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[BatRep] Tyranids VS Necrons 1000 pts
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Default [BatRep] Tyranids VS Necrons 1000 pts

BatRep – Tyranids VS Necron - 1000 pts

Knowing that destroyers and rapid firing warriors would probably pick apart any assault based force (ie. Genestealers), I went for a different approach in facing Necrons: out shoot them.


Tyranids: (See full list here)
HT – Venom Cannon, ST, TS, EC
Warrior x4 – ES, Dev. X3, BS
Warrior x4 – ES, DS X3, VC
Termagaunts x 16
Termagaunts x 16
Termagaunts x 15
Zoanthrope – WB
Sniperfex -* VC, BS, EC, +1 W

Destroyer Lord – Phylactery, SoL, Res. Orb
Warriors x 10
Warriors x 10
Destroyers x 5
Wraiths x2
Tomb Spiders x 2

Phase Out at 7 models.


Scenario is SEEK AND DESTROY (Gamma Level)

Here is the board set on a 5x4 table.* The piece of terrain in the middle has entrances that allow access to the top AND to take cover underneath (more on that later…).

Here is deployment:

Tyranids win first turn

Turn 1:

Tyranids:* Everything moves up.* Gaunts move and fleet; the unit on the flank into cover of the trees.* Warriors with heavier weapons move out to try and shoot the Destroyers.* DS are 2” short, VC hits and wounds 1.* Save made.* On the other side, the Tyrant shoots and wounds 2 Warriors, fex shoots and wound several warriors, Zoan is 4” short to WB, Warrior with BS wounds more warriors.* The spider in the front gets under some of the blasts.* All said and done I probably wound 12x.* Necrons make EVERY SINGLE ARMOUR SAVE. (I begin to think that a shooty list is a bad idea…)

Necrons:* Everything moves around a bit.* One spider generates 6 (!!) scarabs and the other tries but takes a wound.* Destroyers move and target the Warriors that tried to shoot them.* After 15 shots of gauss, every Warrior in that unit is taken out (again I think that this is not going well…).* Wraiths turbo into the building on the far side, looking for an assault angle.

Turn 2:

Tyranids: Everything moves up again (must get gaunts into range…).* The gaunts that are closest to the center building fear the assault from the wraiths and so fleet under the building (oh yeah) so that if the wraiths assault, we will hit at the same time.* Gaunts that were in trees move into the ruins.* Shooting goes great, taking down about 9 warriors and some scarabs.* I move my other warriors parallel but slightly behind the fex.* I don’t want the Destroyers doing what they did to my other unit again.

Necrons: Things move a little.* Lord moves to try and counter the Tyrant.* Opponent anticipates the assault so moves scarabs into better position to take it.* Other spider generates 3 more swarms (9 total on the board).* Wraiths do not want to assault the gaunts in the building so they boost around and position by the hill ~ 14” away.* Destroyers move and have LoS to the other Warriors.* The way that they are positioned actually makes the fex the closest thing.* Roll for target priority = 11!* Destroyers are forced to shoot at the fex.* 8 wounds, 8 saves made.* Things are looking up.

Turn 3:

Tyranids: This was a fun turn.* Most everything moves into position and blasts away.* The gaunts under the building crawl out 6”, every one is in range.* 15 shots that re-roll to wound take down both wraiths (no WBB since there is no other model – actually only failed 2 of the saves too…).* Zoan and Tyrant shooting takes out a 4-5 warriors, wounds a spider (Zoan with WB).* The Warriors and fex target the Destroyers and take down 3.* I see an opportunity because all the gaunts and the Tyrant are good to assault.* Gaunts hit the scarabs and the tyrant goes for the Lord.* Tyrant scores 2 wounds on the Lord.* Lord fails to wound.* Gaunts and scarabs are tied up, blocking LoS down that whole corridor except along the side of the building where the fex is standing.

Necrons: Necron warriors make EVERY WBB roll (grrr…).* Warriors move back a bit to take some ground that will give a better firing position against the gaunts.* Destroyers shoot at the fex.* Fex makes all saves.* Warriors have nothing to shoot.* Tyrant and Lord continue to struggle.* Tyrant takes out the Lord and consolidates into a spider.* Gaunts and scarabs trade blows some more.* Some gaunts die (2 or 3).*

Turn 4

Tyranids:* Rear unit of gaunts continues to move ahead.* Warriors fade further to the flank to try and get a better position to shoot once the assaults up the middle are done.* Zoan moves up.* Fex moves up.* Fex looks down the alley and targets one unit of warriors.* BS blast hit the spider that as well.* Fex takes down some warriors and the spider’s last wound.* Spider and scarabs are removed (cf. unofficial FAQ on Warseer).* Gaunts are no longer locked.* Tyrant takes down the other spider.* Spider and scarabs removed.* The front 2 units of gaunts are now free to be targeted by the warrior units.* Tyrant consolidates forward 2”.

Necrons:* All warriors stand back up except 2.* Lord rolls a 5 and gets up with 2 wounds.* As I exclaim that WBB has been unbelievable, my opponent rolls the 3 WBB for the destroyers.* 3 ones turn up.* I smile.* Destroyers move back onto a hill. Lord jumps back, shooting at the Tyrant.* No wounds.* Both units of warriors target the closest unit of gaunts.* ~34 shots downs 14 gaunts, leaving 2.* Destroyers have LoS on the Warrior brood.* They pass target priority this time and 6 shots cause 6 wounds, leaving one warrior left in that unit. Necrons brace for impact…

Turn 5

Tyranids:* Everything moves up except the lone Warrior.* Fex targets the remaining destroyers.* Both fail armour saves.* No WBB due to no other like model within 6". Remaining 2 gaunts in unit try to shoot the Lord.* That was a worthless move.* After this they assault the Lord, they are toasted and the Lord moves between the 2 units of warriors (6" consolidation...).* Gaunts on the flank target the closest Warrior unit, taking down front 5.* Tyrant, Warrior and Zoan target the other unit of warriors, taking down a few.* The end result of this shooting phase is lots of warriors lying down.* Tyrant assaults the unit it shot, outnumbering it after it lost 2 and cuts it down in sweeping advance.* Tyrant then consolidates into Lord (round 2 – DING, DING, DING!).* Gaunts kill the rest of the warrior unit except for 2.* CC is a tie.* We pile in.

Necrons: Necrons need to get 4 WBB rolls out of 8 to prevent phase out.* Many one’s and two’s show up.* PHASE OUT!


I have 2 units of gaunts well above half strength left on the board.* Unwounded fex, unwounded tyrant, unwounded zoan (doesn’t wound for VP though) and one warrior with one would left.* Margin for defeat ~1900 points.* That is a Victorious Slaughter two times over.


The only thing that was sticky about the game was the scarabs that were with the spiders.* While unclear, both of us have read on different forums (Warseer and one other…) that the scarabs are removed with the spider if the spider is taken out.* We both agreed this before the game.

All in all, this was a tense one at the beginning, but the turn of the tide was when the destroyers failed that one target priority and had to shoot the fex.* Things went pretty well from there.

Hope you enjoy!
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tyranids VS Necrons 1000 pts

Oh, now I understand how you've done to outshoot him so bad... a 20 warrior core issshh...

Nice battle, I could have told from looking at the lists....

But I wonder one thing :

One spider generates 6 (!!) scarabs and the other tries but takes a wound.
I think (I'm pretty sure) a spider can only generate a single scarab base per turn, and even if a 1 is rolled, it generates one base, but with the addition of taking a wound. I'd ask your friend to have a close look at his codex...
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tyranids VS Necrons 1000 pts

sweet battle report. i really enjoyed it. good show man!
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Default Re: [BatRep] Tyranids VS Necrons 1000 pts

I just looked!!

"can produce a scarab swarm"

Just with the D6 wording, we both read it to mean D6 swarms and on a 1, it gets a wound.

I guess if I lost I could quibble but... :funny:
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