Heavy Flamer
x 10 Roughriders/ Hunting Lance, Vet sarg, honorifica imperailis, p-weapon

Heavy Support:
Leman Russ: Lascannon, Heavy bolters, Extra Armor
Pts. 2000

Mission: Head of the Snake- HQ’s must defeat each other in CC for an extra 350 pts, players will receive 175 pts if they wound the HQ.

Deployment: Praetoria; Bassie and Fire Fox (Heavy Flamer Leman) take the center of my deployment zone, behind them is Infantry Platoon Beta 3, Beta 2 Takes the ruins just to the right of the Bassie and Beta 1 is sandwich in between Fire Fox and Beta 1. One the far right flank, Union Jack (Leman with Heavy Bolters) hides behind a large building. Just to the left of the building Storm Trooper II deploys. Just to the right of the Fire Fox was Alpha III and Ogryns ready for any thing that will make it through all the shooting lanes. On the Left flank I place the majority of my Army including the HSO Chard, Anti-tank team I Alpha Platoon I and II, Mortar team I and Storm Trooper I. In the corner was a nice high building Where I placed Ratlings and Anti-tank team II.Just behind them I place Mortar team II.

People Army Deployment: In the center the Defiler took shelter in some ruins, just ahead of that the Mutants w/ Von Straussy himself also a Sentinal. Traitor III took my his right flank supported by Obliterators just the left a Hellhound which was blocking LOS for the most part of the Roughriders. On the far left the Leman. The rest of the army infiltrated, Traitor I took the center ruins along with Traitor II, Traitor IV deployed on the left flank just of LOS of Union Jack.

Sentinal Pre-game movement: Sentinel moves behind the central ruins.

Praetorians won the roll for turn and opted for first strike:

Movement: Union Jack comes around the building to line up a shot on the Defiler. JO Alpha moves towards the center ruins to draw out the traitors. As does the Ogryns and Strom Trooper I. Storm Trooper II moves to engage Traitor IV on the right flank. Fire Fox moves out to support JO alpha and the stormies I. Everything else prepared to dig in for defense.

Shooting: Ratings and Anti-tank II take out 1.5 Obliterators, Mortars take shots at the Roughriders and take down 3, Alpha platoons take aim at Traitor III and kill a few. Union Jack shot was denied on the basis of some rubble in the center blocking LOS (DOH!) Anti tank I and Chard take out the inferno Cannon and the heavybolter of the Hellhound.

Combat NONE

People’s Army Turn I:

Movement: Seeing on how the entire left flank had no shooting lane (stooped rumble) the leman speeds out towards the center. Sentinel moves towards the rubble blocking the LOS. Mutants move forward and Traitor I and II move Forward, and the emasculated hellhound goes full speed followed by the roughriders.

Shooting: Oblits fire back Killing 3 of Anti-tank II, Defiler hucks a pie plate wild shot but kills 2 out of stormie I. Traitor I targets JO Beta killing them in one. Roughriders fleet to move around the hellhound that was blocking LOS to them????

Combat NONE

117th Turn II

Movement: JO alpha and Ogryn move in for the kill on Traitor I . Fire Fox and Union Jack and the bassie all move together to form an armored convoy. Stormie II move closer to engage Traitor IV . Stormie II moves forward to provide the first speed bump for the roughriders.

Shooting: Alpha Platoon w/ Chard take aim at the now exposed roughriders, leaving all but four including two wounds on the leader. Mortars take aim at the mutants killing a few. Anti-tank I finished off the hellhound. Beat units and JO Alpha and Ogryns obliterate Traitor I leaving only five who run away…

Combat: Well JO and the Ogryns just miss the fleeing traitor one!! No combat!

PAV turn II:

Movement: Leman rolls over the rubble to line up a shot at Union Jack, Traitor IV Engages Stormie II on the far right flank. Mutants and Traitor II move up. Roughriders move to engage Storm trooper I. The Lone Sentinel hops through the rubble to burn some gaurdsmen

Shooting: Leman misses it shot on Union Jack. Traitors IV take out a few storm troopers, While the defiler misses everything. Traitor II shoots at the Ogryns killing one in a blaze of flash lights. Obliterators target the ratlings and kill two. Roughriders now fleet again. Heavy Flamer on the sentinel takes two guardsman out.

Combat: Roughriders charge the storm troopers, but miss all their hunting lances, the Vet sarg takes out one stormie, Stormies kill a rough rider and so were are tied.

117th Turn Three:

Movement Ogryns move in to engae traitor II, Jo Alpha and Beta Three Move to engage the now exposed Leman, Union Jack and Fire Fox will manure to line up shots on it as well for back up Bassie moves full speed to get from out of the middle which is all jammed up at this point.

Shooting: All my melta gun shots fail to hit the leman but a melta gun from Beta three hits the Sentinel blowing off the heavy flamer, Union Jacks strikes the leman and imbolizes it. Mortors chip away at the mutants, and stormie II takes down several traitors forcing a LD test, in which they fail.

Combat: Ogryns charge Traitor II and Alpha III charges the roughrdiers, in combat roughriders lose another of their number and fail their ld test and run. Ogryns take a few down of traitor II but they hold fast.

PAV turn III:

Movement: Mutants move around the combat between the boneheads and traitor two in hopes to engage the remaining stormie I. Sentinel moves to engage Beta three to tie up a melta gun. Traitor II moves out to support the upcoming mutant assault. Traitor I, IV and Roughriders continue to flee.

Shooting: Obliterarotrs take aim at anti tank II and kill one. The leman takes a shot at union Jack and blows it up!(ouch!) Defiler launches a pie plate and kills two more out of Alpha II.

Combat: Ogryns take out two more traitors, mutants charge the storm troopers and slaughter them leaving three alive. Sentinel charges Beta III killing one. Beta III and Traitors pass their LD.

117th Turn IV:

Movement: Chard come to rescue Alpha II, JO Alpha moves closer to the imbolized leman, Fire Fox moves to back up JO Alpha in case they miss. Alpha II moves towards the right flank to counter the mutant charge.

Shooting: Mortors and Alpha III take shots at traitor III killing a few but more inportanly pinning them for a turn. Shots at the leman all miss L . The Bassie and Fire Fox light up Traitor IV for fun taking their numbers below half so they can’t rally. Shots continue bounce off the obliteraters.

Combat: Chard charges Von Struassy, and his mutants, with help with Alpha II. Chard wounds the arch heretic, but his mutants prove to be the better in CC killing 4 of Alpha II. Von Strauss skrikes and hits chard with his p-fist (at str 8). Chard refractors saves one, but fails the other, but the medallion crimson saves his life!!! WHOOOHOO Chard fails LD, Alpha fails, LD but stormies roll snake eyes and hold the traitors in their place! Ogryns kill two more of traitor II but they pass their LD!
Chard glared through the smoke and ashes, the Arch-Heretic’s band of mutants where breaking his lines and his men were in trouble.
“Sound the attack, son!” He yelled at his bugler. Then he hurdled the sandbags in front of him. As he charged forward he saw Von Strasburg crush a grenadiers head with his powered fist. The Arch-Heretic smiled as bits of grey matter and blood baptized his face. His eyes glowed with power. Chard summoned his courage and drew his power sword, it glowed blue and attracted Von Strasburg’s attention. They ran at each other full speed, Chard danced out Strasburg’s path at the last second, then his lunged with his sword it melted through Strasburg’s armored then cut into his ribs. He screamed with anger, whilst Chard regained his balanced. Von Strasburg swung with his P-fist Chard tried to parry, but the force was too much. It cracked his sword and sent Chard flying back. The impact had cracked one Chard’s ribs. His weapon went flying and was no where to be found. Chard had to retreat, clearly he underestimated this man. He had been enhanced the wicked Deamons of the Warp had augmented his strength. He gathered himself, and signaled the bugler for a retreat.
PAV Turn IV:

Movement: None

Shooting: Defiler hucks a pie plate kills 2 out of Chards Unit. Pinning them!!! Leman misses a shot on Fire Fox. Obliterators take shots at anti tank II but they make cover saves! Yay!

Combat: Mutants kill all the stormies I! Ogryns take two more traitors this time they fail LD test and are destroyed. Ogryns regroup at the edge of the center ruins.

117th Turn V:

Movement: Ogryns position for charge on the mutants, JO alpha continues to move at the leman, Bassie and Fire fox line up for shots on the Defiler. Beta II moves to support the Ogryns. Anti-tank I moves to line up a shot on the Leman on the last turn.

Shooting: Combine shooting from Alpha III, II Beta II and Ogryns take the Mutants number down do six. Bassie and Fire Fox miss (doh!) As do anti-tank II and ratlings do nothing to the obliterators.

Combat: Ogryns charge the mutants, Losing one but taking two down. Sentinal takes a gaurdsman down.

PAV Turn V:

Movement None

Shooting: Defiler misses, and so does the leman that is all she wrote. Obliterators kill all of anti tank II.

Combat: Ogryns continue to bash at the mutants killing one, Vonnie kills One Ogryn.

117th Final Turn:

Movement None:

Shooting: Combine shooting of Alpha III Mortars kill all of traitor III. Fire Fox and Bassie continue to miss. Obliterators shake off sniper rounds.

Combat: Ogryns kill all but Vonnie and lose one more. Sentinel does nothing, tied combat.

PAV Final turn: None

Shooting: Obliterators takes another shot at Chard, missed but hits Alpha II killing two.

Combat: Vonnie finished the Ogryns – sentinel misses again- game, set, match.

Final Score: Traitors 1,010 pts, including mission
Praetorians 1,320 pts.

Victory Praetoria! A close intense fought battle. I must say I struggled with the scenery most, the table was 85 percent covered and the entire right flank had no shooting lanes, allowing the traitors a screen to come in, but it did test my counter charge units like the Ogryns who performed pretty good, (not as well as I thought) Thankfully the mortars made up for the lack of LOS, pinning those low leadership units and chipped away at the mutant mob before the finally got in giving my units a chance in combat.
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Default Re: Battle Rep: Praetorians vs. Traitor IG 2000 pts. (w/Pics)

Nice battle report Arcadia. Nice to see the goods guys win.
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Default Re: Battle Rep: Praetorians vs. Traitor IG 2000 pts. (w/Pics)

Thanks Cresent, I find that when fighting traitor guard you don't really know what to prepare for, they have so many options and as you can see my opponents list was very balanced. He had answers for everything oblits, roughriders, a leman, plus blood letters (thank the emperor that I kept his summoner in cc) so it really tested my army's ability to fight an uphill battle.
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