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Battle Report - Eldritch Raiders vs. Tau @ 1000pts
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Default Battle Report - Eldritch Raiders vs. Tau @ 1000pts

Well, I got to take my Eldrich Raiders for a spin yesterday, trying this 1000 point list for the first time.

The board was roughly 72" x 48", to the best of my memory, with deployment zones 18" from opposite corners. The terrain was a towering (four feet tall) ruined structure in the center, surrounded by vegetation and a few low-lying structures.

Orange Circle - Serpents
Red Circle - Dragons
Teal Circle - Cadre Captain
Maroon Elipse - CTM/EML Vyper
Brown Elipses - Scatter Laser & Shuriken Cannon Vypers
Bright Green Box - Rangers
Bright Green Circles - Kroot

Yellow Boxes - Devilfishes

Opponents List (As far as I recall):
Shas'El w/ ABFB, Fusion Blaster, Multi-Tracker, Stim Injector

6 Stealths w/ 12 Gun Drones
6 Stealths w/ Targetting Arrays

12 Fire Warriors, Devilfish w/ Fletchettes, SMS, Targetting Array, Multi-Tracker
12 Fire Warriors, Devilfish w/ Fletchettes, SMS, Targetting Array, Multi-Tracker

Turn One - Tau:
Having established visual contact with the pirate forces, the Tau APC's fired their engines, moving in opposite dirctions. The first moved towards the infantry on the left flank of the enemy force, while the second fired it's vertical thrusters, bringing it closer to the targets within the building.
The first Devilfish, identifying unsanctioned Kroot activity in the trees, opened fire with a salvo of burst cannon and missile fire, but the fauna gave ample protection - only two fell.

Turn One - Eldar:
Establishing a lock on the marauding alien vehicle, Axekenlil, gunner of the Vyper with the missile launcher, directed his pilot to dart out of cover - a single Krak missile slammed into the prow of the tank, stunning it's occupants.
The Serpents and Dragons began to move up the edge of the battlefield, while the lightly armed Vypers skimmed over the bunker and returned to low altitude on the far side.
The Rangers, recognising the folly of their positioning, fired at the second Devilfish to no avail.

Turn Two - Tau:
The APC crew, ignoring the low-powered rounds from the Rangers, brought their craft in to hover over the ruins, deploying a full squad of warriors. They openned fire in a withering salvo, sending every one of the Rangers to their deaths.

The Smart Missiles of the Devilfish in the building claimed another two Kroot.

Jetting down from altitude, a large Stealth team with drone escorts landed on the roof of the bunker, firing as they came. Five of the brave Dragons fell, but the Malefactor leading them rallied them to remain fighting without difficulty.

Turn Three - Eldar:
Turning to face the newly arrived enemies, the Eldrich Raiders turned their attentions to them with fire in their eyes. All three of the Vypers unleashed a volley of fire, Axekenlil and his pilot alone accounting for four Drones. The Dragons fired with their anti-tank weaponry and a battery of Shurikens, while the Serpents sacrificed their negligable potential firepower to move in for the kill. Then, Dra'Tuisich-Novae appeared in a blaze of firey colours, swooping like a meteor upon the Mon'Keigh. Single handedly with the aid of his Shuriken Pistol, he cut down five of his foes, leaving only four Stealth battlesuits of the entire force remaining. Their nerves shattered and they fled, only to be cut to ribbons by the vengefull Pirate Prince.

Turn Four - Tau:
More reinforcements arrived - a second team of Stealth warriors dropped in behind the anti-infantry Vypers, and the Shas'El landed on the very apex of the destroyed structure.

4 Kroot Mercinaries, 5 Dragons w/ Switch-Grips, 5 Rangers (187pts)

6 Stealth Suits, Shas'Vre, 12 Gun Drones (310pts)

Lessons Learned:
- Don't deploy Rangers somewhere where they can be FoF'd on turn two...

General Outcome:
Having won by just over 120 points with an army that I've never played before, I'm quite satisfied.

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Default Re: Battle Report - Eldritch Raiders vs. Tau @ 1000pts

Too bad we didn't get to finish it hey?

Granted, that Deep Strike I made was a very poor tactical decision on my part; I'd engineered that squad for fighting Imperial Guard. :

I believe it's better to not even consider my Commander's presence on the battlefield as he wouldn't have been able to do any significant damage to your army until turn 6 when he actually landed.

Then again, Dra'Tuisich Novae was left right out in the open with about 12-24 Fire Warriors and 2 Smart Missile Systems capable of cutting him to ribbons with S5 fire...

Good game! ;D
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