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Battle Report: Kult of Speed vs Tau (1500)
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Old 03 Nov 2005, 20:34   #1 (permalink)
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Default Battle Report: Kult of Speed vs Tau (1500)

Played against a new opponent tonight. Fun game, pretty close. The table was a leftover from the Battle for MacCragge tables they had at the US gamesdays this year, which meant there was very little terrain that blocked line of sight.* *:-[* There were also these ledges than ran the length of the table, which counted as difficult terrain to move across - meaning my vehicles had to take crash tests just to close with him.

I fully expected to be shot to bits.

My list (1500 points):*

All vehicles have riggers, as required.

HQ: KoS Warboss (cybork, Bonce, Heavy armour, powerklaw, choppa)
Elite: Stormboyz (7+Nob(PK))
Elite: 'Ard Boyz (5, 3 with big shootas, trukk w/ big shoota & bolt on big shoota)
Troops: Trukk Boyz (9 (+burna) + nob(PK)), trukk w/ rokkit
Troops: Trukk Boyz (9 (+burna) + nob(PK)), trukk w/ rokkit
Troops: Tankbusta Boyz (6 (3 rokkits) + nob w/ rokkit & 3 ammo runts)
Troops: 2x Skorcha Buggies (+ spikes&blades)
Troops: 2x Rokkit Buggies
Fast Attack: Mek in deathkopter w/ burna
Heavy Support: Looted Leman Russ (HB, Red, HB sponsons)
Heavy Support: Zzap Trukk (forcefield, red)
Heavy Support: Zzap Trukk (forcefield, red)

My opponent (1501 points):
HQ: Shas'O Myr (new Forgeworld super crisis suit)
Elite: 3 crisis suits with an assortment of* missile pods, shield generators, plasma guns, and fusion blasters
Elite: 6 stealth suits + 2 heavy gun drones (bonded) - Apparently heavy drones are a squad upgrade in the new FW book.
Troops: 12 firewarriors (leader w/ markerlight & targetlock, photon grenades)
Troops: 12 firewarriors (leader w/ markerlight & targetlock, photon grenades)
Fast Attack: Path finders (3 rail rifles, target lock on the leader), devilfish w/ 4 seeker missiles
Heavy support: Hammerhead w/ railgun & many upgrades
Heavy support: Hammerhead w/ railgun & not so many upgrades

We rolled a gamma level mission, and a 2 meant no dawn or dusk.

Deployment and Setup:

I won the roll for deployment, so chose the edge with the fortress in it, to at least give me a little cover initially. I managed to deploy most of my trukks behind the fortress, but there wasn't enough space for everything, so all the buggies, and the 'ard boyz's trukk were left out in the open. The Leman Russ was behind some rocks for some concealment, but could be seen.

My opponent deployed his firewarriors centrally, with one hammerhead on each flank, with stealthsuits to my left, and crisis suits to my right. His pregame move for the pathfinders dropped them off to my right as well, while Shas'O Myr was bolstering the firewarriors.

He won the roll for first turn.

Tau Turn 1:
He moves the stealths and crisis suits forward, and the hammerheads shuffle sideways. They open fire, and destroy all four of my buggies, and knock the big shoota off the 'ard boyz's trukk (plus stun it). The crisis and stealth suits use their assault moves to close the distance between us a little more.

Ork Turn 1:
My warboss charges towards the stealth suits. Thanks to their movement, he was able to charge them. The tankbustas and one trukk unit manage to fail their difficult terrain tests crossing the ledges and get stuck where they are.* My stormboyz advance up the middle, hiding in a trench, and the deathkopter (turbo-boosting) and other trukk boy unit charge up the middle. The zzap trukks poke their heads out from behind the bunker to start lining up shots... Shooting is less than impressive. The Russ scatters ineffectively. The 'Ard boyz shoot up one unit of firewarriors, killing 2, but not forcing a break test. Nothing else has shots. Finally, my Warboss charges the stealth suits, killing 3 suits and a heavy drone, while taking no damage. They flee! But that leaves him out in the open.* ???

Tau Turn 2:
The stealths regroup - they're bonded. The two hammerheads shuffle some to keep their skimmer protection, and his crisis suits advance a little, but mostly, it's just shooting. One zzap trukk blows up, the other loses its gun (hey, it's still a scoring unit though). The two trukk-boyz' trukks are destroyed, and three boyz (2 & 1) die in the explosions. A number of shots are fired at both my deathkopter and warboss, but they make their saves. The Russ gets stunned, but no permanent damage is done to it. (It was only glanced, due to being obscured behind the rocks).* I'm now down to two transports ('ard boyz and tankbustas) - with only one mobile. I lose three stormboyz to random fire too, but they don't break. His crisis suits shuffle forward a bit.

Orks turn 2:
The grots fail to restart the tankbusta's immobilized trukk. My warboss charges forward again, ending up between the left-side hammerhead and the remaining stealthers. The deathkopter lines up a great burna shot on a unit of firewarriors. The remaining stormboyz move straight at the crisis suits. The tankbustas get out of their now-parked vehicle. They manage to hit the left-side hammerhead and blow off its railgun!** My deathkopter mek unleashes his burna on the firewarriors, torching 8, and killing 4. They don't break. That's it for shooting. My warboss assaults the hammerhead (the one without a railgun), shaking it, and my stormboyz hit the crisis suits, killing 1, and wounding another. They stick in. The deathkopter charges the firewarriors, killing another, but they still don't break.

Tau turn 3:
My opponent is a bit worried because he didn't think the stormboyz would make the assault. As a result, he starts to make some questionable decisions. His shooting manages to knock-out all but two tankbustas (they break and make it back to their immobilized trukk), all but three trukkboyz from the right-side squad (they break, and with no empty transports, vanish), and all but two trukkboyz from the squad that charged up the middle (they don't break) His remaining stealthsuits fire at my warboss, landing one wound on him. The Russ takes a shot or two, but they bounce off its armour. The stealth's then charge my warboss, and Shas'O Myr charges the deathkopter. The remaining crisis suits die to the stormboyz. The stealths do nothing but die, letting my boss consolidate towards the fight with Shas'O. Shas'O Myr fails to wound the deathkopter, which kills another firewarrior, but they don't break.

Ork Turn 3:
The tankbusta's grot gets the engine on their trukk repaired. They charge off after the hammerheads. The 'Ard boyz's also start moving towards the middle. They open up on the unengaged squad of firewarriors, killing a couple, as the stormboyz prepare to assault them. The Leman Russ fires perfectly on target and vaporizes all of the pathfinders in one hit! The remnants of the trukk squad and the warboss both pile into the combat with Shas'O Myr. Shas'O tries to kill the warboss, but fails. Warboss tries to kill Shas'O, but also fails (he makes 4, 3+ inv. saves). But the kopter and trukkers kill off all the remaining firewarriors in that fight. The stormboyz kill a few firewarriors, with no losses.* Even though he's outnumbered, Shas'O Myr doesn't break.

Tau turn 4:
The two hammerheads* attempt to destroy the tankbusta and 'ard boyz's trukks, but fail, missing the 'ard boyz trukk, and only managing to immobilize the tankbusta's ride again. In assault, the stormboyz wipe out the rest of the firewarriors they were fighting. Shas'O Myr lands the second wound on the warboss, but finally fails a save and dies to the bosses powerklaw.

At this point, my opponent had 1 hammerhead with railgun, 1 without railgun, and an empty devilfish remaining, while I had a shooty trukk of 'ard boyz, 4 stormboyz (w powerklaw Nob), 2 trukkboyz (w/powerklaw nob), 2 tankbustas (w/ rokkits), my russ and warboss (and a zzap trukk without a gun).*

Ork turn 4:
Stuff lines up and fires or assaults. Net result: the gunless hammerhead crashes, the other hammerhead is shaken.

Tau turn 5:
The devilfish shoots at the stormboyz, killing 2, and the others promptly run away.

Ork turn 5:
The Russ hits the devilfish in the rear, blowing it up. Everyone else assaults the remaining hammerhead, killing it.

Final results:
Orks killed everything, so they score 1500 points.
Tau score half points for wounded warboss (80), half for trukkboy squad 1 (85), full for trukkboy squad 2 (170), full for the stormboyz (156), half for the tankbustas (85), full for all the buggies (174), and one zzap trukk (80) = 830 points

Orks win by 670 points (Solid Victory)

My opponent was too aggressive with his battlesuits. Had he hung back rather than advance them so much, this would have been a much different battle.* If I hadn't pulled off those early assaults, that both blocked up some firelanes, and went my way in terms of ending on his turns, he probably would have won.* I don't know why he felt the need to be so aggressive with the suits, but that's how it goes.

On the other hand, it's why I love my Speed Freaks - high mobility gives the ability to capitalize on enemy mistakes like these.

* - My happiness at blowing the railgun off the hammerhead was short-lived, as my opponent's model was not able to detach the gun, and we both promptly forgot that it was gone the next turn.
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Default Re: Battle Report: Kult of Speed vs Tau (1500)

Awesome. I always play speed freaks against Tau. You should've used armor plates on your buggies...maybe some of them would've lasted another turn. I usually can get a couple of lucky rolls with them. I'm surprised the tankbustas didn't get more attention from your opponent.
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Default Re: Battle Report: Kult of Speed vs Tau (1500)

I tried armour plates for a while. And, I rarely, if ever got lucky. I understand that some people get lucky sometimes. I envy them. When it comes down to it, for me to spend points to give a unit 1/6 chance of something isn't worth it. I've had games where my looted tank has rolled a '1' every single turn. I've had games where a fighter-bomba raid pinned half my army and completely missed my opponent. I have ceased depending on luck.
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Default Re: Battle Report: Kult of Speed vs Tau (1500)

Wow, battlesuits charging forward aggressively? Your opponent must not have been playing Tau for long. The battlesuits should never stray far from the Firewarriors and it would seem he spread his fire an awefull lot.

Personally neither turret is attatched to my Hammerheads so I can take them off when my guns are down. Although I doubt any of the opponents I face would forget Ive lost a railgun.

You did well, this is the first time Ive seen orks beat Tau. Then again it seems like your opponent was a newb and most of the ork players Ive read reports from were not that great either. You seem to have kept your cool despite heavy loses early on and stuck with it to the end. There are more than a few gamers around here that would have given up. Its always good to see someone willing to keep on fighting. Then again I bet you were expecting most of your troops to die anyway. I know when I play with my brothers Eldar I fully expect all the guardians to die every time. So in the rare occasions that they live Im always pleasantly surprised.

Good battle.

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Default Re: Battle Report: Kult of Speed vs Tau (1500)

He isn't a newb, he's actually a Tau fanatic - he's got the big forgeworld spaceship, and quite a few of their custom battlesuits too. What threw him was the number of different charge ranges I field. He was trying to get into plasma rapid fire range, and hop back out again, but if he's able to get rapid fire, I'm pretty much able to charge, even if he hops back. It's sometimes hard to predict actions when you're facing an army that an pull off charges from about 21 inches out.
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Default Re: Battle Report: Kult of Speed vs Tau (1500)

Yeah, my luck isn't great all the time. It's like either I'm lucky and get serveral 6s with armor plates or I don't get any. That's what's cool about orks, there's no telling what's going to happen during a game.

I've done pretty well against Tau: more wins than losses. The whole trick is to rush at them giving them many targets. As soon as you get into cc it's over for them.

BTW the death kopta with a burna was a very good idea. I just started using them myself but haven't tried a burna yet...but I will.
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Default Re: Battle Report: Kult of Speed vs Tau (1500)

Congrats on the win. I really like your list too, good balance and not too topheavy.

I haven't played my KoS much in 4th, but I still believe they are one of the best armies out there in skilled hands. Like you said, your mobility gave you the means to capitalize on your opponent's mistakes, which was critical to the battle.

I've never tried a Dethkopta, but always loved the model. Thanks to you I'm considering fielding one now.

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Default Re: Battle Report: Kult of Speed vs Tau (1500)

I like dethkopters in 4th ed because they're a 35 point scoring unit that can move 24 inches. If nothing else, you can keep it hidden until turn 6, and then go contest an objective, for 35 points.

Although, I do tend to upgrade to either a mek w/ superstikk bombs, or a mek w/ burna, as for a low point cost, these make big differences against some opponents.
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Default Re: Battle Report: Kult of Speed vs Tau (1500)

Very nice report with a good conclusion part.

Have a nice weekend!

I'll stare the xxxxxxx in the face as he screams to God, and I'll laugh harder when he whimpers like a baby. And when his eyes go dead, the hell I send him to will seem like heaven after what I've done to him.
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Default Re: Battle Report: Kult of Speed vs Tau (1500)

Originally Posted by Redbeard
If I hadn't pulled off those early assaults, that both blocked up some firelanes, and went my way in terms of ending on his turns, he probably would have won.
This is a lesson I'm still trying to learn :P

Edit: to actually post this time....

Great report... I can't help but applaud anyone that hands the samurai smurfs there butts
Also, after the game, find his mini case and dump the contents into a grinder/shredder and then put what's left into a shaker. It goes great on pasta, pizza, nachos, etc., just like all other forms of cheese. - xShaperx
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